Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN [5F-47] K. Flow Leaving staff sit // FailRP // NITRP // Violation of PT [UNAPPEALABLE] [1A-30] Mungo K. 23/05/2020 (09:42) Yes
BAN AceAxel Lying to staff, ramming through scene, arguing with staff [1A-13] Duck W. 18/01/2020 (16:14) No
WARN KITT FRP // NITRP [2A-11] Jaxon B. 16/05/2020 (01:00) Yes
WARN KITT Violation of PT [2A-11] Jaxon B. 11/05/2020 (08:15) Yes
WARN KITT Peacetime Violation [2A-12] Luke H. 11/05/2020 (07:02) Yes
WARN KITT Talking out of character/Fail Roleplay [2A-11] Jaxon B. 09/05/2020 (22:04) Yes