Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN Alex J. Failure To listen to staff//NITRP// SpeedBoost [Warned twice about it and was told clearly to stop, he continued to RP with speed boost] - Jake M 2A-03 [1A-15] Josh O. 15/02/2020 (00:53) Yes
BAN Alex J. Blacklist from TXDPSRP Network [1A-04] George T. 14/02/2020 (15:47) No
KICK Alex J. Failure to listen to staff// NITRP// SpeedBoost [2A-03] Jake M. 15/02/2020 (00:31) Yes
WARN Alex J. Unrealistic driving | Using /fix [2A-07] Kevin B. 15/02/2020 (00:20) Yes