Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN King Rob VDM, Interfering with Scene - per Alex J. 2A-01 [1A-08] jwjohn 18/09/2019 (01:29) No
KICK [V-605] W. Robert Not in RTO as Co [2A-05] Josh O. 14/11/2019 (18:47) Yes
KICK [V-605] W. Robert VDM violation of PT and copbaiting [2A-08] Michael R. 09/11/2019 (20:19) Yes
KICK King Rob VDM [2A-01] Alex J. 18/09/2019 (01:15) Yes
WARN King Rob FRP/Violation of PT [2A-03] Duck W. 20/09/2019 (03:49) Yes
WARN King Rob Violation of Priority In Progress [2A-01] Alex J. 18/09/2019 (01:02) Yes