Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN ~y~[2V-81]Ayden D. Advertising other Servers [1A-07] M. Damon 26/12/2019 (17:23) Yes
BAN [5D-023] Jake K. [MW] unrealistic rp [2A-07] John G. 11/11/2019 (02:17) No
BAN jake RDM [1K-06] Nice E. 08/11/2019 (01:44) No
KICK jake interfering with FAA [2A-09] Jack B. 04/11/2019 (00:50) Yes
WARN ~y~[2V-81]Ayden D. Use of Heavy Weapons [1A-15] Josh O. 22/12/2019 (01:32) Yes
WARN Jake K. RDM, Shooting on PT [1A-13] Duck W. 12/12/2019 (22:14) Yes