Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN [4B-56] [WR-04] [R-09] Corey A. MRDM / FailRP / Use of Snipers [1A-04] George T. 06/12/2019 (14:34) No
BAN Haedmii No intent to RP (Staff Disrespect/Speedboost/Invisible/FailRP/VDM) [1A-03] 1A3 08/08/2019 (17:47) No
KICK Haedmii Unrealistic Driving | NITRP [1A-17] MajesticMurp 04/08/2019 (20:55) Yes
KICK Haedmii Flying [1A-03] 1A3 15/06/2019 (18:08) Yes
KICK Haedmii FailRP [1A-03] 1A3 15/06/2019 (16:10) Yes
WARN ~y~ [4B-29] [GW-13] Corey A. FailRP [1A-26] Brad W. 16/05/2020 (23:43) Yes