Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN Armin N. [5D- 49] Lying to Staff [1A-22] Cam G. 20/06/2020 (21:09) Yes
BAN [2P-01] Armin N. Failrp, interfering with priority, NLR, copbaiting [1K-05] Diiversx 09/06/2020 (03:47) No
WARN Armin N. [5D- 49] FailRP // Talking OOC [1A-30] Mungo K. 20/06/2020 (20:51) Yes
WARN [2P-01] Armin N. Cop baiting [2A-14] Tyler S. 09/06/2020 (01:53) Yes
WARN [2P-01] Armin N. FailRP [1A-33] Connor G. 08/06/2020 (20:52) Yes
WARN Armin Interfeiring // VDM [2A-11] Jaxon B. 06/06/2020 (05:25) Yes