Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN Rougejoe Trolling - RDM [1K-01] IceTheDev 21/08/2019 (03:44) No
KICK Rougejoe Teleporting [1A-12] Squirrel R. 03/12/2019 (02:22) Yes
KICK Rougejoe interphering with staff sit [2A-03] Duck W. 11/11/2019 (21:00) Yes
KICK Rougejoe Interfering with FAA [2A-09] Jack B. 11/11/2019 (19:26) Yes
WARN Rougejoe Violation of PT [2A-07] Kevin B. 11/02/2020 (16:46) Yes
WARN Rougejoe Teleporting [2A-10] Whitewing 04/12/2019 (00:00) Yes
WARN Rougejoe violation of peacetime [2A-13] Luke S. 18/11/2019 (19:23) Yes
WARN Rougejoe NITRP [2A-02] Squirrel R. 29/10/2019 (20:44) Yes