Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN jbrad234 Leaving staff sit, speed boost [1A-16] Alex J. 28/10/2019 (23:13) Yes
BAN jbrad234 Major Speedboost - No intent to rp [1K-01] IceTheDev 19/05/2019 (05:23) No
KICK jbrad234 Noclipping [1A-13] Mentle 18/07/2019 (08:38) Yes
WARN jbrad234 violation of peace time [2A-13] Luke S. 28/10/2019 (19:11) Yes
WARN jbrad234 No Clipping out of AOP [2A-04] Duke 10/05/2019 (21:36) Yes
WARN jbrad234 unrealistic driving, speedboost [2A-05] The North 06/05/2019 (04:23) Yes