Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN M Westbrook Arguing with staff, staff disrespect, Speed boost, street racing as a CO, Failrp as a CO -Duck W. [2A-03] [1A-09] MajesticMurp 14/11/2019 (04:26) Yes
KICK M Westbrook Preparing ban [2A-03] Duck W. 14/11/2019 (02:09) Yes
WARN M Westbrook VDM/Unrealistic Driving [2A-03] Duck W. 08/11/2019 (02:00) Yes
WARN M Westbrook Interfering with Priority [2A-10] Whitewing 02/11/2019 (03:18) Yes
WARN M Westbrook Violation of priority timer (Shooting people on cooldown) [2A-06] Alex J. 18/10/2019 (19:51) Yes