Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN ✯DUB✯ member disrespect rascism in game staff disrespect [1A-01] Envee 26/10/2019 (06:38) Yes
BAN ✯DUB✯ NITRP [1K-01] IceTheDev 05/10/2019 (03:43) No
KICK ✯DUB✯ NITRP [2A-02] Squirrel R. 05/10/2019 (03:25) Yes
KICK ✯DUB✯ failrp driving while cuffed [1A-01] Envee 05/10/2019 (03:08) Yes
KICK NF-GOD Mass RDM [1K-09] Stingrqy 17/04/2019 (17:25) Yes
WARN ✯DUB✯ RDM and member disrepect [2A-11] Syntex G. 26/10/2019 (06:30) Yes
WARN ✯DUB✯ using sniper rifle and messing with rp scene [1K-06] Nice E. 24/10/2019 (05:17) Yes
WARN ✯DUB✯ teleporting [1A-13] The North 24/10/2019 (04:36) Yes