Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN AndrewH649 Lying to staff// disrespect to staff - Jake M 2A-03 [1A-15] Josh O. 05/02/2020 (23:55) No
BAN AndrewH649 Racial Slurs (Request from 2A-06 Alex J.) [1A-02] Andrew N. 16/09/2019 (06:17) No
BAN AndrewH649 Not listening to staff [1K-04] Ciggy 13/05/2019 (00:26) No
BAN AndrewH649 Racial Slurs // Extreme Member disrespect [1A-05] George T 27/12/2018 (14:06) No
KICK AndrewH649 Lying to staff// staff disrespect [2A-03] Jake M. 05/02/2020 (23:16) Yes
KICK AndrewH649 Killing on peacetime [2A-06] Alex J. 16/09/2019 (06:42) Yes
KICK AndrewH649 Noclip, RDM [1K-04] Stingrqy 19/08/2019 (20:43) Yes