Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN Mello [MW] Violation of PT [2A-11] Jaxon B. 30/05/2020 (06:46) No
BAN Mello Modding [1K-01] IceTheDev 07/12/2019 (02:19) No
BAN Andrew Mass RDM, Violation of PT, Sniping [1A-15] The North 30/08/2019 (22:56) No
BAN Andrew Trolling - Driving Unauthorized Cars [1K-01] IceTheDev 16/07/2019 (04:46) No
KICK Mello Out of RP Talk [1K-01] IceTheDev 11/10/2019 (01:40) Yes
KICK Andrew TPing to staff [2A-07] C. Snake 01/08/2019 (23:46) Yes
KICK Andrew teleporting [1A-15] The North 16/07/2019 (04:21) Yes
WARN Mello Unrealistic Driving [2A-12] Luke H. 27/06/2020 (23:23) Yes