Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN Julian C. 2P-03 Blacklist from the TXDPSRP Network [User was Notified] [1K-05] Diiversx 22/01/2020 (00:14) Yes
BAN [5D-1808] Julian C. [MW] Meta Gaming, Breaking Character [2A-04] Wilson S. 05/01/2020 (21:05) No
KICK jcollins5819 AFK/Failure to undrag player [1A-13] Duck W. 24/12/2019 (19:52) Yes
WARN [5D-1808] Julian C. Interefering with Priority. Jumped on a BMX into police car during 10-80 when not related to priority. [2A-01] Brad W. 17/01/2020 (23:40) Yes
WARN [5D-1808] Julian C. Shooting on Priority [2A-01] Brad W. 17/01/2020 (23:37) Yes