Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN [5D-23] Henry H. no intent to rp [1K-06] Nice E. 27/10/2019 (22:01) Yes
BAN [4E-02] Henry H. [MW] Unrealistic driving [1A-15] MajesticMurp 06/10/2019 (23:56) No
KICK [5D-23] Henry H. VDM [1K-01] IceTheDev 21/10/2019 (03:51) Yes
KICK hheinlein No Clipping [1A-06] NoTolerance 02/10/2019 (03:46) Yes
WARN [5D-23] Henry H. Cop baiting [1A-13] The North 24/10/2019 (01:05) Yes
WARN [5D-23] Henry H. Speed boost [1A-12] John D. 21/10/2019 (21:43) Yes
WARN [5D-23] Henry H. Violating Peacetime // Attempted to Evade as a Community Officer [1A-14] M. Damon 13/10/2019 (22:23) Yes