ID Date User Staff Reason Status Expires
823223/01/2020 (04:24)GauTheHam1[1A-22] Cam G.Modding,Mass RDMActiveNever
823123/01/2020 (02:05)ArmAPilot[1A-25] Cole G.Racial Offesive plates on vehicleActiveNever
823023/01/2020 (01:10)John[1A-08] John D.Lying to staff | Self Revive during sceneActiveNever
822922/01/2020 (18:22)simon1313[1A-15] Josh O.NITRPActive05/02/2020 (18:22) GMT
822822/01/2020 (18:22)Lan fas[1A-15] Josh O.NITRPActiveNever
822722/01/2020 (18:08)[2V-48] NelZ[1A-15] Josh O.Racial SlursActiveNever
822622/01/2020 (02:48)Storm Trooper Ranger[1A-07] M. DamonMass Spawning of vehicles [2A-01]ActiveNever
822522/01/2020 (02:36)Apollo Mc.[1A-07] M. DamonServer Disrespect. Brad 2A-01ActiveNever
822422/01/2020 (01:33)antoniobeharic1[1A-07] M. DamonFailRP (Corruption as a Community Officer) | RDM | RDM in Staff Sit | Leaving to Avoid Punishment |ActiveNever
822322/01/2020 (00:14)Julian C. 2P-03[1K-05] DiiversxBlacklist from the TXDPSRP Network [User was Notified]ActiveNever
822221/01/2020 (21:25)averyclifton0[1A-17] Alex J.Leaving staff sit | FailRPActiveNever
822121/01/2020 (19:56)Ryan B [269][1A-18] Michael R.NITRP failure to listen to staff RDMActiveNever
822021/01/2020 (04:38)Ferramero[1A-02] Andrew N.Server DisrespectActiveNever
821921/01/2020 (04:26)Spirits[1A-02] Andrew N.Trolling//Mass RDM//NoclipingActiveNever
821821/01/2020 (00:12)dtg616[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealistic DrivingActiveNever
821720/01/2020 (19:06)flipper[1A-08] John D.RDM | Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
821620/01/2020 (17:10)kevingamerwin69[2A-01] Brad W.[MW] FailRPActiveNever
821520/01/2020 (15:57)Lenny[1A-17] Alex J.Staff disrespect | TrollingActiveNever
821420/01/2020 (00:58)sleeping General[1A-07] M. DamonRacial Slurs // Staff Disrespect // Mass RDM // Trolling // Lying to Staff // FailRPActiveNever
821319/01/2020 (21:34)Strawglint[1A-18] Michael R.leaving during staff sit, combat loggingActiveNever
821219/01/2020 (20:04)MSIpcGamer1234567890[1A-12] Squirrel R.NITRP Failrp Mass VDM Mic SpamActiveNever
821119/01/2020 (19:48)chris808[1A-19] Jack B.RacismActiveNever
821019/01/2020 (17:05)Marshmello[1A-18] Michael R.racial slurs/mic spamActiveNever
820919/01/2020 (15:46)patrickroberts6667[1A-08] John D.Server Disrespect | Staff DisrespectActiveNever
820819/01/2020 (05:31)Paypal KingFrostyOfficial[1A-24] Lawson G.Staff disrespect// Member Disrespect// Disrespect to DCSO department - 2A-03ActiveNever
820719/01/2020 (03:47)talonkid95[1A-08] John D.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
820619/01/2020 (03:41)RichieWayne[1A-08] John D.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
820519/01/2020 (02:29)InfiniteLust[1A-13] Duck W.Trolling, RDM, FRP as a community officer, shooting on pt, Lying to staffActiveNever
820419/01/2020 (01:34)[1T-48] Leo S.[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit ,RDMActiveNever
820318/01/2020 (19:58)Melly[1K-02] GunExpert24Server DisrespectActiveNever
820218/01/2020 (19:54)muddiggers15[1A-11] The NorthModding ~Gunexpert24 [1K-02]ActiveNever
820118/01/2020 (19:50)Bammer.[1K-02] GunExpert24Server DisrespectActiveNever
820018/01/2020 (16:14)AceAxel[1A-13] Duck W.Lying to staff, ramming through scene, arguing with staffActiveNever
819918/01/2020 (05:54)ΛS[1A-01] Enveetrolling and moddingActiveNever
819818/01/2020 (05:01)Exol[1A-24] Lawson G.Leaving Staff Sit | Noclipping - 2A-04 WilsonActiveNever
819718/01/2020 (04:58)Magnificent[1A-14] Dominic P.Staff Direspect // Speed boostActiveNever
819618/01/2020 (04:56)Doobie[1A-16] Alex J.Trolling, NITRP, Failure to listen to staff, SpeedboostingActiveNever
819518/01/2020 (04:56)Qurqa[1A-14] Dominic P.racial slurs // Mass RDM // Dirspect to staffActiveNever
819418/01/2020 (02:57)Nutsack_Dealer69[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sit ~ Wilson S. 2A-04ActiveNever
819318/01/2020 (02:50)mcorbin480[1A-08] John D.Leaving Server during staff sit | ~ Brad W.ActiveNever
819218/01/2020 (01:37)Family_Stroker[1K-05] DiiversxRacismActiveNever
819118/01/2020 (01:09)Hogwallop[1A-24] Lawson G.Exiting during staff sit, talking to him about not being in rto when on duty - 2A-01 BradActiveNever
819017/01/2020 (23:15)GrapeTaco[1A-17] Alex J.Leaving staff sit | FailRP [Unappealable]ActiveNever
818917/01/2020 (18:21)Zherm02[1A-07] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Punishment // VDM // FailRPActiveNever
818817/01/2020 (16:00)PhantomReaper[1A-04] George T.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
818716/01/2020 (21:20)[1X-22][2T-01]J.Snake Jr[1A-19] Jack B.Server DisrespectActiveNever
818616/01/2020 (01:54)1M-101 XGN Sage5582[1K-05] DiiversxServer/Staff DisrespectActiveNever
818515/01/2020 (22:06)bensgaming18[1A-19] Jack B.RDM // Leaving Staff Sit // InterferingActiveNever
818415/01/2020 (03:52)AID'S Master 69[1A-14] Dominic P.Server DisrespectActiveNever
818315/01/2020 (02:05)gabrielminecraft780[1K-05] DiiversxSpeed boosting, leaving sit to avoid PunishmentActiveNever
818215/01/2020 (02:04)Big Fat Loser haha[1A-08] John D.Racial SlursActiveNever
818114/01/2020 (21:23)4B-72 Stozils[1A-04] George T.Mass RDM // No Intent to RP (21:23) GMT
818014/01/2020 (04:43)aman.momin[1K-01] IceTheDevRDM during staff sitActiveNever
817914/01/2020 (03:27)n word[1A-23] Korey M.Staff Disrespect | Leaving staff sit| memeber Disrespect | server disrespectActiveNever
817814/01/2020 (01:47)[703] Dizzy N.[2A-01] Brad W.[MW] Shooting on PTActiveNever
817714/01/2020 (00:41)zendisorder[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving Staff Sit | Community Officer without being in RTO.ActiveNever
817612/01/2020 (20:37)potatobalz[1K-06] Nice E.messing with RPActiveNever
817512/01/2020 (20:08)hijacker1234[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Staff Sit - Wilson S. 2A-04ActiveNever
817412/01/2020 (18:33)T45storm[1A-15] Josh O.Mass VDMActiveNever
817312/01/2020 (16:50)J. Cruz[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit, Failure to listen to staff, speed boostActiveNever
817212/01/2020 (03:58)Jim Bob[1A-01] Enveeteleporting rdmActiveNever
817112/01/2020 (02:33)Shim[1A-08] John D.Trolling in Staff SitActiveNever
817011/01/2020 (21:07)squidfender25[1A-16] Alex J.NITRP, Mic-Spam, FailRP, VDMActiveNever
816911/01/2020 (21:00)rygebby[1A-16] Alex J.VDM, Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
816811/01/2020 (20:39)Not Casa[1A-08] John D.racismActiveNever
816710/01/2020 (13:11)adam[1A-04] George T.Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit / Driving Blacklisted Vehicles [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
816610/01/2020 (13:10)tom tom1199[1A-04] George T.Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit / Driving Blacklisted Vehicles [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
816509/01/2020 (22:02)Rex[1K-06] Nice E.failure to follow unban restriction rulesActiveNever
816408/01/2020 (22:02)Divorce_Papers_[1A-13] Duck W.Lying to Staff, FRPExpiredNever
816305/01/2020 (21:05)[5D-1808] Julian C.[2A-04] Wilson S.[MW] Meta Gaming, Breaking CharacterRemoved (Appealed)Never
816203/01/2020 (04:48)Chimchoopee[1A-15] Josh O.Mass RDM - Mike L. 2A-02ActiveNever
816103/01/2020 (04:40)Hezz Master Flash[1A-07] M. DamonRDM on staff ~Mike L.ActiveNever
816003/01/2020 (03:46)jrg8947[2A-01] Brad W.[MW] NITRP, Copbaiting, unrealistic driving, failrpRemoved (Appealed)Never
815902/01/2020 (19:43)[2V-95]Michael W[1A-08] John D.Staff Disrespect | Questioning Staff Decisions [Unappealable]ActiveNever
815802/01/2020 (03:05)Westy Woods [4B-51][1K-06] Nice E.Staff disrespectActiveNever
815701/01/2020 (21:41)21SavgeKabbage[1A-18] Michael R.[MW] failrpRemoved (Appealed)Never
815630/12/2019 (07:14)Steezy[1A-14] Dominic P.Racial slurs [Unappealable]ActiveNever
815529/12/2019 (03:07)PinkShot[1K-05] DiiversxNITRP, Ramming, VDM, Leaving to savior PunishmentRemoved (Appealed)Never
815428/12/2019 (05:02)5D-1807[Tammy][1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
815326/12/2019 (17:23)~y~[2V-81]Ayden D.[1A-07] M. DamonAdvertising other ServersActiveNever
815225/12/2019 (18:16)thefirecat22[1A-15] Josh O.Failure to listen to staff // Speaking french after being told numerous timesActive22/01/2020 (18:16) GMT
815123/12/2019 (16:58)uɐɯ ʎxɐlɐƃ[1A-17] Alex J.racial slurs | staff disrespect (unappealable)ActiveNever
815023/12/2019 (00:39)LéZ Flamb[1K-05] DiiversxIndirectly saying Racial Slurs - TrollingActiveNever
814922/12/2019 (01:37)Bond[1K-05] DiiversxArguing with Staff - MetagamingActiveNever
814822/12/2019 (01:37)Autism[1K-05] DiiversxArguing with Staff - Metagaming - Server DisrespectActiveNever
814721/12/2019 (14:27)suecoles2015[1K-05] Diiversx[MW] VDMActiveNever
814621/12/2019 (14:25)XGamerZoca[1K-05] Diiversx[MW] Shootinng/Killing on PTActiveNever
814521/12/2019 (02:19)Bountyplays[1K-05] DiiversxArguing with Staff - Player Disrespect - Staff DisrespectActiveNever
814420/12/2019 (00:51)Rover[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] Talking out of RPActiveNever
814319/12/2019 (21:32)XGamerZoca[1A-13] Duck W.meta gaming, rdm, vdm, self revive, talking ooc, member disrespectExpiredNever
814219/12/2019 (17:03)FireStock[1A-15] Josh O.Mass RDM // NITRP - 2nd Offence [Unappealable]ActiveNever
814118/12/2019 (00:29)Jedentheconsume[1A-13] Duck W.Staff impersonation, mini modding, racial slurrsActiveNever
814017/12/2019 (22:48)Jason A.[1A-13] Duck W.Arguing with staff, Shooting on PTActiveNever
813917/12/2019 (22:29)[JE][417] Cookie08[1A-13] Duck W.mass vdm, nitrpActiveNever
813816/12/2019 (22:20)♡ Ari ♡[1A-15] Josh O.[MW] RDM on PTRemoved (Appealed)Never
813716/12/2019 (13:34)Ross B. [1361][1A-15] Josh O.RDMing with snipers // Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit - Squirrel 1A-12ActiveNever
813616/12/2019 (02:52)Stefan G.[1A-12] Squirrel R.VDMActiveNever
813515/12/2019 (22:22)toazta[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive29/12/2019 (22:22) GMT
813415/12/2019 (14:16)danielmad1973[1K-05] DiiversxLeaving Staff SitActiveNever
813315/12/2019 (03:42)owensoones[1A-15] Josh O.Staff impersonation - Whitewing 2A-10ActiveNever
813215/12/2019 (01:35)sven.[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
813115/12/2019 (00:45)Louisx[1K-05] DiiversxLeaving Staff Sit - NITRP - VDMActiveNever
813015/12/2019 (00:42)Faja[1A-12] Squirrel R.Advertising NITRPActiveNever
812914/12/2019 (01:22)Jack Creed[1A-12] Squirrel R.Mass VDM NITRPActiveNever
812814/12/2019 (01:21)Harry White[1A-12] Squirrel R.VDM NITRPActiveNever
812714/12/2019 (01:18)Zephyr[1A-12] Squirrel R.SpamActiveNever
812614/12/2019 (01:04)Ryan[1A-12] Squirrel R.RDMActiveNever
812513/12/2019 (12:22)Ciggy™[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling - RDM - NITRP [Blacklist from the TXDPSRP Network]ActiveNever
812413/12/2019 (09:17)MAZEyum[1A-07] M. DamonRacism Proof:
812312/12/2019 (23:24)Buhn[1A-12] Squirrel R.RacismActiveNever
812212/12/2019 (23:22)sohrobkohistani[1A-12] Squirrel R.Mass RDMActiveNever
812112/12/2019 (20:15)hixey[1A-15] Josh O.Violation PT // NITRP // Trying to evade Sit by spawning in mass amount of carsActiveNever
812012/12/2019 (20:09)Sam H.[1A-15] Josh O.Mass amount of Racial SlursActiveNever
811911/12/2019 (18:46)CursedLion702[1K-05] DiiversxVDM - Ramming Through Scenes - Leaving to Avoid Staff SitActiveNever
811811/12/2019 (01:49)Big[1K-05] DiiversxLeaving to Avoid Punishment - Hacking [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
811711/12/2019 (00:52)Swqpping[1A-08] John D.Leaving a staff sit// driving a police bike without being in police uniform or RTO 2A-13 Luke.sActiveNever
811611/12/2019 (00:52)Diesel_Dez[1A-08] John D.FailRP// Leaving Staff sitActiveNever
811510/12/2019 (20:15)ime lahti taun[1A-15] Josh O.Noclipping // NITRPActive24/12/2019 (20:15) GMT
811410/12/2019 (18:45)DJ Lapskaus[1A-04] George T.Violation of Peacetime / RDM / NITRPActive17/12/2019 (18:45) GMT
811310/12/2019 (17:14)dancons19[1A-15] Josh O.Shooting in a staff sit // Failure to listen to staff // mass RDM // in police uniform - 2A-13 Luke.sActiveNever
811210/12/2019 (14:53)kurtis[1A-17] Alex J.Trolling | NITRP | Mass RDMActiveNever
811110/12/2019 (03:52)Divorce_Papers_[1K-06] Nice E.RDMRemoved (misunderstanding)Never
811010/12/2019 (01:40)Heraldo[1A-14] Dominic P.lying to staff // attempting to blame punishment on others // server disrepsectActiveNever
810910/12/2019 (01:39)I don't Hack[1A-14] Dominic P.Lying to staff // Shooting on peace time // Racial slursActiveNever
810809/12/2019 (23:37)FunkMasterFlex[1K-06] Nice E.RDMActiveNever
810709/12/2019 (18:59)putin[1A-17] Alex J.RDM/VDM/Fail RP/NITRP - 2A-13 lukeActiveNever
810609/12/2019 (03:26)Bigoltiddies[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit, RDM, Shooting gas station, shooting on ptActiveNever
810509/12/2019 (03:03)Jake M.[1A-13] Duck W.RDM, VDM, Mic Spam, Failure to listen to staff, lying to staffActiveNever
810409/12/2019 (02:36)EionDoesGaming YT[1A-13] Duck W.Staff Disrespect, Server disrespectActiveNever
810309/12/2019 (01:53)ThisShitSlap[1K-06] Nice E.RDM - NITRPActiveNever
810209/12/2019 (01:37)Mike J. 3C-466[1A-14] Dominic P.Lying to staff // Shooting while in staff sit // RDM x3 // Leaving staff sitActiveNever
810109/12/2019 (01:30)Ryan 02[1A-09] MajesticMurpMass RDM | NITRP | Mic Spam | UNAPEALABLEActiveNever
810008/12/2019 (22:34)SauceDaddy[1A-11] The Northviolation of PT, leaving to avoid staff sit (2A-08 Michael R.)ActiveNever
809908/12/2019 (22:07)Stan Whiteman[1K-06] Nice E.leaving server in staff sit and killing a staff memberActiveNever
809808/12/2019 (22:01)Divorce_Papers_[1K-06] Nice E.NITRP, Speed boosting, N work in on carRemoved (Appealed)Never
809708/12/2019 (19:04)MrBlockCrafter[1K-05] DiiversxUnrealistic Driving - Fail RP - RammingActiveNever
809608/12/2019 (01:19)Rogerdodger[1K-01] IceTheDevBannedActiveNever
809508/12/2019 (00:54)[792] Alexpanda[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Staff Sit // Trolling in staff sit // Failure to listen staff [Unappealable]ActiveNever
809407/12/2019 (22:58)Santa Claus[1A-12] Squirrel R.NITRP Staff Disrespect FailRPActiveNever
809307/12/2019 (22:17)dubby #vapenation[1A-13] Duck W.Mass RDMActiveNever
809207/12/2019 (20:40)Abide[1A-13] Duck W.VDM, Failure to listen to staff, Stealing police cars, Bypassing blacklistActive14/12/2019 (20:40) GMT
809107/12/2019 (20:13)DrewPWeiner[1A-13] Duck W.leaving sit, rdmActiveNever
809007/12/2019 (19:54)Revenngge[1A-13] Duck W.NITRP, Mass VDM, RDM, Failure to listen to staff, trollingActiveNever
808907/12/2019 (19:54)Chris[1A-13] Duck W.NITRP, Mass VDM, RDM, Failure to listen to staff, trollingActiveNever
808807/12/2019 (19:37)George, W Kush[1A-13] Duck W.Racial SlursActiveNever
808707/12/2019 (07:26)J. Frenchy[1A-07] M. DamonStaff Disrespect ~Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
808607/12/2019 (05:55)Gravity StationConsoleRDMActiveNever
808507/12/2019 (02:19)Mello[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingRemoved (Appealed)Never
808407/12/2019 (02:19)Koragaming[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
808306/12/2019 (23:57)~y~ {131} Jimmy N[1K-06] Nice E.Trying to recruit members of our serverActiveNever
808206/12/2019 (23:48)TigerB[1K-06] Nice E.mass RDM/NITRPActiveNever
808106/12/2019 (14:34)[4B-56] [WR-04] [R-09] Corey A.[1A-04] George T.MRDM / FailRP / Use of SnipersExpiredNever
808006/12/2019 (14:33)[2V-32] Noah S.[1A-04] George T.MRDM / FailRP / Use of SnipersRemoved (Appealed)20/12/2019 (14:33) GMT
807906/12/2019 (03:17)NexgenConsoleRDMActiveNever
807806/12/2019 (03:07)Theacebase[1K-01] IceTheDevRDM/Noclipping/Violating PTActiveNever
807706/12/2019 (03:07)Skcooby[1K-01] IceTheDevServer DisrespectActiveNever
807606/12/2019 (02:33)✪ PEEP ✪ConsoleRDMActiveNever
807506/12/2019 (01:56)Ninja[1A-15] Josh O.NITRP x3 // NoclipExpiredNever
807406/12/2019 (01:45)nware2315[1A-15] Josh O.MASS VDM // NITRP // TROLLING // VIOLATION OF PT // Attempting to get out of sit by spawning cars [Unappealable]ActiveNever
807306/12/2019 (01:39)";[email protected]#[1A-13] Duck W.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
807206/12/2019 (01:06)jfkhanson[1A-15] Josh O.Racism // Leaving Staff Sit Jack B. 2A-09ActiveNever
807105/12/2019 (22:06)ToweringHook22[1A-13] Duck W.Interphering with rp, horn spam, trolling, copbaiting, speed boost, nitrpActive19/12/2019 (22:06) GMT
807005/12/2019 (21:48)Noncequence am i right?[1A-13] Duck W.[MW] violation of ptActiveNever
806905/12/2019 (01:54)Taz34SS[1A-12] Squirrel R.RDMActiveNever
806804/12/2019 (01:44)Jordan H. 5D-405[1A-13] Duck W.mass RDMActiveNever
806704/12/2019 (01:39)Alex D.[1A-08] John D.Racism [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
806603/12/2019 (01:46)TTV Itz_SeveN[1A-07] M. DamonAdvertising / Proof:
806502/12/2019 (23:09)Dat Boi[1A-08] John D.Trolling | NITRP | [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
806402/12/2019 (21:19)Acurazy {R-1353}[1A-13] Duck W.NITRP, Failure to listen to staffExpiredNever
806302/12/2019 (20:35)Jay[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Staff Sit // NITRP // Fixing vehicle after crashingActiveNever
806202/12/2019 (19:45)V0latyle[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving a staff sit // Stealing a police car Luke S. 2A-13ActiveNever
806102/12/2019 (16:56)gtaroli57[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving a staff sit // Violation of Priority // Stealing police cars// Interfering with a scene 2A-13 Luke S.ActiveNever
806002/12/2019 (04:06)[3C-O7]Owner[1D-06][1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActiveNever
805902/12/2019 (03:28)NoFace[1A-13] Duck W.RDM, Shooting on priority, NITRPExpiredNever
805802/12/2019 (03:00)bandz[2A-09] Jack B.[MW] Un-realilistic DrivingRemoved (Appealed)Never
805702/12/2019 (02:50)JuBeLyin[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealistic DrivingActiveNever
805602/12/2019 (02:03)babybabybabyohhhh[1A-08] John D.Running on Peacetime // leaving a staff sitActiveNever
805502/12/2019 (00:00)VirtualDemons[1A-13] Duck W.Failure to staff, speed boostActive16/12/2019 (00:00) GMT
805401/12/2019 (23:52)[925] InTexX[1A-13] Duck W.Complaining about a punishmentExpiredNever
805301/12/2019 (22:25)JIMMY NU CARTI[1A-15] Josh O.Mass VDM // Leaving a Staff Sit - Jack B. 2A-09ActiveNever
805201/12/2019 (21:06)Maloada[1A-17] Alex J.Leaving staff sit [Unappealable]ActiveNever
805101/12/2019 (19:31)rackofbusch[1K-06] Nice E.Fake co / NITRPActiveNever
805001/12/2019 (07:49)Nick Ook[1A-14] Dominic P.Mass RDM/ leaving server to avoid staff sit - [2A-14 Cam G.]ActiveNever
804901/12/2019 (03:31)Kremit[1K-05] Diiversx[MW] Spamming FlaresActiveNever
804801/12/2019 (02:54)Padawon[1K-05] DiiversxServer DisrespectActiveNever
804701/12/2019 (00:36)CHADY FOSTER[1A-12] Squirrel R.RDMActiveNever
804630/11/2019 (21:57)brandonmrogers[1A-15] Josh O.Misuse of /dragActiveNever
804530/11/2019 (21:39)nopack[1K-06] Nice E.rmdActiveNever
804430/11/2019 (21:32)motion[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDM, Speedboost, NITRP, Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
804330/11/2019 (05:45)Quantum_Cipher[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Leaving Server to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
804230/11/2019 (05:44)Quantum Potatoad[1A-16] Alex J.Lying to staff, Speedboosting, NITRP, Unrealistic Driving, TrollingActiveNever
804130/11/2019 (05:33)Sgt. Gravelmuncher (Borneo Vet.)[1A-16] Alex J.Unrealistic Driving, Violation of PT, NITRP,6+ActiveNever
804030/11/2019 (01:30)anthonymichaelvlogs[1A-13] Duck W.Mass VDM, Failure to listen to staffActiveNever
803930/11/2019 (01:26)|Ice|Nick Gregor[1K-06] Nice E.saying "if i was mad i would ddos"ActiveNever
803830/11/2019 (01:08)ManteQuilla[1A-16] Alex J.RDM x2ActiveNever
803730/11/2019 (00:50)Mr.Dan[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Use of SniperRemoved (Appealed)Never
803629/11/2019 (22:58)Killer[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Member DisrespectActiveNever
803529/11/2019 (22:54)BakKeN[1A-16] Alex J.Mass-SpawningActive06/12/2019 (22:54) GMT
803429/11/2019 (19:30)CharBred[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling - NITRPActiveNever
803329/11/2019 (17:03)2V-89 Itzaboody[1A-15] Josh O.Mass RDM // NITRP // Failure to Listen to StaffRemoved (Appealed)27/12/2019 (17:03) GMT
803229/11/2019 (17:03)2V-44 FireStock[1A-15] Josh O.Mass RDM // NITRP // Failure to Listen to StaffRemoved (Appealed)13/12/2019 (17:03) GMT
803128/11/2019 (20:00)Luxe[1A-17] Alex J.Attempted mass RDM on peacetime | Leaving staff sit [Unappealable]ActiveNever
803028/11/2019 (17:22)206 l B. Lawrence[1A-15] Josh O.Racism in ReportActiveNever
802928/11/2019 (16:48)Dylantrue07[1A-08] John D.leaving a staff sit 2A-13ActiveNever
802828/11/2019 (16:46)Steve[1A-15] Josh O.Racism // Speedboosting [Unappealable]ActiveNever
802728/11/2019 (16:43)brookie[1A-15] Josh O.Mass VDM [Unappealable]ActiveNever
802628/11/2019 (16:43)Woj[1A-15] Josh O.Mass VDM [Unappealable]ActiveNever
802528/11/2019 (16:41)zJammy[1A-15] Josh O.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
802428/11/2019 (14:46)Daddy Status[1A-17] Alex J.Leaving staff sit | Tourqe/powerboost [Unappealable]ActiveNever
802328/11/2019 (05:58)HaydenNZZ[1A-16] Alex J.Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
802228/11/2019 (05:47)Rusty[1A-16] Alex J.VDmActiveNever
802128/11/2019 (05:45)Phil Myhölinn[1A-16] Alex J.mass VDMActiveNever
802028/11/2019 (04:17)XxTentaclesxX[1A-16] Alex J.NITRPActiveNever
801928/11/2019 (04:03)reggae shark[1A-16] Alex J.VDM x2ActiveNever
801828/11/2019 (02:43)ToasterWeasel56[1K-01] IceTheDevServer DisrespectActiveNever
801728/11/2019 (02:43)DO NOT BAN TIM[1K-01] IceTheDevServer disrespectActiveNever
801628/11/2019 (02:42)[1K-02] Tim .M.[1K-01] IceTheDevServer DisrespectActiveNever
801528/11/2019 (02:19)Trumpkin[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMActiveNever
801428/11/2019 (02:04)PoLo[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMActiveNever
801328/11/2019 (01:42)Austin B[1K-01] IceTheDevserver disrespectActiveNever
801227/11/2019 (23:11)dankestmemer[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Staff Sit // Violation of PTActiveNever
801127/11/2019 (21:50)busyleftwasp33[1A-15] Josh O.RDM // shooting on peacetime // leaving to avoid staff sit [2A-08 Michael R.]ActiveNever
801027/11/2019 (21:34)[740] Alex H.[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive11/12/2019 (21:34) GMT
800927/11/2019 (19:58)1D-01 | Chainz[1A-14] Dominic P.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
800827/11/2019 (16:12)Terpzii[1K-05] DiiversxServer DisrespectRemoved (Appealed)Never
800727/11/2019 (04:15)AE86 @Tstart[1A-09] MajesticMurpRacial Slurs | NITRP | Spam | UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
800627/11/2019 (02:47)WEEB JUICE[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit, vdmActiveNever
800527/11/2019 (02:42)Alex C[1A-13] Duck W.AdvertisingActiveNever
800427/11/2019 (02:42)1009 | Nash[1A-13] Duck W.advertisingActiveNever
800327/11/2019 (00:34)Ross, The Astronaut[1A-15] Josh O.RacismActiveNever
800226/11/2019 (23:43)Saturday Is for The Bois[1K-06] Nice E.cop baiting, RDM, & leaving staff sitActiveNever
800126/11/2019 (23:36)IGxDark[1K-06] Nice E.speedboostingActiveNever
800026/11/2019 (23:26)Jason Swindell[1A-14] Dominic P.Server Disrespect // RDM // Asking for banActiveNever
799926/11/2019 (23:06)FlyingColours72[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActiveNever
799826/11/2019 (23:06)SamuraiPsycho[1K-06] Nice E.speedboosting and leaving staff sitActiveNever
799726/11/2019 (22:01)Fbreeze[1A-08] John D.RacismActiveNever
799626/11/2019 (21:37)Hadidx14[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit, interfering with a traffic stopActiveNever
799526/11/2019 (21:20)White Comet[1A-15] Josh O.Tping to RDM on PTActive10/12/2019 (21:20) GMT
799426/11/2019 (21:17)m.felani31[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sit (2A-08 Michael R.)ActiveNever
799326/11/2019 (21:17)Shizz_Dawg[1A-08] John D.Mic spam, leaving to avoid staff sit (2A-08 Michael R.)ActiveNever
799226/11/2019 (20:43)Reece[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPRemoved (Appealed)10/12/2019 (20:43) GMT
799126/11/2019 (20:20)Ⅻ-BLACK․H⊕PE․[1A-08] John D.[MW] RDM | Violating PT | Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
799026/11/2019 (18:36)11222[1A-15] Josh O.Mass RDM // Racism [Unappealable]ActiveNever
798926/11/2019 (13:33)childmenace[1A-17] Alex J.Mass RDMActiveNever
798826/11/2019 (05:35)T.Ram[Sky Slayer][1K-01] IceTheDevCop BaitingActive03/12/2019 (05:35) GMT
798726/11/2019 (04:53)Hugo[1K-06] Nice E.NITRPActive28/11/2019 (04:53) GMT
798626/11/2019 (03:04)RockonHors[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM, Leaving Staff Sit, Mass VDM - Cole G. 2A-18ActiveNever
798526/11/2019 (00:15)4E-11 I Cloud[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] FailRPRemoved (Appealed)Never
798425/11/2019 (23:52)Adam[1A-14] Dominic P.Leaving staff sit // Leaving game without punishment // RDMActiveNever
798325/11/2019 (21:44)EleVate[1A-13] Duck W.NITRP, Noclip, Lying to staffExpiredNever
798225/11/2019 (21:34)Turtle[1A-13] Duck W.possible modding, lying to staffActiveNever
798125/11/2019 (21:21)oscar[1A-13] Duck W.Lying to staff, speed boostExpiredNever
798025/11/2019 (21:08)Kev[1A-13] Duck W.Mass RDMActiveNever
797925/11/2019 (21:06)UniDolphin[1A-13] Duck W.Mass RDM, Racial SlursActiveNever
797825/11/2019 (19:26)! jerry[1A-17] Alex J.ModdingActiveNever
797725/11/2019 (19:11)andremason7329[1A-17] Alex J.Racial Slurs - Luke S. 2A-13Removed (Appealed)Never
797625/11/2019 (04:42)TylerConsoleserver disrespectActiveNever
797525/11/2019 (02:35)TopOff Rustchance[1A-13] Duck W.Staff disrespect, speed boostActiveNever
797425/11/2019 (02:20)Potato[1A-13] Duck W.Failure to listen to staff, mic spamExpiredNever
797325/11/2019 (02:18)sminklet[1A-13] Duck W.lying to staff, violation of ptExpiredNever
797225/11/2019 (01:51)69bigdoink69_2[1A-13] Duck W.Alt AccountActiveNever
797125/11/2019 (01:48)69bigdoinkConsoleNITRPActiveNever
797024/11/2019 (23:11)Ping[1K-05] DiiversxRacial SlursActiveNever
796924/11/2019 (22:00)Heath Jordan[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActiveNever
796824/11/2019 (21:53)SpeedingSnake04[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] self ReviveActiveNever
796724/11/2019 (21:50)Maxie1233[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPRemoved (Appealed)Never
796624/11/2019 (21:22)𝙢𝙮𝙜𝙜𝙖𝙣[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] teleportingActiveNever
796524/11/2019 (21:10)[I-02] Shane S.[1K-06] Nice E.Mass RMD and killing staff in staff sitActiveNever
796424/11/2019 (19:53)JOKA SKS[1K-06] Nice E.Saying the N word in staff sit and trolling - not appealableActiveNever
796324/11/2019 (19:48)CA-(1st SC) Rct StoneWall[1K-06] Nice E.mass RDMActiveNever
796224/11/2019 (19:45)JOKA SKS[1K-06] Nice E.say N wordRemoved (Appealed)Never
796124/11/2019 (19:30)BeastyPandaa[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] Violation of PT in ProgressRemoved (Appealed)Never
796024/11/2019 (18:35)(悪魔) SopuliConsoleRacismActiveNever
795924/11/2019 (17:54)[5D-17] Austin Lehng[1K-01] IceTheDevspamRemoved (Appealed)Never
795824/11/2019 (17:29)dannycooganruns[1K-01] IceTheDevfailrpActiveNever
795724/11/2019 (16:48)Reyze_Evan[1A-15] Josh O.NITRP // Unrealistic DrivingExpiredNever
795624/11/2019 (14:47)John Stebbing[1K-05] DiiversxNITRP - Speedboosting - Violation of PTActive01/12/2019 (14:47) GMT
795524/11/2019 (14:42)turbotwoliter[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit, speed boost, violation of ptActiveNever
795424/11/2019 (14:31)Alexi Bexi[1A-13] Duck W.Racial SlursActiveNever
795324/11/2019 (04:17)TANGINAMOALLDAY[1A-13] Duck W.Mass RDM, Server disrespect, failure to listen to staffActiveNever
795224/11/2019 (03:51)G4S[1A-16] Alex J.nitrp/staff disrespect/interfering with staff sit/peacetime violation- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
795124/11/2019 (02:26)Dylantrue07[1A-15] Josh O.VDM // Violation of PTExpiredNever
795024/11/2019 (02:19)4E-06 Bradley[1A-15] Josh O.[MW] Breaking CharacterRemoved (Appealed)Never
794924/11/2019 (01:54)𝕒𝕟𝕩𝕚𝕖𝕥𝕪[1K-01] IceTheDevrdmActiveNever
794823/11/2019 (23:14)umfufu/nibitzacongobongo BALLS[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] FailRPActiveNever
794723/11/2019 (22:57)Umfnfu[1A-09] MajesticMurpLeaving Server to avoid Punishments | Unrealistic Driving | VDMActiveNever
794623/11/2019 (21:06)YoungBilly[1A-12] Squirrel R.RDMActiveNever
794523/11/2019 (15:57)JA[1A-15] Josh O.Advertising Discord Link ingameActiveNever
794423/11/2019 (15:37)Judge Dread[1A-15] Josh O.Violation of Priority // Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
794323/11/2019 (13:47)Madsenfrom Esbjerg[1A-13] Duck W.Mass RDM, use of sniper, shooting on ptActiveNever
794223/11/2019 (02:37)Dank Meme[1A-15] Josh O.Noclipping whilst dead // NITRPActive07/12/2019 (02:37) GMT
794122/11/2019 (23:28)Cuuhi[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit, violation of PT, failrpActiveNever
794022/11/2019 (23:23)one hunderd dollars[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit, VDM -Duck W. [1A-13]ActiveNever
793922/11/2019 (23:18)Kribban[1A-13] Duck W.Violation of peacetime, leaving staff sit [korey M. 2A-15]ActiveNever
793822/11/2019 (23:09)Marcus[1A-13] Duck W.Lying to staff, VDMActiveNever
793722/11/2019 (23:06)EDDE[1A-13] Duck W.[MW] Failure to listen to staff, shooting on ptActiveNever
793622/11/2019 (22:59)Jewn[1A-13] Duck W.[MW] Speed boost, unrealistic driving, frpActiveNever
793522/11/2019 (21:34)Søgge[1A-13] Duck W.Speed boost, lying to staff, vdmActiveNever
793422/11/2019 (19:40)[3S-48] Austin D.[1K-05] DiiversxMinimodding - Abusing Jail CommandsActiveNever
793322/11/2019 (08:59)FaDzZ iS BaD[1A-15] Josh O.NITRP, Mass RDM, Leaving staff sit - Cole G 2A-18ActiveNever
793122/11/2019 (03:56)JustiN[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
793022/11/2019 (03:54)[PC-82] Trevor L.[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
792922/11/2019 (03:54)Love monkey[1K-01] IceTheDevLeavign Staff SitActiveNever
792822/11/2019 (03:51)Tyler.M[1K-01] IceTheDevStaff DisrespectActiveNever
792722/11/2019 (03:50)WAR:LXRD[1K-01] IceTheDevWearing Unauthorized UniformActiveNever
792622/11/2019 (00:11)Donald. 1X-21[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling - Blacklist from TXDPSRP NetworkActiveNever
792521/11/2019 (23:51)Hydro[1A-13] Duck W.Racial SlursActiveNever
792421/11/2019 (23:23)[2K-32]G.Winporn[1A-13] Duck W.Racial SlurrsActiveNever
792321/11/2019 (23:14)Gaymer[1K-05] DiiversxStaff DisrespectActiveNever
792221/11/2019 (22:48)~y~4B-81 | COSMO[1K-05] DiiversxImpersonating StaffExpiredNever
792120/11/2019 (23:40).[2A-09] Jack B.[MW] Violation of PeacetimeActiveNever
792020/11/2019 (23:30)techcam205[1A-15] Josh O.Staff Disrespect // Leaving staff sit [Unappealable]ActiveNever
791920/11/2019 (22:31)scott.taylor1973[1K-06] Nice E.NITRP, racial slurs, noclipping, leaving to avoid staff sit (2A-08 Michael R.)ActiveNever
791820/11/2019 (22:29)Boyjedi[1K-06] Nice E.RDM/nitrp/staff disrespect/RDM during staff sit- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
791720/11/2019 (15:21)greyguiltlesspig26[1A-17] Alex J.Trolling | NITRP | Mass Spawning vehicles | Leaving staff sit [Unappealable]ActiveNever
791620/11/2019 (06:03)Sal Vulcano[1A-17] Alex J.RDM/nitrp/server disrespect/staff disrespect- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
791519/11/2019 (23:19)KubcaConsoleModding [UNPPEALBLE]ActiveNever
791419/11/2019 (22:16)Daniel Parker[1A-04] George T.Leaving Staff Sit / Use of Snipers [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
791319/11/2019 (21:15)CaMeRoN[1A-08] John D.Server DisrespectActiveNever
791219/11/2019 (21:14)Crimz[1A-17] Alex J.Trolling | NITRP | Violation of peacetimeActiveNever
791119/11/2019 (21:13)xXBENNYv9Xx[1A-15] Josh O.NITRP // Speed BoostingExpiredNever
791019/11/2019 (20:34)edicius215[1A-01] EnveeNITRP, Speed boosting, Violation of pt, leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
790919/11/2019 (04:22)TallerSmaller[2A-14] Cam G.[MW] VDMActiveNever
790819/11/2019 (02:51)Vaginal Excrements[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMActiveNever
790719/11/2019 (02:40)MallERN016[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMActive03/12/2019 (02:40) GMT
790619/11/2019 (02:40)choonmoon[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMActive03/12/2019 (02:40) GMT
790519/11/2019 (01:52)Director Stark[1K-01] IceTheDevModderRemoved (Appealed)Never
790418/11/2019 (23:10)Q835[1A-08] John D.RacismActiveNever
790318/11/2019 (21:07)Explosive_Pineapple_Bro[1K-06] Nice E.RDM & and leaving server in staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
790218/11/2019 (02:00)Jason R.[1A-14] Dominic P.RDM // VDM // Member Disrespect // Leaving staff sitRemoved (this play is on unbanned restriction and will still have 4 out of 5 warns)Never
790117/11/2019 (23:35)Martin[1A-09] MajesticMurpSexual RP | NITRP | FailRP | Lying to Staff | Racail Slurs | Trying to glitch Server | Staff DisActiveNever
790017/11/2019 (23:14)gatesd28[1A-14] Dominic P.Lying to staff // NITRP // VDMActiveNever
789917/11/2019 (21:28)NexWarlock12[1A-13] Duck W.Trolling, asking for banActiveNever
789817/11/2019 (21:27)eddietherat[1A-14] Dominic P.trolling [Whitewing 2A-1]ActiveNever
789717/11/2019 (21:27)KinkaJourez[1A-13] Duck W.Mass RDMActiveNever
789617/11/2019 (21:26)ChiefBogo[1A-13] Duck W.Mass RDMActiveNever
789517/11/2019 (21:19)Tech Deck[1A-13] Duck W.Aruging with staffRemoved (Appealed)Never
789417/11/2019 (19:40)DJ P.[1A-17] Alex J.Leaving staff sit | FailRP | Noclip [Unappealable]ActiveNever
789317/11/2019 (18:25)pallotelli[1K-05] DiiversxViolation of PT - RDM - Leaving Staff Sit to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
789217/11/2019 (18:23)ROGPRO[1K-05] DiiversxAttempted RDM in Staff Sit - Staff Disrespect - NITRPActiveNever
789117/11/2019 (17:45)Caulin Mecham[1K-05] DiiversxNITRP - Speedboosting - Mass VDMRemoved (Appealed)Never
789017/11/2019 (17:20)Jedentheconsume[1A-13] Duck W.Lying to staff , FRP, NITRPRemoved (Appealed)Never
788917/11/2019 (17:02)gabe2k[1A-13] Duck W.Server disrespect , Leaving staff sit, violation of PTActiveNever
788817/11/2019 (15:12)MILKY SAUCE[1A-17] Alex J.Leaving staff sit [Unappealable]ActiveNever
788717/11/2019 (13:52)Spetsialiseerund Rott[1A-15] Josh O.Rdming during peacetime x3Active01/12/2019 (13:52) GMT
788617/11/2019 (13:26)Berliner[1A-15] Josh O.Lying to staff // Speed boosting // Violation of PTActiveNever
788517/11/2019 (13:21)julianantoniusvanson[1A-15] Josh O.Mass RDM - Driving staff vehicleActiveNever
788417/11/2019 (06:59)dijon[1A-14] Dominic P.[MW] Speed boost // VDMActiveNever
788317/11/2019 (06:34)[762] nicolas dale[1A-14] Dominic P.Server DisrespectActiveNever
788217/11/2019 (06:11)Shadow[1A-14] Dominic P.Leaving staff sit / Interfering with FAA [Lawson G 2A-16]ActiveNever
788117/11/2019 (04:14)eugene j.[1A-14] Dominic P.Staff disrespect/ Server disrespectActiveNever
788017/11/2019 (04:08)2V-21 | Mike J.[1A-07] M. DamonAdvertising // Arguing in DMsActiveNever
787917/11/2019 (03:20)wrought[1A-15] Josh O.RDM | Leaving staff sit (Korey M 2A-15)ActiveNever
787817/11/2019 (03:19)D3LTA[2A-15] Korey M.[MW] FailRPActiveNever
787717/11/2019 (01:12)Manu_Sild[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
787617/11/2019 (01:11)Victådd[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Staff Sit // NITRP // Copbaiting // Violation of PTActiveNever
787517/11/2019 (00:14)Doggie[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
787416/11/2019 (23:53)Jayo[1A-13] Duck W.Staff disrespect, VDMActiveNever
787316/11/2019 (23:52)boowhoyou[1A-15] Josh O.Mass VDM // Violation of PTActiveNever
787216/11/2019 (23:33)Madingo[1A-13] Duck W.Lying to staff, Mass VDM, VIolation of PTActiveNever
787116/11/2019 (21:07)Artur A.[2A-07] John G.[MW] interfering with rp sceneActiveNever
787016/11/2019 (19:19)Hugo McNucc[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
786916/11/2019 (18:12)HUGGYBEARTV[1A-08] John D.Racial slurs ~ Alex J 2A-06ActiveNever
786816/11/2019 (18:06)cyster[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM, Explosive rounds, Killing Staff ~ WhitewingActiveNever
786716/11/2019 (18:04)iMoRTaL[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM, Leaving to avoid a staff sit 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
786616/11/2019 (18:04)Metal[1A-08] John D.Mass VDM, Leaving staff sit multiple times - Cole G. 2A-18ActiveNever
786516/11/2019 (18:04)Marko[1A-08] John D.Violation of PT and leaving to avoid staff sit (2A-08 Michael R.)ActiveNever
786416/11/2019 (13:14)☔ςץbeℝConsoleModdingActiveNever
786316/11/2019 (05:05)Lucifer215[2A-14] Cam G.[MW] staff disrespect/RDM/modding/teleporting/nitrpActiveNever
786216/11/2019 (04:40)Phantom[1K-06] Nice E.Modding, Spawning car in staff sitActiveNever
786116/11/2019 (01:46)NopeRope[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
786016/11/2019 (01:33)Robert McLovin[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
785916/11/2019 (00:54)DisgustedSine2[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
785816/11/2019 (00:53)IlIllIlIllIIIlIl[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
785716/11/2019 (00:52)TITAN[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingRemoved (Appealed)Never
785616/11/2019 (00:46)franklin[1K-01] IceTheDevmoddingRemoved (Appealed)Never
785515/11/2019 (21:55)Nani.[1A-11] The NorthLying to staff, leaving staff sit, failure to listen to staff, rdm, violation of pt, nitrp, fail rp -Duck w. 2A-03ActiveNever
785415/11/2019 (21:53)🎗[S-75][FC-85] J. Jones🎗[1A-11] The NorthLying to staff, leaving staff sit, failure to listen to staff, rdm, violation of pt, nitrp, fail rp -Duck w. 2A-03ActiveNever
785315/11/2019 (19:05)i303 Native[1A-08] John D.RDM | Leaving staff sit (korey M 2A-15)Removed (Appealed)Never
785215/11/2019 (19:05)Jared W. 2L-113[1A-08] John D.VDM | Leaving staff sit (Korey M 2A-15)ActiveNever
785115/11/2019 (04:55)リルカッパ[1A-01] Enveerdm during staff sit failrp nitrp mass rdm vdmActiveNever
785015/11/2019 (04:53)KingCrime[1A-01] Enveerdm during staff sit attempting to leave staff sit failrp nitrp mass rdmActiveNever
784915/11/2019 (04:37)Jagmeet the Gombean[1A-09] MajesticMurpRacial SlursActiveNever
784815/11/2019 (03:39)elijahchilton08[1A-09] MajesticMurpLeaving Staff Sit | NITRP | Stealing LEO Vehicles - Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
784715/11/2019 (00:50)Rct.Bubbles[1A-07] M. Damonstaff disrespect, leaving to avoid staff sit (2A-08 Michael R.)ActiveNever
784615/11/2019 (00:50)haruspexer[1A-07] M. DamonViolation of peacetime, racial slurs, failure to listen to staff, leaving to avoid staff sit (2A-08 Michael R.)ActiveNever
784515/11/2019 (00:27)Billy Cutlip[1A-07] M. DamonMass RDM // Interfering with ScenesActiveNever
784414/11/2019 (20:54)MercyTTv[1K-05] DiiversxModding - Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
784314/11/2019 (18:44)MojoChipz[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Violation of PT // Killing on PeacetimeActiveNever
784214/11/2019 (04:27)CRILBIS BOWLING QuIr[1A-09] MajesticMurpserver disrespect/Racial slur/mic spamming- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
784114/11/2019 (04:27)Texgameselite[1A-09] MajesticMurpserver disrespect/leaving staff sit/RDM- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
784014/11/2019 (04:26)hmuforsomedick[1A-09] MajesticMurpMass RDM/RDMING staff during staff sit/leaving staff sit- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
783914/11/2019 (04:26)M Westbrook[1A-09] MajesticMurpArguing with staff, staff disrespect, Speed boost, street racing as a CO, Failrp as a CO -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
783814/11/2019 (03:03)slommel90[1A-01] Enveerdm stealing staff cars failrpActiveNever
783714/11/2019 (02:46)Regain_Magic[1A-11] The NorthRDM (RDM of active staff member), leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
783614/11/2019 (02:45)Wnfakind[1A-11] The NorthStealing staff vehicle after being told not to get in, attempted VDM with different vehicle of staff member while on staff sitActive28/11/2019 (02:45) GMT
783514/11/2019 (02:03)Shibby[2A-03] Duck W.[MW] RDMActiveNever
783414/11/2019 (00:23)Nights..[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Speed boost, violation of pt, leaving staff sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
783314/11/2019 (00:23)Joe Mama Ligma Sugma Balls[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Violation of PT, Racial Slurs -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
783214/11/2019 (00:22)Pooky[1A-16] Alex J.Speed Boosting // Leaving Staff Sit - Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
783114/11/2019 (00:22)jrwade556[1A-16] Alex J.Shooting on peacetime | leaving staff sitActiveNever
783014/11/2019 (00:21)Thomas Shelby[1A-16] Alex J.Shooting on Peacetime | leaving staff sitActiveNever
782913/11/2019 (22:09)subwayConsoleStealing Police Vehicles | Failure to Listen to Staff | RDM | Not in RTO - Josh O. [2A-05]ActiveNever
782713/11/2019 (19:21)zzoomm076[1A-08] John D.leaving Staff sit. Korey M 2A-15ActiveNever
782613/11/2019 (17:24)TTVSeb_bazer[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] NoclippingActiveNever
782513/11/2019 (16:51)Siep_[1A-04] George T.Mass Draging // Mass RDM // NITRP - Josh O. 2A-05 [UNAPPELABLE]ActiveNever
782413/11/2019 (15:42)Lil Tr!ppy[1A-07] M. DamonMass RDMActiveNever
782313/11/2019 (15:35)YudaConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
782113/11/2019 (15:24)Ebswoth[1A-07] M. DamonMASS RDMActiveNever
782013/11/2019 (13:54)DrM Simplicity[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM/server disrespect- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
781913/11/2019 (13:08)Foldable Samsung Fridge.[1A-08] John D.Racial Slurs // Interfering with FAA // Staff Disrespect [unappealable]- Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
781813/11/2019 (02:48)surprise adoption[1A-01] Envee[MW] stealing Fd veichlesActiveNever
781713/11/2019 (02:34)zachary064[1K-06] Nice E.rdmActiveNever
781613/11/2019 (01:54)Hammy[1A-09] MajesticMurpNITRP | Spamming Spawns | TrollingActiveNever
781513/11/2019 (01:49)awildmoogie[1K-01] IceTheDevVDM/NITRPActiveNever
781413/11/2019 (01:38)BEAN ITer[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving staff sit - Said raciur slurrsActiveNever
781313/11/2019 (01:32)Tree ツ[1K-06] Nice E.VDMActiveNever
781213/11/2019 (01:31)mangocringe[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDMActiveNever
781113/11/2019 (01:27)[Rize] Anthony[1K-01] IceTheDevRDM./VDMActiveNever
781013/11/2019 (01:26)markbucko12341[1K-01] IceTheDevTrollingActiveNever
780913/11/2019 (01:25)Spine Eater[1K-01] IceTheDevVDM - Unrealistic Driving - NITRP - RDMActiveNever
780813/11/2019 (01:24)tjc2401a[1A-09] MajesticMurpLeaving Server to Avoid PunishmentsActiveNever
780713/11/2019 (01:24)kovaaks[1A-16] Alex J.VDM-Interfering with Priority-Staff Disrespect-Leaving Staff sit- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
780613/11/2019 (01:19)Rubio[1A-16] Alex J.VDM, Leaving staff sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
780513/11/2019 (01:19)hello :)[1A-16] Alex J.Super punch failrp, leaving to avoid staff sit 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
780413/11/2019 (01:19)Toronto[1A-16] Alex J.Unrealistic Driving leaving to avoid a staff sit 2A-02 Squirrel R.'ActiveNever
780313/11/2019 (01:18)RIP-NoMercY[1A-16] Alex J.Modding Korey M. 2A-15ActiveNever
780213/11/2019 (01:18)Pepsi122[1A-16] Alex J.Modding Korey m. 2A-15ActiveNever
780113/11/2019 (01:17)Mooooose[1A-16] Alex J.Shooting on peacetime and leaving to avoid staff sit (Michael R. 2A-08)ActiveNever
780013/11/2019 (01:17)Nigfromp[1A-16] Alex J.running on cooldown and leaving to avoid staff sit (Michael R. 2A-08)ActiveNever
779913/11/2019 (01:17)Jonah Vitez[1A-16] Alex J.Lying to staff, failure to listen to staff, speed boost, mass vdm -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
779813/11/2019 (00:34)Bananner Gangstar[1K-06] Nice E.VDM and leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
779713/11/2019 (00:25)marksal41[1K-06] Nice E.VDMExpiredNever
779612/11/2019 (23:54)igras ko moja baba[1K-06] Nice E.VDMActiveNever
779512/11/2019 (23:49)Ian Garner[1K-06] Nice E.VDM copbaitingActiveNever
779412/11/2019 (23:46)T2[1K-06] Nice E.NITRP/mass RDMActiveNever
779312/11/2019 (23:37)Foonut[1K-06] Nice E.cop baiting / NITRPExpiredNever
779212/11/2019 (21:48)L.Antell[2A-13] Luke S.[MW] shooting on peacetimeActiveNever
779112/11/2019 (20:51)battlestarbee69[1A-01] Enveemic spam nitrp failrp mass rdm mass vdmActiveNever
779012/11/2019 (20:37)coleatkinson190[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Fail RP // Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
778912/11/2019 (20:24)D. Siebe[1A-01] Enveemass vdm failrp nitrpActiveNever
778812/11/2019 (19:57)unknown_rabbit[1A-04] George T.Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
778712/11/2019 (18:25)chimp 1[1A-08] John D.Racial Slurs - Cole G. 2A-18ActiveNever
778612/11/2019 (18:24)Jimbo[1A-08] John D.Ignoring staff, leaving staff sit, failrp - Cole G. 2A-18ActiveNever
778512/11/2019 (18:24)Binvcent[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM, Failrp Getting tanks from Military Base, leaving to avoid a staff sit. 2A-02 Squirrel R. SActiveNever
778412/11/2019 (17:31)Alex.B[1A-07] M. DamonServer DisrespectActiveNever
778312/11/2019 (17:30)PolsiRak[1A-07] M. DamonModding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
778212/11/2019 (16:05)z-z[1A-07] M. DamonModding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
778112/11/2019 (03:50)Spoopi[1A-09] MajesticMurpRacismActiveNever
778012/11/2019 (02:48)Horcno[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRP - TrollingActiveNever
777912/11/2019 (02:47)krypto9095[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive26/11/2019 (02:47) GMT
777812/11/2019 (02:47)CarolinaManlyMan[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive26/11/2019 (02:47) GMT
777712/11/2019 (02:28)Ir Anyut[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRP - VDMRemoved (Appealed)Never
777612/11/2019 (02:11)bigplex[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM // Animal RP without Game WardenActiveNever
777512/11/2019 (02:07)Simp 2[1A-16] Alex J.Micspam // NITRP // Trolling // Threats [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
777412/11/2019 (02:06)Pizza[1A-16] Alex J.NITRP // VDM // Speedboost // Failure to Listen to Staff // Leaving Server to avoid PunishmentActiveNever
777312/11/2019 (01:48)Simp 1[1A-16] Alex J.Server Disrespect // Member Disrespect // Racial SlursActiveNever
777212/11/2019 (01:39)Birdy[1A-16] Alex J.Speedboosting // NITRP // Driving as Dog // CopbaitingActiveNever
777112/11/2019 (01:35)Lucifer[1A-16] Alex J.NITRP // Fake co // Mass RDM // Intefering with Scenes // Failure to listen to staffActiveNever
777012/11/2019 (01:24)Vladmir Robowski[1A-16] Alex J.Interfering with Scene // Staff DisrespectActiveNever
776911/11/2019 (23:01)Luke[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM | Leaving staff sit ! CamActiveNever
776811/11/2019 (22:27)TYR0N[1A-08] John D.Modding | Advertising [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
776711/11/2019 (21:52)Toxix[1A-16] Alex J.NITRP / VDM / Speedboost / Failure to Listen to StaffRemoved (Appealed)Never
776611/11/2019 (21:48)Aiden[1A-16] Alex J.[MW] FailRPActiveNever
776511/11/2019 (21:18)bryan[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving staff sit | Teleporting to players | RDM on peacetime - 2A-06 Alex J.ActiveNever
776411/11/2019 (21:16)Gewoon Niks[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDM, Leaving staff sit -Duck W [2A-03]ActiveNever
776311/11/2019 (21:16)Adem J.[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDM, Leaving staff sit -Duck W [2A-03]ActiveNever
776211/11/2019 (21:16)lolipo lolie[1A-16] Alex J.Trolling | No intent to RP | Leaving staff sit | Teleporting to players | RDM on peacetimeActiveNever
776111/11/2019 (20:29)6alone[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] Speed Boosting, Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
776011/11/2019 (20:15)iamxenoerd[1A-04] George T.Ramming / FailRP / NITRPActive25/11/2019 (20:15) GMT
775911/11/2019 (19:41)Harvey Wayne[1A-01] Enveemass rdm leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
775811/11/2019 (19:18)Doobie[1A-01] Enveemass rdm, leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
775711/11/2019 (19:16)Windy[1A-08] John D.Speed boost | Lying to staff | Trolling [UNAPPEALBLE]ActiveNever
775611/11/2019 (18:37)you suck[1K-05] DiiversxNITRP - Trolling - Slight Racial SlursActiveNever
775511/11/2019 (18:29)adiltousbih[1K-05] DiiversxMass Spawning VehiclesActiveNever
775411/11/2019 (18:18)McJohnSon[1K-05] DiiversxNITRPActiveNever
775311/11/2019 (05:30)sum1tvb[1K-02] GunExpert24Mass RDM and Leaving Staff sitActiveNever
775211/11/2019 (05:18)dngtruckingj001[1K-02] GunExpert24Leaving Staff sitActiveNever
775111/11/2019 (04:43)NRP-TAKI Jake Woods[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive25/11/2019 (04:43) GMT
775011/11/2019 (03:50)Antoine Serco[1A-11] The NorthTrolling, driving bike into cars (including active staff vehicle) and spawning in trucks on position to disable vehicles, failrp, leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
774911/11/2019 (03:41)SimplyDexUser12[1A-16] Alex J.NITRP, Staff Disrespect, VDM, Racial SlursActiveNever
774811/11/2019 (03:10)HeyItsRoman[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM | TrollingActiveNever
774711/11/2019 (03:05)Rizon[1A-08] John D.NITRP | Speed boost | TrollingActive11/12/2019 (03:05) GMT
774611/11/2019 (03:03)diablo[1K-05] DiiversxVDM - Lying to StaffActiveNever
774511/11/2019 (02:54)T0xiicBTW_[1K-05] DiiversxMass VDM - Trolling - NITRPActiveNever
774411/11/2019 (02:45)JPGx[1K-01] IceTheDevCop Baiting - NITRP - Not listening to StaffActive25/11/2019 (02:45) GMT
774311/11/2019 (02:39)Skoota[1A-08] John D.Speed boosting | Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
774211/11/2019 (02:38)spyjere[1K-01] IceTheDevSPeedboosting - NITRPActiveNever
774111/11/2019 (02:35)Unprdctable[1K-05] DiiversxServer DisrespectActiveNever
774011/11/2019 (02:34)Rufus[1K-05] DiiversxMass VDMActiveNever
773911/11/2019 (02:17)[5D-023] Jake K.[2A-07] John G.[MW] unrealistic rpRemoved (Appealed)Never
773811/11/2019 (01:41)Slushy[1A-07] M. DamonModding, Racial slurs Cole G.ActiveNever
773711/11/2019 (01:41)nosoul[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sit / Spawning vehicles during staff sit [Dominic P. 2A-04]ActiveNever
773611/11/2019 (01:41)GreenAIDS[1A-07] M. DamonLeaving staff sit {Dominic P. 2A-04}ActiveNever
773511/11/2019 (01:18)Re-B00T[1A-08] John D.Racial slurs [Dominic P. 2A-04]ActiveNever
773411/11/2019 (00:00)Brennando[1A-09] MajesticMurpServer DisrespectActiveNever
773310/11/2019 (23:31)rocketpsyence420[1A-09] MajesticMurpMass RDM | Driving Balcklisted Vehicles | UnapealableActiveNever
773210/11/2019 (22:54)slaine223[1K-06] Nice E.Saying the N wordActiveNever
773110/11/2019 (22:47)cooper.koda55[1K-06] Nice E.VDMActiveNever
773010/11/2019 (22:46)Liquid[1K-06] Nice E.messing with scene fail rp and fake CoActiveNever
772910/11/2019 (21:56)harold[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - NITRP -VDMActive24/11/2019 (21:56) GMT
772810/11/2019 (21:42)bugzipwns[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - NITRPActive24/11/2019 (21:42) GMT
772710/11/2019 (21:40)ali3002[1A-08] John D.Lying to staff | Violating PTExpiredNever
772610/11/2019 (21:35)Vahagn[1A-08] John D.[MW] Teleporting to a staff sitRemoved (Appealed)Never
772510/11/2019 (21:19)odend6[1K-01] IceTheDevInterferring with RPActive24/11/2019 (21:19) GMT
772410/11/2019 (21:15)Ron Swanson[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - NITRPActive24/11/2019 (21:15) GMT
772310/11/2019 (20:57)Dan Gwapo[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff Sit | Violating PTActiveNever
772210/11/2019 (20:54)ognianov[1A-08] John D.RDM | Violaing PTActive24/11/2019 (20:54) GMT
772110/11/2019 (20:47)KungDanielYT[1K-05] DiiversxStealing LEO Vehicles - Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
772010/11/2019 (20:17)Uhhmode[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDMActiveNever
771910/11/2019 (20:10)Your mom[1K-06] Nice E.VDM failRPActive12/11/2019 (20:10) GMT
771810/11/2019 (19:35)jdorgeat09[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sit // Shooting while Priority In-prog - Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
771710/11/2019 (19:32)Muhamed Ali[1A-08] John D.Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
771610/11/2019 (19:17)PJ || DD[1K-04] StingrqyServer DisrespectActiveNever
771510/11/2019 (19:14)Jonne22[1A-08] John D.Server disrespectActiveNever
771410/11/2019 (18:57)Nooklear[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDMActiveNever
771310/11/2019 (18:11)‹9moona[1A-03] Jenson G.ModdingActiveNever
771210/11/2019 (18:05)PR0_COLE YT[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM Interfering with priority 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
771110/11/2019 (18:05)Scooter Man[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM, Interfering with priority 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
771010/11/2019 (16:37)Cooper[1A-06] jwjohnLeaving on staff sits, changing name to avoid staff sit, NITRP - Cole G.ActiveNever
770910/11/2019 (16:36)romandinsuceava[1A-06] jwjohnMass RDM -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
770810/11/2019 (16:36)dragon[1A-04] George T.Leaving Staff Sit / RDM [UNNAPEALABLE]ActiveNever
770710/11/2019 (16:36)Aiden D [470][1A-06] jwjohnLying to staff, speed boost, unrealistic driving - Duck W.Removed (Appealed)Never
770610/11/2019 (16:35)markandbrody08[1A-06] jwjohnVDM, Speed boost, Failure to listen to staff -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
770510/11/2019 (16:24)[101] Tyson[1A-06] jwjohnunrealistic driving // NITRP // Leaving staff sitActive17/11/2019 (16:24) GMT
770410/11/2019 (16:16)Ryan Gosle[1A-06] jwjohnLeaving to avoid a staff sit // NITRPActiveNever
770310/11/2019 (16:11)terrificorangecattle41[1A-06] jwjohnNITRPActive13/11/2019 (16:11) GMT
770210/11/2019 (16:10)Bobby Fischer[1A-06] jwjohnNITRPActiveNever
770110/11/2019 (16:09).Achezu[1A-06] jwjohnnitrpActiveNever
770010/11/2019 (16:09)johansakebooi[1A-06] jwjohnNITRPActiveNever
769910/11/2019 (14:50)Jarvis[1K-04] StingrqyFailRPActiveNever
769810/11/2019 (14:41)fried_chicken[1K-04] StingrqyLeaving staff sit | SpeedboostActiveNever
769710/11/2019 (14:23)-_-[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDM and LeaveActiveNever
769610/11/2019 (13:20)EmanuelPRO[1A-06] jwjohnLeaving staff sit, stealing LEO vehicle on PT, ignoring staff 2A-18 Cole G.ActiveNever
769510/11/2019 (12:24)[R-69] Jack D.[1A-04] George T.Ramming / VDM / Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
769410/11/2019 (12:18)kianlow9[1A-04] George T.Ramming / Trolling [UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
769310/11/2019 (12:18)Pipipupu[1A-04] George T.Speedboost / Trolling/rammingActive24/11/2019 (12:18) GMT
769210/11/2019 (12:17)Riley D[1A-04] George T.Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
769110/11/2019 (06:52)AAAA[1K-06] Nice E.modding/trollingActiveNever
769010/11/2019 (06:50)Kyle B.[1K-06] Nice E.Leaving during staff sit, lying to while in staff sit, RDM while in staff sit. - Cole G. 2A-18ActiveNever
768910/11/2019 (05:38)VintageJack[1A-06] jwjohnNITRPActiveNever
768810/11/2019 (05:37)Vintage Gunit[1A-06] jwjohnNITRPActiveNever
768710/11/2019 (05:02)xsnvil #FREEPALESTINE[2A-18] Cole G.[MW] VDMActiveNever
768610/11/2019 (04:18)smoothjacks101[1A-06] jwjohnmoddingActiveNever
768510/11/2019 (04:18)Eisenfaust[1A-06] jwjohnmoddingActiveNever
768410/11/2019 (04:09)swihart.dan[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving server in staff sit.ActiveNever
768310/11/2019 (04:04)StokeleyConsoleDisrespect - NITRPActiveNever
768210/11/2019 (03:24)eplayer[1A-06] jwjohnleaving to avoid a staff sit // NITRPActiveNever
768110/11/2019 (03:22)Prismo[1A-06] jwjohnLeaving to avoid a staff sit// Unrealistic driving as a CO. ramped the burn with speedboost on in CO vehicle landing on the other end near joshua and senora fwyActiveNever
768010/11/2019 (03:00)Nikash[1A-06] jwjohnmass rdmActiveNever
767910/11/2019 (02:45)JerrySS[1A-06] jwjohnmass rdmRemoved (Appealed)Never
767810/11/2019 (02:31)718 | J. Wasmund[1A-06] jwjohnmass rdmActiveNever
767710/11/2019 (02:26)Lucky[1A-06] jwjohnmass rdmActiveNever
767610/11/2019 (02:24)PostMalone[1A-06] jwjohnmass rdmActiveNever
767510/11/2019 (02:21)nicomad2009[1A-06] jwjohnspawning items mid air / trollingActiveNever
767410/11/2019 (02:19)Always Lucky[1A-06] jwjohnleaving to avoid staff sit / NITRPActiveNever
767310/11/2019 (02:14)willloveshisdaddy[1A-06] jwjohntrollingActiveNever
767210/11/2019 (02:07)Goat[1A-07] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Staff Sit // Unreallistic Driving // Violating Peacetime // CopbaitingRemoved (Appealed)Never
767110/11/2019 (01:52)W938[1A-07] M. DamonServer Disrespect // Member Disrespect // VDM // SpeedboostingActiveNever
767010/11/2019 (01:48)djwickett-yt[1A-07] M. DamonMass Spawning VehiclesActiveNever
766910/11/2019 (01:32)tyleronmars[1A-07] M. DamonTrolling // RacismActiveNever
766810/11/2019 (01:32)coderdev[1A-07] M. DamonLying to Staff // Not in RTO ~Josh O, 2A-05ActiveNever
766710/11/2019 (01:30)bvlgari_[1A-07] M. DamonLeaving Staff Sit // Being a Community Officer while not in RTO // Unreallistic Driving ~Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
766610/11/2019 (01:28)Volcan[1A-07] M. DamonStaff DisrespectActiveNever
766510/11/2019 (00:15)2Fat4U[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving to Avoid Punishment | VDM ~Lawson G 2A-16ActiveNever
766410/11/2019 (00:14)darqedmcuk[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDM driving up and down joshua vdming rdming everyone while invisible suspision of split sessioning, as was invisible 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
766310/11/2019 (00:14)rowanx[1A-16] Alex J.Failure to listen to staff, leaving staff sit, lying to staff, speed boostActiveNever
766209/11/2019 (20:43)Bernard23[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
766109/11/2019 (20:42)mcwbeast[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingRemoved (Appealed)Never
766009/11/2019 (20:26)GothAkaNakedLicker69[1K-04] StingrqyRacial Slurs, Staff Disrespect, Violation of PT, Lying to StaffActiveNever
765909/11/2019 (20:24)[1418] Dom J.[1A-03] Jenson G.Racism -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
765809/11/2019 (20:10)CallMeTropix[2A-06] Alex J.[MW] unrealistically repairing vehicleActiveNever
765709/11/2019 (20:07)EduardoGuevara[1A-03] Jenson G.Mass RDM // NITRPActiveNever
765609/11/2019 (19:59)FRANK ABNEGLE[1A-03] Jenson G.Ban Evading // Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
765509/11/2019 (16:40)PuKa[1A-08] John D.Trolling | NITRP | RDMActiveNever
765409/11/2019 (16:27)[5D-1170] Tyler J.[1A-08] John D.AdvertisingActiveNever
765309/11/2019 (16:24)Melker[1A-08] John D.RDM and Leaving to avoid a staff sit. 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
765209/11/2019 (16:06)hdh_S[1K-04] StingrqyAttempting to leave from staff sitActiveNever
765109/11/2019 (15:52)Arkadianmäki[1A-08] John D.RDM, Violation of peacetime, leaving staff sitActiveNever
765009/11/2019 (15:48)Kg Gamer[1A-08] John D.NITRP | Speed Boost | Ramming thorugh Scene | Mass VDMActiveNever
764909/11/2019 (13:55)SKH[1A-08] John D.Modding [UNAPPEALABLE] - 2A-06 Alex J.ActiveNever
764809/11/2019 (06:44)EL_JEFE[2A-14] Cam G.[MW] RDMActiveNever
764709/11/2019 (05:04)zenkko[1A-06] jwjohntrollingExpiredNever
764609/11/2019 (04:47)Scooter[1A-16] Alex J.Modding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
764509/11/2019 (03:27)5D-1206 ohkiwi[2A-18] Cole G.[MW] Cop BaitingActiveNever
764409/11/2019 (01:14)chime[1A-08] John D.Leaving Staff Sit // Speed BoostingActiveNever
764309/11/2019 (00:25)NorthWest[1A-07] M. DamonViolating Peacetime // RDMActive16/11/2019 (00:25) GMT
764208/11/2019 (22:26)onzn[1A-06] jwjohnLeaving to avoid staff sit 2A-09 Jack BActiveNever
764108/11/2019 (20:53)Nightvulture YT[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDM - ImpersonationActiveNever
764008/11/2019 (20:43)Tastenklopper07[1K-06] Nice E.saying the N wordActiveNever
763908/11/2019 (01:54)Im Cold[1K-06] Nice E.moddingActiveNever
763808/11/2019 (01:44)jake[1K-06] Nice E.RDMRemoved (not modding and misunderstanding)Never
763708/11/2019 (01:43)BananaEclipse[1A-06] jwjohnNITRP // abusing drag command // VDMActiveNever
763608/11/2019 (01:38)[LN] Lostsuperior [C.O.O.][1A-06] jwjohnstaff disrespect // Violation of Policy D // FailRP // NITRPActiveNever
763507/11/2019 (21:46)Collinnation[1K-06] Nice E.RDM, Leaving sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
763407/11/2019 (21:42)Jeremiah12345[2A-09] Jack B.[MW] Shooting on priorityActiveNever
763307/11/2019 (17:56)Kyle bzh[1A-03] Jenson G.Mass RDM // Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
763207/11/2019 (01:05)samgood374497[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Shooting staff in sit - [Dominic P. 2A-04]ActiveNever
763106/11/2019 (22:42)TGS Nasty[1A-08] John D.VDM, leaving sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
763006/11/2019 (21:52)123[1K-04] StingrqyStaff Disrespect and Member DisrespectActiveNever
762906/11/2019 (21:51)Paul Jake[2A-03] Duck W.Violation of PT / Talked about application in general chat multiple times [unappealable]ActiveNever
762806/11/2019 (21:36)Zach[1K-04] StingrqyAdvertisingActiveNever
762706/11/2019 (20:02)killer3r99[1A-04] George T.RDM / TeleportingActive20/11/2019 (20:02) GMT
762606/11/2019 (16:53)Mathias[1A-08] John D.Modding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
762506/11/2019 (04:00)Hype Gamer™[1K-06] Nice E.Leaving staff sit, RDM, Violation of PTActiveNever
762406/11/2019 (00:47)boggle[1A-08] John D.RDM, Failure to listen to staff, lying to staff, shooting on pt, leaving staff sit -DUck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
762305/11/2019 (22:48)[718]richi.xd.96[1A-08] John D.Interfering with priority, VDM, Staff disrespect and leaving to avoid a staff sit. 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
762205/11/2019 (22:21)dvdberg[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving Staff Sit // Violation of PT // RDM - Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
762105/11/2019 (21:55)Delboy[1A-08] John D.Violation of PT, Leaving staff sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
762005/11/2019 (21:54)Wizardbeast924[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM, Violation of PT, Leaving staff sit [Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
761905/11/2019 (19:32)Medix[1A-04] George T.Racial slursActiveNever
761805/11/2019 (17:47)G_UR_KA_N[1A-04] George T.Leaving to avoid staff sit / FailRP / VDM [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
761705/11/2019 (02:28)ralph in fortnite[1A-09] MajesticMurpRamming | NITRPActiveNever
761605/11/2019 (02:26)Hobleezy[1A-09] MajesticMurpNITRP | Ramming | RDMExpiredNever
761505/11/2019 (02:20)J.Freeman[1A-09] MajesticMurpNITRP | Racial Slurs | Ramming (UNAPEALABLE)ActiveNever
761405/11/2019 (02:18)HyPR Wolf21[1A-09] MajesticMurpLeaving server to avoid Punishments | RDMActiveNever
761305/11/2019 (02:05)Patrick B.[1A-09] MajesticMurpStaff DisrespectActiveNever
761205/11/2019 (02:01)Vibcx[1A-09] MajesticMurpRacial SlursActiveNever
761105/11/2019 (01:42)Colombian Nigga[1A-08] John D.Racist NameActiveNever
761005/11/2019 (01:41)toon[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sit and VDM [2A-04 Dominic P.]ActiveNever
760905/11/2019 (00:38)Lorenzo Lurk[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sit/ Self Revive [2A-04 Dominic P.]ActiveNever
760805/11/2019 (00:12)kobbeone01[1A-08] John D.Violation of PT, Leaving staff sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
760705/11/2019 (00:11)Juice1505[1A-08] John D.VDM, unrealistic driving, NITRP, interfering with rp, trolling, staff disrespect, server disrespectActiveNever
760605/11/2019 (00:11)Alpi[1A-08] John D.TrollingActiveNever
760505/11/2019 (00:11)ware.keyon000[1A-08] John D.CO not in RTO(also no mic) | VDM | Leaving staff sit - 2A-06 Alex J.ActiveNever
760405/11/2019 (00:11)RarrOfficial[1A-08] John D.Interfering with staff sits, Staff disrespect, server disrespect -Duck W [2A-03]ActiveNever
760305/11/2019 (00:11)Ily[1A-08] John D.Lying to staff, Failure to listen to staff, Mass spawn, modding, speed boost, noclip -Duck W, [2A-03]ActiveNever
760205/11/2019 (00:11)God[1A-08] John D.NITRP, VDM and Leaving to avoid a staff sit. 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
760104/11/2019 (19:46)[1A-04] George T.FailRP / RammingActive11/11/2019 (19:46) GMT
760004/11/2019 (19:39)KendyFletcher[1A-04] George T.Racial SlursActiveNever
759904/11/2019 (14:27)[FDB] vibez[1A-07] M. DamonMASS RDMActiveNever
759804/11/2019 (02:00)Blueberry Eon Smoke Stik[2A-08] Michael R.[MW] violation of ptActiveNever
759704/11/2019 (01:43)realname[1A-01] EnveeNITRP, lying to staff, leaving sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
759604/11/2019 (00:59)su_con69[1A-01] Enveelying to staffActiveNever
759503/11/2019 (23:27)moootq8[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
759403/11/2019 (20:55)Fafloco[1A-06] jwjohnracial slursActiveNever
759303/11/2019 (20:54)iikuz[1A-06] jwjohnmoddingActiveNever
759203/11/2019 (20:46)Falcoon©[1A-06] jwjohnmass rdmActiveNever
759103/11/2019 (20:45)13qm[1A-06] jwjohnattempting to leave staff sit, failure to listen to staff 2A 03ActiveNever
759003/11/2019 (20:31)Marco Abdou[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Violation of PT, Stealing police cars, Leaving staff sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
758903/11/2019 (20:31)nooblolmao[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Leaving to avoid staff sit -Duck W, [2A-03]ActiveNever
758803/11/2019 (20:31)Alex Brentz[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Violation of PT, Leaving staff sit -Duck W. [2A-08]ActiveNever
758703/11/2019 (17:55)X[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling during staff sitActiveNever
758603/11/2019 (17:31)juul jesus[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMActiveNever
758503/11/2019 (16:02)Butyrka[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMRemoved (Appealed)Never
758403/11/2019 (16:02)LuckyAnime6[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMActiveNever
758303/11/2019 (16:02)-_-[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMRemoved (Appealed)Never
758203/11/2019 (15:15)crisporco11[2A-09] Jack B.[MW] stealing a police vehicleActiveNever
758103/11/2019 (13:57)John D.🎗[1A-06] jwjohnstaff disrespectActiveNever
758003/11/2019 (05:05)baweraslan90[1K-01] IceTheDevmoddingActiveNever
757903/11/2019 (04:44)Clément Ranio[1K-06] Nice E.leaving staff sit after speed boosting and super punching a players carActiveNever
757803/11/2019 (03:05)Bari[1A-11] The NorthNITRP, Racial slurs, Staff disrespectx10, VDMActiveNever
757703/11/2019 (01:46)kswaterhouse[1A-16] Alex J.Modding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
757603/11/2019 (01:04)您同性戀[1A-16] Alex J.Modding - Dominic P. 2A-04ActiveNever
757502/11/2019 (23:24)Antonio Gonzale[1A-16] Alex J.NITRP as CO // Mass VDM // SpeedboostingActiveNever
757402/11/2019 (22:36)Yassin Soulax[1A-07] M. DamonHacking (UNAPPEALABLE)ActiveNever
757302/11/2019 (22:18)i luv kittens[1A-07] M. DamonPlaying the N-Word ~Jack B. 2A-09ActiveNever
757202/11/2019 (21:54)Lethal[1A-16] Alex J.Racial SlursActiveNever
757102/11/2019 (21:48)Slick[1A-16] Alex J.NITRPActiveNever
757002/11/2019 (21:30)Authorized[1A-16] Alex J.Violation of PT // Mass RDMActiveNever
756902/11/2019 (20:29)MyNameJeff[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDMing scenes | Fail RP | Leaving staff sit - 2A-06 Alex J.ActiveNever
756802/11/2019 (20:28)Joaquin Guzman[1A-16] Alex J.Failrp/Not listening to staff/RDMActiveNever
756702/11/2019 (19:04)FireRiseFour77[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealisrtic Drving - TrollingActiveNever
756602/11/2019 (17:27)Logan B.[1A-06] jwjohnFailure to listen to staff Member disrepsect, staff disrespect, arguing with staff -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
756502/11/2019 (14:43)OrAnGe[1A-06] jwjohnleaving to avoid a staff sit // RDMActiveNever
756402/11/2019 (14:43)GAGO[1A-06] jwjohnleaving to avoid a staff sit // RDMActiveNever
756302/11/2019 (14:43)gg[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM (UNAPPEALABLE)ActiveNever
756202/11/2019 (05:56)sideways[1A-08] John D.Racism [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
756102/11/2019 (05:45)Jamelele[1A-08] John D.Failrp, violation of pt, leaving during staff sitActiveNever
756002/11/2019 (05:45)Max F. 5D-523[1A-08] John D.Violation of PT, Leaving Staff sitActiveNever
755902/11/2019 (03:45)EvanIsLame[1K-06] Nice E.leaving staff sit and driving CO car recklesslyActiveNever
755802/11/2019 (02:48)Drm3H[1K-06] Nice E.advertisementActiveNever
755702/11/2019 (01:46)sven göran[1K-06] Nice E.24hrs shooting on peacetimeActiveNever
755601/11/2019 (22:37)B. Armstrong[1A-06] jwjohnRacism // RDM // Violation of PT - Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
755501/11/2019 (22:15)kenny[1A-15] MajesticMurpLeaving to Avoid PunishmentsActiveNever
755401/11/2019 (22:00)idk[1A-15] MajesticMurpModdingActiveNever
755301/11/2019 (21:45)[1A-15] MajesticMurpTrolling | NITRP | Not Listening to StaffActiveNever
755201/11/2019 (20:23)POLICE[1A-04] George T.RDM, Staff Disrespect, NITRP, Wearing CO SkinActiveNever
755101/11/2019 (20:22)Cupidstunt234[1A-04] George T.Speed boost | Leaving staff sit [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
755001/11/2019 (02:21)Ye mums A hoe[1A-14] M. DamonModding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
754901/11/2019 (01:54)FinesseKid[1A-05] Alexander W.Mass RDMActiveNever
754801/11/2019 (01:39)Dizzy[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDM - No intent to RP (UNAPPEALABLE)ActiveNever
754701/11/2019 (01:38)VikConsoleMass RDM - No intent to RP (UNAPPEALABLE)ActiveNever
754601/11/2019 (00:33)Crack Head Meat[1A-08] John D.NITRP Mass RDM as a monkey, Trolling. 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
754531/10/2019 (22:45)[311]metal02[1A-06] jwjohnstaff disrespectActiveNever
754431/10/2019 (22:43)MrTryHard169[1A-06] jwjohnLeaving to avoid a staff sit / unrealistic driving, speedboostActiveNever
754331/10/2019 (22:36)Alakazam[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDMActiveNever
754231/10/2019 (22:29)Amund_S[1K-01] IceTheDevleaving a staff sitActiveNever
754131/10/2019 (13:18)Wonderduck234[1K-05] DiiversxServer DisrespectActiveNever
754031/10/2019 (01:37)Blastic[1A-08] John D.VDM, RDM, NITRP, Leaving to avoid staff sit. 2A-02ActiveNever
753931/10/2019 (00:57)FireWolfGamer[1A-14] M. DamonLeaving to avoid punishment // Interfering with RP SceneActiveNever
753830/10/2019 (23:58)Hock S[1A-08] John D.VDM/ Ramming / impersonating policeActive29/11/2019 (23:58) GMT
753730/10/2019 (22:49)Luka[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] No ClippingRemoved (Appealed)Never
753630/10/2019 (21:51)onion eater[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving staff sit | Interfering with Scenes | Shooting on peacetime - 2A-06 Alex J.ActiveNever
753530/10/2019 (21:51)Out Law ..![1K-01] IceTheDevChat spam and moddingActiveNever
753430/10/2019 (21:01)revex[1A-01] EnveeracismActiveNever
753330/10/2019 (20:56)Yung Strike YT[1A-01] Enveeviolaltion of pt, running on cooldown, leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
753230/10/2019 (20:06)✪ wax[1A-01] Enveeleaving staff sit rdmActiveNever
753130/10/2019 (18:18)~v~AboSultan[1A-03] Jenson G.ModdingActiveNever
753030/10/2019 (17:20)RPsaga[2A-08] Michael R.[MW] unrealistic drivingActiveNever
752930/10/2019 (02:06)NOotto[1A-15] MajesticMurpLying to staff - WhitewingActiveNever
752830/10/2019 (02:05)Tim Mothy[1A-15] MajesticMurpRDM | Leaving staff sit - Duck W.ActiveNever
752730/10/2019 (02:05)-IiiIiIiIiIiIiI-[1A-15] MajesticMurpLeaving staff sit | lying to staff | possibly modding - Duck W.ActiveNever
752630/10/2019 (01:53)abdul[1A-15] MajesticMurpViolation of PT | LTAP (Leaving server to avoid punishments) - WhitewingActiveNever
752530/10/2019 (01:04)Diggin[1A-08] John D.Speed boost, leaving staff sit ~ Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
752429/10/2019 (23:55)WIDEHARDO[1A-06] jwjohntrolling chatActiveNever
752329/10/2019 (23:05)cope[1A-06] jwjohntrollingActiveNever
752229/10/2019 (22:45)Lary 고사리[1A-06] jwjohnLeaving to avoid a staff sit / trollingActiveNever
752129/10/2019 (21:56)Ice[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Violation of pt // RDMRemoved (Appealed)Never
752029/10/2019 (21:10)fooku[1A-08] John D.Using LUA Injectors ~Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
751929/10/2019 (20:51)robert mugabe's wife[1A-14] M. DamonLeaving to avoid a staff sit and RDM - 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
751829/10/2019 (20:22)justinbk97[1A-14] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Punishment // VDMActiveNever
751729/10/2019 (20:07)! Power[1A-08] John D.Server modding, Trolling spawning boats on top of people and trapping them in cages 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
751629/10/2019 (19:49)BadboyCole17[1A-14] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Punishment // Lying to Staff [Let me check my discord and then disconnects] // Being CO and not in DiscordActiveNever
751529/10/2019 (19:49)Ceramic[2A-02] Squirrel R.[MW] Mic SpammingActiveNever
751429/10/2019 (19:18)CoolHD188[1A-14] M. DamonModding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
751329/10/2019 (18:55)wc kefe[1A-01] EnveemoddingActiveNever
751229/10/2019 (17:25)pelle[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
751129/10/2019 (02:15)bhigley6[1K-01] IceTheDevStaff DisrespectActiveNever
751029/10/2019 (02:13)S. Mods[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
750929/10/2019 (02:07)urthrolicbat[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPExpiredNever
750829/10/2019 (00:03)Maul[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, use of sniper rifle, leaving staff sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
750728/10/2019 (23:43)Koutsin sisko[1A-14] M. DamonTrolling/Leaving staff sit ~Duck W.ActiveNever
750628/10/2019 (23:43)abE[1A-06] jwjohnTrolling/Leaving staff sitActiveNever
750528/10/2019 (23:43)SID[1A-14] M. Damontrolling/mic spam/speaking diff language ~Duck W.ActiveNever
750428/10/2019 (23:20)Mitchy712[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM - Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
750328/10/2019 (23:13)jbrad234[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving staff sit, speed boostActiveNever
750228/10/2019 (23:05)Scandi✔ 𝘼𝙆𝘼 🅱🅱[1A-08] John D.Racial SlursActiveNever
750128/10/2019 (23:01)Lorenzo[1A-16] Alex J.Unrealistic driving, VDM, leaving to avoid staff sitActiveNever
750028/10/2019 (20:57)[706] Lieutenant Nick R.[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM // RDMing a staff member // Leaving a staff sitActiveNever
749928/10/2019 (20:26)~y~[2V-49] Lord Doggo[1A-14] M. DamonDualclanning while an Applied OfficerRemoved (Appealed)Never
749828/10/2019 (20:20)~y~[4B-27][F-63] BabaLive1[1K-04] StingrqyDualclanning while an Applied OfficerActiveNever
749728/10/2019 (20:13)Aiden Z. 3S-49[1A-14] M. DamonDual Clanning - Advertising - Server DisrespectActiveNever
749628/10/2019 (20:12)[3S-70] Tyrone Banks[1A-14] M. DamonDualclanning while an Applied OfficerActiveNever
749528/10/2019 (20:12)[4B-37] [GW-55] Jamal B.[1K-04] StingrqyDualclanning while an Applied OfficerActiveNever
749428/10/2019 (20:12)[4B-73] GoatBeef[1K-04] StingrqyDualclanning while an Applied OfficerActiveNever
749328/10/2019 (20:12)[4B-26][F-61] Zach A.[1K-04] StingrqyDualclanning while an Applied OfficerActiveNever
749228/10/2019 (20:12)[4B-36] Kristian Grey[1K-04] StingrqyBlacklisted from the TXDPSRP Network [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
749128/10/2019 (20:12)~g~ Brandon T. | 2A-12[1K-04] StingrqyBlacklisted from the TXDPSRP NetworkActiveNever
749028/10/2019 (20:12)~g~ Syntex 2A-11[1K-04] StingrqyBlacklisted from the TXDPSRP NetworkActiveNever
748928/10/2019 (20:12)~y~[3S-48] Jacob Marely[1A-14] M. DamonDualclanning while an Applied Officer | Blacklisted | DDOS Threats [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
748828/10/2019 (20:12)[3S-100] Jimmy Falcone[1A-14] M. DamonDualclanning while an Applied OfficerActiveNever
748728/10/2019 (20:12)[4B-56] Midaays[1A-14] M. DamonDualclanning while an Applied OfficerActiveNever
748628/10/2019 (03:18)zeus's[1A-15] MajesticMurpModdingActiveNever
748528/10/2019 (02:48)TheBigTyme[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMActive11/11/2019 (02:48) GMT
748428/10/2019 (02:43)reni_RD _29[1K-01] IceTheDevTrollingActive11/11/2019 (02:43) GMT
748328/10/2019 (00:38)J. Charles[1A-01] EnveeTrolling, Modding, Leaving Staff Sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
748228/10/2019 (00:30)Pups[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Mass VDMActiveNever
748127/10/2019 (22:33)Zilligenaire[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM | RDM on staff memberActiveNever
748027/10/2019 (22:33)Pink_Laxr_YT[1K-06] Nice E.[MW] ramming police carsActiveNever
747927/10/2019 (22:15)mooiboygino[1A-08] John D.racismActiveNever
747827/10/2019 (22:14)Jos[1A-08] John D.RacismActiveNever
747727/10/2019 (22:12)TucTucNL[1K-06] Nice E.racismActiveNever
747627/10/2019 (22:01)[5D-23] Henry H.[1K-06] Nice intent to rpActiveNever
747527/10/2019 (21:27)DomeTome[1A-08] John D.Shooting Staff After warning ~ WhitewingActiveNever
747427/10/2019 (21:25)N0NAME[1K-06] Nice E.rdmActiveNever
747327/10/2019 (21:25)BROOKLYN[1A-08] John D.Voiding Blacklist | Spawning vehicles to leave staff sit | Speed boost | Failrp | NITRP Lying to staff | Modding | TrollingActiveNever
747227/10/2019 (21:09)RansomNGaming[1A-08] John D.VDM | RDM | Violating PT ~ Duck WActiveNever
747127/10/2019 (21:04)dktaz91[1K-04] StingrqyServer DisrespectActiveNever
747027/10/2019 (20:37)Syfe[1A-15] MajesticMurpLying to Staff | Trolling - Duck W.ActiveNever
746927/10/2019 (20:35)not ha[1A-15] MajesticMurpTrolling | Lying to Staff | Leaving Staff Sit - Duck W.ActiveNever
746827/10/2019 (19:56)Bread Boy[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDMActiveNever
746727/10/2019 (18:37)Hacks[1A-01] Enveemodding/trolling spawning planes all overActiveNever
746627/10/2019 (18:34)lazygamer1950[2A-09] Jack B.[MW] Telaporting to staffActiveNever
746527/10/2019 (18:28)Mark Beef[1A-01] Enveetrolling/moddingActiveNever
746427/10/2019 (16:43)Alberto Stegeman[1K-01] IceTheDevrdmActiveNever
746327/10/2019 (16:09)BOT KØN!G[1A-08] John D.Server DisrespectActiveNever
746227/10/2019 (15:46)🙦🙦🙦𒇫𒋲𒈔𒍧𒐸[1A-14] M. DamonMass RDM ~ Duck W.ActiveNever
746127/10/2019 (15:42)TRB | ♡✞︎Mr.Pickle✞︎♡[1A-14] M. DamonVDMActive10/11/2019 (15:42) GMT
746027/10/2019 (14:05)reee kid[1A-08] John D.RacismActiveNever
745927/10/2019 (14:01)Proud Wife Beater[1A-08] John D.RacismActiveNever
745827/10/2019 (14:00)🤯[ Dt ] Diko😭[1A-08] John D.Server Disrespect | RacismActiveNever
745727/10/2019 (13:58)P90 rush[1A-08] John D.Mass vdm, lying to staff, RDM, violation of PT, trollingActiveNever
745627/10/2019 (13:15)βΣTA[1A-03] Jenson G.Failure to listen to staff // trying to leave staff sitActiveNever
745527/10/2019 (13:04)John doe[1A-03] Jenson G.Mass RDM // NITRPActiveNever
745427/10/2019 (05:24)feds tryna give me 10 years[1A-08] John D.Speed Boost | leaving server to avoid punishment ~ Syntex G. 2A-11ActiveNever
745327/10/2019 (05:12)phantomd47[1A-14] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Staff Sit // Not being in RTO as a CopActiveNever
745227/10/2019 (04:47)Jesus Christ[1A-08] John D.Shooting on peacetime and leaving to avoid staff sit Syntex G. 2A-11ActiveNever
745127/10/2019 (04:31)Scs_killer[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] Mass CuffingActiveNever
745027/10/2019 (04:03)Off Brand Sketchers[1A-06] jwjohnleaving to avoid a staff sit / trolling (spawning boats and teleporting to members of my scene)ActiveNever
744927/10/2019 (03:30)Tropic[1A-14] M. DamonRacism // Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
744827/10/2019 (03:29)ProdigyMath[1A-14] M. DamonRDM // No Intent to RP // Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
744727/10/2019 (02:48)JosephFPS[1A-14] M. DamonMember Disrespect // Attitude in ChatRemoved (Appealed)Never
744627/10/2019 (01:32)SanacBo[1A-06] jwjohnRDM and leaving to avoid staff sit 2A-11 SyntexActiveNever
744527/10/2019 (01:32)DonutOneTap[1A-06] jwjohnUnrealistic driving, speedboosting, and leaving to avoid staff sit 2A-11 SyntexActiveNever
744427/10/2019 (01:09)EENCH[1A-14] M. DamonUnreallistic Roleplay // Driving Civilian Vehicles as CO // CopbaitingExpiredNever
744327/10/2019 (00:56)UniDolphin[1A-16] Alex J.Speedboosting and plowing through scene NITRP - Syntex G. 2A-11Removed (Appealed)Never
744226/10/2019 (23:07)[613] Binks[1A-16] Alex J.Trolling , Lying to Staff - Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
744126/10/2019 (22:54)travistk[1A-16] Alex J.Speed boosting, Failure to listen to staff, Leaving Staff Sit - Syntex G. 2A-11ActiveNever
744026/10/2019 (21:12)MaseGamez[1A-04] George T.Attempting to RDM staff after sit | Leaving staff sitActiveNever
743926/10/2019 (21:12)TTV isweepsolos[1A-04] George T.Shooting on priority | Dragging player from other side of map despite being told to stop | Leaving staff sitActiveNever
743826/10/2019 (20:44)[PC] HypeRevert[1K-04] StingrqyServer DisrespectActiveNever
743726/10/2019 (19:32)blitz[2A-03] Duck W.[MW] CopbaitingActiveNever
743626/10/2019 (19:16)da_ting_goes[1A-05] Alexander W.Exiting to avoid punishment / Leaving staff sitActiveNever
743526/10/2019 (18:59)BuzzWrldConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
743426/10/2019 (18:58)[5D-420] N.CharlesConsoleRacist Slurs [DISCORD]ActiveNever
743326/10/2019 (18:01)James Jalal Jihad Muhammed Osman[1A-08] John D.Playing music through mic, NITRP, Stealing Police cars, Leaving staff sitActiveNever
743226/10/2019 (17:11)Jyri47[1A-15] MajesticMurpLTAP (Leaving to avoid Punishments)ActiveNever
743126/10/2019 (17:07)topi[1A-15] MajesticMurpRacial SlursActiveNever
743026/10/2019 (17:02)~U~DARK~M~SHADOW[1A-15] MajesticMurpServer Dis Respect | Spamming Chat | UnappealableActiveNever
742926/10/2019 (16:15)OliverConsoleStaff disrespect/FRP/NITRPActiveNever
742826/10/2019 (15:55)divised[1K-04] Stingrqyfrp/staff disrespect/leaving siActiveNever
742726/10/2019 (15:55)Joe Mama[1K-04] StingrqyRacism(N-word), False Reports, Lying to staff, leaving Staff sit, NITRP, Staff Disrespect [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
742626/10/2019 (15:54)Amazon[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDMActiveNever
742526/10/2019 (15:54)Not RDM[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDM and N word useActiveNever
742426/10/2019 (15:12)RAZ[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling - Mass RDMActiveNever
742326/10/2019 (15:11)LoneWolf.[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDMActiveNever
742226/10/2019 (15:11)Zephyr[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDMActiveNever
742126/10/2019 (15:11)rane[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDMActiveNever
742026/10/2019 (06:38)✯DUB✯[1A-01] Enveemember disrespect rascism in game staff disrespectActiveNever
741926/10/2019 (06:35)Owl Pharoah[1A-01] Enveemember disrespectActiveNever
741826/10/2019 (06:33)Jerry johnson[1A-16] Alex J.FRP/NITRP as a CO, leaving staff sitActiveNever
741726/10/2019 (05:56)CreamyBoyyyy[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMRemoved (Appealed)09/11/2019 (04:56) GMT
741626/10/2019 (05:44)Enzzo[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMExpiredNever
741526/10/2019 (05:42)Jake King[1K-01] IceTheDevfailrp / vdmActiveNever
741426/10/2019 (05:42)varvatos vex[1K-01] IceTheDevfailrp / vdmActiveNever
741326/10/2019 (04:50)Geno[1K-06] Nice E.[MW] fail rpActiveNever
741226/10/2019 (04:30)YUNG CHRIST[1A-08] jwjohnarguing with staff / staff disrespect / leaving to avoid a staff sit 2A-03 Duck WActiveNever
741126/10/2019 (04:28)logiic[1A-08] jwjohnmass rdm / racial slurs 2A-03 Duck WActiveNever
741026/10/2019 (04:12)Barffi[1A-08] jwjohnNITRP // Arguing with staff decisionsExpiredNever
740926/10/2019 (03:24)jakepp[1K-05] DiiversxMass VDM - Mass RDM [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
740826/10/2019 (03:12)DET BARE GOD RP BRORMAND[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDMActiveNever
740726/10/2019 (03:01)Joseph S.[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDMActiveNever
740626/10/2019 (03:01)TheKingBitch[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDMActiveNever
740526/10/2019 (02:44)RUGBY IN THE TRUCK[1A-13] The NorthNITRP, Trolling, Mass RDMActiveNever
740426/10/2019 (02:44)dui[1A-13] The NorthNITRP, MASS RDM, trollingActiveNever
740326/10/2019 (02:20)Hey Sexy[1A-08] jwjohnstaff disrespectActiveNever
740226/10/2019 (02:08)Mr.Agony[1A-08] jwjohnstaff disrespectActiveNever
740126/10/2019 (02:06)XxMURDER_INCxX[1A-08] jwjohnNITRP/ shooting at me and others on my traffic stopActiveNever
740026/10/2019 (01:04)shasta2580[1A-01] Enveefailrp, nitrp, vdm, interferw ith rp sceneActiveNever
739926/10/2019 (00:19)soy bean[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739826/10/2019 (00:19)sakkoloppi[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739726/10/2019 (00:19)[721] C. Fishback[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739626/10/2019 (00:18)MrOofsYT[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739526/10/2019 (00:18)SiiXx[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739426/10/2019 (00:18)Tommy C.[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739326/10/2019 (00:17)Ecko_Slayer[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739226/10/2019 (00:12)J.Anderson[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739126/10/2019 (00:11)xreaper sat[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739026/10/2019 (00:09)Dank Babbatunde[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
738926/10/2019 (00:06)~~~~[3E-241]~~itzcatch~~[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
738825/10/2019 (23:41)[5D-057] Brayden W.[1A-14] M. DamonLying about his Age on application which is taken as Lying to StaffActiveNever
738725/10/2019 (23:27)[2V-31] Ryan Jones[1A-14] M. DamonStaff Disrespect // Server Disrespect // Department Disrespect // Member DisrespectActiveNever
738625/10/2019 (23:21)kalebknucs1[1A-12] John D.No Clipping | Leaving server to avoid punishment Jay S. 2A-10ActiveNever
738525/10/2019 (23:20)fumigatedpigeon[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
738425/10/2019 (21:46)fsct3[2A-03] Duck W.[MW] Violation of PTRemoved (Appealed)Never
738325/10/2019 (21:09)[M] [555] ludvig[1A-16] Alex J.[MW] Violation of Priority in ProgressActiveNever
738225/10/2019 (19:00)Dustyfinger[1A-16] Alex J.Unrealistic Driving, Leaving Server to avoid Punish.ActiveNever
738125/10/2019 (18:44)Jonathan[1A-16] Alex J.ModdingActiveNever
738025/10/2019 (16:29)THESHOCKDAVE12[1A-03] Jenson G.NITRP // Mass RDMActiveNever
737925/10/2019 (15:48)grievesy[1A-03] Jenson G.NITRP // FailRPActiveNever
737825/10/2019 (13:49)MrfoxZ_ConsoleFailRP - Unrealisstic DrivingRemoved (Appealed)Never
737725/10/2019 (05:29)Little Big Small PEnis[1A-14] M. DamonNo Intent to RP // Mass RDM // Leaving to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
737625/10/2019 (03:30)Putlamb[1A-08] jwjohnNITRP / Arguing with staff / Violation of Community Policy Subsection DActiveNever
737525/10/2019 (01:55)Kinetic[1A-16] Alex J.RDMActiveNever
737425/10/2019 (01:55)iceman[1A-16] Alex J.RDMActiveNever
737325/10/2019 (01:45)ab174855[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDMActiveNever
737225/10/2019 (01:33)¶ShrekAnator¶[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Interfering with scene, FailRP, Leaving server to avoid Punish.ActiveNever
737125/10/2019 (00:57)archer[1A-01] EnveemoddingActiveNever
737024/10/2019 (20:45)Trinity[1A-12] John D.RDMing staff in staff sit | Shooting on peacetime | Leaving staff sit ~Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
736924/10/2019 (20:45)JohnnyS[1A-12] John D.Leaving staff sit | RDM on peacetime ~Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
736824/10/2019 (17:15)Ironode[1A-03] Jenson G.Leaving to avoid punishment // RDM -JoshActiveNever
736724/10/2019 (17:03)kalju[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Violation of PT // Killing somebodyActiveNever
736624/10/2019 (16:50)GAVAI Į GALVA GULĖK[1A-03] Jenson G.NITRP // Cop Baiting // Mass RDMActiveNever
736524/10/2019 (16:04)Quizy[1A-16] Alex J.RDM Literraly running round killing people with no intentions to RP while PT is active.ActiveNever
736424/10/2019 (15:59)Luxury[1A-03] Jenson G.Racist Licence PlateActiveNever
736324/10/2019 (15:58)PodsAir[1A-03] Jenson G.Leaving staff sit // Killing on peacetimeActiveNever
736224/10/2019 (15:33)Alsek[1A-03] Jenson G.Suspected ModderActiveNever
736124/10/2019 (15:33)Jaii[1A-03] Jenson G.Suspected ModderActiveNever
736024/10/2019 (04:12)Gravezone[1K-06] Nice E.[MW] selfrevive and fail rpRemoved (Appealed)Never
735924/10/2019 (02:43)Jefferryeddie[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive07/11/2019 (01:43) GMT
735824/10/2019 (02:34)John[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRP - Interferring with RPActive07/11/2019 (01:34) GMT
735724/10/2019 (01:48)Joe Pierre Polnareff[1A-06] NoToleranceNo Intent to RP | Fail RP | Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
735623/10/2019 (23:54)Hannah[1A-16] Alex J.Speedboosting, FailRP Unrealistic driving and leaving to avoid a staff sit - Squirrel R. 2A-02ActiveNever
735523/10/2019 (21:47)huggebbyboy[1A-13] The NorthModding, Mass RDM, Blowing people up and blowing active staff up while in staff sit, mass spawning of objects (on ground and on people including active staff while on sit), lying to staff, leaving staff sit to avoid punishment. UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
735423/10/2019 (21:20)Tropical[1A-04] George T.Unrealistic Driving | Leaving Staff Sit [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
735323/10/2019 (21:20)Ups[1A-04] George T.LUA Modding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
735223/10/2019 (18:31)doc[2A-02] Squirrel R.[MW] Violation of PT RDMActiveNever
735123/10/2019 (06:51)taivajwfly[1A-13] The NorthMass abuse of drag command // No intent to Role Play // Leaving to Avoid Punishment [UNAPPELABLE]ActiveNever
735023/10/2019 (04:08)Love Protocol[1A-13] The NorthNITRP, MAss RDM, shooting on peactimeActiveNever
734923/10/2019 (04:00)TwofacedLlama[1A-14] M. DamonMass VDM // No Intentions to RPActiveNever
734823/10/2019 (03:55)バリー[1A-14] M. DamonMass VDM // NITRP [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
734723/10/2019 (03:49)nishant[1A-14] M. DamonViolating Peacetime // Leaving to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
734623/10/2019 (03:38)Adam K. 2L-422[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, NITRP, FailRP, Unrealistic Driving, Violation of PT, Fixing vehicle on side of roadActiveNever
734523/10/2019 (03:29)rick[1A-15] MajesticMurpNITRP | RammingActiveNever
734423/10/2019 (03:24)The Purple Marauder[1A-16] Alex J.Speed-Boosting, Leaving Server to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
734323/10/2019 (03:08)Anonymous[1A-06] NoToleranceRDMActiveNever
734223/10/2019 (02:30)Nom[1A-08] jwjohnNITRPActiveNever
734123/10/2019 (01:48)imlsot[1A-08] jwjohnstaff disrespect // violation of PTActiveNever
734023/10/2019 (01:38)76561198820129460[1A-15] MajesticMurpNot Listing to Staff | Self Revive | Violation of PT | FailRPActive30/10/2019 (00:38) GMT
733923/10/2019 (01:37)Dan[1A-15] MajesticMurpNot Listing to Staff | Arguing with Staff | Self Revive | Violation of PT | FailRPActiveNever
733823/10/2019 (01:32)George[1A-15] MajesticMurpNot Listing to Staff | Arguing with Staff | Self Revive | Violation of PT | FailRP | Lying to Staff | Offensive SlangActiveNever
733723/10/2019 (00:48)Cypres[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDM, leaving staff sit - Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
733622/10/2019 (23:11)MARYPOPPIN[1A-12] John D.Violating PT | Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
733522/10/2019 (22:59)Zavh[1A-16] Alex J.Violation of PT, Leaving Server to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
733422/10/2019 (20:42)fabiankorz[1A-12] John D.Modding | RDM | Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
733322/10/2019 (20:35)⛧AE⛧[1A-04] George T.Leaving Staff Sit / Leaving to Avoid Punishment [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
733222/10/2019 (20:23)IsabelUH[1A-04] George T.Leaving to avoid Punishment [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
733122/10/2019 (19:31)[970] Preston.W[1A-04] George T.Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit // RDM // Fail RP // NITRPActiveNever
733022/10/2019 (19:24)pwemium[1A-12] John D.Mass RDM // Attempting to Leave Staff Sit via Noclip ~Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
732922/10/2019 (18:20)Robbie James[1A-06] NoToleranceUnrealistic Driving Violation of PT several times and staff disrespectActiveNever
732822/10/2019 (17:36)cux[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Violation of PT // Shooting on PTActiveNever
732722/10/2019 (16:52)dannY[1A-16] Alex J.RDM | Unrealistic driving | CO not in RTO | Leaving staff sit - Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
732622/10/2019 (07:53)Rampage[1A-13] The NorthMass RDM, shooting on peactime, VDM, NITRP, Community officer not in uniform not in RTO while driving CO vehicle, leaving staff sit to avoid punishment. UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
732522/10/2019 (04:21)Kylen[1K-01] IceTheDevRDM - Unrealistic Driving - Teleported away from staff sitActiveNever
732422/10/2019 (04:20)GetBodiedTrump[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Not listening to staffExpiredNever
732322/10/2019 (04:19)Arden Long[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealistic Driving - FailRPActiveNever
732222/10/2019 (04:06)Gurchud[1K-01] IceTheDevLying to Staff - Unrealistic Driving (Jumping Burns)ExpiredNever
732122/10/2019 (03:07)grizzly_6790[1A-06] NoToleranceKilling during priorityActiveNever
732022/10/2019 (02:55)Coke Whore[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealistci Driving - FailRPActive05/11/2019 (01:55) GMT
731922/10/2019 (02:55)Cletus Delroy Spuckler[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Unrelaistic DrivingExpiredNever
731822/10/2019 (02:25)Moralperfection[1A-15] MajesticMurpNITRP | Not listening to Staff | Ramming | Violationg of PT | Trying to Leave Staff SitActiveNever
731722/10/2019 (01:45)Eddy[1A-16] Alex J.Racial SlursActiveNever
731622/10/2019 (01:42)TylorTurner[1A-15] MajesticMurpNot Listening to StaffActive29/10/2019 (00:42) GMT
731522/10/2019 (01:34)killer696109[1A-16] Alex J.Speed-Boosting, NITRP, Speed-Boosting, Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
731422/10/2019 (01:05)NEFER[1A-16] Alex J.NITRP, Speed-Boosting, VDM, Ramming, FailRPActiveNever
731321/10/2019 (23:15)Eddie Jackson hellcase.comConsoleMass RDM - Violation of PeacetimeActiveNever
731221/10/2019 (22:58)James McFlurry[1K-05] DiiversxDisrespect, Excessive Swearing, Breaking CharacterActive04/11/2019 (21:58) GMT
731121/10/2019 (20:39)[919] Rizzy[1K-04] StingrqyTrolling | Server DisrespectActiveNever
731021/10/2019 (17:57)psykoosipanda[1K-04] StingrqyRDMing staff right after sit | Shooting on peacetime | Failure to listen to staff (was continuously attempting to leave staff sit in vehicle.)ActiveNever
730921/10/2019 (16:45)Tony Paulo[1A-16] Alex J.Modding (Masking as another player) | Staff disrespect | Leaving staff sitActiveNever
730821/10/2019 (04:18)[V-618] E. O'Rourke[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRPExpiredNever
730721/10/2019 (04:07)[142] tatocookie15[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMActiveNever
730621/10/2019 (03:59)TazerTaz123[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMRemoved (Appealed)Never
730521/10/2019 (01:27)crisporco11[1K-06] Nice intent to rpExpiredNever
730421/10/2019 (00:44)Fox[1A-12] John D.RDM, Failure to listen to staff, Leaving to avoid staff sit ~Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
730320/10/2019 (22:33)Jan Dino[1K-01] IceTheDevViolating PTActive03/11/2019 (21:33) GMT
730220/10/2019 (22:33)[TBa]Colin H66[1K-01] IceTheDevViolating PTActive03/11/2019 (21:33) GMT
730120/10/2019 (22:16)aarongembert[1A-16] Alex J.failing to listen to staff. RDM. Violation of priority timer. - Michael R. 2A-08ActiveNever
730020/10/2019 (22:08)𐂃[1A-12] John D.Leaving staff sit | playing as CO not in CO uniform, pretty sure he wasn't in RTO either ~Michael R. 2A-08ActiveNever
729920/10/2019 (21:14)Per Moberg[1A-12] John D.Leaving staff sit | RDM on priority ~Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
729820/10/2019 (20:42)get_rekt_loh[1A-12] John D.NITRP | Fail RP | Leaving staff sit ~Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
729720/10/2019 (20:02)jdorgeat09[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving Server to Avoid Punishment, Unrealistic Driving, Use of Sniper's - Josh O. 2A-05Removed (Appealed)Never
729620/10/2019 (19:59)GreyShows[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving Server to Avoid Punishment, Unrealistic Driving, Use of Sniper's - Josh O. 2A-05Removed (Appealed)Never
729520/10/2019 (18:38)Krypt K.[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving Staff Sit, Speed-Boosting, FailRP, Unrealistic Driving - Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
729420/10/2019 (17:59)bhigley6[1A-12] John D.Meta GamingExpiredNever
729320/10/2019 (17:21)DJ Keemstar[1A-12] John D.Server disrespectActiveNever
729220/10/2019 (16:57)Finarskab[1A-12] John D.Speedbossting Not listening to staff leaving to avoid a staff sit. ~ Squirrel R. 2A-02ActiveNever
729120/10/2019 (16:57)Milky[1A-12] John D.Shooting in peacetime | Leaving staff sit ~Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
729020/10/2019 (16:49)D3s are trash[1A-12] John D.RDM on peacetime | Leaving staff sit| Staff disrespect ~ Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
728920/10/2019 (16:49)Juff[1A-12] John D.RDM on peacetime | Leaving staff sit | Staff disrespect ~ Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
728820/10/2019 (08:21)Sgt.Scrooge[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPExpiredNever
728720/10/2019 (04:47)RaininBulletz[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Trolling, NITRPActiveNever
728620/10/2019 (04:44)TheTypicalGypo[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM'ActiveNever
728520/10/2019 (04:01)OfficialRed[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDM, Interfering with SceneActiveNever
728420/10/2019 (03:26)CharlieBrown242[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit - NITRPActiveNever
728320/10/2019 (03:23)Gv2[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Violation of PT, NITRPActiveNever
728220/10/2019 (03:21)Nuc[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit - Screaming into RTO - NITRPActiveNever
728120/10/2019 (03:19)Gin[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDMActiveNever
728020/10/2019 (03:15)Broz[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, NITRPActiveNever
727920/10/2019 (03:08)NotHere[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDMRemoved (Appealed)Never
727820/10/2019 (02:02)peperoni[1K-04] StingrqyLeaving staff sit | Speedboosting | FailRPActiveNever
727720/10/2019 (01:30)Spooky Sans[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMActive03/11/2019 (00:30) GMT
727620/10/2019 (00:50)Jake Kate[1K-01] IceTheDevViolating PT - VDMActiveNever
727520/10/2019 (00:46)Hasan[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActiveNever
727420/10/2019 (00:43)Stoney[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActiveNever
727320/10/2019 (00:42)Andy712712[1K-01] IceTheDevViolating PT - NITRPActiveNever
727220/10/2019 (00:42)OskarNB[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPRemoved (Appealed)Never
727120/10/2019 (00:41)blazethrower320[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPRemoved (Appealed)Never
727020/10/2019 (00:05)DDG Rexxor[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
726919/10/2019 (23:43)BrysoqConsoleRDMActiveNever
726819/10/2019 (21:59)Dweezil[1K-05] DiiversxLeaving Staff Sit - Teleporting to Players/StaffActiveNever
726719/10/2019 (20:14)Jamz[1A-16] Alex J.Violation of PT, RDM, Cop-Baiting,ActiveNever
726619/10/2019 (19:53)genine nguy[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDMActiveNever
726519/10/2019 (19:51)penny for jeff warren innit[1A-16] Alex J.NITRP, Fixing Vehicle on Side of Road, Unrealistic Driving, VDM, Speed-BoostingActiveNever
726419/10/2019 (18:39)[429] N. Shane[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving to Avoid Punishment - Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
726319/10/2019 (16:46)Titan_Wolf[1A-12] John D.VDM | Ramming | Leaving staff sit ~ Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
726219/10/2019 (16:40)Ric Prazeres[1A-12] John D.NITRP | Mass VDM | trolling | Ramming ~ Alex J 2A-06ActiveNever
726119/10/2019 (16:32)balkangameplay91[1A-12] John D.Leaving staff sit | Stealing police vehicle ~ Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
726019/10/2019 (16:23)AndeX[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit - Violating PT - Ear Raping in MicrophoneActiveNever
725919/10/2019 (16:16)Boots[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit - NITRP - Violating PTActiveNever
725819/10/2019 (15:02)hehexdConsoleFailure to Listen to StaffActive26/10/2019 (14:02) GMT
725719/10/2019 (15:00)Vector1595[1A-12] John D.Trolling/lying to staff/attempt to mod ~ Dominic P. 2A-04ActiveNever
725619/10/2019 (15:00)Donald Trump[1A-12] John D.Trolling/lying to staff/Failrp ~ Dominic P. 2A-04ActiveNever
725519/10/2019 (04:15)Mr Yeet[1K-01] IceTheDevMember DisrespectExpiredNever
725419/10/2019 (04:10)GamingGhost[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRP / VDMRemoved (Appealed)02/11/2019 (03:10) GMT
725319/10/2019 (03:47)Busso †[1K-01] IceTheDevmoddingActiveNever
725219/10/2019 (02:31)Sgt Hegor[1A-16] Alex J.leaving during staff sit and playing out of AOP - Michael R. 2A-08ActiveNever
725118/10/2019 (23:54)Mr,Sias[1A-12] John D.NITRP | Tourqe / powerboost | mass VDM | Leaving staff sit ~ Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
725018/10/2019 (23:14)efilivedmaxx[1A-15] MajesticMurpNITRP | Mass Speedboost | RammingActiveNever
724918/10/2019 (22:01)[5D-845] Hardee[1K-04] StingrqyTrolling [TST Application], Ban Evading [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
724818/10/2019 (21:21)Dizzy_Exvey[1A-12] John D.Speed Boost | NITRP | Server Disrespect | No clipping away from sit Josh O. 2A-05Removed (Appealed)Never
724718/10/2019 (21:20)Nikola[1A-12] John D.Speed Boost | NITRP | Server Disrespect ~ Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
724618/10/2019 (15:37)[IVB] V4pale[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM Leaving a staff sit - Squirrel R. 2A-02ActiveNever
724518/10/2019 (02:27)Fred[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving Server to Avoid Punishment, Violation of PTActiveNever
724418/10/2019 (02:04)big boi fb[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Violation of PT, NITRPActiveNever
724318/10/2019 (01:59)DrewFJohnisthename[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDMActiveNever
724218/10/2019 (01:32)SYTH KARMA[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Violation of PTActiveNever
724117/10/2019 (21:43)Why-G[1A-12] John D.Server disrepsectActiveNever
724017/10/2019 (18:46)HERO712[1A-12] John D.ModdingActiveNever
723917/10/2019 (18:31)Dog[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Violation of PT // Fail RP // Interfering with RPActiveNever
723817/10/2019 (00:00)RsFrosty[1A-15] MajesticMurpRacial SlurasActiveNever
723716/10/2019 (21:59)Tomothy Whyborn[1A-06] NoToleranceMultiple warnings | Speed Boosting | No Intent to RP (Unappealable)ActiveNever
723616/10/2019 (21:59)Umpalumpa[1A-06] NoToleranceMultiple warnings | Speed Boosting | No Intent to RP (Unappealable)ActiveNever
723517/10/2019 (02:16)snipe.SLEP[1A-16] Alex J.Voice Changer, Trolling, Failure to Listen to Staff, Lying to StaffActiveNever
723417/10/2019 (01:16)Gorilla[1A-16] Alex J.staff disrespect, rdm in a staff sit, exploding ammo - Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
723317/10/2019 (00:46)Donald Ressler[1A-16] Alex J.VDM | RDM | NITRP | Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
723217/10/2019 (00:30)Charlie[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Violation of PTActiveNever
723117/10/2019 (00:06)Hazar[1A-16] Alex J.Modding, Spamming ChatActiveNever
723016/10/2019 (21:26)[897] L.Moulds[1A-12] John D.Not Listening to Staff { Refusing to do what is asked} Was in DPD uniform, and using an LEO Bike.ActiveNever
722916/10/2019 (18:12)[SNAKE] Asuna[1A-03] Jenson G.RacismActiveNever
722816/10/2019 (04:07)E.Peters[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Violation of PTActiveNever
722716/10/2019 (03:58)Mr.Dizzy[1A-16] Alex J.Modding, Impersonating Other User'sActiveNever
722616/10/2019 (01:40)Lender[1K-05] DiiversxHacking (UNAPPEALABLE)ActiveNever
722515/10/2019 (22:25)Sinox[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving Server to Avoid Punish. | CopbaitingActiveNever
722115/10/2019 (21:27)JACK RICHMEN[1A-12] John D.Modding ~ Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
722015/10/2019 (20:56)varmajumala[1A-03] Jenson G.ModdingActiveNever
721915/10/2019 (20:30)Knives[1A-12] John D.RDM | cop-baiting | Leaving to avoid a staff sit ~ Michael R. 2A-08ActiveNever
721815/10/2019 (19:50)TrumpInHouse[1A-14] M. DamonRDM / CO not in RTO / Police impersonation / Violating priority timer / Leaving to Avoid Punishment Alex J.ActiveNever
721715/10/2019 (18:15)DEBO WITH TWO HANDGUNS[1A-04] George T.Killing staff members whilst in staff sit // Driving DFD Vehicle // Lying to Staff // Leaving staff sit [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
721615/10/2019 (05:45)Box[1A-06] NoToleranceDisrespectful Twoards Players | No Intent to RP | Leaving during staff sitActiveNever
721515/10/2019 (05:45)Brownie57[1A-06] NoToleranceLeaving During Staff Sit | No Intent to RP | Disrespectful towards playersActiveNever
721415/10/2019 (02:58)k317[1K-05] DiiversxFailure to Listen to Staff, Speed Boost, Lying to Staff -Duck W.ActiveNever
721215/10/2019 (02:36)X5Furious[1A-16] Alex J.Violation of PT, Leaving staff sit - Duck W. 2A-03Removed (Appealed)Never
721115/10/2019 (02:18)EthanO[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive29/10/2019 (01:18) GMT
721015/10/2019 (02:18)The One True Goat[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive29/10/2019 (01:18) GMT
720915/10/2019 (01:48)ADHD™[1A-05] Alexander W.No intent to RP / RDM / Shooting during priority in progressExpiredNever
720814/10/2019 (23:48)nkedwards04[1A-08] jwjohnrdm on officersActiveNever
720714/10/2019 (23:23)✪ волк[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDMActiveNever
720614/10/2019 (23:17)coltonshaw07[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDMActiveNever
720514/10/2019 (22:15)AwesomeSauceTM[1K-05] DiiversxVDM - RDMActiveNever
720414/10/2019 (21:02)Ben Shapiro's Hot Sister[1A-16] Alex J.Violation of PT // Leaving Staff Sit - Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
720314/10/2019 (21:01)89 Omen[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving game from punishment/ Leaving staff sit / Speed boost - Dominic P. 2A-04ActiveNever
720214/10/2019 (20:00)DiZZy TaPz[1A-04] George T.Leaving during a staff sit [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
720114/10/2019 (19:59)Sgt.Autism[1A-04] George T.VDMActive21/10/2019 (18:59) GMT
720014/10/2019 (19:57)Salam Habibi[1A-04] George T.Use of SnipersActive15/10/2019 (18:57) GMT
719914/10/2019 (19:46)Cheeki Breeki[1A-04] George T.Stealing Fire VehiclesActive28/10/2019 (18:46) GMT
719814/10/2019 (19:45)stancednicholas[1A-04] George T.Stealing Fire VehiclesActive28/10/2019 (18:45) GMT
719714/10/2019 (19:01)choppa[1A-04] George T.Mass VDMActiveNever
719614/10/2019 (18:58)Spooky :([1A-04] George T.Trolling / VDMActiveNever
719514/10/2019 (18:51)Dammarn[1A-04] George T.Leaving to avoid punishment [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
719414/10/2019 (17:43)Alex V. | 2B-151[1A-04] George T.Server AdvertisementActiveNever
719314/10/2019 (15:31)Illtapyou[1K-04] StingrqyModding, Racial Slurs [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
719214/10/2019 (05:26)DankFuckingMemes[1A-15] MajesticMurpLeaving Server to avoid Punishments | NITRPRemoved (Appealed)Never
719114/10/2019 (05:23)ExpertGaming100-OmenPowered[1A-15] MajesticMurpNITRP | Mass Spawn Cars | FailRP | CO not in RTO | Not listening to staffActiveNever
719014/10/2019 (02:28)2560 | John C.[1A-06] NoToleranceProfanity Racial SluresActiveNever
718914/10/2019 (02:28)Helios[1A-08] jwjohnLeaving to avoid a staff sit // slurs against othersActiveNever
718814/10/2019 (02:28)Topfun[1A-06] NoToleranceProfanity | Racial SluresActiveNever
718714/10/2019 (02:24)SparedLake[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDM, Self Revive, Stealing Police VehiclesActiveNever
718614/10/2019 (02:23)Silva[1A-06] NoToleranceProfanity | Using Racial SluresActiveNever
718514/10/2019 (02:15)NotAboveMe[1A-06] NoToleranceRacial Slurs ~ Michael R. 2A-08ActiveNever
718414/10/2019 (02:00)Mr.Spice[1A-16] Alex J.Failure to Listen to StaffActive21/10/2019 (01:00) GMT
718314/10/2019 (01:59)T.TV/ONC_Boneless[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Not Listening to StaffActiveNever
718214/10/2019 (01:57)Osi__[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM [UNAPPEALABLE] - Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
718114/10/2019 (01:54)anthonybunky08[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDM, Ramming, Speedboost, NITRP, TrollingActiveNever
718014/10/2019 (01:27)Alvin The III[1A-16] Alex J.Interfering with Scene, Mass VDM, Cop-baiting, NITRPActiveNever
717914/10/2019 (01:19)TJMURPHY6162[2A-03] Duck W.[MW] Member disrespect/Terrorist RPActiveNever
717813/10/2019 (23:44)Plum91406[1A-14] M. DamonLying to staff members and leaving to avoid a staff sit ~Michael R.ActiveNever
717713/10/2019 (21:52)Justkillem[1A-14] M. DamonUnreallistic Driving // Interfering with RP SceneActive20/10/2019 (20:52) GMT
717613/10/2019 (21:41)Chris[1A-14] M. DamonMass RDM // Interfering with Priority and Leaving to avoid a staff sitActiveNever
717513/10/2019 (21:28)Slattt[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive27/10/2019 (20:28) GMT
717413/10/2019 (21:24)Nick1245[1A-12] John D.Mass RDM/Leaving staff sit/RDM/Violation of PT/FRP ~ Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
717313/10/2019 (21:24)J.Cola[1A-14] M. DamonTrolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
717213/10/2019 (21:20)Vladimir lenins sickle[1A-12] John D.mass VDM and leaving to avoid staff sit ~ Michael R. 2A-08ActiveNever
717113/10/2019 (21:16)Begode[1A-14] M. DamonStaff Disrespect // VDMActiveNever
717013/10/2019 (20:54)[797] C. Reese[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM - Squirrel 2A-02ActiveNever
716913/10/2019 (20:13)[A] [337] David Michael[1A-12] John D.Animal W/o GW | Difting in co car as an animalActive12/11/2019 (19:13) GMT
716813/10/2019 (20:08)Stefan Lofvens skattepengar[1K-06] Nice E.moddingActiveNever
716713/10/2019 (19:59)z8137[1K-01] IceTheDevServer Disrespect - NITRPActiveNever
716613/10/2019 (18:31)slime plasti[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Leaving Server to Avoid Punish.ActiveNever
716513/10/2019 (18:24)kaloS :D[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Mass VDMActiveNever
716413/10/2019 (18:20)f1[1A-16] Alex J.Ramming, VDM, Leaving Server to Avoid Punish.ActiveNever
716313/10/2019 (17:50)half.alive[1K-04] StingrqyMass VDMActiveNever
716213/10/2019 (17:41)tmason05[1A-12] John D.FRP | Leaving staff sit ~ Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
716113/10/2019 (17:24)Risky[1K-04] StingrqyServer DisrespectActiveNever
716013/10/2019 (16:11)158 | Trooper | Lard[1A-08] jwjohncontinuous leaving of my staff sit // unrealistic drivingActiveNever
715913/10/2019 (15:51)cux[1A-14] M. DamonMic Spamming // Earraping othersExpiredNever
715813/10/2019 (15:50)Satan[1A-14] M. DamonMic Spamming // Earraping othersExpiredNever
715713/10/2019 (15:31)JD[1A-08] jwjohnleaving to avoid a staff sitActiveNever
715613/10/2019 (15:28)#NoHairDontCareSZN[1A-08] jwjohnmass RDMActiveNever
715513/10/2019 (14:52)[610] Keylow[1K-04] StingrqyRDM, Leaving staff sitActiveNever
715413/10/2019 (06:08)HB4D Delirious[1A-12] John D.Leaving to avoid staff sit ~ John G. 2A-07ActiveNever
715313/10/2019 (06:08)stanlyymt[1A-12] John D.staff disrespect, failrp, server disrespect, not listening ~John G. 2A-07ActiveNever
715213/10/2019 (06:07)hatgirlslayer389[1A-12] John D.NITRP, Staff disrespect ~ Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
715113/10/2019 (06:07)callmepat[1A-12] John D.Leaving to avoid staff sit ~ John G. 2A-07ActiveNever
715013/10/2019 (06:00)vaughn625[1K-01] IceTheDevStealing Police Vehicles - NITRPActive27/10/2019 (05:00) GMT
714913/10/2019 (05:51)Mediumrarechickon[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealistic DrivingExpiredNever
714813/10/2019 (05:03)Doggo Trivago[1A-08] jwjohnspeedboost and RDM on officersRemoved (Appealed)Never
714713/10/2019 (05:00)cheese boy[1A-08] jwjohnMass RDM // leaving to avoid a staff sitActiveNever
714613/10/2019 (04:56)Intensive Thinker[1A-08] jwjohnleaving to avoid a staff sitActiveNever
714513/10/2019 (03:21)hegadergin[1A-14] M. DamonLying to StaffActiveNever
714413/10/2019 (03:11)Nathan[1A-14] M. DamonTeleporting // Interfering with RP sceneExpiredNever
714313/10/2019 (03:10)Weuird Kat[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving to avoid staff sit - John G. 2A-07ActiveNever
714213/10/2019 (02:14)Desertrip[1A-14] M. DamonMass RDM // Failure to Listen to Staff // Lying to StaffActiveNever
714113/10/2019 (01:35)angelom87[1A-14] M. DamonFailRP // Leaving to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
714013/10/2019 (01:19)~r~Stingrqy | 1K-04[1K-04] StingrqyFailRPRemoved (Appealed)Never
713913/10/2019 (00:37)TheOne S-2-K[1K-06] Nice E.Leaving staff sit | Teleporting to people and killing them | NITRPActiveNever
713812/10/2019 (23:58)Jordan K.[1K-01] IceTheDevMass VDMActiveNever
713712/10/2019 (23:57)KKonaW[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
713612/10/2019 (22:28)Beno[1A-16] Alex J.Shooting on peacetime | RDM | Community officer not in RTO and not in uniform | Leaving staff sit - Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
713512/10/2019 (21:18)[790] M. Force[1A-12] John D.Violation of PT, Leaving staff sit ~Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
713412/10/2019 (20:18)Owned By Pickle[1K-04] StingrqyStaff Disrespect | RacismActiveNever
713312/10/2019 (20:16)Owned By Pickle[1A-12] John D.Staff DisrespectRemoved (Appealed)11/11/2019 (19:16) GMT
713212/10/2019 (19:51)TrotFoxAlex[1A-16] Alex J.Using Unauthorized Skin, Leaving Server to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
713112/10/2019 (19:12)elite[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Violation of PT // Using Heavy WeaponsActiveNever
713012/10/2019 (18:51)[PA-05] Ender[1A-05] Alexander W.Cuff/drag abuseRemoved (Appealed)Never
712912/10/2019 (18:19)Joesky1311[1A-05] Alexander W.Too many previous punishments (Warnings: 12) (Kicks: 8) (Bans: 5) UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
712812/10/2019 (17:02)Oscar X[1A-12] John D.Leaving staff sit | Use of sniper ~Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
712712/10/2019 (16:34)Jay Edwards[1A-12] John D.NITRP | Lying to staff | Trolling | Violating peacetime ~ Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
712612/10/2019 (15:04)Catch[1A-12] John D.Mass RDM | Leaving server to avoid punishment | CO without a mic and being in rto [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
712512/10/2019 (15:03)Frosty[1A-12] John D.Violating PT | RDM | Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
712412/10/2019 (15:00)Bjorn[1A-12] John D.Staff & Server DisrespectRemoved (Appealed)Never
712312/10/2019 (14:29)Bowzer[1A-12] John D.Fail RP | Racial Slurs | Staff Disrespect [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
712212/10/2019 (14:26)ronno[1A-12] John D.Mass VDM | NITRP | Mass spawning vehicles | Leaving staff sit | Speed boost | ~Duck W. 2A-03 [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
712112/10/2019 (14:18)DAB---ON---THEM---HATERZ[1A-12] John D.NITRP | Lying to staff | VDM | Speed boostActiveNever
712012/10/2019 (14:05)The Paul Walker[1A-12] John D.FRP, Leaving to avoid punishment ~Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
711912/10/2019 (14:03)Kane Callaghan[1A-12] John D.Violating of PT, Leaving to avoid punishment ~Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
711812/10/2019 (13:59)Kostjans1999ConsoleStaff/Server Disrespect ~DuckActiveNever
711712/10/2019 (13:39)Thiccッ[1A-03] Jenson G.Mass RDM // Avoiding a Staff Sit // Interfering with Priority ~SquirrelActiveNever
711612/10/2019 (13:29)thomasjameswelch32[1A-03] Jenson G.RDM/Violation of PT, Leaving to avoid staff sitActiveNever
711512/10/2019 (13:24)☭pomkins☭[1A-03] Jenson G.Mass RDMActiveNever
711412/10/2019 (05:52)brady[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActiveNever
711312/10/2019 (05:34)Vitrue_Gaming_YT[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
711212/10/2019 (05:31)[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActiveNever
711112/10/2019 (05:26)What?[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, NITRP, TrollingActiveNever
711012/10/2019 (00:49)Matchitehew[1A-08] jwjohnracial slursActiveNever
710912/10/2019 (00:48)Officer Hops[1A-08] jwjohnLeaving to avoid a staff sitRemoved (Appealed)Never
710811/10/2019 (23:07)Max[1A-16] Alex J.Mic Spamming, TrollingActiveNever
710711/10/2019 (22:42)FuckYouEAC[1A-16] Alex J.Modding, Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
710611/10/2019 (22:08)Kuya[1A-12] John D.Mass RDM ~Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
710511/10/2019 (21:52)Bandyta[1K-04] StingrqyNITRP | Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
710411/10/2019 (21:40)alishaheen1209ConsoleSpamming Chat | Staff DisrespectActiveNever
710311/10/2019 (21:09)lgnfrnz[1A-14] M. Damon- Unrealistic Driving // Leaving staff sit ~Josh O.ActiveNever
710211/10/2019 (18:37)Juuul[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving staff sit / interfering with FAA - Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
710111/10/2019 (17:22)hudsonstozek[1A-14] M. DamonServer disrespect, Modding, trolling staff, violating peacetime, RDM [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
710011/10/2019 (17:16)ErdbeerSkeddi[1A-14] M. DamonMass RDM // Explosive Bullets // Fail RP // Using Snipers // RDM during staff sit // Unrealistic Driving [UNAPPEALABLE] ~Josh O.ActiveNever
709911/10/2019 (17:16)MxrkuzZz[1A-14] M. DamonRDM // Using Explosive Bullets Josh O.ActiveNever
709811/10/2019 (17:15)ESSASITO[1A-14] M. DamonFailure to listen to Staff // Violation of PT ~Josh O.Active18/10/2019 (16:15) GMT
709711/10/2019 (16:33)BENEK454[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Violation of PT // Running from COPSActiveNever
709611/10/2019 (03:37)griffin[1A-16] Alex J.Racial SlursActiveNever
709511/10/2019 (03:12)maniacmuffin88[1A-06] NoToleranceRDM x7ActiveNever
709411/10/2019 (03:03)RedBalls[1K-01] IceTheDevServer DisrespectActiveNever
709311/10/2019 (01:51)zEletrixx[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActiveNever
709211/10/2019 (01:40)Ra´s Al Ghul[1K-01] IceTheDevToo many previous punishments (Warnings: 8) (Kicks: 7) UNAPPEALABLEExpiredNever
709111/10/2019 (01:06)Roy W. 3C-386[1K-01] IceTheDevNot listening to staff - NITRPActive25/10/2019 (00:06) GMT
709011/10/2019 (00:26)Zewqpo120[1A-14] M. DamonModding // Spamming Chat // Trolling // Advertising // Crashing Players [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
708910/10/2019 (23:45)[FD-28]SPD1706[1A-12] John D.Staff Disrespect | VDM | Failrp ~ Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
708810/10/2019 (23:27)tesla[1A-12] John D.NITRP | Speed boosting | Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
708710/10/2019 (23:03)Get Sucked By me[1A-12] John D.Mass RDM | Impersonation of LEO [UNAPPEALABLE] ~Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
708610/10/2019 (21:55)Josh[1A-14] M. DamonServer Disrespect // Staff DisrespectActiveNever
708510/10/2019 (19:49)VelocityWins[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving staff sit / Violating priority timer - Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
708410/10/2019 (18:55)Bapplz[1A-12] John D.Leaving server to avoid punishment Josh O. 2A-05 [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
708310/10/2019 (03:40)Jordin[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDM, Mass Spawning VehiclesActiveNever
708210/10/2019 (03:30)Dirty Dan[1A-16] Alex J.VDM/RDM Unrealistic RP - Dominic P. 2A-04ActiveNever
708110/10/2019 (01:45)[5T-27] Tanner C.[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling / NITRP / Disrespecting Members (COs)Active24/10/2019 (00:45) GMT
708010/10/2019 (01:22)Crzy[1K-01] IceTheDevVDM/RDMActiveNever
707910/10/2019 (01:22)FSU[1K-01] IceTheDevTrollingActiveNever
707810/10/2019 (01:22)lucifer[1K-01] IceTheDevTrollingActiveNever
707709/10/2019 (23:59)uNR34L[1A-14] M. DamonTrolling // Modding // Leaving to Avoid Punishment [Unappealable]ActiveNever
707609/10/2019 (23:57)Luca[1A-14] M. DamonTrollingActiveNever
707509/10/2019 (23:57)MCGAMER 007[1A-14] M. DamonModding // Trolling [Unappealable]ActiveNever
707409/10/2019 (23:26)[946]T. Usrey[1A-12] John D.Racial Slur | Violating PT ~ Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
707309/10/2019 (23:21)ada[1A-12] John D.lying to staff ~ Josh O. 2A-05Removed (Appealed)Never
707209/10/2019 (23:16)juvn[1A-12] John D.Mass RDMActiveNever
707109/10/2019 (23:16)Troopiez[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Leaving Server to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
707009/10/2019 (22:30)risefal[1A-12] John D.Mass RDM | Teleporting to staff then rdmActive08/11/2019 (21:30) GMT
706909/10/2019 (20:16)LeanderLord[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDMActiveNever
706809/10/2019 (18:16) savage_164[1A-04] George T.Mass RDMActiveNever
706709/10/2019 (17:56)NinjaFames[1A-04] George T.Racism [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
706609/10/2019 (17:19)Reaper1911[1A-04] George T.RDM / InterfereingActive23/10/2019 (16:19) GMT
706509/10/2019 (16:27)jack[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Fail RPActiveNever
706409/10/2019 (05:47)MrNix11[1A-06] NoToleranceLeaving During Staff Sit | No Intent to RPActiveNever
706309/10/2019 (02:43)TACO[1A-06] NoToleranceProfanity | Cop BaitingActiveNever
706209/10/2019 (00:07)big nibbus[1K-05] DiiversxNoclipping - RDM - Abusing /drag CommandActiveNever
706108/10/2019 (23:34)6frosty[1A-08] jwjohnmass rdmActiveNever
706008/10/2019 (20:13)c0lddgt[1A-16] Alex J.Not listening to staff // Mass RDM // Fail RP - Josh O 2A-05ActiveNever
705908/10/2019 (19:49)polak maly[1A-04] George T.Lying to Staff // NoclippingActiveNever
705808/10/2019 (19:28)Wielki gibsztyl[1A-04] George T.Mass RDM // Leaving staff sitActiveNever
705708/10/2019 (18:39)Grapix[1A-16] Alex J.Modding, Spamming Chat -Josh O 2A-05ActiveNever
705608/10/2019 (17:03)[Dexter] Viktor[1A-14] M. DamonThreatening to DDOS server and players / Leaving staff sit / RDM ~2A-06 Alex J.ActiveNever
705508/10/2019 (04:18)Noxid[1K-06] Nice E.mass vdmActiveNever
705408/10/2019 (04:16)Viz[1A-16] Alex J.ModdingActiveNever
705308/10/2019 (02:36)Justin Bieber[1A-16] Alex J.Mass CuffingActive22/10/2019 (01:36) GMT
705208/10/2019 (00:49)SILENT[1A-08] jwjohnMass RDM // UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
705107/10/2019 (23:17)SuiFlux[1A-08] jwjohnleaving to avoid staff sit // using mod menu [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
705007/10/2019 (21:35)brudna_cipka[1K-06] Nice RP and unrealistic drivingActive09/10/2019 (20:35) GMT
704907/10/2019 (21:28)Brudna_Dziurka[1K-06] Nice E.staff disrespwctActiveNever
704807/10/2019 (18:39)KrikyConsoleRacial Slurs [Unappealable]ActiveNever
704707/10/2019 (18:32)1^RaizMussy[1A-04] George T.TrollingActiveNever
704607/10/2019 (17:30)ツShrekgottheGLOCKツ[1A-16] Alex J.Server Disrespect - Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
704507/10/2019 (17:17)sammyboy98x[1A-14] M. DamonNITRP // Attempting to leave staff sit ~Josh O.ActiveNever
704407/10/2019 (17:07)Snakunas[1A-14] M. DamonRacial Slurrs // Violation of PT ~Josh O.ActiveNever
704306/10/2019 (23:56)[4E-02] Henry H.[1A-15] MajesticMurp[MW] Unrealistic drivingRemoved (Appealed)Never
704206/10/2019 (22:20)Jolly Green Giant[1K-05] DiiversxAttempting to Leave Staff Sit, RDM, NITRPActiveNever
704106/10/2019 (22:16)Krispy_Kr3m3[1K-05] DiiversxMass Spawning VehiclesActiveNever
704006/10/2019 (22:10)Schutzstaffel[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive20/10/2019 (21:10) GMT
703906/10/2019 (22:08)original_glazed[1K-01] IceTheDevRaciur SlurrsActiveNever
703806/10/2019 (21:59)AnimeSoulSeller[1K-01] IceTheDevSpectating people and playing musicRemoved (Appealed)27/10/2019 (20:59) GMT
703706/10/2019 (21:04).[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, No-Clipping, Violation of PTActiveNever
703606/10/2019 (20:33)119kg Arab[1K-04] StingrqyModdingActiveNever
703506/10/2019 (20:22)II-[1stGA B]Pvt.IanTielking[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive20/10/2019 (19:22) GMT
703406/10/2019 (19:57)iWinByHabit[1A-08] jwjohntrolling // using the spectate menu and to act as a ghost and wouldnt listen when told to stop.ActiveNever
703306/10/2019 (17:30)Faska.[1A-16] Alex J.RDM/Leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
703205/10/2019 (15:06)MC FAKE[1K-05] DiiversxTeleporting to Players - Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
703105/10/2019 (13:32)JohnFromDownPub[1K-01] IceTheDevThreats on Discord on DDoS on ServerActiveNever
703005/10/2019 (05:11)[1A-12] John D.Violating PT | Leaving to avoid punishment ~ Duck W. 2A-03Removed (Appealed)Never
702905/10/2019 (05:00)beer[1A-12] John D.Leaving to avoid punishment ~ Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
702805/10/2019 (04:42)Wafflesssss[1A-12] John D.Leaving to avoid staff sit/NITRP ~ Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
702705/10/2019 (04:38)rckeilh Truck boy jak(YT)[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
702605/10/2019 (04:37)FeetAreYummy[1K-01] IceTheDevRaciur Slurs (N Word)ActiveNever
702505/10/2019 (04:31)Louis[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling, leaving staff sit, VDM/RDMActiveNever
702405/10/2019 (04:31)[915] T.Hall[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit - TrollingActiveNever
702305/10/2019 (04:09)Tito[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
702205/10/2019 (04:08)dry wenis[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Spectating ProofActive09/11/2019 (03:08) GMT
702105/10/2019 (04:08)hoztv12[1K-01] IceTheDevStaff DisrespectActive19/10/2019 (03:08) GMT
702005/10/2019 (03:45)fascinatedspottydog53[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive19/10/2019 (02:45) GMT
701905/10/2019 (03:44)dd[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPExpiredNever
701805/10/2019 (03:43)✯DUB✯[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPExpiredNever
701705/10/2019 (03:36)Shim Sham[1K-06] Nice E.mass RDMActiveNever
701605/10/2019 (03:35)OfficerDingDong[1K-06] Nice E.mass RDMActiveNever
701505/10/2019 (03:04)Lord Doggo[1K-01] IceTheDevStaff DisrespectRemoved (Appealed)12/10/2019 (02:04) GMT
701405/10/2019 (02:55)KaisyIsHere[1A-01] Enveelying to staffActiveNever
701305/10/2019 (01:41)Matt_03G[1K-04] StingrqyLeaving staff sit | CopbaitingActiveNever
701205/10/2019 (01:41)𝒐𝒏𝒆𝒌𝒂𝒚 | 𝒆𝒄𝒉𝒐𝑭𝒐𝒙[1K-04] StingrqyRDM/Leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
701105/10/2019 (00:33)[DN] doof[1K-04] StingrqyRacismActiveNever
701004/10/2019 (23:07)kono1215[1A-08] jwjohnSpamming Mod menu Advertisements / Modding Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
700904/10/2019 (04:38)Snarf[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive18/10/2019 (03:38) GMT
700804/10/2019 (04:35)Christian Neary[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
700704/10/2019 (04:34)NASA is Funny[1K-01] IceTheDevNoclipping away from staff sit - NITRPActive18/10/2019 (03:34) GMT
700604/10/2019 (04:25)PsychoConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
700504/10/2019 (04:25)BraxtonConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
700404/10/2019 (04:24)Chaz CoxConsoleModder / RDMActiveNever
700304/10/2019 (01:32)Christomethazine[1A-12] John D.mass RDM ~ Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
700204/10/2019 (01:14)Drumma[1A-12] John D.RDM | Violating PT | Leaving server to avoid punishment ~Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
700104/10/2019 (00:37)Flipzo[1K-04] StingrqyLying to Staff, TrollingActiveNever
700003/10/2019 (23:21)GRAY[1A-12] John D.Interfering with FAA / Leaving staff sit ~ Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
699903/10/2019 (23:21)3C-04| D.Doofy[1A-12] John D.Leaving staff sit / Teleporting to Players / RDM ~ Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
699803/10/2019 (04:14)read if gay[1A-06] NoToleranceCop Baiting | No Intent to RPActiveNever
699703/10/2019 (04:00)Hyper Alex[1A-06] NoToleranceSpeed BoostingActiveNever
699603/10/2019 (03:58)Cynical[1A-06] NoToleranceNo Intent to RPActiveNever
699503/10/2019 (03:12)Nightly Gaming[1A-06] NoToleranceRDMRemoved (Appealed)Never
699403/10/2019 (03:01)Baby[1A-06] NoToleranceLeaving During Staff Sit | Disobeying Staff OrdersActiveNever
699302/10/2019 (20:50)6𝓡𝓔𝓦𝓘👑[1A-12] John D.using Voice Change | Trolling | Modding {UNAPPEALABLE}ActiveNever
699202/10/2019 (20:40)Simpper[1A-12] John D.Staff disrespectActive16/11/2019 (19:40) GMT
699102/10/2019 (20:34)SKINP[1A-12] John D.Mass RDM ~ Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
699002/10/2019 (01:58)Double Cup[1A-14] M. DamonLeaving game to avoid staff sit ~Duck W.ActiveNever
698902/10/2019 (01:29)fairyfxck[1A-01] EnveerascismActiveNever
698802/10/2019 (00:48)Winston[1A-15] MajesticMurpLeaving server to avoid PunishmentsActiveNever
698701/10/2019 (23:24)jalalkebe[1A-12] John D.Leaving staff sit // VDM ~Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
698601/10/2019 (19:59)legendary_freddy[1A-04] George T.Mass RDMActiveNever
698501/10/2019 (19:26)Karl Oaks[1A-04] George T.Tourqe/power boosters / leaving staff sit [UNAPPEALABLE] ~ Alex JActiveNever
698401/10/2019 (18:07)thevirus3698[1A-04] George T.Leaving Staff Sit // Fail RP // RDM // Unrealistic Driving [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
698301/10/2019 (17:23)TahirA24[1A-12] John D.Leaving staff sit ~ Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
698201/10/2019 (16:50)[404] M. Hernandez[1A-12] John D.Leaving staff sit | Teleporting ~ Josh O. 2A-05Removed (Appealed)Never
698101/10/2019 (15:10)[577] John H[1A-12] John D.Member Disrespect | TrollingActive31/10/2019 (14:10) GMT
698001/10/2019 (02:47)Angel_Reaper[1A-01] Enveelying to staffActiveNever
697901/10/2019 (02:44)WEDABEST[1K-01] IceTheDevRaciur SlurrsActiveNever
697801/10/2019 (02:28)lengdairy hauler[1K-02] GunExpert24racial sluresActiveNever
697701/10/2019 (00:19)SP-31 | Logan B.[1A-08] jwjohnno intent to rpRemoved (Appealed)Never
697630/09/2019 (23:56)owen12421[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM on a Staff MemberActiveNever
697530/09/2019 (23:25)SNAPInFINity[1A-08] jwjohninterfering with a scene // killing people on PTActiveNever
697430/09/2019 (21:02)skeet[1A-04] George T.Leaving Staff Sit // Lying to Staff // VDM // Mass RDM // Cop Baiting [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
697330/09/2019 (20:38)James[1A-12] John D.NITRP / VDM / Unrealistic Driving / Violation of PT / Lying to Staff ~ Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
697230/09/2019 (20:38)[HP-77] B.Hunter[1A-12] John D.Staff disrespect ~ Duck W 2A-03ActiveNever
697130/09/2019 (20:37)Grizzly.Gamiing[1A-12] John D.Lying to staff/Leaving staff sit ~ Duck W. 2A-03 -ban add 628054775677845524 Staff disrespect ~ Duck W 2A-03 -ban add 628250069321383937 NITRP / VDM / Unrealistic Driving / Violation of PT / Lying to Staff ~ Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
697030/09/2019 (19:42)[PA-05] Ender[1A-04] George T.cuff/drag abuseRemoved (Appealed)14/10/2019 (18:42) GMT
696930/09/2019 (03:39)Neptune[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive21/10/2019 (02:39) GMT
696830/09/2019 (03:39)Aiden[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive21/10/2019 (02:39) GMT
696730/09/2019 (03:37)cope[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPExpiredNever
696630/09/2019 (03:32)[718] Peter P.[1K-01] IceTheDevNo intent to RPActive14/10/2019 (02:32) GMT
696530/09/2019 (03:32)[706] James J.[1K-01] IceTheDevNo intent to RPActive14/10/2019 (02:32) GMT
696430/09/2019 (01:14)<3[1A-13] The NorthMember disrespect, trollingActiveNever
696330/09/2019 (00:15)Jamaica man[1A-12] John D.RDM | Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
696229/09/2019 (22:50)jankels865[1A-14] M. DamonLeaving staff sit / running on peacetime ~ Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
696129/09/2019 (22:32)Butters[1A-08] jwjohnevading a staff sit // UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
696029/09/2019 (22:30)DIrty Dan[1K-01] IceTheDevNo Intent to RPActiveNever
695929/09/2019 (21:57)bigbc[1A-02] Andrew N.Leaving staff sit // unrealistic driving // Failrp - Josh 2A-05ActiveNever
695829/09/2019 (21:46)benjaminz[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Interfering with FAA Ops // NoclippingActiveNever
695729/09/2019 (21:34)Departings[1A-13] The NorthUse of a racial slur (N word)ActiveNever
695629/09/2019 (21:19)DRFIVE-O[1K-01] IceTheDevServer DisrespectExpiredNever
695529/09/2019 (21:01)Peen Inspector[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling, VDM, SpeedboostingActiveNever
695429/09/2019 (20:39)AdolphCharlesHitler[1K-02] GunExpert24VDM Mic SpamActiveNever
695329/09/2019 (20:38)opgbluue[1K-02] GunExpert24VDM, Speed Boosting, Leaving Staff sitRemoved (Appealed)Never
695229/09/2019 (20:33)renato123123123r[1K-02] GunExpert24Mass SpamActiveNever
695129/09/2019 (20:05)thinkableproudibex73ConsoleRacial SlursActiveNever
695029/09/2019 (20:04)Battery[1A-12] John D.Mic-Spamming, Self Revive, Abuse of Cuff Command ~Alex J. 2A-01ActiveNever
694929/09/2019 (19:30)✪sunkin-iwnl--[1A-12] John D.Server DisrespectActive28/11/2019 (18:30) GMT
694829/09/2019 (05:08)mono[1A-12] John D.Speedboosting, VDM, Trolling ~ Alex J. 2A-01ActiveNever
694729/09/2019 (03:41)RickySticky[1A-08] jwjohnmass rdmActiveNever
694629/09/2019 (02:37)JordanB[1K-01] IceTheDevInapproprite LinksActiveNever
694529/09/2019 (01:26)йøʊɗツ[1A-14] M. DamonMass RDM // No Intent to RP // GodmodeActiveNever
694429/09/2019 (01:22)emir_kilicaslan[1K-02] GunExpert24Mass RDMActiveNever
694329/09/2019 (01:13)Extinct1505[1A-08] jwjohnMass RDMActiveNever
694229/09/2019 (00:28)JustABag[1A-14] M. DamonMass RDM // Leaving to Avoid Punishment [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
694129/09/2019 (00:28)Austin's fat[1A-12] John D.Violating PT | Leaving Server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
694028/09/2019 (23:34)cabsona[1A-12] John D.Unrealistic Driving | Leaving Staff Sit | Speed Boost ~ Josh O. 2A-06ActiveNever
693928/09/2019 (22:48)Danny S.[1A-04] George T.Banned in the DiscordActiveNever
693828/09/2019 (17:22)Pancake_Hater[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM / Voice changer / Lying to staff / Leaving staff sitActiveNever
693728/09/2019 (16:39)nigatoni[1A-04] George T.Leaving during staff sit / Innapropriate NameActiveNever
693628/09/2019 (15:29)DankPumpkin[1A-04] George T.TrollingActiveNever
693528/09/2019 (07:13)BRUH[1A-15] MajesticMurpNITRP | FailRP | Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
693428/09/2019 (07:08)I like ya cut G[1A-15] MajesticMurpMass VDMActiveNever
693328/09/2019 (07:07)mah g[1A-15] MajesticMurpRDM | NITRP | Spawn KillActiveNever
693228/09/2019 (07:06)jimmy kong[1A-15] MajesticMurpRacial SlursActiveNever
693128/09/2019 (05:53)[5D-657] Tyler Civ-2020[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMExpiredNever
693028/09/2019 (03:28)Garshade[1K-05] DiiversxLeaving Staff Sit / Self Revive / Fail RPActiveNever
692928/09/2019 (03:09)Shrek Bieber[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Fail RPActiveNever
692828/09/2019 (02:33)[677] ClumzyMishka[1K-01] IceTheDevRDM/VDM/FailRPActiveNever
692728/09/2019 (01:08)F. Smith[1K-01] IceTheDevViolating Peacetime - Trolling - SpeedboostingActive05/10/2019 (00:08) GMT
692628/09/2019 (01:05)nickmenah[1K-01] IceTheDevSpeedboosting - Keeps noclipping away from staff sitRemoved (Appealed)Never
692528/09/2019 (00:31)Mr. Walker[1K-01] IceTheDevMass VDMActiveNever
692428/09/2019 (00:29)nogomy3[1K-01] IceTheDevMass VDMActiveNever
692328/09/2019 (00:28)Dank Sinatra 420[1K-01] IceTheDevMass SPawning in vehiclesActiveNever
692228/09/2019 (00:24)Clint Westbark[1K-01] IceTheDevRaciur SlurrsActiveNever
692128/09/2019 (00:19)Fusionz[1K-01] IceTheDevInterferring with a Staff Sit - TrollingActive11/10/2019 (23:19) GMT
692027/09/2019 (22:09)JW""[1A-03] Jenson G.Leaving Staff Sit/FailRP/Mass SpawningActiveNever
691926/09/2019 (22:30)John[1A-03] Jenson G.Impersonating Staff (Wearing staff uniform)ActiveNever
691826/09/2019 (20:59)nobody likes me[1A-14] M. DamonTrolling / Violation of PT / Staff Disrespect ~Josh O.ActiveNever
691726/09/2019 (20:58)~w~ Taylor.R[1A-14] M. DamonStaff Disrespect / Trolling / Violation of PT ~Josh O.ActiveNever
691626/09/2019 (20:58)Hollywood[1A-14] M. DamonTrolling / Violation of PT / Staff Disrespect ~Josh O.ActiveNever
691526/09/2019 (17:10)Mike Sullivan[1A-12] John D.staff disrespect / server disrespect / Racial slurs / Trolling ~Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
691426/09/2019 (17:10)Sike Wazowski[1A-12] John D.staff disrespect / server disrespect ~Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
691326/09/2019 (00:28)Trey Scott[1A-08] jwjohnRacial Slurs // Modding chat // UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
691226/09/2019 (00:01)jonathan[1A-08] jwjohnTerroristic RP // Staff Disrespect // Lying to staff // UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
691126/09/2019 (00:00)christian[1A-08] jwjohnTerroristic RP // Staff Disrespect // UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
691025/09/2019 (16:38)vindiskate[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] VDMActiveNever
690925/09/2019 (05:11)GreatGuyChris[1K-06] Nice E.VDM x2, NITRP, Unrealistic Driving VDM x2, NITRP, Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
690825/09/2019 (05:10)Sugy[1K-06] Nice E.VDM x2, NITRP, Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
690725/09/2019 (03:57)Wombo Combo[1A-01] Enveetrolling rdm leaving staff sitActiveNever
690625/09/2019 (02:26)Caleb[1A-08] jwjohnnot listening to staff // leaving to avoid a staff sit // Failrp // staff disrespect // UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
690525/09/2019 (01:32)CosMac2006[1A-12] John D.NITRP | VDMExpiredNever
690424/09/2019 (19:56)Alex [1A-01] EnveeRdm failure to follow server rules no intent to rp tping to staff members vdmActiveNever
690324/09/2019 (18:03)zTrusted[1A-13] The NorthInterfering with FAA / Pulling rifles out of nowhere / Leaving to avoid punishment ~2A-06 Alex J.ActiveNever
690224/09/2019 (15:58)Wølf[1A-12] John D.Interfering with FAA / Leaving to avoid punishment Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
690124/09/2019 (15:05)LopenaBLE[1A-12] John D.Mass RDM / Violating PT ~Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
690024/09/2019 (15:05)shasta[1A-12] John D.Mass RDM / Violating PT ~Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
689924/09/2019 (00:09)ReaperZ[1A-12] John D.Staff DisrespectRemoved (Appealed)23/10/2019 (23:09) GMT
689823/09/2019 (23:47)KiddSKrrt[1A-08] jwjohnLeaving to avoid a staff sit // RDMActiveNever
689723/09/2019 (23:44)KingKyle[1A-08] jwjohnMass RDM // Leaving to avoid a staff sit // UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
689623/09/2019 (21:22)Hasse kasse[1A-12] John D.Mass RDMActiveNever
689523/09/2019 (20:04)rickybombosmusic[1A-12] John D.Trolling | NITRP | Stealing leo carsActive07/10/2019 (19:04) GMT
689423/09/2019 (19:16)EL Kaber[1A-12] John D.Mass Spamming chat / Member disrespect / Leaving staff sit ~ Alex J 2A-06ActiveNever
689322/09/2019 (21:46)Shawn Anderson[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - No Intent to RPExpiredNever
689222/09/2019 (21:46)Christopher Robins[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - No Intent to RPExpiredNever
689122/09/2019 (21:33)valur[1A-12] John D.NITRP | Speed boost | driving as a deerExpiredNever
689022/09/2019 (19:32)MrBurokas[1A-12] John D.Violating PT | Leaving server to avoid punishment ~Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
688922/09/2019 (19:08)Sgt. Francis Underwood | 2V-15[1A-13] The NorthServer Disrespect | UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
688822/09/2019 (15:40)griffcombs1[1A-08] jwjohnLeaving to avoid staff sit // Interfering with RP UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
688722/09/2019 (15:27)Jason_773[1A-08] jwjohn[MW] Failrp // Violation of PTActiveNever
688622/09/2019 (14:08)Hendi[1A-08] jwjohnMass RDM UnappealableActiveNever
688522/09/2019 (13:08)Kickerfantheguy[1A-13] The NorthStaff disrespect, trolling, teleporting, RDMActiveNever
688422/09/2019 (12:56)stvbdkd[1A-13] The NorthModding, server disrespect, staff disrespect (stating admins, staff and server were "sht"), spawning peds, cages and use of an injector, spoofing name to represent other members as modders, leaving staff sit to avoid punishment, UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
688322/09/2019 (08:10)[2W-82][F-61] Tyler Ashton[1K-06] Nice E.advertisementActiveNever
688221/09/2019 (22:38)Raffi[1A-08] jwjohnleaving to avoid a staff sit// lying to staff ~2A-03Removed (Appealed)Never
688121/09/2019 (20:57)911 Roleplay (YT)[1K-01] IceTheDevLeavign Staff Sit - Advertising YouTube/Roleplay ServerActiveNever
688021/09/2019 (04:18)FlexSeal[1K-02] GunExpert24Racial SluresActiveNever
687921/09/2019 (02:55)Dexter[1A-12] John D.Speed Boost | Mass VDM | NITRP | Interfering with RPExpiredNever
687821/09/2019 (02:23)Ali Azad[1A-12] John D.ModdingActiveNever
687721/09/2019 (02:15)OldSchool[1A-12] John D.NITRP | Violating PTActive21/10/2019 (01:15) GMT
687621/09/2019 (02:10)[1A-12] John D.RDM during staff sit | Staff disrespectActiveNever
687521/09/2019 (01:59)bestgamer2011[1A-17] MajesticMurpInterfering with Staff Sit | NITRP | Not Listening to Staff | Staff DisrespectActiveNever
687421/09/2019 (01:51)oldschoolpills[1A-17] MajesticMurpRacial SlursActiveNever
687321/09/2019 (01:31)puffin_da_doink[1A-12] John D.Failrp | unrealistic Driving | Leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
687220/09/2019 (23:29)[3H-03] P. Diesel[1A-08] jwjohnViolation of PT / Failure to listen to staff / Leaving Staff Sit ~2A-05 Josh O.ActiveNever
687120/09/2019 (23:01)Kagge[1A-17] MajesticMurpLeaving Staff Sit / Speed boosting - Josh O.ActiveNever
687020/09/2019 (21:58)John h.[1A-04] George T.Leaving Staff Sit / RDM [UNNAPEALABLE]ActiveNever
686920/09/2019 (11:28)JK[1A-12] John D.Fail RP / Speed Boosting / Leaving Staff Sit ~ Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
686820/09/2019 (11:28)[4L-80] J. Vincent[1A-12] John D.RDM/Server Disrespect/ Violation of PT ~ Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
686720/09/2019 (11:26)Obi Wan Can Blow Me 😜[1A-12] John D.Staff Disrespect/Fixing his vehicle after crashing/Lying to staff/Leaving Staff Sit ~Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
686620/09/2019 (05:10)IH 7220[2A-03] Duck W.[MW] Speed boostActiveNever
686520/09/2019 (04:36)3N-05 | LT Tanner S.[1K-06] Nice E.No-Clipping, Unrealistic Driving, Speedboost, Leaving Server to Avoid Punishment, Violation of PT, RDMActiveNever
686420/09/2019 (04:35)trash[1A-01] EnveeMass VDM, NITRP, TrollingActiveNever
686320/09/2019 (02:08)Ruskaxz[1A-12] John D.RDM in staff sit | using LEO clothes | TrollingActiveNever
686219/09/2019 (20:14)Lord Mirikin[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Interfering with FAA OpsActiveNever
686119/09/2019 (01:53)GoatedFn.[1A-08] jwjohnstaff disrespectActiveNever
686019/09/2019 (01:25)Connor M. [577][1A-08] jwjohnstaff disrespect // per Alex J and myself UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
685918/09/2019 (01:37)succislife[1A-08] jwjohnno intent to rp // combat logging to avoid scenesActiveNever
685818/09/2019 (01:29)King Rob[1A-08] jwjohnVDM, Interfering with Scene - per Alex J. 2A-01Removed (Appealed)Never
685717/09/2019 (23:50)GlokkNine[1A-08] jwjohn[MW] VDMActiveNever
685317/09/2019 (19:56)Mathos[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Cop BaitingActiveNever
685217/09/2019 (17:48)Emilio[1A-12] John D.Failrp / Leaving to avoid punishment ~ Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
685017/09/2019 (03:07)Alexander W. 1A-05[1K-01] IceTheDevkRemoved (Appealed)Never
684917/09/2019 (02:45)The Great Andy[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - NITRPExpiredNever
684817/09/2019 (01:50)sgill77777[1A-12] John D.Staff Disrespect | NITRPActiveNever
684716/09/2019 (23:39)FriendlyEnemy[1A-16] M. DamonTrolling, Leaking Personal Info, Mass Dragging, Mass Cuffing, RDM, FailRP, NITRP [UNAPPEALABLE]~Alex JActiveNever
684616/09/2019 (15:54)beng0911[1A-12] John D.Server disrespect in chat / Leaving to avoid punishment Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
684516/09/2019 (15:06)igordecastrocoelho28[1A-12] John D.leaving staff sit / Trolling ~Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
684416/09/2019 (06:17)AndrewH649[1A-02] Andrew N.Racial Slurs (Request from 2A-06 Alex J.)ActiveNever
684316/09/2019 (03:59)Skila Zedrick[1K-01] IceTheDevArgung with Staff - FailRP - No intent to rpActive30/09/2019 (02:59) GMT
684216/09/2019 (03:55)[103] Adam B.[1K-01] IceTheDevKeeps teleporting away from staff- No intent to RPActive30/09/2019 (02:55) GMT
684116/09/2019 (02:29)Ryder™︻デ═─[1A-05] Alexander W.RDM / Spam in chat / TrollingRemoved (Appealed)23/09/2019 (01:29) GMT
684016/09/2019 (01:19)ja'daelon[1K-06] Nice E.VDMExpiredNever
683916/09/2019 (00:43)I want die[1A-15] The NorthEdgy name "I want Die", Avoiding blacklist, FailrpActiveNever
683815/09/2019 (19:13)black beard[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Fail RPRemoved (Appealed)Never
683715/09/2019 (16:49)THEJOKER[1A-05] Alexander W.Lying to staff / RDMExpiredNever
683615/09/2019 (16:45)Dmitri[1K-04] StingrqyFlying Fighter Jet without being FAA, Leaving Server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
683515/09/2019 (03:01)GloriousBalls69[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - FailRPActiveNever
683415/09/2019 (00:26)roccodavis6[1A-05] Alexander W.Fail RP / VDMActiveNever
683314/09/2019 (23:57)crazymezz6[1A-08] jwjohn[MW] military rp // not listening to staffActiveNever
683214/09/2019 (16:34)Kevin.J[1A-05] George T.Trolling / TeleportingActiveNever
683114/09/2019 (03:09)DocHolliday[1A-08] jwjohnno listening to staff // attempting to light me on fire while in a staff sit // shootiong on priority on holdRemoved (Appealed)Never
683014/09/2019 (01:05)jason.pisio[1A-12] John D.NITRP | Speed boost | FailrpExpiredNever
682914/09/2019 (01:03)C.Ramsay [222][1A-08] jwjohndriving unrealistically / Mass rdmActiveNever
682814/09/2019 (00:44)Sencxs[1A-12] John D.Mass RDM, NITRP ~ Alex J.ActiveNever
682714/09/2019 (00:44)Glonavyrpg[1A-12] John D.RDM x2, Leaving Server to avoid punishment ~ Alex JActiveNever
682613/09/2019 (21:20)[2C-02] D.Healy[1A-05] George T.VDMActiveNever
682513/09/2019 (01:11)Napkan[1A-08] jwjohnracial slursExpiredNever
682413/09/2019 (00:57)Dominic Demartini[1A-08] jwjohn[MW] Violation of PT // Beat someone with a baseball bat while PT was activeActiveNever
682312/09/2019 (23:57)Heater[1A-08] jwjohnno intent to rp // animal rp when Game Warden isnt active // attempting to attack me while in a staff sitActiveNever
682212/09/2019 (01:53)[HP-78] D.Fuller[1A-06] NoToleranceFalure to yeild to Staff, No Intent to Rp, Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
682112/09/2019 (01:46)S.Ninja[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving staff sit - Flying JetActiveNever
682011/09/2019 (19:56)BOT Bob[1A-05] George T.[MW] Driving LEO vehiclesActiveNever
681911/09/2019 (02:52)spoopachibi[1A-08] jwjohnnot listening to staff | continuous breaking of rules | smashing through scenesRemoved (Appealed)Never
681811/09/2019 (01:18)[3S-48] Luke C.[1A-08] jwjohnstaff disrespect | failrp | talking out of characterExpiredNever
681710/09/2019 (19:10)[TMTB] [C5] Blaster1204Consoleserver disrespectActiveNever
681610/09/2019 (05:30)Mr. Corn[1A-17] MajesticMurpNITRP | Unrealistic Driving | Using Speed Glitch | Not Listening to Staff | RammingActiveNever
681510/09/2019 (05:03)Chase Phillips[1A-17] MajesticMurpSpamming Vehicles | NITRPExpiredNever
681409/09/2019 (21:56)duke[1A-02] Enveemass rdm, explosive bullets, rdm during staff sit, leaving staff sit to avoid punishment, no intent to rpActiveNever
681309/09/2019 (21:39)Xx trill04 xX[1A-02] EnveemoddingActiveNever
681209/09/2019 (19:06)kurva anyád[1A-05] George T.[MW] FailRPActiveNever
681109/09/2019 (19:03)nathan_turner24[1A-05] George T.Failure to listen to staff / RDMActiveNever
681009/09/2019 (03:14)C. Waters[1K-01] IceTheDevMass VDM/RDM - TrollingExpiredNever
680909/09/2019 (03:13)M E D I X[1K-01] IceTheDevStealing Vehicles - FailRP - RDM - NITRPExpiredNever
680809/09/2019 (02:35)I want die[1K-01] IceTheDevVehicle Deathmatch - Driving a Community Cop Car in a Monkey Skin - NITRPRemoved (Appealed)23/09/2019 (01:35) GMT
680708/09/2019 (20:38)cheese-soup[1A-08] jwjohnstaff disrespect | server disrespect | violation of PT, shot me while i was in cad | leaving to avoid a staff sitActiveNever
680608/09/2019 (19:46)Benz[1A-08] jwjohnracial slursActiveNever
680508/09/2019 (17:12)[C5] Taylor B[1K-04] StingrqyTrolling | RDMActiveNever
680408/09/2019 (17:12)[SO-87] Sam. C[1K-04] StingrqyTrolling | RDMActiveNever
680308/09/2019 (16:35)MiniToast[1A-08] jwjohnfailrp | speedboost | not roleplaying crashes | ramping hills flipping vehicles and continuing | fixing car when it died due to damage.ActiveNever
680208/09/2019 (11:44)Noodle Daughter[1A-16] M. DamonModdingActiveNever
680108/09/2019 (11:42)vinceneltos[1A-16] M. DamonRDM // No Intent to RPActive22/09/2019 (10:42) GMT
680008/09/2019 (02:35)Atomic[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealistic Driving - VDMExpiredNever
679907/09/2019 (21:42)eemil[1A-12] John D.Violation of PT, Leaving Server to aviod Punish ~Alex JActiveNever
679807/09/2019 (19:19)Phantom[1A-12] John D.Self-Revive on active scene, Leaving Server to avoid punishment ~Alex JActiveNever
679707/09/2019 (17:48)Sebastian S.[1A-08] jwjohnContinuous talking out of RP | Leaving to Avoid a staff sitActiveNever
679607/09/2019 (02:58)Jxhn[1A-08] jwjohn[MW] Sexual RPRemoved (Appealed)Never
679507/09/2019 (02:18)Jake.Ryan[1A-08] jwjohnLeaving to avoid a staff sit // RDM // VDMActiveNever
679406/09/2019 (20:00)Yo mama[1A-05] George T.CopbaitingExpiredNever
679306/09/2019 (20:00)Rakennusmies[1A-05] George T.CopbaitingExpiredNever
679206/09/2019 (19:59)Big Bob[1A-05] George T.CopbaitingExpiredNever
679106/09/2019 (04:32)Dark[1K-06] Nice E.RDM x2 + Leaving Server to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
679006/09/2019 (03:05)robertgoad1[1A-06] NoToleranceInterfering with RP Wrecklas drivingActiveNever
678905/09/2019 (22:18)robbieniccum[1K-06] Nice E.leaving staff sitActiveNever
678805/09/2019 (21:17)TheRealFunky[1A-12] John D.[MW] unrealistic Driving | Failrp | Speed BoostActiveNever
678705/09/2019 (17:55)Josh The God[1A-16] M. DamonAdvertising // Modding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
678605/09/2019 (17:51)Storm_ReaperConsoleRacial SlursRemoved (Appealed)Never
678505/09/2019 (04:29)error[1K-06] Nice intent to rp and challenging staff in staff sitActiveNever
678405/09/2019 (03:31)Mr. Blitzy[1A-12] John D.No-clipping, Leaving server to avoid punishment ~Alex JActiveNever
678305/09/2019 (01:16)JokuTheSaiyan[1A-12] John D.VDM | Interfering with RP | Leaving to avoid PunishmentActiveNever
678204/09/2019 (23:56)end4unow[1A-12] John D.No-clipping + Violation of PT + Leaving Server To Avoid Punishment ~Alex JActiveNever
678104/09/2019 (03:54)[660] Boboman[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - VDMActive18/09/2019 (02:54) GMT
678004/09/2019 (03:48)Shayne W.[1K-01] IceTheDevNo Clipping away from staff sit - Godmode - FailRPExpiredNever
677904/09/2019 (03:44)tier[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - SpeedboostingActive18/09/2019 (02:44) GMT
677804/09/2019 (03:33)scerling[1K-01] IceTheDevRunning on PeacetimeActive18/09/2019 (02:33) GMT
677704/09/2019 (03:28)Tyler Light[1K-01] IceTheDevEvading Staff sit - Mass VDM/RDMActiveNever
677604/09/2019 (03:25)FierceLion769[1K-01] IceTheDevSpeedboost - FailRP - VDMActiveNever
677504/09/2019 (03:09)jwoods0208[1A-06] NoToleranceNo intent to rpActiveNever
677404/09/2019 (02:02)GOD[1K-01] IceTheDevGodmode - Mass RDMActiveNever
677304/09/2019 (02:02)WorldOfSteve[1K-01] IceTheDevGodmode - No clipping away from staff sitExpiredNever
677203/09/2019 (22:41)[2V-42] Buddy B.[1K-01] IceTheDevViolating Several Rules in Community Policy - FailRP - Violation of Peacetime - Interfering with Multiple ScenesRemoved (Appealed)Never
677103/09/2019 (21:05)catz[1A-12] John D.Staff Disrespect on Multiple Accasions - Raciur Slurrs in Public VC’s [Unappelaable]ActiveNever
677003/09/2019 (20:34)uhde-[1A-12] John D.NITRP | Mass RDM | No ClippingActiveNever
676903/09/2019 (19:31)rowenta[1A-05] George T.RDM / NITRP / TrollingActiveNever
676803/09/2019 (19:05)esooG[1A-05] George T.Leaving staff sitActiveNever
676703/09/2019 (17:25)Hayeck[1A-05] George T.Unrealistic Driving / Interfereing / NITRPActiveNever
676603/09/2019 (17:10)Alex Freeman[1A-05] George T.Trolling / Cuffing peopleActiveNever
676503/09/2019 (16:23)Doobski[1A-05] George T.Mass RDM / Racial Slurs / Leaving Staff Sit [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
676403/09/2019 (03:39)moi44[1A-17] MajesticMurpNITRP | Mass RDM | Mass VDM | NoClip - Alex JActiveNever
676303/09/2019 (03:38)jerome12341[1A-17] MajesticMurpNITRP | Mass RDM | Mass VDM | NoClip - Alex JRemoved (Appealed)Never
676203/09/2019 (03:37)xo.ant[1A-17] MajesticMurpNITRP | Mass RDM | Mass VDM | NoClip - Alex JActiveNever
676103/09/2019 (02:21)rylanm18[1K-01] IceTheDevMass VDMActive17/09/2019 (01:21) GMT
676002/09/2019 (20:51)MW_Kenzo[1A-16] M. DamonNITRP, Server Disrespect, FailRP, Staff Disrespect ~Alex J.ActiveNever
675902/09/2019 (16:42)husmam[1A-05] George T.Racial Slurs / RDM / FRPActiveNever
675802/09/2019 (04:38)Kori[1A-15] The NorthMass VDM, Trolling, NITRP, Violation of PT ~2A-01 Alex JActiveNever
675702/09/2019 (04:37)PK[1A-15] The NorthGodmode, NITRP, Violation of PT, Trolling ~ 2A-01 Alex JActiveNever
675602/09/2019 (02:53)DaGamingChink[1A-15] The NorthAdmitting to name being his youtube name trying to advertise. Name contains racist offensive wordRemoved (Appealed)Never
675502/09/2019 (02:35)CenturyLite on TwitchConsoleSpamming Chat over and over againActiveNever
675401/09/2019 (21:23)CHIP ÐlP[1K-06] Nice E.Speed Boosting | Leaving to avoid PunishmentActiveNever
675301/09/2019 (20:45)Olly Shaw[1A-06] NoToleranceHackingActiveNever
675201/09/2019 (17:23)Niloctheawesome[1A-05] George T.Leaving during staff sitActiveNever
675101/09/2019 (14:56)Josh[1K-04] StingrqyMicspam / Racism [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
675001/09/2019 (13:52)flexx[1A-02] Enveeno intent to RPActiveNever
674901/09/2019 (06:49)[4E-04] Adam Berlington[1K-06] Nice E.impersonationing staff and being unperfessionalRemoved (Appealed)Never
674801/09/2019 (06:47)Jxhn[1K-06] Nice E.RDM pulling weapons out of nowhereRemoved (Appealed)Never
674701/09/2019 (01:11)Phantom Complex[1K-01] IceTheDevRamming Users on PeacetimeExpiredNever
674601/09/2019 (00:44)my waffles were assaulted[1K-01] IceTheDevMass VDM (2 times)ExpiredNever
674501/09/2019 (00:20)finnmalloyConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
674431/08/2019 (21:31)Tom Stromboli[1K-06] Nice E.Speedboosting, NITRP, Mass VDM, TrollingActiveNever
674331/08/2019 (20:19)Rexx[1K-01] IceTheDevRDM - Violation of PTActive14/09/2019 (19:19) GMT
674231/08/2019 (20:18)RyZe SwiftZ[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolliung - Ear Raping - Tping to Staff - Staff DisrespectExpiredNever
674131/08/2019 (20:16)Im99Percent[1K-01] IceTheDevModderActive14/09/2019 (19:16) GMT
674031/08/2019 (19:34)SlasherSythe3[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - Lying to StaffActive14/09/2019 (18:34) GMT
673931/08/2019 (19:31)matto[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
673831/08/2019 (19:08)[714] B. James[1K-01] IceTheDevVDM - Disrespecting - Arguing with Staff - Jumping hills so high unrealisticly across the mapActive14/09/2019 (18:08) GMT
673731/08/2019 (19:01)black beard[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMExpiredNever
673631/08/2019 (19:00)cyanite[1K-01] IceTheDevMass VDMActiveNever
673531/08/2019 (17:09)imaasfg[1K-04] StingrqyTrolling | NITRPActiveNever
673431/08/2019 (17:05)[2T-59] Simon S.[1K-04] StingrqyLeaving staff sit, NITRPActiveNever
673331/08/2019 (16:55)Erlas[1K-04] StingrqyModdingActiveNever
673231/08/2019 (16:38)jay mcdonaldConsoleModding - Proof of it in chat logs. (Spamming a mod menu)ActiveNever
673131/08/2019 (08:24)ViperPB[1A-17] MajesticMurpLeaving Server to avoid punishments | RDM | NITRPActiveNever
673031/08/2019 (08:22)Sasanoo[1A-17] MajesticMurpRamming | Speedboost | Unrealistic Driving | NITRP | God ModeExpiredNever
672931/08/2019 (06:50)[C5] Godly[1A-17] MajesticMurpLeaving Server to Avoid PunishmentsActiveNever
672831/08/2019 (04:34)PAYTOWIN[1A-16] M. DamonUnrealistic Driving, Violation of PT, Ban Evading(Leaving Server) ~Alex J.ActiveNever
672731/08/2019 (03:56)Thomas Edward[1K-06] Nice E.AdvertisementActiveNever
672631/08/2019 (03:01)mickey[2A-01] Alex J.[MW] Playing sounds into micActiveNever
672531/08/2019 (02:49)kfc karene[1K-06] Nice E.RDM StaffActiveNever
672430/08/2019 (22:57)[1S-37] Chad N.[1A-15] The NorthMass RDM, Violation of PT, Sniping, Ban Evading ~Alex J 2A-01ActiveNever
672330/08/2019 (22:56)Andrew[1A-15] The NorthMass RDM, Violation of PT, SnipingRemoved (Appealed)Never
672230/08/2019 (22:04)Andersen[1A-05] George T.Mass RDM, No-clipping, TeleportingActiveNever
672130/08/2019 (22:04)[CoW] Reality[1A-05] George T.Mass RDM, Mass VDM, NITRPActiveNever
672030/08/2019 (18:54)Avo_0[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDM, Super Jump, Mass VDM, NITRP, TrollingActiveNever
671930/08/2019 (18:53)AESTHETICS[1K-04] StingrqyBan Evading, Terrorist RP, Spawning Vehicle's to get out of staff sitActiveNever
671830/08/2019 (18:53)MR.AESTHETICS[1K-04] StingrqyBan Evading, Terrorist RP, Spawning Vehicle's to get out of staff sitActiveNever
671730/08/2019 (03:40)Eugene Krabs[1K-06] Nice E.Driving Unauthroized Vehicle, Mass VDM,Mass RDMActiveNever
671630/08/2019 (03:33)Borat Sagdiyev[2A-01] Alex J.[MW] Violation of PTActiveNever
671530/08/2019 (01:55)Xotiq[1K-06] Nice E.Mass RDM & leaving staff sit.ActiveNever
671430/08/2019 (01:45)Ranchito[1K-06] Nice E.modding and advertisementActiveNever
671330/08/2019 (01:41)Ranchito[1K-06] Nice E.AdvertimentRemoved (update)Never
671230/08/2019 (00:00)Jared[1K-06] Nice E.Mass RDMActiveNever
671129/08/2019 (23:31)O.G Alex[1K-06] Nice E.running on peacetime and unrealistic drivingActiveNever
671029/08/2019 (23:24)Lil tekk[1K-06] Nice E.tping to staff sitActiveNever
670929/08/2019 (22:38)dallas[2A-09] John D.[MW] No ClipActiveNever
670829/08/2019 (22:31)Logan2248[1K-06] Nice E.VDMActiveNever
670729/08/2019 (22:24)ButterNutzz420[1K-06] Nice E.not listening to staffActiveNever
670629/08/2019 (20:21)Per[1A-15] The Northleaving staff sit, driving tnak on main roadActiveNever
670529/08/2019 (20:20)It's me[1A-15] The NorthDriving tank bypassing blacklist, interfering with FAA opperations (driving tank on runway)ExpiredNever
670429/08/2019 (15:02)Polecat325[1A-16] M. DamonStaff Disrespect ~J.DiggleActiveNever
670329/08/2019 (05:19)john dimino[1K-06] Nice E.RDMActiveNever
670229/08/2019 (05:14)I'm your Daddy[1K-06] Nice E.RDM wearing CO uniform while active civ and leaving server before staff sitActiveNever
670129/08/2019 (02:30)jfanelli[1K-06] Nice E.Invisible, Trolling, Mass RDMActiveNever
670029/08/2019 (02:30)ViiZeD[1K-06] Nice E.Invisible, Trolling, Mass RDMActiveNever
669929/08/2019 (02:29)Frank[1K-06] Nice E.Invisible, Trolling, Mass RDMActiveNever
669828/08/2019 (23:27)EchoCrush[1K-01] IceTheDevfail RP, running over cops during peace time, not listening to rules, noclipping when deadActiveNever
669728/08/2019 (21:28)Spray n Pray ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)[1K-04] StingrqyLUA ModdingRemoved (Appealed)Never
669628/08/2019 (18:48)McGary[1A-05] George T.Animal Without Game Warden | Super-jump | Leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
669528/08/2019 (18:40)[458] MeetBillLOL[1A-16] M. DamonMass RDM | Violating PT | Staff Disrespect J.DiggleActiveNever
669428/08/2019 (15:45)ForTrex_YT[1A-05] George T.Failure to listen to staffActiveNever
669328/08/2019 (04:23)D.Pedro [6A-20][1A-17] MajesticMurpLeaving Server to Avoid PunishmentsExpiredNever
669228/08/2019 (03:07)SpedKid.[1K-01] IceTheDevRunning on Cooldown - Left Staff SitActiveNever
669128/08/2019 (02:19)Teitur Olsen[1A-17] MajesticMurpMass RDMActiveNever
669027/08/2019 (22:04)Mint[1K-06] Nice E.staff disrespectActiveNever
668927/08/2019 (22:01)Technoblade[1K-06] Nice E.mass RDMActiveNever
668827/08/2019 (22:00)JaxPlaysYT[1K-06] Nice E.mass rdmActiveNever
668727/08/2019 (21:11)josh peck[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDM, TrollingActiveNever
668627/08/2019 (19:50)doobie[1K-04] StingrqyTrollingActiveNever
668527/08/2019 (19:08)im e gay[1K-04] StingrqyTrollingActiveNever
668427/08/2019 (19:07)Sexy time[1K-04] StingrqyTrollingActiveNever
668327/08/2019 (18:31)Maniac[1K-04] StingrqyNITRPActiveNever
668227/08/2019 (18:31)Bjølsebubbin[1K-04] StingrqyNITRPActiveNever
668127/08/2019 (16:46)Flapz.[1A-17] MajesticMurpServer DisrespectActiveNever
668027/08/2019 (16:33)[2T-65] Ainsley. C[1A-17] MajesticMurpNITRP | Ramming | Leaving SitActiveNever
667927/08/2019 (04:19) to Staff | Member DisRemoved (Appealed)03/09/2019 (03:19) GMT
667827/08/2019 (02:33)Caleb[1K-06] Nice E.vdm fake COActiveNever
667727/08/2019 (01:47)rbxjrbx[1K-06] Nice E.mass VDMActiveNever
667627/08/2019 (00:36)Jaakol[1K-06] Nice E.RDMActiveNever
667526/08/2019 (22:05)19358346745687456856[1K-06] Nice E.Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
667426/08/2019 (21:56)Jackson[1K-04] StingrqyModding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
667326/08/2019 (05:26)vtrix[1A-17] MajesticMurpLeaving to avoid PunishmentsActiveNever
667226/08/2019 (03:31)1 2 3 you turned turn gay today[1A-02] EnveeLeaving staff sit to avoid punishment, mass rdm, teleporting to officers during scenesActiveNever
667126/08/2019 (03:05)Maverick![1A-17] MajesticMurpRDM | NITRPActive02/09/2019 (02:05) GMT
667026/08/2019 (03:03)Maq[1A-17] MajesticMurpMass RDMActive02/09/2019 (02:03) GMT
666926/08/2019 (02:54)TreasonTrey[1A-17] MajesticMurpRacial Slurs, Mass RDMActiveNever
666825/08/2019 (22:44)Mr.RogueGaming[1K-01] IceTheDevSelf Reviving + Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
666725/08/2019 (22:43)Mike R.[1K-01] IceTheDevViolation of PT + Leaving Server to Avoid Punishment + RDMActiveNever
666625/08/2019 (22:43)Ice Man[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit - RDMActiveNever
666525/08/2019 (15:23)Eaman Nooman[1K-04] StingrqyBan EvadingActiveNever
666425/08/2019 (07:35)NICO[1K-01] IceTheDevUnauthorized Flying - Modding - No intent to RPActiveNever
666325/08/2019 (07:27)Sharpies[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - VDMActive08/09/2019 (06:27) GMT
666225/08/2019 (07:26)I AM DEJI[1K-01] IceTheDevThrowing Molotovs - Violating Peacetime - FailRPExpiredNever
666125/08/2019 (05:41)Crack Slinger[1K-01] IceTheDevNoclipped away from Staff Sit - FailRPActive08/09/2019 (04:41) GMT
666025/08/2019 (00:20)[ASN] Sevinn[1K-01] IceTheDevmass RdmActiveNever
665924/08/2019 (22:47)✨lilsmurf✨[2A-01] Alex J.[MW] Violation of PTActiveNever
665824/08/2019 (21:06)RexRuben[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM and VDMActive07/09/2019 (20:06) GMT
665724/08/2019 (20:48)Eldonski[1K-01] IceTheDevFlying a Unauthorized VehicleActiveNever
665624/08/2019 (20:36)black beardConsoleGodmode - VDMRemoved (Appealed)Never
665524/08/2019 (20:30)[778] R. SmithConsoleModdingActiveNever
665424/08/2019 (17:20)Defective Detective[1K-04] StingrqyLeaving staff sitActiveNever
665324/08/2019 (16:44)Bravo_FivePD[1K-04] StingrqyFailRP, Mass RDM, Speedboosting, Evading Cops during PT, VDM, Unrealistic Driving, NITRP, Modding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
665224/08/2019 (16:40)Pablo[1A-05] George T.Advertisng / LUA Injector [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
665124/08/2019 (15:27)Man Of The Year[1A-08] jwjohnunrealistic driving, leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
665024/08/2019 (14:36)Avo[1K-05] DiiversxHacking - Trolling - Using Racial Slurs - [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
664924/08/2019 (11:55)[8848] E.Davis[1A-05] George T.Multiple counts of FRP / RDM / NITRPActiveNever
664824/08/2019 (05:48)my waffles were assaulted[2A-01] Alex J.[MW] Interfering with sceneRemoved (Appealed)Never
664724/08/2019 (04:28)ShotoPain[1A-08] jwjohnRacial Slurs, Trolling, Mic spam -[2A-01] Alex J.ActiveNever
664624/08/2019 (02:46)Shitwater[1A-17] MajesticMurpServer Disrespect | Staff DisrespectActiveNever
664524/08/2019 (02:18)Da'quan[1A-17] MajesticMurpLeaving Server to avoid PunishmentsActiveNever
664424/08/2019 (01:28)John williams[1A-17] MajesticMurpHackingActiveNever
664324/08/2019 (01:24)BigBooty[1A-17] MajesticMurpNITRP | Mass RDM | Attempting to leave sitActiveNever
664224/08/2019 (01:20)InfernoGames[1A-17] MajesticMurpLeaving Server to Avoid PunishmentsActiveNever
664123/08/2019 (22:00)Ozzy456[1A-03] 1A3Modding // Leaving to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
664023/08/2019 (19:07)MARIO}[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - VDMExpiredNever
663923/08/2019 (15:40)Cameron White[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDMActiveNever
663823/08/2019 (15:39)andrewwwwwwwwwwww[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDMActiveNever
663723/08/2019 (05:15)OsamaBeenLaggin[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Mass VDM - TrollingActive06/09/2019 (04:15) GMT
663623/08/2019 (05:14)PikkkkkPoklkkazZz[1K-01] IceTheDevStaff Disrespect - Mass RDM - FailRPActive27/09/2019 (04:14) GMT
663523/08/2019 (05:14)Olivier L. 5D-158 | F-836[1K-01] IceTheDevModding - Mass VDM - FailRPActive06/09/2019 (04:14) GMT
663423/08/2019 (05:13)[S264] Bill Franklin[1K-01] IceTheDevMass VDMActive06/09/2019 (04:13) GMT
663323/08/2019 (05:11)[S-263] Steve-O[1K-01] IceTheDevSpeedboosting - Noclipping away from staff sitActive06/09/2019 (04:11) GMT
663223/08/2019 (04:52)Festivemedic[1K-01] IceTheDevIn unauthorizxed skin - Staff Disrespect - FailRPActive06/09/2019 (03:52) GMT
663123/08/2019 (03:23)Murkavelly[1K-06] Nice E.player disrespectActiveNever
663023/08/2019 (03:22)Mike Wiffy[1K-06] Nice E.staff disrespectActiveNever
662923/08/2019 (02:25)Maikol Yacson[1K-06] Nice E.tping to staff sitActiveNever
662823/08/2019 (01:37)Laceless Shoes[1K-06] Nice E.RDM - no responce from playerActive25/08/2019 (00:37) GMT
662722/08/2019 (23:21)Originals | Aron[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMActive05/09/2019 (22:21) GMT
662622/08/2019 (22:42)Dee[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP -Starting DramaActiveNever
662522/08/2019 (22:38)Knif[1K-01] IceTheDevNoclipping Around the map - RDMActive05/09/2019 (21:38) GMT
662422/08/2019 (22:36)[CO-96] Rafiki[1K-01] IceTheDevNoclipped away from staff sit - mass rdm - superjumpRemoved (Appealed)Never
662322/08/2019 (22:30)~h~ ~q~ HaWa0509[1K-01] IceTheDevSuper Jumping - Mass RDMing EveryoneRemoved (Appealed)Never
662222/08/2019 (21:10)Benny[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM StaffActiveNever
662122/08/2019 (21:08)Sommarlov[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit - Mass RDM [Unappealable]ActiveNever
662022/08/2019 (20:55)M249.Entity[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP (Spawning in different bikes in the middle of the road with people arounmd them) - Violating PT, Pulling AR out of buttExpiredNever
661922/08/2019 (20:48)T. Brayden [FF-02][1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit Immediently when dragged - Mass VDM and RDM - Killing on peacetime [Unappealable]ActiveNever
661822/08/2019 (20:26)Patrick[1K-04] StingrqyInterfering with FAA | Speedboosting | Noclipping | Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
661722/08/2019 (20:23)ssurteesConsoleTrolling | Staff DisrespectActiveNever
661622/08/2019 (20:20)Vpn-DaddyConsoleModdingActiveNever
661522/08/2019 (05:07)LickmeConsoleMass VDMActiveNever
661422/08/2019 (05:07)Squirtle WoodsConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
661322/08/2019 (05:07)SnowyyyConsoleVDM/RDM/SpeedboostingActiveNever
661222/08/2019 (05:07)tyler oneConsoleVDM/RDMActiveNever
661122/08/2019 (02:23)Kevin CAmal[1A-16] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Punishment // RDM // Violating Peacetime // Cop-BaitingActiveNever
661021/08/2019 (22:20)TheSadTengu.TV[1K-05] DiiversxLeaving to Avoid Punishment - Leaving Staff Sit - VDM - TrollingActiveNever
660921/08/2019 (20:03)Daniel S[1K-05] DiiversxLying to Staff/Administration - In Possession/In Server with Stolen/Leaked Files UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
660821/08/2019 (19:22)Hat[1A-15] The NorthSpamming in game chat, Advertising other servers in game chat (spamming), leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
660721/08/2019 (16:25)jordan99j[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP/RDMActive04/09/2019 (15:25) GMT
660621/08/2019 (16:25)ronn9919[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP/RDMActive04/09/2019 (15:25) GMT
660521/08/2019 (04:22)Chubbs860[1K-01] IceTheDevRDM/VDMExpiredNever
660421/08/2019 (04:19)JC Von Ruhmann[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Interferring with RP - Trolling [Unappealable]ExpiredNever
660321/08/2019 (04:05)Michael C. 5006[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM/Violating PeacetimeActiveNever
660221/08/2019 (04:05)Oliver B. 1E-28[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM/VDM - Violating PeacetimeActiveNever
660121/08/2019 (03:51)Czar of Russia[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMRemoved (Appealed)Never
660021/08/2019 (03:44)xxxtarnation[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
659921/08/2019 (03:44)Rougejoe[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - RDMExpiredNever
659821/08/2019 (03:43)Tocholl[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM/VDM - FailRPExpiredNever
659721/08/2019 (03:03)fedaditchi[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Violation of PTActiveNever
659621/08/2019 (03:03)420FUCKBOYiTry clan[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
659521/08/2019 (02:52)Gurt[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staf Sit - RDM - FailRPActiveNever
659421/08/2019 (02:09)Crooked Joker98[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Arguing - Trolling Around the Server - Running on PeacetimeActive25/09/2019 (01:09) GMT
659321/08/2019 (02:09)SykoFerret[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Arguing - Trolling Around the Server - Running on PeacetimeActive25/09/2019 (01:09) GMT
659221/08/2019 (00:55)fire41272[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
659121/08/2019 (00:54)[802] Boyette[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Leaving during Staff SitActiveNever
659020/08/2019 (23:21)H4shTags[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
658920/08/2019 (21:40)Kieran04[1K-05] DiiversxPlayer Harassment - No intent to RPActiveNever
658820/08/2019 (21:04)CardBoardBoy[1K-05] DiiversxLying to Staff/Administration - NoclippingActive23/08/2019 (20:04) GMT
658720/08/2019 (20:57)sammiev27[1K-05] DiiversxServer Disrespect - RDMActiveNever
658620/08/2019 (17:48)Voxant[1A-16] M. DamonTrollingActiveNever
658520/08/2019 (17:41)Steve Will Do It[1K-04] StingrqyDDOS Threats, VDM, NITRP, Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit [Unappealable]ActiveNever
658420/08/2019 (01:55)S2 drewConsoleVDMActiveNever
658320/08/2019 (01:25)Rowburtoe[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDM and LeaveActiveNever
658219/08/2019 (23:58)✪ Gopster[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - FailRPActiveNever
658119/08/2019 (23:46)FRANKIE ENGLER[1K-01] IceTheDevNo Animal RP - No intent to RP - FailRPActive02/09/2019 (22:46) GMT
658019/08/2019 (23:46)codesterr[1K-01] IceTheDevNo Animal RP - No intent to RP - FailRPActive02/09/2019 (22:46) GMT
657919/08/2019 (23:46)SiNr[1K-01] IceTheDevNo Animal RP - No intent to RP - FailRPExpiredNever
657819/08/2019 (23:45)Trix[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - No intent to RPActive02/09/2019 (22:45) GMT
657719/08/2019 (22:01)FluffyChode[1A-15] The NorthLying to staff, leaving to avoid punishment prior, racist slursActiveNever
657619/08/2019 (21:58)SirGas[1A-15] The NorthRacism, use of racial slurs. Community cop not in RTOActiveNever
657519/08/2019 (21:58)Rex[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Dragging People [Proof:]ActiveNever
657419/08/2019 (20:03)[101] DEMI[1A-05] George T.Flying Blacklisted VehiclesActiveNever
657319/08/2019 (06:36)=(eGO)= DaddyDubbs[1K-01] IceTheDevTeleporting to ScenesRemoved (Appealed)02/09/2019 (05:36) GMT
657219/08/2019 (06:36)ItzFold[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Stealing Police VehiclesActiveNever
657119/08/2019 (06:23)Mr.RonSwanson[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
657019/08/2019 (06:13)Shmink[1K-01] IceTheDevMember Disrespect - FailRPActiveNever
656919/08/2019 (04:44)Remy The Rat[1K-06] Nice E.leaving server to avoid staff sit and punishmentActiveNever
656819/08/2019 (04:42)Fantasy_[1K-06] Nice E.RDM staffActiveNever
656719/08/2019 (04:40)✪Almighty Blake[1A-17] MajesticMurpMass RDMActiveNever
656619/08/2019 (04:39)TopShot[1A-17] MajesticMurpMass RDMActiveNever
656519/08/2019 (04:37)Sky[1A-16] M. DamonCopbaiting // Leaving to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
656419/08/2019 (04:05)TylerThumb[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Shooting on Priority cooldownActiveNever
656319/08/2019 (04:05)Shaqtus[1K-02] GunExpert24RDM StaffActiveNever
656219/08/2019 (04:02)Shmackle[1A-08] jwjohnstaff disrespect // no intent to rpActiveNever
656119/08/2019 (04:02)[p-23]alfie[1K-02] GunExpert24VDM, Interferring with RPActiveNever
656019/08/2019 (03:58)Voltz[1K-02] GunExpert24no intent to rpActiveNever
655919/08/2019 (03:51)RubberToe[1A-08] jwjohnTrying to steal police vehicle's, Leaving server to avoid punishment -Alex J. 2A-01ActiveNever
655819/08/2019 (03:42)Yasay[1K-01] IceTheDevRDM, FailRPActive02/09/2019 (02:42) GMT
655719/08/2019 (02:25)Misterlabguy[1A-16] M. DamonMASS RDM // NITRP // Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
655619/08/2019 (02:22)👌Aaron B. 5E-69[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit - RDMActiveNever
655519/08/2019 (02:22)[5E-47] Cam.T[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
655419/08/2019 (01:49)Double[1K-02] GunExpert24Trolling, Fail RPActiveNever
655318/08/2019 (23:26)sleeping General[1K-05] DiiversxRDM - No Intent to RP - Self ReviveExpiredNever
655218/08/2019 (23:21)Ho Chi Minh[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMExpiredNever
655118/08/2019 (22:32)N-Word//Brown[1K-06] Nice E.Need to change you're nameRemoved (Appealed)19/08/2019 (21:32) GMT
655018/08/2019 (22:29)youstankyreally[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Not listening to staff - Left staff sitActiveNever
654918/08/2019 (22:16)kendary[1A-17] MajesticMurpFlying Fighter Jet - Shooting | NITRPActiveNever
654818/08/2019 (22:05)oof that manz[1K-06] Nice E.leaving server to avoid staff sitActiveNever
654718/08/2019 (20:30)[FH][F]Ratboy[1K-01] IceTheDevNo intent to RP - FailRPExpiredNever
654618/08/2019 (20:03)dixie normous[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealistic Drving - FailRPActive01/09/2019 (19:03) GMT
654518/08/2019 (19:25)[RHC] Idistroyedyou71[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActive22/09/2019 (18:25) GMT
654418/08/2019 (17:25)Jacob B. 5D-295[1K-01] IceTheDevRDM during Peacetime - Staff DisrespectExpiredNever
654318/08/2019 (16:57)NYZ1UConsoleModderActiveNever
654218/08/2019 (13:42)lazerking078[1A-08] jwjohntrolling// no intent to rp // violation of PT // unrealistic drivingActiveNever
654118/08/2019 (07:50)CR Films on YTConsoleMass RDMRemoved (Appealed)Never
654018/08/2019 (05:45)Koby H.[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
653918/08/2019 (05:39)artg4012ConsoleServer DisrespectActiveNever
653818/08/2019 (05:05)Jex[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActive01/09/2019 (04:05) GMT
653718/08/2019 (04:31)Mike Coxsmaul[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - RDM - Attempt to RDM while in staff sitActiveNever
653618/08/2019 (04:15)Squeesh[1K-01] IceTheDevLeft Staff Sit - No intent to RP - Ignoring Everyone - VDM - RDM - Running on PeacetimeActive01/09/2019 (03:15) GMT
653518/08/2019 (03:59)Noobmaster69[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Tped to me then killed meActiveNever
653418/08/2019 (03:53)DominoQc[1K-01] IceTheDevVDM - Unrealistic DrivingActive01/09/2019 (02:53) GMT
653318/08/2019 (03:45)angelom87[1K-01] IceTheDevVDM - No intent to RPExpiredNever
653217/08/2019 (23:49)[email protected] [email protected] g3t [email protected][1K-01] IceTheDevStealing PD Vehicles - No intent to RP - RDMExpiredNever
653117/08/2019 (22:47)[548]Mohamed[1K-02] GunExpert24No intent to RPRemoved (Appealed)Never
653017/08/2019 (19:26)Glennart[1K-05] DiiversxAttempting to Aviod Staff Sit - RDM - No Intent to RP - Fail RP - Leaving to Avoid Punishment - Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
652917/08/2019 (19:20)[4B-52] Frank P.[1K-05] DiiversxAbusing Jail Commands - MinimoddingExpiredNever
652817/08/2019 (17:22)LopenaBLE[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMExpiredNever
652717/08/2019 (16:53)[5d-016] John Ramirez[1K-01] IceTheDevDriving Blacklisted Vehcles - Using Mod MenusActiveNever
652617/08/2019 (16:53)Thick Thighs Save Lives[1K-01] IceTheDevDriving Blacklisted Vehcles - Using Mod MenusActiveNever
652517/08/2019 (16:39)MathPlayz[1K-01] IceTheDevAttemp to leave staff sit - Not listening to staff - Mass VDM (NITRP)ExpiredNever
652417/08/2019 (15:30)👻Mr_Ghost06👻[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
652317/08/2019 (14:53)loser.[1A-03] 1A3No intent to RP (Noclip, RDM)ActiveNever
652217/08/2019 (14:08)Max.P[1A-05] George T.RDM / FRPActiveNever
652117/08/2019 (14:08)TRX[1A-05] George T.RDM / FRPActiveNever
652017/08/2019 (02:01)Artix[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit - Snipping PeopleActive21/09/2019 (01:01) GMT
651917/08/2019 (00:17)Logic[1K-01] IceTheDevRDM at Staff Sit - Running on Priority In Progress (No Intent to RP)ExpiredNever
651816/08/2019 (14:08)uzi[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Mass RDM with ProofActiveNever
651716/08/2019 (06:11)[S-160] Big Boo[1K-01] IceTheDevNo intent to RP (NITRP) - FailRP - TrollingExpiredNever
651616/08/2019 (06:10)[K-001] Alban[1K-01] IceTheDevNo intent to RP (NITRP) - FailRP - TrollingExpiredNever
651516/08/2019 (05:19)| Rich |[1K-01] IceTheDevCop Baiting - Running on Peacetime - FailRPExpiredNever
651416/08/2019 (05:17)~g~ Dixon M. [2R-06][1K-01] IceTheDevBlacklisted from the TXDPSRP NetworkActiveNever
651316/08/2019 (04:57)webbz2004[1K-01] IceTheDevKeeps running from staff sit (Noclipping to) - FailRP - Mass RDM [Not listenong to staff]ExpiredNever
651216/08/2019 (01:30)Alesso[1A-15] The NorthRDM, Leaving Server to avoid punishment ~ Alex J. 2A-01ActiveNever
651115/08/2019 (23:02)GOA GUBBAR[1A-16] M. DamonMass RDM ~John D.ActiveNever
651015/08/2019 (05:07)Advantage2049[1K-01] IceTheDevRunning on Peacetime - No intent to RPRemoved (Appealed)29/08/2019 (04:07) GMT
650915/08/2019 (04:48)| 191 | Officer | Rays[1K-06] Nice E.server disrespectActiveNever
650815/08/2019 (04:48)1R-10 | 𝕵𝖚𝖘𝖙𝕮𝖆[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - No intent to RP - Cop BaitingActive29/08/2019 (03:48) GMT
650715/08/2019 (04:41)Drew.R [C-21] [5-E-74][1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - No Intent to RPExpiredNever
650615/08/2019 (04:41)Wavelength[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - No Intent to RPActive29/08/2019 (03:41) GMT
650515/08/2019 (04:41)Viper[1K-06] Nice E.staff disrespectRemoved (Appealed)Never
650415/08/2019 (04:18)allegedprawn[1K-01] IceTheDevNot listening to staff - Stealing Police VehiclesExpiredNever
650315/08/2019 (04:18)RiSK[1K-06] Nice E.running over people as a CORemoved (Appealed)17/08/2019 (03:18) GMT
650215/08/2019 (04:09)inland Iggy[1K-06] Nice E.messing with rp scene and VDmExpiredNever
650115/08/2019 (03:38)XxSiBeMaNxX[1K-06] Nice E.Staff disrespect and player disresectActiveNever
650015/08/2019 (03:26)Ling Lee Chin Chee[1K-06] Nice E.staff sit VDMExpiredNever
649915/08/2019 (03:25)XxAssassinLoverxX[1K-06] Nice E.being unrealistic, fake communtiy officerActive17/08/2019 (02:25) GMT
649815/08/2019 (03:16)ghost22249[1K-06] Nice E.running on peacetimeActive17/08/2019 (02:16) GMT
649715/08/2019 (03:08)Nertigel[1K-06] Nice E.speed boostingActive17/08/2019 (02:08) GMT
649615/08/2019 (03:01)Skcooby[1K-06] Nice E.leaving the server to avoid staff sit and punishment for speed boostingRemoved (Appealed)Never
649515/08/2019 (01:57)bob jr[1A-17] MajesticMurpLeaving Server to Avoid PunishmentsActiveNever
649415/08/2019 (01:44)SkullGames[1K-06] Nice E.[MW] TpingActiveNever
649315/08/2019 (00:49)FEKSupremeConsolePlaying Music Through Mic - No intent to RPRemoved (Appealed)Never
649215/08/2019 (00:09)[2V-85] [WR-15] officialtoast[1A-16] M. DamonServer Disrespect // Member Disrespect // BLACKLISTED FROM TXDPSRP NETWORK // Spreading Rumours & Lies about othersActiveNever
649114/08/2019 (22:17)Poseidon[1K-01] IceTheDevSpeedboostingExpiredNever
649014/08/2019 (21:20)~g~ C.Snake [2A-07][1K-05] DiiversxBlacklist from TXDPSRP NetworkActiveNever
648914/08/2019 (21:12)[2V-23] Zak P.[1K-05] DiiversxStaff Disrespect - Server DisrespectActiveNever
648814/08/2019 (20:43)[LFG]RIPJAH[1K-05] DiiversxLeaving Staff Sit to avoid Punishment - Mass RDM - No intent to RP - Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
648714/08/2019 (20:42)[IFN] TTV/Coldtint [TM][1K-05] DiiversxLeaving Staff Sit to avoid Punishment - Mass RDM - No intent to RP - Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
648614/08/2019 (20:27)Nico[1K-01] IceTheDevViolating PT | Leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
648514/08/2019 (20:21)Pee Fart[1A-08] jwjohnViolation of PT/Leaving to avoid staff sitActiveNever
648414/08/2019 (20:15)poopslayer4[1A-08] jwjohnnot listening to staff, mic spamActiveNever
648314/08/2019 (20:01)Kxnny0126[1K-01] IceTheDevLying to Staff - Mass RDM - Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
648214/08/2019 (19:57)yurMOM586[1K-01] IceTheDevNot listening to Staff - Mass RDMActiveNever
648114/08/2019 (19:57)End My Suffering[2A-09] John D.[MW] VDMActiveNever
648014/08/2019 (19:26)Flack[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM | Leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
647914/08/2019 (19:25)Reee[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM | Left server as Staff JoinedActiveNever
647814/08/2019 (17:21)BillyCorganQLF[1A-15] The NorthCommunity officer not in RTO, Ramming into police and pursuit subject, excessive tasing not issuing commands, trolling, staff disrespect, leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
647714/08/2019 (14:31)bruhmoment216[1K-04] StingrqyMass VDM / Staff Disrespect / Leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
647614/08/2019 (14:31)jack frost[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDM / RDM on staff during sit / TPActiveNever
647514/08/2019 (14:31)Heinz Sauce[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDM | Leaving staff sitActiveNever
647414/08/2019 (14:30)EvanOnPC[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDM, Trolling, NITRPActiveNever
647314/08/2019 (14:30)Arik[1K-04] StingrqyGodmode, Trolling, Mass RDM, NITRPActiveNever
647214/08/2019 (14:30)videonoob08[1K-04] StingrqyRDM, NITRP, Shooting other copsActiveNever
647113/08/2019 (19:52)filipat[2A-09] John D.[MW] Violating Priority In ProgressRemoved (Appealed)Never
647013/08/2019 (19:25)Joe__68[1A-05] George T.Failure to listen to staff / Attempted RDM [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
646913/08/2019 (19:20)Jacob18_[1A-05] George T.Leaving to avoid punishment [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
646813/08/2019 (18:14)Juanito[1A-03] 1A3Modding StreamActiveNever
646713/08/2019 (18:13)m0de[1K-04] StingrqyViolating PT | Leaving to avoid PunishmentActiveNever
646613/08/2019 (04:51)Fearstriker[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRPActive27/08/2019 (03:51) GMT
646513/08/2019 (04:04)Mike W.[1K-01] IceTheDevSpammingActiveNever
646413/08/2019 (02:41)Snap[1A-16] M. DamonInterfering with RP | Leaving to avoid punishment ~J.DiggleActiveNever
646313/08/2019 (02:39)cadineverett[1A-16] M. DamonInterfering with Priority, Left Staff Sit Alex J.ActiveNever
646213/08/2019 (02:38)fearoh[1A-16] M. Damon/fixing car in the middle of the road, Leaving Server to avoid Punishment ~Alex J.ActiveNever
646113/08/2019 (02:38)Kazor[1A-16] M. DamonCalling me the N word ~Alex J.ActiveNever
646012/08/2019 (22:51)Black Peter Griffin[1A-02] EnveeVDM Leaving staff sitActiveNever
645912/08/2019 (16:44)[C5] Howdy Partner[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Not listening to staffActiveNever
645812/08/2019 (16:44)[C4]Alex Anderson[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Not listening to staffActiveNever
645712/08/2019 (04:24)3S-64 | John D.[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMExpiredNever
645612/08/2019 (04:24)Civ-06 | Jack A. | 1W-02[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActive26/08/2019 (03:24) GMT
645512/08/2019 (03:47)Borat Sagdiyev[1K-01] IceTheDevSpeedboosting - RDM - Leaving staff sitExpiredNever
645412/08/2019 (03:09)FEKSupreme[1K-01] IceTheDevNot listening to staff - In a Police Dog SkinRemoved (appealed)26/08/2019 (02:09) GMT
645312/08/2019 (00:55)jake[1A-08] jwjohnnot listening to staff//trollingActiveNever
645211/08/2019 (23:51)Karion[1K-06] Nice E.leaving server while in staff sitActive16/08/2019 (22:51) GMT
645111/08/2019 (21:46)Matt.K[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit - Mass RDM - Wearing Unauthorized ClothingActiveNever
645011/08/2019 (20:56)soarflow[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActive25/08/2019 (19:56) GMT
644911/08/2019 (19:40)✪ KokyS[1K-01] IceTheDevlying to staffExpiredNever
644811/08/2019 (17:33)mautaylor[2A-01] Alex J.[MW] Violation of PTRemoved (Appealed)Never
644711/08/2019 (16:12)MythicalCoyote[1A-03] 1A3No intent to RP (Trolling/Mass RDM)ActiveNever
644611/08/2019 (06:50)JMartin21[1K-01] IceTheDevAdvertisingActiveNever
644511/08/2019 (05:47)x89BConsoleRDM - Server DisrespectActiveNever
644411/08/2019 (03:25)Justin Hagen[1K-01] IceTheDevGodmode - Mass RDM - Not listening to staffActive25/08/2019 (02:25) GMT
644311/08/2019 (03:24)Cronus[1K-01] IceTheDevMass VDMExpiredNever
644211/08/2019 (03:24)kuadally[1K-01] IceTheDevMass VDMActive25/08/2019 (02:24) GMT
644111/08/2019 (00:52)ageatz[1A-16] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Staff Sit // MASS VDM // No Intent to RP // FailRPActiveNever
644010/08/2019 (20:35)InexplicableYT[1K-06] Nice E.Staff disrespectActiveNever
643910/08/2019 (19:33)yeetusfeetus669[1K-04] StingrqyBlacklisted from the TXDPSRP Network | Ban EvadingActiveNever
643810/08/2019 (18:23)[5D-022]Sam[1K-06] Nice E.leaving server to avoid staff sitActiveNever
643710/08/2019 (17:45)[5D-35]Mathew[1K-04] StingrqyServer DisrespectActiveNever
643610/08/2019 (15:22)4E-01 | Sheriff | Pen[1K-02] GunExpert24staff disrespectActiveNever
643510/08/2019 (01:56)COMPLΞX[1A-16] M. DamonThreatening Players to DDOSActiveNever
643410/08/2019 (01:55)Hugh J. Nuss[1A-16] M. DamonMASS RDM // RACISM // NO INTENT TO RP [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
643310/08/2019 (01:03)Severn[1A-16] M. DamonMass RDM // VDM // No Intent to RPActiveNever
643209/08/2019 (22:08)Beast[2A-01] Alex J.[MW] Shooting while Active Priority, Attempting to start a New PriorityActiveNever
643109/08/2019 (20:25)Nagano[1K-04] StingrqyTeleporting to people to RDMActiveNever
643009/08/2019 (19:44)Bandobaby[00-00] IceTheDevWearing unauthorized Clothes - RDMExpiredNever
642909/08/2019 (19:03)[5D-019] Ken[00-00] IceTheDevWearing Unauthorized Clothes - Mass RDM - RDM at staff sitExpiredNever
642809/08/2019 (18:20)Law-Obiding Citizen[1K-01] IceTheDevNo intent to RP - RDMed me over and over again at staff sitExpiredNever
642709/08/2019 (18:18)Cholon.[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMExpiredNever
642609/08/2019 (18:17)BTAK[1K-01] IceTheDevSpeedboostging - FailRP - VDMExpiredNever
642509/08/2019 (18:14)Mint[1K-01] IceTheDevSpeedboosting - VDMExpiredNever
642409/08/2019 (15:49)zikumaababa[1K-04] StingrqyMic Spam / RDM / Fake Cop / No Clipping / TPing / God ModeActiveNever
642309/08/2019 (05:57)Moon Man POOFConsoleFailRP - Raciur SlurrsActiveNever
642209/08/2019 (05:45)PeytonConsoleMass RDM - GodmodeActiveNever
642109/08/2019 (05:44)Zach CageConsoleGodmodeActiveNever
642009/08/2019 (05:28)Veronono[1A-14] DukeMic-Spam, RDM, VDM, Leaving Staff Sit, God-Mode ~ Alex J. 2A-01ActiveNever
641909/08/2019 (05:27)laserbeam[1A-14] DukeFailrp, Trolling, NITRP, MilitaryRP, Teleporting, Leaving Staff Sit ~Alex J. 2A-01ActiveNever
641809/08/2019 (05:21)A. MahomesConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
641709/08/2019 (05:20)Tyrone blackConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
641609/08/2019 (05:18)T. HeltonConsoleGodmode, Superjump, Leaving staff sitActiveNever
641509/08/2019 (04:33)Mankini[2A-01] Alex J.[MW] Animal RP with no GWActiveNever
641409/08/2019 (03:39)mini oreo[1A-14] DukeRDM + Leaving Staff Si ~Alex J. 2A-01ActiveNever
641309/08/2019 (03:37)Xotiq[1A-14] DukeTrolling, Godmode, Vehicle Godmode, Armoured Car. ~ Alex j. 2A-01Removed (Appealed)Never
641209/08/2019 (03:11)mikeConsoleMass RDM - Threatening MembersActiveNever
641109/08/2019 (03:02)[368] - SquidmanConsoleSpeedboosting - FailRPActiveNever
641008/08/2019 (23:54)picoignacioConsoleMass RDM - Mass VDM - FailRPActiveNever
640908/08/2019 (23:54)✪ZK1ESConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
640808/08/2019 (23:10)TilleyConsoleVDMActiveNever
640708/08/2019 (22:54)Hampus O. | 1K-01[1K-05] DiiversxHaving Leaked/Stolen Server Files [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
640608/08/2019 (22:53)Ronny L.ConsoleCop Baiting - FailRP - | No Intent To FearRPActiveNever
640508/08/2019 (22:37)creAtive[1K-04] StingrqyShooting while a current priority, Mass RDM/VDMActiveNever
640408/08/2019 (21:47)PapanomalyConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
640308/08/2019 (21:46)Magna KnightConsoleMass RDM - Disrespecting MembersActiveNever
640208/08/2019 (21:36)ReevConsoleRunning on Cooldown - RDMActiveNever
640108/08/2019 (21:01)JokeiZ[1K-01] IceTheDevHacking - Spamming a Hack Menu Invite LinkActiveNever
640008/08/2019 (20:59)CDPS - FiveM Server !!![1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit - Mass RDMRemoved (appealed)Never
639908/08/2019 (17:47)Haedmii[1A-03] 1A3No intent to RP (Staff Disrespect/Speedboost/Invisible/FailRP/VDM)ExpiredNever
639808/08/2019 (05:35)Billy LeeConsoleMass RDM - Raciur SlurrsActiveNever
639708/08/2019 (02:32)Hemdog[1A-16] M. DamonRDM / Modding [UNAPPEALABLE] ~C.SnakeActiveNever
639608/08/2019 (02:31)Profile_yass[1A-16] M. DamonMass RDM / God Mode / Invisible / Explosive Rounds / Black Listed Weapons [UNAPPEALABLE] ~C.SnakeActiveNever
639508/08/2019 (01:54)HFDGamerConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
639408/08/2019 (01:53)Im_DewConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
639307/08/2019 (15:21)Ronald[1K-04] StingrqySpeed Boost / God Mode / RDM / Leaving To Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
639207/08/2019 (07:12)Marshall Yurp[1K-01] IceTheDevBeing Sarcastic - Lying to Staff - Running on PriorityActive21/08/2019 (06:12) GMT
639107/08/2019 (07:10)danielabarragan139[1K-01] IceTheDevRunning on peacetime - Random DeathmatchExpiredNever
639007/08/2019 (07:09)Gapo1720[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM on peacetimeActiveNever
638907/08/2019 (06:46)Cedric M. [S-111][1A-15] The Northstaff disrespect (saying "f**K you fa**ot to staff), using homophobic slur, trolling, speedboostActiveNever
638807/08/2019 (06:44)Ramen[1A-15] The Northstaff disrespect (saying "f**k you C**t to staff), speed boosting, no clipping away from staff sitActiveNever
638607/08/2019 (05:13)Provocative[1K-01] IceTheDevLying to StaffExpiredNever
638507/08/2019 (04:13)[1F-61] MR.baccon[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - Crashing People - RDMExpiredNever
638407/08/2019 (03:25)Duuky[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM during priorityExpiredNever
638307/08/2019 (03:01)☭EvLMarine[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Running on PriorityActiveNever
638207/08/2019 (02:52)landon22111[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - Mass RDMExpiredNever
638107/08/2019 (02:38)DaddyMasher[1K-01] IceTheDevSpeedboosting - FailRPActiveNever
638007/08/2019 (02:29)Carlos spicy wiener[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
637907/08/2019 (02:05)viz0[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Animal RP - TrollingActiveNever
637807/08/2019 (01:47)Brian,O,Conner[1K-01] IceTheDevNot responding - Mass RDMed when brought to staff sitExpiredNever
637707/08/2019 (01:45)Beaulo[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMExpiredNever
637607/08/2019 (00:31)ryo955[1A-16] M. DamonRDM // Violating Peacetime // Attempting to RDM in Staff SitActive20/08/2019 (23:31) GMT
637507/08/2019 (00:00)Liam W. Civ-01[1K-01] IceTheDevStaff ImpersonationActiveNever
637406/08/2019 (23:18)jahnathon[1K-01] IceTheDevServer Disrespect - Mass RDMExpiredNever
637306/08/2019 (23:04)DogRyda[1K-01] IceTheDevPossible ModderActive20/08/2019 (22:04) GMT
637206/08/2019 (23:03)[CO-07] J.Humphreys[1K-01] IceTheDevPossible Modder - Admitted to it in voiceActive20/08/2019 (22:03) GMT
637106/08/2019 (23:02)Kroll-01 | F. Smith[1K-01] IceTheDevPossible ModderActiveNever
637006/08/2019 (16:37)Wolfy[1A-03] 1A3No intent to RP (Speedboost, Ignoring Peacetime)ExpiredNever
636906/08/2019 (15:01)Payphone[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
636806/08/2019 (14:22)tecca[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - Threatening to DDoSActiveNever
636706/08/2019 (14:06)HeavyGamer348[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM during Peacetime - Leaving staff sitActiveNever
636606/08/2019 (13:56)Gavvyn[1K-01] IceTheDevLying to staff - Speedboosting - FailRPExpiredNever
636506/08/2019 (12:38)Blacknight1267[1K-01] IceTheDevSpawned in vehicle after staff sit and mass rdmed meActive20/08/2019 (11:38) GMT
636406/08/2019 (12:26)Xenith6.9[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - VDM - TrollingRemoved (Appealed)20/08/2019 (11:26) GMT
636306/08/2019 (11:54)tharealmdc[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Stealing planes on run-way - TrollingActive13/08/2019 (10:54) GMT
636206/08/2019 (04:52)Randymage[1A-16] M. DamonTelling Members To Kill Themselves / RDM / Leaving To Avoid Punishment [UNAPPEALABLE] ~ C.SnakeActiveNever
636106/08/2019 (01:04)Excep[1A-14] DukeSpeed Boost / VDM / Leaving Staff Sit ~ C.Snake 2A-07ActiveNever
636006/08/2019 (00:17)jeg er en abe[2A-07] C. Snake[MW] Speed BoostActiveNever
635905/08/2019 (19:15)Hyde Forman[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealistic Driving - Member DisrespectActive19/08/2019 (18:15) GMT
635805/08/2019 (19:06)140zheckk[1K-04] StingrqyVDM / Not Stopping On Peacetime / Leaving Server To Avoid Punishment / NITRPActiveNever
635705/08/2019 (19:04)Harry ツ[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealistic Driving - Doing Wheelies in a challengerActive19/08/2019 (18:04) GMT
635605/08/2019 (18:31)Royal QuillYT[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Wearing Unauthorized ClothesActive19/08/2019 (17:31) GMT
635505/08/2019 (18:30)cat[1K-01] IceTheDevMember Disrespect - RDM on PTExpiredNever
635405/08/2019 (18:30)tomri[1K-01] IceTheDevMember Disrespect - RDM on PTExpiredNever
635305/08/2019 (18:30)jar720[1K-01] IceTheDevMember Disrespect - RDM on PTActive19/08/2019 (17:30) GMT
635205/08/2019 (18:30)Pheonix Entity[1K-01] IceTheDevMember Disrespect - RDM on PTExpiredNever
635105/08/2019 (17:34)DrPowow[1A-03] 1A3No intent to RPActiveNever
635005/08/2019 (17:27)Bro$ki[1A-03] 1A3No intent to RPActiveNever
634905/08/2019 (17:27)Commie Superkai64[1A-03] 1A3No intent to RPActiveNever
634805/08/2019 (17:27)Dexter[1A-03] 1A3No intent to RPActiveNever
634705/08/2019 (06:58)ConnorHawk[1A-14] DukeVDM + RDM + NITRP ~ Alex J. 2A-01ActiveNever
634605/08/2019 (06:53)[A] [343] joseph w[1A-14] DukeMass RDM + Leaving Staff Sit ~ Alex J. 2A-01ActiveNever
634505/08/2019 (05:57)Apply[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM (x3)ActiveNever
634405/08/2019 (03:17)America[1A-14] DukeUnrealistic driving, leaving server during sit ~ Alex J. 2A-01Removed (Appealed)Never
634305/08/2019 (03:17)[102] Deputy Chief Misty[1A-14] DukeInterfering with FAA operations + Leaving server during sit ~ Alex j. 2A-01ActiveNever
634205/08/2019 (02:06)alfhot69[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling - mass Spawning VehiclesActiveNever
634105/08/2019 (01:49)Cam[1K-01] IceTheDevNot responding to me - RDMed at Staff SitExpiredNever
634005/08/2019 (01:49)teaser211[1K-01] IceTheDevNot responding to me - RDMed at Staff SitExpiredNever
633905/08/2019 (01:28)[5D-900] Hyper L[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit - GodmodeActiveNever
633804/08/2019 (15:17)CIV | 1 | J. Cadet[1A-05] George T.Leaving to avoid a staff sit / RDM [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
633704/08/2019 (15:15)Viking[1K-05] DiiversxMini-Modding - Starting/Causing Drama - Telling Members/Players to Suicide - Breaking Discord Guidelines [BLACKLIST/UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
633604/08/2019 (13:24)Spook The DoggoConsoleMass RDM - Teleporting - Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
633504/08/2019 (05:59)jeepman[1A-14] DukeLeft during staff sit, Speedboosting, unrealistic driving, changed name from jeepman to han cholo ~ Alex J. 2A-01ActiveNever
633404/08/2019 (05:09)Duck_Boi2697[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit - SpeedboostingActive18/08/2019 (04:09) GMT
633304/08/2019 (05:08)Batman[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit - FailRP - TrollingExpiredNever
633204/08/2019 (03:56)Jimmy F. 3C-440[1A-17] MajesticMurpLeaving server to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
633104/08/2019 (01:06)rocxs[1A-17] MajesticMurpLeaving server to avoid PunishmentsActiveNever
633004/08/2019 (01:04)satan[1A-17] MajesticMurpStaff DissrespectActiveNever
632903/08/2019 (22:16)уσυяє вα∂ кι∂ 69[1K-04] StingrqyNoclipping | RDM | Teleporting Away from Staff SitActive17/09/2019 (21:16) GMT
632803/08/2019 (20:41)Mr Chen[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - Jumping the Burns - FailRPRemoved (Appealed)17/08/2019 (19:41) GMT
632703/08/2019 (20:39)fadedacr[1A-16] M. DamonTrolling // Mass Spawning [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
632603/08/2019 (20:20)Goldexpress[1A-16] M. DamonTrolling // Mass Spawning Vehicles [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
632503/08/2019 (16:18)John Wick[2A-07] C. Snake[MW] Self Revive In Scene / Meta GamingActiveNever
632403/08/2019 (11:32)OtakuFedido[1A-03] 1A3VDM / TP / No Clip / Animal With No Game Warden / Trying To Tp Away From Sit / Leaving Server To Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
632303/08/2019 (11:30)ZuatzuiConsoleNoclip (9 past kicks & 5 warnings)ExpiredNever
632203/08/2019 (11:11)JoãoGamer10[1A-03] 1A3Trolling / God Mode / Leaving To avoid Sit / Staff Disrespect / Being A Monkey with no Game Warden / Mass RDMActiveNever
632103/08/2019 (11:11)RDG[1A-03] 1A3Trolling / God Mode / Leaving To avoid Sit / Staff Disrespect / Being A Monkey with no Game Warden / Mass RDMActiveNever
632003/08/2019 (11:05)KCMOadam[1A-03] 1A3RDM / Gode Mode / Super Jump / Staff Disrespect / Racist Slurs / TrollingActiveNever
631903/08/2019 (11:05)Mike Sisco[1A-03] 1A3RDM / Gode Mode / Super Jump / Staff Disrespect / TrollingActiveNever
631803/08/2019 (08:14)F. Smith[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Speedboosting - Cop baitingExpiredNever
631703/08/2019 (07:44)dyln[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - Mass RDM on me when i dragged him to meExpiredNever
631603/08/2019 (04:20)Sped_Uno[1A-16] M. DamonGodmode // FailRP // No Intent to RPActiveNever
631503/08/2019 (03:59)dontstop[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff Sit - FailRPActiveNever
631402/08/2019 (22:23)CrazyLuciferAJ[1A-05] George T.Leaving during staff sit [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
631302/08/2019 (19:38)LE-Olsson Bygg AB[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Unrealistic DrivingRemoved (Appealed)16/08/2019 (18:38) GMT
631202/08/2019 (19:38)AbruptEnforcement[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Unrealistic DrivingActive16/08/2019 (18:38) GMT
631102/08/2019 (16:12)Tijreus[1A-16] M. DamonRDM / Mass Spawn / Trying To Leave Sit ~C.SnakeActiveNever
631002/08/2019 (16:09)[1X-08] Xeris[1A-16] M. DamonRDM / Mass Spawn / Trying To Leave Sit ~C.SnakeRemoved (Appealed)Never
630902/08/2019 (07:22)I live Under Your Bed[1K-01] IceTheDevServer DisrespectActiveNever
630802/08/2019 (07:03)FrostieConsoleMass RDM and VDMActiveNever
630702/08/2019 (04:33)BillyBobJohnson[1A-17] MajesticMurpLeaving Server to Avoid Punishments | NITRPActiveNever
630602/08/2019 (03:00)finding amnesia[1A-15] The NorthMass spawning vehicles, trolling, leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
630502/08/2019 (02:51)[[[]][][][][]][[][][][1K-08] Nice E.leaving server to avoid staff sit and punishment for sppedboostingActiveNever
630402/08/2019 (02:26)Skatinghh[1K-08] Nice E.[MW] Fixing are without RPingActiveNever
630301/08/2019 (22:03)Michael Klump[1A-15] The NorthViolating PT | Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit ~2A-09 John DActiveNever
630201/08/2019 (18:12)shyam.thapa2000[1K-06] DiiversxUsing Applied LEO Skin | Teleporting Away from Staff sit | Leaving to avoid PunishmentActiveNever
630101/08/2019 (08:34)Freddybear[1A-15] The Northmass spawning, No intent to rp, TrollingActiveNever
630001/08/2019 (08:30)Jeff[1A-15] The Northtrolling, No intent to RP, Mass spawning vehicles. Banned in discord for trolling, mass pinging, trolling in RTO, staff disrespect. UNNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
629901/08/2019 (08:26)JerrySpringer[1A-15] The NorthTrolling, No intent to RP, Mass spawning vehicles. Banned in discord for trolling, mass pinging, trolling in RTO, staff disrespect. [UNNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
629801/08/2019 (05:58)gyoza[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM during cooldownExpiredNever
629701/08/2019 (04:38){MVG} monoxidechild[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
629601/08/2019 (04:38){1stID} SoFrEsH1287[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
629501/08/2019 (04:25)Willy0z[1K-01] IceTheDevTeleporting to each player - RDMed at staff sitActive15/08/2019 (03:25) GMT
629401/08/2019 (03:21)Jake stern[1A-15] The NorthSpeed boosting | NITRP | Leaving to avoid staff sitActiveNever
629301/08/2019 (02:55)Jacob Daughters[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Left Staff Sit (When brought to me, he RDMed me and kept shooting, then left)ActiveNever
629201/08/2019 (02:01)[5D-139] Cliply[1A-15] The NorthServer disrespect, lying to staffActiveNever
629101/08/2019 (01:59).?.[1K-08] Nice E.trollingActiveNever
629031/07/2019 (20:33)NS Anarchy[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM instantly when brought to meActive14/08/2019 (19:33) GMT
628931/07/2019 (20:11)Buttercup[1K-01] IceTheDevPlaying music through mic - Raciur SlurrsActive14/08/2019 (19:11) GMT
628831/07/2019 (19:58)urthrolicbat[1K-01] IceTheDevStaff Disrespect - Arguing with members - Mass RDMExpiredNever
628731/07/2019 (19:55)Kyle[1K-01] IceTheDevArguing with Staff - Cop baitingExpiredNever
628631/07/2019 (17:59)burgerman[1A-04] Andrew N.Mass RDM, Leaving game when a staff member showed upActiveNever
628531/07/2019 (16:26)bluevenom220[1K-06] DiiversxFailRP - Lying to Staff - Talking when Dead - No intent to RP - DisrespectActiveNever
628431/07/2019 (04:38)Noahh[1A-17] MajesticMurpMass Vehicle Speed Boost | Ramming | Unrealistic Driving | NITRPActiveNever
628331/07/2019 (03:58)DRDylan[1K-01] IceTheDevSpeedboosting - Leaving Staff SitActive14/08/2019 (02:58) GMT
628231/07/2019 (02:44)Rosa Parks[1A-16] M. DamonRacial Slurs | Staff Disrespect | speed boosting | Leaving to avoid Punishment ~J.DiggleActiveNever
628131/07/2019 (02:22)Zorv[1K-08] Nice E.Staff disrespectActiveNever
628031/07/2019 (01:59)Grumblingmars[1K-05] StingrqyMass RDM | Leaving staff sitActiveNever
627931/07/2019 (01:47)isthisbetter[1K-05] StingrqyMass RDMActiveNever
627831/07/2019 (01:47)CinnamonApple[1K-05] StingrqyMass RDMActiveNever
627731/07/2019 (01:29)pfahlertsven[1A-16] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Staff Sit // Attempted RDM // Shooting at Staff SitActiveNever
627631/07/2019 (00:30)rosariomorales1480[1K-05] StingrqyDriving weaponized vehicle | Leaving staff sitActiveNever
627530/07/2019 (23:58)Yeeter McSkeeter[1K-05] StingrqyRDM | Server Disrespect [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
627430/07/2019 (23:56)TreyQ[1K-05] StingrqySpeed boosting | Leaving to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
627330/07/2019 (23:52)The GeneralConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
627230/07/2019 (20:05)Francis Underwood™ | 2V-21[1K-05] StingrqyMinimoddingExpiredNever
627130/07/2019 (20:04)Astric[1A-16] M. DamonVDM // FailRP // No Intent to RP // Leaving to Avoid Punishment // No Clipping // Violating PeacetimeActiveNever
627030/07/2019 (19:58)Viking[1K-01] IceTheDevMini-ModdingRemoved (Appealed)06/08/2019 (18:58) GMT
626930/07/2019 (19:40)Biggie SmolsConsoleMass RDM | TrollingActiveNever
626830/07/2019 (19:37)~y~ [4B-52] [WR-12] Gunner H.[1K-01] IceTheDevHarassing TXDPSRP Members - Network Banned!ActiveNever
626730/07/2019 (07:16)kinosucks[1A-15] The NorthUse of a racial slurActiveNever
626630/07/2019 (05:01)ImLilDeep[1A-15] The NorthRDM, shooting on priority hold, leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
626530/07/2019 (00:28)liam[1A-02] Enveeleaving staff sit, mass rdm, vdm, trollingActiveNever
626429/07/2019 (21:15)ViniAli[1A-16] M. DamonDriving Tank // Military RP // Not Listening to Staff & Ignoring StaffActiveNever
626329/07/2019 (20:28)PenttiBoi[1A-16] M. DamonNo Intent to RP // Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit // FailRP // VDM // CopbaitingActiveNever
626229/07/2019 (19:58)Truckfan [GER][1A-15] The NorthRDM, shooting at people from CO vehicle, unrealistic customizing of CO vehicle, trolling, ramming, leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
626129/07/2019 (19:56)Mlitär[1A-15] The NorthTrolling, RDM, unrelistic customizing CO vehicle, interfering with priority, teleporting away from staff sitActiveNever
626029/07/2019 (19:41)[C5] TooAtomic[1A-15] The North[MW] Interfering with priority, no clippingRemoved (Appealed)Never
625929/07/2019 (18:30)Venix Jay YT[1K-05] StingrqyMass RDMActiveNever
625829/07/2019 (11:42)NAVY_GROUNDHOG[1K-03] XerisMass RDM // FailRP // Leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
625729/07/2019 (06:35)Plum Crazy[1A-15] The NorthRDM, Super Jump, No intent to RP, Server disrespect claiming admins are "trash" and saying server is "garbage"ActiveNever
625629/07/2019 (04:36)Franky Purp Strain[2A-07] C. Snake[MW] Running On PriorityActiveNever
625529/07/2019 (03:40)mistifiedeyes[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - Mass VDMActiveNever
625429/07/2019 (03:37)jehadalzeyedi[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Fighting me -ExpiredNever
625329/07/2019 (01:43)4jonathanperez[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Faking AFK (but still moving around and punching) - FailRPActive12/08/2019 (00:43) GMT
625229/07/2019 (00:10)Deliberant[1A-16] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Punishment // No Intent to RP // FailRPActiveNever
625128/07/2019 (23:59)hk458hk[2A-07] C. Snake[MW] VDM / Fail RPActiveNever
625028/07/2019 (23:48)Jodi[1A-16] M. DamonAttempted Mass Spawn ~C.SnakeActiveNever
624928/07/2019 (23:44)Jodi[1K-06] DiiversxRDM / Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
624828/07/2019 (23:41)Leo[1A-16] M. DamonMass RDM /God Mode / Racist Slurs In Chat / RDM During Staff Sit ~C.SnakeActiveNever
624728/07/2019 (23:40)Jodi[1A-16] M. DamonRDM / / Leaving Sit C.SnakeActiveNever
624628/07/2019 (21:48)kieranbiggs32[1K-08] Nice E.leaving server to avoid staff sit and punishment for being a CO while not in discord and unrealistic driving.ActiveNever
624528/07/2019 (18:50)Gamerchick1982[1K-01] IceTheDevStealing Police Vehicles - Attempt to leave staff sitActive11/08/2019 (17:50) GMT
624428/07/2019 (18:49)Lone Wolf[1K-01] IceTheDevLying to Staff - Godmode enabled.Active11/08/2019 (17:49) GMT
624328/07/2019 (14:24)User[1K-03] XerisMass VDM // Godmode // Noclip // No intent to RPActiveNever
624128/07/2019 (04:44)gavin[1K-01] IceTheDevRunning on Peacetime from Cops - FailRPActive04/08/2019 (03:44) GMT
624028/07/2019 (04:44)jkpma2[1K-01] IceTheDevRamming Cop Cars (VDM)Active28/07/2019 (05:44) GMT
623928/07/2019 (04:43)Uncle Iroh[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealistic Driving - FailRPActive11/08/2019 (03:43) GMT
623828/07/2019 (03:34)mattowenlittle[1K-01] IceTheDevDoing Wheelies in a Sports Vehicle - Not listening to Staff - Unrealistic DrivingActive11/08/2019 (02:34) GMT
623728/07/2019 (03:32)[592]Connor M. [FF-40][1K-01] IceTheDevStarting Drama when told to stopExpiredNever
623628/07/2019 (01:50)n0x[1A-16] M. DamonMass RDMActiveNever
623528/07/2019 (01:50)24prestonhoConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
623428/07/2019 (01:49)slayerdevilgamesConsoleMilitary RP - Mass RDMActiveNever
623328/07/2019 (01:49)jense farConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
623228/07/2019 (01:47)Texas sucksConsoleFailRP - Spawning Multiple Cars in - Mass RDMActiveNever
623128/07/2019 (01:46)Solid not GlitchConsolethrowing mass molitoves, rdmActiveNever
623028/07/2019 (01:44)loganpieters5ConsoleFailRP, Mass RDMActiveNever
622928/07/2019 (01:43)[6V 95] Kid_Skys314ConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
622828/07/2019 (01:42)Booty[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff sit when I joined - Saying Raciur SlurrsActiveNever
622727/07/2019 (21:53)Aero1908[1A-16] M. DamonRacial SlursActiveNever
622627/07/2019 (20:59)Andyman43119[1K-08] Nice E.Leaving server to avoid staff sit and punishment.ActiveNever
622527/07/2019 (20:37)Astrocud[1A-02] Enveeserver disrepsect spamming chat trollingActiveNever
622427/07/2019 (19:27)ilcontrollore1[1K-06] DiiversxTrolling - Mass Spawning Vehicles - No Intent to RP - Shooting Vehicles to Create Explosions - RDM [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
622327/07/2019 (17:16)MisterSherman[1K-08] Nice E.Using racial slurActiveNever
622227/07/2019 (11:26)brazeemichael9ConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
622127/07/2019 (10:30)Witt Lowry[1K-03] XerisUsing Prohibited Vehicles // RDMActiveNever
622027/07/2019 (09:32)Micky Mouse[1K-03] XerisMass Spawn Of Cars No Intent To RPActiveNever
621927/07/2019 (07:17)jmooers[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Trolling [Blacklist/UNAPPEALABLE]Active10/08/2019 (06:17) GMT
621827/07/2019 (07:14)Timmy[1K-01] IceTheDevMass VDMActive10/08/2019 (06:14) GMT
621727/07/2019 (06:48)Hank Hill[1A-02] Enveerdm, blacklisted weapons, interferingExpiredNever
621627/07/2019 (06:47)Larry Wheels[1K-08] Nice E.Using racist word.ActiveNever
621527/07/2019 (06:40)vtrix[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - Not listening to staff - Cop baiting - Mass RDMExpiredNever
621426/07/2019 (21:51)sANDY[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving staff sit - Mass RDMActiveNever
621326/07/2019 (19:40)kowalski[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff sit - Mass RDM - Raciur Slurrs (Unappealable)ActiveNever
621226/07/2019 (19:39)vNightmxre[1K-01] IceTheDevLeft Staff Sit - Server Disrespect (Proof: (Appealed)Never
621126/07/2019 (19:35)Lil MoseyConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
621026/07/2019 (19:35)balensedConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
620926/07/2019 (16:02)error_occurred...[1A-15] The NorthTrolling, Speedboost no intent to rpActiveNever
620826/07/2019 (16:01)Juantonarangatang[1A-15] The NorthSpeedboost, Unrealistic driving, Leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
620726/07/2019 (08:52)Bobby Fagtronic[1K-03] XerisRacial Slurs // RDMActiveNever
620626/07/2019 (06:44)[1S-182] [403] Woo T.[1A-02] Enveeleaving to avoid punishment, mass rdm, trollingActiveNever
620526/07/2019 (04:02)cold[1A-16] M. DamonModding | Shooting on peacetime | RDM | Explovsive Ammo ~Lawson G.ActiveNever
620426/07/2019 (02:42)Castle is GAY!!!1!!1[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM - Stealing Police CarsActiveNever
620326/07/2019 (02:41)Bean Burrito[1K-01] IceTheDevWearing Unauthorized Clothes - Stealing Police CarsExpiredNever
620226/07/2019 (02:38)BeanBurritoJoshuia[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMActiveNever
620126/07/2019 (01:32)Aksel L.[1K-01] IceTheDevWearing Unauthorized Clothes - Arguing with StaffActive09/08/2019 (00:32) GMT
620026/07/2019 (01:11)trittonfps[1K-01] IceTheDevStaff Disrespect - FailRPActiveNever
619926/07/2019 (00:58)TehTEh[1K-08] Nice E.leavening sever in while in a staff sitActiveNever
619825/07/2019 (23:23)◢◤Lourenço[1A-02] Enveemass vdm speedboosting into scene trollingActiveNever
619725/07/2019 (22:54)lukas.elsner[1A-02] Enveeleaving staff sit running on cooldown rdmActiveNever
619625/07/2019 (22:53)liamgb1357[1A-02] Enveeleaving staff sit, staff disrespectActiveNever
619525/07/2019 (22:50)OleZ[1A-02] Envee[MW] vdmActiveNever
619425/07/2019 (22:31)jesus[2A-09] John D.[MW] no ClippingActiveNever
619325/07/2019 (22:27)Oscillating turtle[1A-02] Enveesaying n word in pursuitActive27/07/2019 (21:27) GMT
619225/07/2019 (20:53)Elmo[1A-17] MajesticMurpSpeed Boost | Unrealistic Driving | NITRP | Leaving server to avoid PunishmentsActiveNever
619125/07/2019 (20:04)Vibess[2A-09] John D.[MW] Speed BoostingActiveNever
619025/07/2019 (18:32)Langy bhoy[1A-16] M. DamonMASS RDM // NO INTENT TO RP [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
618925/07/2019 (17:54)Notorus[1K-01] IceTheDevGodmode - Godmode on Car - Mass VDM/RDMExpiredNever
618825/07/2019 (17:33)SpoT[1A-16] M. DamonCopbaiting // VDMActive01/08/2019 (16:33) GMT
618725/07/2019 (17:18)Abdu Al-Baghdadi[1A-02] Enveetrolling failrp as a cop terroristic threatsExpiredNever
618625/07/2019 (17:18)Abdu Abo Baker[1A-02] Enveetrolling, fail rp as cop terroristic threatsActiveNever
618525/07/2019 (17:12)Revivie[1A-15] The NorthServer disrespect, leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
618425/07/2019 (17:11)Rufus Glendale[1A-16] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Punishment // FailRP // No Intent to RP // SpeedboostingActiveNever
618325/07/2019 (17:09)ʜᴜɴᴅᴏ[1A-16] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Punishment // No Intent to RP // FailRP // SpeedboostingActiveNever
618225/07/2019 (17:04)Rah[1A-16] M. DamonNo Intent to RP // Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit // Violating PeacetimeActiveNever
618125/07/2019 (08:36)Landon W. 3E-7 | CIV-62[1K-03] XerisRDM // FailRP // Server Disprespect // Self ReviveActiveNever
618025/07/2019 (08:09)Vader[1A-15] The NorthNo intent to rp, RDM, trolling on staff sit, teleporting, attempting to no clip away from staff sit.ActiveNever
617925/07/2019 (06:27)[U-108] Kent Powell[1A-15] The NorthFailRP | Leaving to avoid punishment ~Lawson G 2A-08ActiveNever
617825/07/2019 (06:26)Bigwilly123[1A-15] The NorthMass RDM | FailRP | No intent to RP | Breaking PT | Leaving to avoid punishment ~Lawson G 2A-08ActiveNever
617725/07/2019 (06:22)Khar_Gaming[1A-15] The NorthMass RDM | FailRP | No intent to RP | Breaking PT | Leaving to avoid punishment ~Lawson G 2A-08Removed (misunderstanding)Never
617625/07/2019 (03:21)Chicken_SAV[2A-09] John D.[MW] Unrealistic DrivingRemoved (Appealed)Never
617525/07/2019 (02:52)urabitch[1A-16] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Staff Sit // RDM x2ActiveNever
617425/07/2019 (02:41)Ludde[1A-16] M. DamonRacism // Mass RDMActiveNever
617325/07/2019 (02:38)SlaMISeNツ[1A-16] M. DamonRacism // Lying to StaffActiveNever
617225/07/2019 (02:24)Xero[1A-16] M. DamonMass Spawning vehicles | Leaving to avoid Staff SitActiveNever
617125/07/2019 (02:24)Grunge[1A-16] M. DamonNITRP | Speed Boosting | leaving to avoid Staff sit ~John D.ActiveNever
617025/07/2019 (02:16)Luna[1A-16] M. DamonTrolling // Lying to Staff // FailRPActiveNever
616924/07/2019 (22:34)SID[1A-16] M. DamonRDM | Using God Mode | Staff Disrespect ~John D.ExpiredNever
616824/07/2019 (16:03)F023Sem[1A-17] MajesticMurpLying to Staff | No-Clipping | NITRPActiveNever
616724/07/2019 (16:03)ricco02[1A-17] MajesticMurpLying to Staff | No-Clipping | NITRPActiveNever
616624/07/2019 (15:57)TheBymister[1A-16] M. DamonSpawning In Bikes During Sit / Fail RP/ Running On Priority ~C.SnakeActiveNever
616524/07/2019 (15:56)[204]-Mike.C[1A-16] M. DamonFail RP / Speed Boosting / Leaving staff sit to avoid Punishment ~John D.ActiveNever
616424/07/2019 (15:38)Thomaster22[2A-09] John D.[MW] Unrealistic Driving / Fail RPActiveNever
616324/07/2019 (13:10)ILikeZombies[1A-14] DukeVDM / RDM / No Clipping Away From Sit / Tping Away From SitActiveNever
616224/07/2019 (04:45)James Sharp[1A-15] The NorthUse of racial slurs (using the n word)ActiveNever
616124/07/2019 (04:34)Cole H. Civ-2[1A-15] The NorthUnrealistic driving, ramming/ VDM, Leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
616024/07/2019 (03:21)Chris Tableoski[1A-16] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Punishment // RDM in a Staff Sit // Violating Peacetime // NITRP [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
615924/07/2019 (02:51)Captain Capitalism[1A-16] M. DamonMass RDM // Trolling // No Intent to RPActiveNever
615824/07/2019 (02:48)No Pumper[1A-16] M. DamonRacism // Trolling // RDM // No Intent to RP [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
615724/07/2019 (02:43)Swayez[1A-16] M. DamonTrolling // Violating Peacetime ~John D.Active21/08/2019 (01:43) GMT
615624/07/2019 (00:35)big_daddy12123[1A-16] M. DamonFail RP / Speed Boosting / No Clipping / Leaving staff sit to avoid punishment ~J.DiggleActiveNever
615524/07/2019 (00:10)evaristo29[1A-16] M. DamonStaff Disrespect / Fail RP / NITRP / Using Super jump / Violating PT ~J.DiggleActiveNever
615423/07/2019 (22:41)Thesocokiid[1A-15] The NorthLeaving staff sit to avoid punishment, TrollingActiveNever
615323/07/2019 (19:52)Replay[2A-09] John D.[MW] Violating PT // Arguing with Staff // Staff DisrespectActiveNever
615223/07/2019 (17:07)tim99[2A-09] John D.[MW] Fail rp / Stealing cop carsActiveNever
615123/07/2019 (08:05)Papi_River |ConsoleMass RDM - TrollingActiveNever
615023/07/2019 (07:39)Woodshed[1A-15] The NorthStaff DisrespectActiveNever
614923/07/2019 (03:24)matthewgamer123[1A-15] The NorthNo intent to rp, mass spawning vehicles, modding, leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
614823/07/2019 (01:10)MrxTrust[1A-17] MajesticMurpLeaving Server to avoid PunishmentsActiveNever
614722/07/2019 (23:40)cainharper883[1A-16] M. DamonMass RDM // TrollingActiveNever
614622/07/2019 (23:40)Drummysba[1A-16] M. DamonMass RDM // TrollingActiveNever
614522/07/2019 (19:45)^^Demon^^[2A-08] Lawson G.[MW] SpeedboostingActiveNever
614422/07/2019 (16:36)Mrs. Delp[1K-05] StingrqyVDM | Leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
614322/07/2019 (16:12)Mihai[1K-08] Nice E.mass rdm on peace timeActiveNever
614222/07/2019 (15:45)[WZG] ARTXZZ[1K-07] Alex W.NITRP | Speedboosting | No clipping | Fail RP | Leaving Staff Sit to Avoid Punishment (UNAPPEALABLE) John D.ActiveNever
614122/07/2019 (15:01)Jack C. 3C-422[1K-03] XerisSelf Revive // Mass RDM // UnappealableActiveNever
614021/07/2019 (23:11)zk[1K-06] DiiversxFailRP | VDM | Interfering with RP | Shooting on cooldown | RDM ~ LawsonActiveNever
613921/07/2019 (22:27)[FX-01] k. Ashton[1A-15] The NorthBreaking Priority in Progress | Leaving to avoid punishment ~2A-08 Lawson GActiveNever
613821/07/2019 (22:12)[R60] BREAL$[1K-08] Nice E.RDMActiveNever
613721/07/2019 (22:10)Obliv[1K-08] Nice E.48hrs staff disrespectActiveNever
613621/07/2019 (21:37)[C3] SPrayer[1A-17] MajesticMurpNITRP | Staff Disrespect | Speed Boosting | Trolling | Using Voice Changer | Racist Slurs| Leaving to avoid PunishmentActiveNever
613521/07/2019 (21:29)xproxclips[1A-17] MajesticMurpServer DisrespectExpiredNever
613422/07/2019 (01:03)Skeeter_XD[1A-17] MajesticMurpLeaving Server to Avoid Punishments | Stealing Fire/EMS HeliActiveNever
613322/07/2019 (00:32)Ma na ef[1A-17] MajesticMurpKilling Officers as a CO | Leaving Sever to Avoid Punishments | NITRPActiveNever
613222/07/2019 (00:31)Sheriff[1A-17] MajesticMurpKilling Officers as an CO | Mass VDM | Leaving Server to Avoid Punishments | NITRPActiveNever
613121/07/2019 (23:51)HaRder[1A-17] MajesticMurpMass RDM | Leaving Server to Avoid PunishmentsActiveNever
613021/07/2019 (21:10)narff35[1A-17] MajesticMurpLeaving Server to Avoid PunishmentsActiveNever
612921/07/2019 (17:33)rock84931[1A-15] The NorthLeaving staff sit to avoid punishment, wearing CO uniform not in CO car or commsActiveNever
612821/07/2019 (17:21)[809] Dakota Yildiz[1A-15] The NorthStaff disrespect, server disrespect, SpeedboostActiveNever
612721/07/2019 (17:12)Adam Z. | 3S-51[1K-01] IceTheDevUser has been notified the Reasons for the Ban [Discord PMs]ActiveNever
612621/07/2019 (16:04)FumbDuck[1K-07] Alex W.Mass RDM (UNAPPEALABLE)ActiveNever
612521/07/2019 (15:48)HulkGamingDK_yt[1K-07] Alex W.No intent to RP (Drag racing in FD outfit, speedboosting, fixing vehicle + Previous history) *UNAPPEALABLE*ActiveNever
612421/07/2019 (15:19)Skila Zedrick[1A-16] M. DamonMass Staff Disrespect / Server Disrespect ~ C.SnakeRemoved (Appealed)Never
612321/07/2019 (15:19)big peen[1A-16] M. DamonLeaving to aviod punishment | Mass RDM ~ Lawson GActiveNever
612221/07/2019 (14:14)UCHIHA_SASUKE[1K-02] GunExpert24Mass RDMActiveNever
612121/07/2019 (04:36)Lord Gaben[1A-15] The NorthShooting on priority hold, RDM, leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
612021/07/2019 (03:47)zk[1K-01] IceTheDevSexual RoleplayRemoved (Unfair punishment)28/07/2019 (02:47) GMT
611921/07/2019 (03:17)Sebastian S.[1K-01] IceTheDevVoice Changer - Not listening to Staff - DisrespectExpiredNever
611821/07/2019 (02:22)Dutch[1K-07] Alex W.Fail RP (Spawning in cars in the middle of RP scenes, ramming into players with vehicle godmode, racism) UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
611721/07/2019 (02:03)D.Wright[1K-07] Alex W.Misbehavior as a community officer / Not in RTO / No intent to RPExpiredNever
611621/07/2019 (01:54)somerandomguy420[1K-07] Alex W.No intent to RP / Pulling guns out of nowhere / Speedboosting / Crashing into players and fixing vehicle (UNAPPEALABLE)ExpiredNever
611520/07/2019 (23:05)[FC-110] Gunnar B.[1A-16] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Punishment // Self Reviving // FailRPRemoved (Appealed)Never
611420/07/2019 (18:55)bob[1A-16] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Punishment ~ Lawson G.ActiveNever
611320/07/2019 (18:28)hope[2A-07] C. Snake[MW] God ModeExpiredNever
611220/07/2019 (11:18)Jarmo[1K-03] XerisTrolling // Mass Spawning VehiclesActiveNever
611120/07/2019 (08:33)[754] Pipey[1K-03] XerisMember Disrespect // Trolling // Staff Disrespect // FailRP // UnappealableActiveNever
611020/07/2019 (07:38)thrqt[1K-03] XerisRacism // Leaving to Avoid Punishment // UnappealableActiveNever
610920/07/2019 (05:56)LucasTheFreindly[1A-14] DukeNoclipping | Impersonating StaffActiveNever
610820/07/2019 (04:46)iqbalibrahim587[1K-08] Nice E.Not listening to staff I've talked to him multiple timeExpiredNever
610720/07/2019 (03:49)Kill Me[1K-08] Nice E.MAss RDmActiveNever
610620/07/2019 (02:28)GetRekt[1K-01] IceTheDevSniping - Not listening to StaffActiveNever
610520/07/2019 (02:28)$!$RESPECT$!$[1K-01] IceTheDevSniping - Not listening to StaffActiveNever
610420/07/2019 (02:13)McBigNugg[1A-15] The NorthLeaving to Avoid Punishment ~ 2A-09 John D.ActiveNever
610320/07/2019 (02:06)OfficerChris[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMActive03/08/2019 (01:06) GMT
610220/07/2019 (02:06)I Reece Ni x[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMActive03/08/2019 (01:06) GMT
610120/07/2019 (01:52)I Reece Ni x[1K-08] Nice E.leaving staff sit twiceRemoved (Misunderstanding)Never
610020/07/2019 (01:05)Dylan[1K-01] IceTheDevStaff Disrespect - SarcasismActive03/08/2019 (00:05) GMT
609920/07/2019 (01:04)THX[1K-01] IceTheDevStaff Disrespect - SarcasismExpiredNever
609819/07/2019 (23:51)Joaquin[1K-01] IceTheDevStaff DisrespectActive18/09/2019 (19:51) GMT
609719/07/2019 (20:42)Handalo 123[1K-08] Nice E.TPed to RP scene and also started no clipping ariound the mapActive21/07/2019 (19:42) GMT
609619/07/2019 (20:33)wolz2[1K-08] Nice E.Unrealistic driving rdmActiveNever
609519/07/2019 (15:00)[W-ROSE]JamieWhite[1K-07] Alex W.Reason: Mass RDM / Leaving Sit / Attempted RDM During Sit ~ C. SnakeActiveNever
609419/07/2019 (12:00)PR1T5[1K-03] Xeris[MW] Ignoring PeacetimeActiveNever
609319/07/2019 (11:59)Orchive[1K-03] Xeris[MW] Ignoring PeacetimeActiveNever
609219/07/2019 (10:00)Strike OneSaltyBoy[1A-13] Mentle1 Week Ban // RDMx5 // Blaclisted Weapon - Marksman Rifle // Shooting Gas Pumps With Intent to Explode // FailRP // Unrealistic Driving // Discharging Firearms During Priority: Peacetime // No Intent to RPActive26/07/2019 (09:00) GMT
609119/07/2019 (04:30)) Lang[1K-07] Alex W.[MW] Shooting staff / RDMing staff for no reasonActiveNever
609018/07/2019 (23:59)Jack[1K-08] Nice E.Mass RDM, god mode, and InvisibleActiveNever
608918/07/2019 (23:28)BoludoAtuaPrima[1A-17] MajesticMurpRacismActiveNever
608818/07/2019 (20:54)ReeferRyan:) cs[1A-06] George T.Leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
608718/07/2019 (20:08)ZombieKey350[2A-09] John D.[MW] Taser TrollingExpiredNever
608618/07/2019 (20:07)[4E-03][PAP]Nils[2A-09] John D.[MW] Shooting On PT // Taser TrollingExpiredNever
608518/07/2019 (19:52)Prestigefi[1A-06] George T.NITRP / Server DisrespectActiveNever
608418/07/2019 (18:49)jadenmcmanus2[1A-06] George T.Server Disrespect / RDMActiveNever
608318/07/2019 (16:25)ak-47 ;p[1K-07] Alex W.Teleporting // Interfering // Leaving to avoid Punishment ~ John D.ActiveNever
608218/07/2019 (16:09)Jimp The Shrimp |[1K-07] Alex W.Mass VDM / Speedboosting /Fail RP / InterferingActive02/08/2019 (15:09) GMT
608118/07/2019 (14:49)OleZ[1A-14] DukeInterfering With TP / RDM / Leaving Server To Avoid PunishmentRemoved (Wrong Person Banned - C. Snake)Never
608018/07/2019 (14:49)TeeFamKing[1A-14] DukeSpeed Boost / Unrealistic Driving / Trying To Leave Sit Multiple Times (was told by Snake he will be banned if he does it again)ActiveNever
607918/07/2019 (14:48)Chadoy[1A-14] DukeServer Disrespect / Staff Disrespect / Speed Boost / Voice ChangerActiveNever
607818/07/2019 (13:47)Dxzzy[1K-03] XerisLeaving Staff Sit // RDM on StaffActive23/07/2019 (12:47) GMT
607718/07/2019 (13:37)ttv.aydan_allways_lit[1K-03] XerisScreaming Down Mic / Attemping To Leave Sit / God ModeActiveNever
607618/07/2019 (09:07)Eq9 [D5-005] (Delta)[2A-07] C. Snake[MW] Unrealistic Driving / Driving On The Wrong Side Of The HighwayActiveNever
607518/07/2019 (08:56)Robert Bullocker[1A-14] DukeMass RDM / Leaving Sit / Mass Spawning Of Cars / God Mode / Using MGActiveNever
607418/07/2019 (07:05)9494|WVSP|Tpr. Jake[1K-01] IceTheDevLeft Staff Sit - Spawning in vehicles - Mass VDM (Ramming into officers for no reason)ActiveNever
607318/07/2019 (07:01)Bum[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMing People - FailRPExpiredNever
607218/07/2019 (06:57)Corbin B[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Arguing with StaffActive25/07/2019 (05:57) GMT
607118/07/2019 (06:55)AwpKevin[1K-01] IceTheDevArguing with Staff when I brought him to me - RDM when I brought him as wellExpiredNever
607018/07/2019 (06:53)Niko[1K-01] IceTheDevWearing Unauthorized Clothes - RDM - Attempt to leave staff sitExpiredNever
606918/07/2019 (06:50)Da Wayne Train[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Arguing with StaffActive01/08/2019 (05:50) GMT
606818/07/2019 (06:08)Kyle[1A-14] DukeVDM | Self Revive | Leaving staff sit | No Intent to RP | FailRPActiveNever
606718/07/2019 (04:24)Whispa[1A-13] MentleRDMx5 // No Intent to RP // VDM // Copbaiting // NITRP // FailRPActiveNever
606618/07/2019 (04:06)Omnispehre[1A-13] Mentle3 Day Ban // RDMx3 // RDM During Priority: Peacetime // No Intent to RPExpiredNever
606518/07/2019 (02:00)[1B-02] Joey P.[1K-05] StingrqySpawning Vehicles to leave Staff Sit // RDM // No Intent to RP // Shooting when not apart of PriorityActiveNever
606418/07/2019 (01:58)[1B-02] Joey P.[1A-16] M. DamonSpawning Vehicles to leave Staff Sit // RDM // No Intent to RP // Shooting when not apart of PriorityRemoved (Temp-Ban mistake)15/08/2019 (00:58) GMT
606318/07/2019 (01:40)deeznutsRmine[1A-16] M. DamonNo Intent to RP // Violating Peacetime // Spawning Vehicles to avoid Staff Sit // RDMActiveNever
606218/07/2019 (00:21)axelbakke4[1K-08] Nice E.Racial slurRemoved (Appealed)19/07/2019 (23:21) GMT
606017/07/2019 (22:38)Idiotic Justice[1A-16] M. DamonRDM in Staff Sit // Racial Slurs // Mass RDM // No Intent to RP [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
605917/07/2019 (22:35)[55QM] {A} B.Brant[1A-16] M. DamonNo Intent RP // Staff Disrespect // Playing Sounds through Mic // FailRP [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
605817/07/2019 (21:58)747 | Officer | J. BrownConsoleFailRP - Mass VDMActiveNever
605717/07/2019 (18:17)dog[1K-07] Alex W.Dragging players for no reason / Tping away from a staff sitRemoved (Appealed)16/08/2019 (17:17) GMT
605617/07/2019 (15:12)Norman Butcher[1A-17] MajesticMurpLeaving During Staff SitActiveNever
605517/07/2019 (15:00)Snail[1A-16] M. DamonMember & Staff Disrespect / Attempted Mass RDM / Fake Cops / Stealing Leo CarsActive24/07/2019 (14:00) GMT
605417/07/2019 (14:59)atomstodin[1A-16] M. DamonMember & Staff Disrespect / Attempted Mass RDM / Fake Cops / Stealing Leo Cars ~ C.SnakeExpiredNever
605317/07/2019 (14:58)[1-3119] Erik.P[1A-16] M. DamonRDM / Attempted RDM On Staff / Spawning In Cars To Leave Sit ~ C.SnakeActiveNever
605217/07/2019 (11:58)websterjustin[1A-14] DukeRDM As CO / Trying To Leave Sit / RDM During SitActiveNever
605117/07/2019 (10:43)L. Warner[1K-03] XerisStaff Disrespect / Server Disrespect / Racist Mic SpamActiveNever
605017/07/2019 (09:07)905kl[1A-14] DukeMass VDM / Mic Spam / Leaving To Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
604917/07/2019 (07:37)thomaskellysr2015[1A-14] DukeThreatening To Hack Server / Server Disrespect / Staff DisrespectActiveNever
604817/07/2019 (06:35)BMShane[1K-06] DiiversxMass RDM | Interfering with scenes - Request from 2A-08 Lawson G.ActiveNever
604717/07/2019 (05:19)NlGGER[1K-08] Nice E.Racial NameRemoved (Appealed)Never
604617/07/2019 (04:41)TheMei[1A-15] The NorthRDM, VDM, Speed boost, No intent to RP, Leaving staff sit to avoid punishment.ActiveNever
604517/07/2019 (04:34)TheDeadlyKnight[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRPActiveNever
604417/07/2019 (04:06)Jynx121[1K-08] Nice E.using racail slur in chatActiveNever
604317/07/2019 (02:11)Petur Filip[1K-01] IceTheDevSpeed Boosting - Mass VDMExpiredNever
604217/07/2019 (01:39)iRcStoNe256-[1A-16] M. Damon[MW] FailRP // SpeedboostingActiveNever
604117/07/2019 (01:19)dontclickmyprofile[1K-02] GunExpert24RDM S\Staff disrespectActiveNever
604017/07/2019 (01:14)Josh[1A-16] M. DamonMass RDM // No Intent to RPActiveNever
603916/07/2019 (23:15)xxCoolBradyxx[1A-16] M. DamonLeaving Staff Sit to avoid PunishmentActiveNever
603816/07/2019 (21:04)Jack S.[1K-08] Nice E.ModderActiveNever
603716/07/2019 (20:14)Kayoz[1A-17] MajesticMurpRDM/VDM | Racial SlursActiveNever
603616/07/2019 (18:37)ELO Daniel[1K-07] Alex W.Mass RDM || Shooting on peacetime - Lawson G.ActiveNever
603516/07/2019 (17:14)crazymezz6[1K-07] Alex W.Fail RP / Self reviving as a community cop / Not in RTO as a community cop / RDMExpiredNever
603416/07/2019 (16:24)Lone Wolf[1A-15] The NorthIgnoring staff, attempting to no clip away from a staff sitRemoved (Appealed)Never
603316/07/2019 (16:21)tomisgod[1A-15] The NorthFail RP | Jailing people for no reason | Dragging | "Bondsman RP" Alex W 1K-07ActiveNever
603216/07/2019 (16:20)Black Lisa[1A-15] The NorthFail RP | Jailing people for no reason | Dragging | "Bondsman RP" Alex W 1K-07ActiveNever
603116/07/2019 (15:47)MiniMode[1A-14] DukeTrolling // No Intent to RP // Leaving to avoid staff sit - John D.ActiveNever
603016/07/2019 (15:06)Jack[1A-06] George T.Leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
602916/07/2019 (14:45)YanqedConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
602816/07/2019 (09:38)David Wilison[1A-13] MentleMember Disrespect / Staff Disrespect - C.Snake 2A-07ActiveNever