Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN ZOoM Server Disrespect / Arguing with Staff Decisions [1A-04] George T. 28/02/2020 (21:08) Yes
BAN Z0oM Mic spam / Trolling [1K-07] Alex W. 20/06/2019 (01:01) No
BAN Z0oM Unrealistic Driving - Didn't learn lesson from previous ban. [1K-01] IceTheDev 04/05/2019 (21:44) No
BAN Z0oM Running on cooldown [1K-02] Sean117 07/04/2019 (12:43) No
KICK Z0oM Join RTO to be an officer [1A-05] George T. 06/04/2019 (13:23) Yes
WARN ZOoM shooting while priority in progress while not being the priority [1A-18] Michael R. 28/02/2020 (21:02) Yes
WARN Z0oM Teleporting to Staff [2A-03] Mentle 04/04/2019 (12:56) Yes
WARN Z0oM unrealistic driving [2A-04] Duke 29/03/2019 (12:53) Yes