Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN UniDolphin Mass RDM, Racial Slurs [1A-13] Duck W. 25/11/2019 (21:06) Yes
BAN UniDolphin Speedboosting and plowing through scene NITRP - Syntex G. 2A-11 [1A-16] Alex J. 27/10/2019 (00:56) No
KICK UniDolphin FailRP RDM [2A-02] Squirrel R. 10/11/2019 (00:12) Yes
KICK fortnite interfreing with FAA [2A-09] Jack B. 26/10/2019 (20:14) Yes
WARN UniDolphin Noclip [2A-05] Josh O. 10/11/2019 (19:32) Yes
WARN UniDolphin Fail RP // Unrealistic Driving [2A-05] Josh O. 10/11/2019 (00:19) Yes
WARN fortnite speedboost [2A-03] Duck W. 26/10/2019 (04:09) Yes