Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN T. Terrence NITRP \\ frp \\ staff disrespect \\ leaving during staff sit (Michael R. 1A-12) [1A-12] Michael R. 14/09/2020 (03:44) Yes
BAN Justin West FailRP // RDM // No intent to RP [1K-05] Xeris 08/03/2019 (09:27) No
BAN The Flying Cart Staff Disrepect [1K-17] Sean 30/11/2018 (21:47) No
KICK Trevor Terrence interupting rp, taling while dead [1K-12] Will P. 10/02/2019 (06:37) Yes
KICK Cart Sir Godmode [2A-50] Skrome 15/10/2018 (13:57) Yes
KICK Cart Sir interupting RP [2A-48] Gavin 10/10/2018 (16:36) Yes
KICK Cart Sir running on cooldown [2A-48] Gavin 10/10/2018 (13:33) Yes
KICK Cart Sir left staff sit, wearing police EUP uniforms ~g~[2A-48] Gavin S. 06/10/2018 (11:25) Yes
WARN T. Terrence Violation of Peacetime [1A-33] Connor G. 10/09/2020 (05:20) Yes