Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN mason Cop baiting | FRP | Leaving During Staff Sit [UNAPPEALABLE, Michael R. 1A-12] [1A-12] Michael R. 08/05/2020 (22:55) Yes
BAN mason barefoot mass RDM [1A-08] John D. 01/02/2020 (19:05) No
KICK masonbarefoot911 Unproffesional as a CO. Not to patrol for 3 days. [2A-01] Brad W. 20/01/2020 (17:20) Yes
WARN mason Fail Rp/Metagame [2A-10] M. Patterson 07/05/2020 (02:24) Yes
WARN mason Violation Of Peacetime [2A-12] Luke H. 03/05/2020 (19:18) Yes
WARN masonbarefoot911 Self reviving [1A-15] Josh O. 25/01/2020 (22:00) Yes
WARN masonbarefoot911 Unproffesional as a CO [2A-01] Brad W. 20/01/2020 (16:16) Yes