Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN Rasinzz NITRP, Failrp, Violation of peacetime, erotic rp, Excessive use of racial slurs (UNAPPEALABLE) [1K-07] Andrew N. 29/06/2020 (05:57) Yes
KICK Hydraulic NITRP, trolling, RDM [1A-15] The North 09/09/2019 (02:58) Yes
WARN Rasinzz NoClip [2A-12] Luke H. 29/06/2020 (04:24) Yes
WARN Rasinzz Violation of Priority Timer [2A-12] Luke H. 28/06/2020 (22:36) Yes
WARN Hydraulic FailRP [1A-05] George T. 09/09/2019 (21:26) Yes