Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN ~g~Tolerance™ 1A-06 Blacklist from TXDPSRP Network - Leaking [1K-05] Diiversx 12/02/2020 (20:52) Yes
BAN ~g~NoTolerance | 2A-05 Evading staff sit RDM VDM Godmode and no clipping Console 13/12/2018 (19:23) No
KICK ~o~[3S-14]~p~NoTolerance Self revive [1K-17] Sean 30/11/2018 (01:48) Yes
WARN NoTolerance driving community car off-road, driving code with no destination [2A-02] Josh J. 04/11/2018 (05:41) Yes
WARN NoTolerance Speedboost [2A-03] Coke 03/11/2018 (21:48) Yes