Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN FireStock Mass RDM // NITRP - 2nd Offence [Unappealable] [1A-15] Josh O. 19/12/2019 (17:03) Yes
BAN 2V-44 FireStock Mass RDM // NITRP // Failure to Listen to Staff [1A-15] Josh O. 29/11/2019 (17:03) No
KICK Siaco_3002 rdm 2A-08 Michael R. [2A-08] Michael R. 01/11/2019 (23:55) Yes
KICK Siaco_3002 Unrealistic Driving [1A-15] MajesticMurp 26/10/2019 (16:51) Yes
KICK Siaco_3002 RDM [1A-12] John D. 17/10/2019 (22:11) Yes
WARN FireStock NITRP [2A-03] Duck W. 08/11/2019 (19:53) Yes
WARN Siaco_3002 No intent to RP [2A-09] Jack B. 26/10/2019 (20:50) Yes
WARN Siaco_3002 VDM and Speed boosting [2A-13] Luke S. 26/10/2019 (17:39) Yes