ID Date User Staff Reason Status Expires
959230/10/2020 (20:59)shush[1A-27] Mike L.NITRPActiveNever
959130/10/2020 (20:51)krispy_quality[1A-13] WhitewingNITRP | Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
959030/10/2020 (13:54)J U M P O F F A B R I D G EConsolemoddingActiveNever
958930/10/2020 (08:55)GumBall Machine[1A-34] M. PattersonModdingActiveNever
958830/10/2020 (08:32)WolfBeasty[1A-34] M. PattersonModdingActiveNever
958730/10/2020 (07:54)Goose[1A-34] M. PattersonModdingActiveNever
958630/10/2020 (05:14)bidenjoe449[1A-34] M. PattersonNITRPActiveNever
958530/10/2020 (01:58)601 - Kris R.[1A-26] Brad W.Combat logging | Breaking Character | NITRPActiveNever
958430/10/2020 (01:36)savage7567[1A-36] Luke H.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
958329/10/2020 (23:36)SA OG[1A-28] Jake M.ModdingActiveNever
958229/10/2020 (23:24)Mango[1A-34] M. PattersonStaff disrespect/RDM during Staffsit/ Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
958129/10/2020 (23:22)[S-51] Justin C.[1A-34] M. Pattersonstaff disrespectActiveNever
958029/10/2020 (23:15)Gus[1A-12] Michael R.Staff disrespectActiveNever
957929/10/2020 (22:11)FIVEM RP[1A-07] John D.moddingActiveNever
957829/10/2020 (21:14)BK Psycho[1A-12] Michael R.Violation of PT \\ NITRPActive12/11/2020 (21:14) GMT
957729/10/2020 (19:55)TRILL[1A-30] Mungo K.Spawning vehicles during sit / NITRP / FailRPActiveNever
957629/10/2020 (19:49)BOB MARLY[1A-30] Mungo K.NITRP/ RDMActiveNever
957529/10/2020 (18:32)CapnSmallShaft[1A-27] Mike L.NITRPActiveNever
957429/10/2020 (18:32)[648] Jacob Richardson[1A-27] Mike L.NITRPActiveNever
957329/10/2020 (17:48)moja[1A-27] Mike L.NITRPActiveNever
957229/10/2020 (17:29)Papi Swifty[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving Staff Sit /// Mass Spawning Cars /// Nude PedActiveNever
957129/10/2020 (16:29)Hilly Billy[1A-04] George T.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
957029/10/2020 (14:43)5D-007 Jayden R.[1A-30] Mungo K.Failure to follow staff ordersActive05/11/2020 (14:43) GMT
956929/10/2020 (05:31)FD-26|R. Harrison[1A-09] Dominic P.mass spawnActiveNever
956829/10/2020 (05:28)FD-26|R.Sanchez[1A-09] Dominic P.mass spawnActiveNever
956729/10/2020 (04:29)austinspc49[1A-27] Mike L.NITRPActiveNever
956629/10/2020 (04:28)[2T-68] Panzer[1A-27] Mike L.NITRPActiveNever
956529/10/2020 (04:11)jrand2005[1A-27] Mike L.Lying to staffInactiveNever
956429/10/2020 (02:23)JohnBird[1A-28] Jake M.server disrespectActiveNever
956329/10/2020 (02:22)luispalomino650[1A-28] Jake M.server disrespectActiveNever
956229/10/2020 (02:17)jmuniz47[1A-28] Jake M.NITRPActiveNever
956129/10/2020 (02:17)mill3r19[1A-28] Jake M.NITRPActiveNever
956029/10/2020 (02:10)ElJefeVerde[1A-28] Jake M.NITRP // RDMActiveNever
955929/10/2020 (02:09)Jayteezy[1A-28] Jake M.NITRP // RDMActiveNever
955828/10/2020 (23:58)Tapatio loves to rp :][1A-26] Brad W.moddingActiveNever
955728/10/2020 (23:51)Simon L[1A-09] Dominic P.trollingActiveNever
955628/10/2020 (19:51)Tomi[1A-12] Michael R.Failure to listen to staff \\ NITRP \\ FailrpActive04/11/2020 (19:51) GMT
955528/10/2020 (18:36)Dexterous[1A-03] 1A3Server DisrespectActiveNever
955428/10/2020 (18:35)Godi Kidz[1K-05] DiiversxServer DisrespectActiveNever
955328/10/2020 (18:20)KnightGrindinn YT[1A-36] Luke H.Staff Disrespect // Violation Of PeacetimeActiveNever
955228/10/2020 (17:42)BBQ[1A-12] Michael R.Mic spam \\ trolling \\ VDM \\ violation of PTActiveNever
955128/10/2020 (17:24)[5D-3516] J. Wattson[1A-30] Mungo K.[MW] Violation of PTInactiveNever
955028/10/2020 (05:45)ThatGuy213[1A-09] Dominic P.VDM // Leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
954928/10/2020 (05:44)[RW-01] Crunch[1A-09] Dominic P.trolling // rdm // vdmActiveNever
954828/10/2020 (05:36)Rxllins[1A-09] Dominic P.trollingActiveNever
954728/10/2020 (03:44)dark_mohibie[1A-22] Cam G.Levaing staff sitActiveNever
954628/10/2020 (03:27)Jasper[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP//RDM//STEALING LEO VEHICLE??UNREALISTIC DRIVINGInactiveNever
954528/10/2020 (03:22)T. White[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP//Arguing with staff//Leaving staff sitActiveNever
954428/10/2020 (03:09)dayne[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP//MASS RDM//Race slursActiveNever
954328/10/2020 (03:03)Helen Keller[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP//MASS RDMActiveNever
954228/10/2020 (03:01)7981 kal[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP//MASS RDMActiveNever
954128/10/2020 (03:01)La Flame[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP//MASS RDMActiveNever
954028/10/2020 (03:00)La Ferrari[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP//MASS RDMActiveNever
953928/10/2020 (02:22)Jimmy V.[1A-09] Dominic P.moddingActiveNever
953828/10/2020 (02:15)caedan[1A-25] Cole G.nitrp//failrp//vdmActiveNever
953728/10/2020 (00:49)FlexinUp💫[1A-25] Cole G.ModdingActiveNever
953628/10/2020 (00:39)ScoobZ[1A-25] Cole G.Mass SpawningActiveNever
953528/10/2020 (00:29)YaBoiSal[1A-25] Cole G.lying to staffActiveNever
953427/10/2020 (23:42)[4S-73]T.Cole[1A-34] M. Pattersonrunning on staff sit/ staff disrespectActiveNever
953327/10/2020 (21:09)Polo Gee[1A-12] Michael R.moddingActiveNever
953227/10/2020 (19:59)mirko19744[1K-05] DiiversxLeaving Staff Sit - FailRPActiveNever
953127/10/2020 (17:23)[501]P.Smoke[1A-30] Mungo K.Trolling / NITRPActiveNever
953027/10/2020 (16:01)Weeksy[1A-12] Michael R.Mass spawn \\ attempting to leave staff sit \\ spawning vehicles during staff sitActiveNever
952927/10/2020 (15:59)Thunderstorm[1A-12] Michael R.Mass spawning \\ Lying to staffActiveNever
952827/10/2020 (05:06)1261 | Martinez .E[1A-25] Cole G.Lying to staffActiveNever
952727/10/2020 (03:51)5D-209 | J.Davis[1A-22] Cam G.lying to staffActiveNever
952627/10/2020 (02:16)Hax[1A-28] Jake M.RDM with noclip // interfering with scenesActiveNever
952527/10/2020 (02:08)Substance[1A-26] Brad W.Mass RDM | NITRP | Violating PT | Unrealistic Unracking | FailRPActiveNever
952427/10/2020 (01:58)Cliffer[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP//RDM/SHOOTING ON PT//MEMBER DIRESPECTActiveNever
952327/10/2020 (01:23)thebeastpfl[1A-12] Michael R.NITRP \\ failure to listen to staff \\ use of blacklisted weapon (sniper) \\ shooting on PT \\ no clippingActiveNever
952226/10/2020 (23:15)edy[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling - Racial SlursActiveNever
952126/10/2020 (23:14)rolfharris_420[1K-01] IceTheDevSaying Raciur SlursActiveNever
952026/10/2020 (21:03)BiggMann[1A-04] George T.ModderActiveNever
951926/10/2020 (20:26)Sir'Loin[1A-12] Michael R.Failrp (talking out of RP) \\ failure to listen to staff \\ leaving during staff sit (Michael R. 1A-12)ActiveNever
951826/10/2020 (04:08)idksorry[1A-22] Cam G.Lying to staffActiveNever
951725/10/2020 (22:33)its duck![1A-28] Jake M.TrollingActiveNever
951625/10/2020 (22:32)[SO-08] A.Smith[1A-28] Jake M.TrollingActiveNever
951525/10/2020 (22:30)Deputy Director Estipallo[1A-14] Luke S.trolling//NITRPInactiveNever
951425/10/2020 (21:48)[406] Twill1127[1A-04] George T.Mass SpawnInactiveNever
951325/10/2020 (21:44)TEAM GINGER - PIPERHOOK.XYZ[1A-04] George T.ModderActiveNever
951225/10/2020 (21:16)Bigshotta400[1A-12] Michael R.trolling \\ argueing with staff \\ copbaiting \\ staff discrespectActiveNever
951125/10/2020 (20:39)OG[1A-12] Michael R.Trolling \\ leaving during staff sit (Michael R. 1A-12)ActiveNever
951025/10/2020 (20:04)b00lin - PIPERHOOK.XYZ[1A-04] George T.ModdingActiveNever
950925/10/2020 (18:39)kylecottone[1A-12] Michael R.staff disrespectActiveNever
950825/10/2020 (11:15)1D-66 | A. Alen[1A-30] Mungo K.NITRP / TrollingActiveNever
950725/10/2020 (04:53)CrustyBallsack[1A-09] Dominic P.trolling // failrpActiveNever
950625/10/2020 (04:52)Andromeda[1A-09] Dominic P.trolling // FailrpActiveNever
950525/10/2020 (02:45)Hyper[1A-13] WhitewingServer DisrespectActiveNever
950425/10/2020 (01:51)John Deere[1A-12] Michael R.Failrp \\ RDM \\ leaving during staff sit (Michael R. 1A-12)ActiveNever
950325/10/2020 (01:36)Cleetus f.[1A-13] WhitewingLeaving Staff Sit | Shooting on PeacetimeActiveNever
950224/10/2020 (23:52)[401] CLAP RICH[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving staff sitActiveNever
950124/10/2020 (23:13)orange soda[1A-32] Kevin B.Leaving to avoid staff sitActiveNever
950024/10/2020 (21:43)Lilmaddog2[1A-04] George T.racistActiveNever
949924/10/2020 (21:38)matthewwadleigj[1A-03] 1A3RacismActiveNever
949824/10/2020 (20:33)goatxdd14[1A-14] Luke S.Racial Slurs//FailRPActiveNever
949724/10/2020 (19:57)Thewillywrapper[1A-26] Brad W.moddingActiveNever
949624/10/2020 (13:48)Tariq Bin Nasr Al-Bouhijab Goku[1A-04] George T.Leaving during staff sitActiveNever
949524/10/2020 (13:46)Licensed[1A-04] George T.VDM / NITRPActiveNever
949424/10/2020 (05:45)Extreme[1A-28] Jake M.NITRPActiveNever
949324/10/2020 (05:31)switchfulr[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP//Running on PT//FailrpActiveNever
949224/10/2020 (05:22)Clutch[1A-28] Jake M.[MW] VDMActiveNever
949124/10/2020 (04:48)[5D-3274] Chad M.[1A-22] Cam G.Lying to staff//Speedboosting//NITRPInactiveNever
949024/10/2020 (02:43)Hyflex[1A-28] Jake M.ModdingActiveNever
948924/10/2020 (02:10)Danick123lanthier[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving Staff Sit [1A-22 Cam G.]ActiveNever
948824/10/2020 (01:33)[5D-3366] B. Curbelo[1K-05] DiiversxPlayer HarassmentActiveNever
948724/10/2020 (01:29)mimi121389[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving staff sitActiveNever
948623/10/2020 (20:10)Randy Porkins[1A-28] Jake M.Combat LoggingActiveNever
948523/10/2020 (20:05)D4RK4C3S[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
948423/10/2020 (04:10)hayeslason24[1A-07] John D.Using sniper | Leaving server to avoid staff sitActiveNever
948323/10/2020 (04:06)AmericanTTID[1A-07] John D.Leaving staff sit to avoid punishment | No clippingInactiveNever
948223/10/2020 (03:07)Mint[1A-34] M. Pattersonstaff disrespect/ rdm during staff sitActiveNever
948123/10/2020 (02:52)HappyPit0[1A-07] John D.ModdingActiveNever
948023/10/2020 (01:44)idc.dani[1A-28] Jake M.TrollingActiveNever
947922/10/2020 (21:58)D4F1X[1A-04] George T.NITRPActiveNever
947822/10/2020 (21:55)WantToBeFwIEND[1A-28] Jake M.Server disrespect // NITRPActiveNever
947722/10/2020 (21:23)[Swat]-Sgt corleone[1A-04] George T.moddingActiveNever
947622/10/2020 (20:35)doot[1A-26] Brad W.moddingActiveNever
947522/10/2020 (20:35)Daddy pimp[1A-04] George T.ModderActiveNever
947422/10/2020 (11:47)Zerks[1A-26] Brad W.moddingActiveNever
947322/10/2020 (06:24)brianna[1A-27] Mike L.ModdingActiveNever
947222/10/2020 (06:18)Z-01 dillan bravo[1A-27] Mike L.ModdingActiveNever
947122/10/2020 (04:38)unarmed[1A-34] M. Pattersonracial slursActiveNever
947022/10/2020 (03:10)Travyontavious[1A-27] Mike L.moddingActiveNever
946922/10/2020 (03:01)Tim[1A-26] Brad W.moddingActiveNever
946822/10/2020 (02:37)Ronda Rousey in the flesh[1A-26] Brad W.racial slursActiveNever
946722/10/2020 (02:36)BallaJmon[1A-26] Brad W.Racial Slurs | Staff DisrespectActiveNever
946622/10/2020 (02:33)shermm[1A-12] Michael R.Lying to staff \\ RDMActive05/11/2020 (01:33) GMT
946522/10/2020 (01:05)Kreer[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
946422/10/2020 (00:55)hemp [CIV-1033][1A-28] Jake M.ModdingActiveNever
946321/10/2020 (23:47)mikaeljannsen[1A-26] Brad W.Ramming | VDM | NITRPActiveNever
946221/10/2020 (17:48)Lewi[1A-27] Mike L.[MW] Driving on airfieldActiveNever
946121/10/2020 (17:46)coltentrogstad[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving staff sitActiveNever
946021/10/2020 (07:46)Exotic[1A-09] Dominic P.trolling // RDMInactiveNever
945921/10/2020 (07:45)mikeshadow24[1A-09] Dominic P.trollingInactiveNever
945821/10/2020 (07:44)Fitness Gram Pacer Test[1A-09] Dominic P.Mass RDMInactiveNever
945721/10/2020 (05:47)sargentsobrazzy[1A-09] Dominic P.trollingActiveNever
945621/10/2020 (04:52)Johnny Wak[1A-09] Dominic P.moddingActiveNever
945521/10/2020 (03:50)468 | Deputy | Patrick B.[1A-09] Dominic P.leaving to avoid punishment // TrollingActiveNever
945421/10/2020 (03:49)448 | Prob Officer | Aaron B.[1A-09] Dominic P.trollingActiveNever
945321/10/2020 (03:05)Wolvezzz[1A-07] John D.Lying to Staff | Violating PTInactive28/10/2020 (02:05) GMT
945221/10/2020 (01:24)kikige3727ConsolemoddingActiveNever
945120/10/2020 (23:38)me[1A-28] Jake M.ModdingActiveNever
945020/10/2020 (20:42)luisgarza.05[1A-07] John D.Racial Slurs | Lying to Staff | ( Spamming hard r multiple times )ActiveNever
944920/10/2020 (17:58)devbandz.0322[1A-07] John D.ModdingActiveNever
944820/10/2020 (04:01)hector[1A-28] Jake M.VDM // NITRPActiveNever
944720/10/2020 (03:59)XOTOUR[1A-28] Jake M.RDM // NITRPActiveNever
944620/10/2020 (03:59)POPSMOKE[1A-28] Jake M.RDM // NITRPActiveNever
944520/10/2020 (03:21)Thriving[1A-09] Dominic P.leaving to avoid staff sitActiveNever
944420/10/2020 (02:23)William C.[1A-07] John D.NITRP | Stealing LEO Vehicles | Leaving Staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
944320/10/2020 (02:06)gavin11dhoat[1A-09] Dominic P.trollingActiveNever
944219/10/2020 (21:30)swaggypossum[1A-26] Brad W.Noclipping | NITRPInactive26/10/2020 (20:30) GMT
944119/10/2020 (21:12)alexgunman0630[1K-05] DiiversxRDM - NITRP - Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
944019/10/2020 (21:04)Noice[1A-11] Josh O.Leaving Staff Sit // RDM as a CO in a traffic stopActiveNever
943919/10/2020 (19:38)Jay[1A-26] Brad W.moddingActiveNever
943819/10/2020 (19:35)placiddebonairalligator[1A-26] Brad W.moddingActiveNever
943719/10/2020 (13:01)Austin M.[1A-09] Dominic P.lying to staffActiveNever
943619/10/2020 (01:43)B-29 | Yina Michael[1A-26] Brad W.moddingActiveNever
943519/10/2020 (00:35)Kombersie[1A-26] Brad W.moddingActiveNever
943419/10/2020 (00:35)Matthew[1A-07] John D.ModdingActiveNever
943319/10/2020 (00:16)chucky cheese[1K-05] DiiversxStaff Disrespect - NITRPActiveNever
943218/10/2020 (20:45)Beached Whale[1K-05] Diiversx[MW] Attempting to Steal LEO Vehicles - Violation of PTActiveNever
943118/10/2020 (19:17)please stop[1A-32] Kevin B.Modding [Unappealable]ActiveNever
942918/10/2020 (04:23)BongoYT[1A-36] Luke H.moddingActiveNever
942818/10/2020 (02:45)Steb124[1K-05] DiiversxLeaving to Avoid Staff Sit - Copbaiting - Violating PTActiveNever
942718/10/2020 (01:59)[5D-3472] B. Smith[1A-26] Brad W.Staff Disrespect | Server DisrespectActiveNever
942618/10/2020 (01:38)[5D-3474] Jared Woods[1A-26] Brad W.staff disrespectActiveNever
942518/10/2020 (00:57)andrewjohnmarkos513[1A-28] Jake M.Ramming throug scenes // VDMActiveNever
942417/10/2020 (21:38){ D - 500 } David Johnson[1A-12] Michael R.trollingActiveNever
942317/10/2020 (20:28)Blezys[1A-04] George T.ModdingActiveNever
942217/10/2020 (20:16)farmtrucker81[1A-04] George T.Leaving Staff Sit / InterfereingActiveNever
942117/10/2020 (20:14)Mr Miyagi[1A-04] George T.[MW] FailRPActiveNever
942017/10/2020 (19:10)[C-02] CPT. P. SMITH[1A-11] Josh O.Leaving Staff Sit // Driving on Sandy AirfieldActiveNever
941917/10/2020 (17:34)< blank >[1A-32] Kevin B.Modding [Unappealable]ActiveNever
941817/10/2020 (17:06)Trey[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
941717/10/2020 (16:20)Pot inna sock[1A-32] Kevin B.Leaving to avoid staff sitActiveNever
941617/10/2020 (05:22)Chris.P.Bacon[1A-07] John D.Running on PT | Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
941517/10/2020 (04:34)trey[1A-07] John D.ModdingActiveNever
941417/10/2020 (01:02)J. Campbell[1A-26] Brad W.NITRP | TrollingActiveNever
941317/10/2020 (00:27)regaConsoleModderActiveNever
941216/10/2020 (20:43)Sushi[1A-12] Michael R.Trolling \ RDM \ shooting on PT \ failure to listen to staff \ trolling during staff sit \ leaving during staff sit (Michael R. 1A-12)ActiveNever
941116/10/2020 (17:57)1TAPGOD[1A-32] Kevin B.Modding [Unappealble]ActiveNever
941016/10/2020 (17:46)Jayden R[1A-32] Kevin B.Leaving to avoid a staff sitActiveNever
940916/10/2020 (07:49)Jeffrey B.[1A-09] Dominic P.trolling / NoclippingActiveNever
940816/10/2020 (07:48)kaito_[1A-09] Dominic P.noclipping and trollingActiveNever
940716/10/2020 (05:20)DCal_[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving Staff Sit /// Lying to staffActiveNever
940616/10/2020 (03:28)BLT[1A-28] Jake M.Leaving to avoid jail time // Combat loggingActiveNever
940516/10/2020 (02:48)Azen[1A-12] Michael R.Server disrespect \\ member disrespect \\ violation of PT \\ leaving during staff sit (Michael R. 1A-12)ActiveNever
940415/10/2020 (22:27)RadiantLobster[1A-26] Brad W.Noclipping to avoid Staff Sit | Leaving game to avoid staff sit | Violation of peacetime | [1A-12 Michael R and 1A-26 Brad W]ActiveNever
940315/10/2020 (20:44)LiamR04[1A-32] Kevin B.NITRP | Trolling | Mic Spam | RDMActiveNever
940215/10/2020 (09:57)iSkylxrr[1A-09] Dominic P.moddingActiveNever
940115/10/2020 (01:14)CIV-1213 | Adam. J[1A-06] M. DamonModder [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
940014/10/2020 (23:20)PeriodtSis[1A-12] Michael R.Staff disrespectActiveNever
939914/10/2020 (22:32)Contribute[1A-07] John D.moddingActiveNever
939814/10/2020 (20:35)Michael.H[1A-04] George T.Homophobic SlursActiveNever
939714/10/2020 (19:31)Ryder[1A-28] Jake M.Modding\ActiveNever
939614/10/2020 (05:14)[619] Toby[1A-28] Jake M.Combat LoggingActiveNever
939514/10/2020 (04:45)acidicflow123[1A-27] Mike L.Mass spawningInactiveNever
939413/10/2020 (20:59)John.D[1A-28] Jake M.Homophobic slursActiveNever
939313/10/2020 (20:11)Melone[1A-04] George T.TrollingActiveNever
939213/10/2020 (20:11)Tesco Meal Deal[1A-04] George T.TrollingActiveNever
939113/10/2020 (19:08)IAMSOLONLY#LOSER[1A-03] 1A3Racism / Mic SpamActiveNever
939013/10/2020 (19:00)Timber04[1A-32] Kevin B.Staff Disrespect | VDM | Violation of PTActiveNever
938913/10/2020 (16:28)CozyConsoleModdingActiveNever
938812/10/2020 (22:57)Apolito6[1K-05] DiiversxTrollingActiveNever
938712/10/2020 (22:54)jhamann2015[1K-02] Alex T.TrollingActiveNever
938612/10/2020 (22:51)John Gacy[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling - Lying to StaffActiveNever
938512/10/2020 (22:05)LK[1A-07] John D.Stealing LEO vehicles | Leaving server to avoid sitActiveNever
938412/10/2020 (18:32)Crown[1A-26] Brad W.mod menuActiveNever
938312/10/2020 (09:08)BLT[1A-34] M. PattersonMass Spawning VehiclesInactiveNever
938212/10/2020 (09:01)XoDiOuS[1A-34] M. PattersonmoddingActiveNever
938112/10/2020 (04:24)Crypto#6669[1A-29] Wilson S.ModdingActiveNever
938012/10/2020 (00:09)TiM[1A-26] Brad W.Racial SlursActiveNever
937911/10/2020 (23:35)Zach Lips[1A-13] WhitewingLying to staffInactive18/10/2020 (22:35) GMT
937811/10/2020 (22:51)SilentKnight[1A-13] WhitewingModdingActiveNever
937711/10/2020 (22:24)Nigtothenog[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
937611/10/2020 (21:50)DangerSheWrote[1A-14] Luke S.ModdingActiveNever
937511/10/2020 (19:55)Adolf[1A-28] Jake M.ModdingActiveNever
937411/10/2020 (19:20)Harry Possum[1A-14] Luke S.NITRP//RDM//Violation of PeacetimeActiveNever
937311/10/2020 (19:20)Ratsun Yick[1K-02] Alex T.Racial SluresActiveNever
937211/10/2020 (10:18)PhillipM[1A-30] Mungo K.Trolling / Racism / Mass-Spawning [Unappealable]ActiveNever
937111/10/2020 (04:25)dribblegodmar[1A-36] Luke H.[MW] Stealing LEO VehiclesActiveNever
937011/10/2020 (04:11)baka-san[1A-28] Jake M.FailRP // Questoning Staff decisionsActiveNever
936911/10/2020 (03:39)improper[1A-13] WhitewingMass SpawningActiveNever
936811/10/2020 (03:21)J. Campbell[1A-12] Michael R.[MW] RDMInactiveNever
936711/10/2020 (01:25)Average[1A-26] Brad W.Trolling | Noclipping to avoid staff sit | RDM | NITRPActiveNever
936610/10/2020 (23:55)sam[1A-12] Michael R.Mass RDM \\ violation of PTActiveNever
936510/10/2020 (23:54)...[1A-12] Michael R.trolling \\ mass RDMActiveNever
936410/10/2020 (23:53)qwebbse[1A-12] Michael R.trollingActiveNever
936310/10/2020 (21:59)CO 110 DeathBringer[1A-14] Luke S.NITRP/RDMActive17/10/2020 (20:59) GMT
936210/10/2020 (17:39)January[1A-09] Dominic P.moddingActiveNever
936110/10/2020 (07:52)raheed[1A-27] Mike L.[MW] Violation of peacetimeActiveNever
936010/10/2020 (07:41)vxrus[1A-27] Mike L.Lying to staff \\\ NITRP\\\ CopbaitingActiveNever
935910/10/2020 (07:22)Arnes[1A-27] Mike L.ModdingActiveNever
935810/10/2020 (02:41)[5D-72]Reyes[1A-26] Brad W.mass spawnActiveNever
935710/10/2020 (00:27)PRESTIGER6[1K-05] DiiversxRacial SlursActiveNever
935609/10/2020 (23:07)J.Sanders[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
935509/10/2020 (23:01)Jimmy[1A-06] M. DamonTrolling [Unappealable]ActiveNever
935409/10/2020 (21:08)[SO-112] T. Jones[1A-26] Brad W.Leaving staff sit | Spawning aircraft when not in FAA | Driving on runwayActiveNever
935309/10/2020 (21:01)Nintendo Switch 64[1A-04] George T.modderActiveNever
935209/10/2020 (20:38)KFCC_fingerlicking_good[1K-05] DiiversxAttempting to Leave Staff Sit - NITRP - Stealing LEO VehiclesActiveNever
935109/10/2020 (07:22)Jimmy[1A-27] Mike L.ModdingActiveNever
935009/10/2020 (05:19)zacuroni[1A-22] Cam G.Spawning Vehicle during staff sit//Avoding staff sit//NITRPActiveNever
934909/10/2020 (03:05)Trevor G.[1A-09] Dominic P.Failrp// Failure to follow pt // Leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
934809/10/2020 (00:52)[2P-03] B. Curbelo[1K-05] Diiversx[MW] VDMInactiveNever
934708/10/2020 (21:05)[5F-47] K. Flow[1A-07] John D.Ban Evading | Lying to StaffActiveNever
934608/10/2020 (03:59)devonjordan123456[1A-28] Jake M.Lying to staff // Use of explosive bulletsActiveNever
934508/10/2020 (03:07)ace233 on twitch[1A-12] Michael R.Staff disrespect \\ driving emergency vehiclesActiveNever
934408/10/2020 (03:00)👿 ARV Super ❤[1A-12] Michael R.Failrp \\ talking out of RP \\ arguing with staff \\ leaving during staff sit (Michael R. 1A-12)ActiveNever
934308/10/2020 (02:34)Savage-gamer[1A-12] Michael R.Driving CO vehicle while not wearing CO uniform \\ Leaving during staff sit (Michael R. 1A-12)ActiveNever
934208/10/2020 (02:28)Bababooey[1A-07] John D.ModdingActiveNever
934108/10/2020 (02:01)Gus Chiggins[1A-06] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
934008/10/2020 (01:36)Brady H.[1A-26] Brad W.Leaving Staff Sit | Impersonating Staff | Lying to StaffActiveNever
933906/10/2020 (20:30)bloob[1A-04] George T.ModderActiveNever
933806/10/2020 (02:56)Yeya[1A-26] Brad W.mass spawnActiveNever
933706/10/2020 (02:55)GD cyx[1A-26] Brad W.NITRP | FRP | Unproffesional as COActiveNever
933606/10/2020 (02:47)Officer Pepe[1A-26] Brad W.Disrespect | Trolling | Threatening Staff/ServerActiveNever
933505/10/2020 (23:40)lunarzz[1A-26] Brad W.NITRP | VDM | RammingActiveNever
933405/10/2020 (17:37)Jordan K. | 3C-316[1A-26] Brad W.mass spawnActiveNever
933305/10/2020 (05:59)MeSilent[1A-27] Mike L.Mass Spawning Tug BoatsActiveNever
933205/10/2020 (05:54)LongShlongDingDong[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//Failrp//NITRPActiveNever
933105/10/2020 (05:52)Ted Bundy[1A-25] Cole G.RDM//NITRP//FailrpActiveNever
933005/10/2020 (04:16)HeMusBCappin[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//Server Disrespect//FailrpInactiveNever
932905/10/2020 (03:36)Billy[1A-22] Cam G.[MW] Cop BaitingInactiveNever
932805/10/2020 (01:28)Wife Beater[1A-26] Brad W.FRP | NITRP | Trolling | Leaving to avoid staffActiveNever
932705/10/2020 (01:22)Ding Dong Chong[1A-36] Luke H.moddingActiveNever
932604/10/2020 (20:19)Red Rudolph[1A-36] Luke H.moddingActiveNever
932504/10/2020 (20:18)N90[1K-01] IceTheDevmoddderActiveNever
932404/10/2020 (20:12)Squadem[1A-36] Luke H.moddingActiveNever
932304/10/2020 (15:45)steve[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
932204/10/2020 (14:39)sebastian.a.johansen[1A-04] George T.VDM / TrollingActiveNever
932104/10/2020 (14:39)NoWayI[1A-04] George T.VDMActiveNever
932004/10/2020 (14:35)bilaal082704[1A-04] George T.[MW] FailRP / Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
931904/10/2020 (13:53)VizzeD[1A-04] George T.Racial SlursActiveNever
931804/10/2020 (05:59)gtaofferup23[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
931704/10/2020 (05:26)DarkFate[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//Not taking staff sit seriouslyInactiveNever
931604/10/2020 (03:30)Isaac G.[1A-36] Luke H.Mass SpawnActiveNever
931504/10/2020 (03:25)3333333[1A-28] Jake M.RDM // FailRP as COActiveNever
931404/10/2020 (02:54)Chris W[1A-36] Luke H.Leaving Staff Sit | Driving LEO VehiclesActiveNever
931304/10/2020 (01:26)Nicholas T 1B-03[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
931203/10/2020 (19:15)Allah Akbar[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
931103/10/2020 (19:03)Josh :)[1A-32] Kevin B.Leaving during staff sit | RDMActiveNever
931003/10/2020 (17:45)BigDaddyBurns101[1A-13] WhitewingServer DisrespectActive10/10/2020 (16:45) GMT
930903/10/2020 (17:04)DED[1A-03] 1A3Mass RDM/Stealing Cop Car/Shooting during PT/Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
930803/10/2020 (07:12)jake lee[1A-27] Mike L.Mass Spawning VehiclesActiveNever
930703/10/2020 (05:44)Landon T. L1[1K-02] Alex T.Constant Erotic RPActiveNever
930603/10/2020 (05:07)IDOESCODE[1A-27] Mike L.ModdingActiveNever
930503/10/2020 (05:06)dogthebountyhunter[1A-27] Mike L.ModdingActiveNever
930403/10/2020 (03:19)Drewcephus[1A-36] Luke H.NITRP // VDMActiveNever
930303/10/2020 (03:03)215_StreetKingz[1A-36] Luke H.Staff Disrespect // NITRP // Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
930203/10/2020 (02:27)kieronlawton14ConsoleMod Menu (Tried executing blacklisted events: adminmenu:allowall)ActiveNever
930103/10/2020 (02:06)SemenPro[1K-05] DiiversxVDM - NITRPActiveNever
930003/10/2020 (02:06)gonzalez.michaeljr[1K-05] DiiversxVDM - NITRPActiveNever
929902/10/2020 (19:17)miki mouse[1A-27] Mike L.ModdingActiveNever
929802/10/2020 (07:38)DireWolff[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving staff sitActiveNever
929702/10/2020 (07:38)Rogyman[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
929602/10/2020 (07:31)Billy Nye the Science Guy[1A-27] Mike L.moddingActiveNever
929502/10/2020 (06:34)danthevase[1A-27] Mike L.ModdingActiveNever
929402/10/2020 (06:24)RCROWE[1A-22] Cam G.mass spwnActiveNever
929302/10/2020 (05:56)SmugG0D[1A-25] Cole G.Lying to staffActiveNever
929202/10/2020 (05:41)opps jr[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP/FAILRPActiveNever
929102/10/2020 (04:24)StreetSquidV4[1A-27] Mike L.Lying to staffActiveNever
929002/10/2020 (03:35)J. Hughesman[1A-25] Cole G.RDM//Staff Disrespect//NITRPActiveNever
928902/10/2020 (03:10)aloack bar[1A-22] Cam G.Staff disrespect//NITRPActiveNever
928802/10/2020 (02:47)King Von[1A-26] Brad W.Leaving staff sit | Copbaiting | unrealistic unrackingActiveNever
928702/10/2020 (01:21)evilkiller115[1A-28] Jake M.ModdingActiveNever
928602/10/2020 (01:12)Nathan C.[1A-12] Michael R.Staff disrespect \\ failure to listen to staff \\ trolling during staff sit.ActiveNever
928502/10/2020 (00:36)Charlie Rakes[1A-12] Michael R.Staff disrespectActiveNever
928401/10/2020 (23:21)maxssim96[1A-36] Luke H.moddingActiveNever
928301/10/2020 (22:38)Number 1 Bitch[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
928201/10/2020 (22:19)Peter Wolfgang[1A-12] Michael R.Failure to listen to staff \\ NITRP \\ Staff disprespect \\ FailrpActiveNever
928101/10/2020 (17:16)SHEEN THE MACHINE[1A-04] George T.Racials SlursActiveNever
928001/10/2020 (03:05)SKIMASKJAMAR.[1A-26] Brad W.Mod menuActiveNever
927930/09/2020 (23:40)Lettucve[1A-06] M. DamonNo Intent to RP // TrollingActiveNever
927830/09/2020 (23:37)DRAGON420[1A-06] M. DamonViolating Peacetime // Leaving to avoid PunishmentActiveNever
927730/09/2020 (23:29)Counterzzz.[1A-06] M. DamonVDM // No Intent to RoleplayActiveNever
927630/09/2020 (23:28)m249.model #WORSTAKSPRAY[1A-06] M. DamonFailRP // NITRP // Violating PeacetimeActive07/10/2020 (22:28) GMT
927530/09/2020 (23:21)RileyFloyd[1A-06] M. DamonRacial SlursActiveNever
927430/09/2020 (23:18)Riely Reid[1A-06] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Punishment // NITRPActiveNever
927330/09/2020 (22:19)JOHNNEH[1A-06] M. DamonStaff Disrespect // TrollingActiveNever
927230/09/2020 (22:19)sqwishy.[1A-06] M. DamonStaff DisrespectActiveNever
927130/09/2020 (20:51)BokoHaram[1A-32] Kevin B.NITRP | TrollingActiveNever
927030/09/2020 (15:49)[2P-06] Jamal S.[1A-36] Luke H.Failure To listen to Staff // CopbaitInactive14/10/2020 (14:49) GMT
926930/09/2020 (04:45)NS Gaming[1A-25] Cole G.RDM//Staff DisrespectActiveNever
926830/09/2020 (04:45)B. Country[1A-25] Cole G.Failuire to listen to staff//FailrpActiveNever
926730/09/2020 (04:42)Jets Fan | Tyler J.[1A-25] Cole G.Impersnation//Lying to staffActiveNever
926630/09/2020 (01:56)🍁JakeTheToiletSnake🍁[1A-12] Michael R.TrollingActiveNever
926530/09/2020 (01:56)Donald J Trump[1A-12] Michael R.TrollingActiveNever
926430/09/2020 (01:55)zakarytaylor44[1A-36] Luke H.Staff Disrespect // Leaving staff sit // Talking OOCActiveNever
926329/09/2020 (22:43)Paigon[1A-12] Michael R.arguing with staff \\ failure to listen to staffActiveNever
926229/09/2020 (22:25)ImDaBoii[1A-12] Michael R.Staff disrespectActiveNever
926129/09/2020 (04:57)Dshots[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//Staff Disrespect//FailrpActiveNever
926029/09/2020 (04:51)❅Ŧเש͢͢͢є๓❅🍄 Abd[1A-25] Cole G.ModdingActiveNever
925929/09/2020 (04:25)suckduk[1A-25] Cole G.VDM//NITRPActiveNever
925829/09/2020 (03:08)CHILDRENLIVESMATTER[1A-12] Michael R.[MW] Use of sniperInactiveNever
925729/09/2020 (02:41)monkyMLESTER[1A-07] John D.VDM | Ramming | Interfering with RP | Leaving staff sit [Michael Rogers]ActiveNever
925629/09/2020 (02:05)Springer Is Outa Here[1A-36] Luke H.Leaving Staff Sit // Violation Of PeacetimeActiveNever
925529/09/2020 (01:29)Leonard W.[1A-28] Jake M.ModdingActiveNever
925429/09/2020 (00:00)~w~1D-77 | Sindro[1A-28] Jake M.VDM // NitRPActiveNever
925328/09/2020 (02:41)yeahahaha[1A-28] Jake M.ModdingActiveNever
925227/09/2020 (23:59)Itachi[1A-25] Cole G.ModdingActiveNever
925127/09/2020 (21:47)N90[1A-26] Brad W.mod menuActiveNever
925027/09/2020 (20:57)akaMrCheeks[1A-32] Kevin B.Leaving to avoid staff sitActiveNever
924927/09/2020 (08:07)pickle_has_soap[1A-34] M. PattersonCombat LoggingActiveNever
924827/09/2020 (06:22)diaky1122[1K-01] IceTheDevModding (Mod Menu)ActiveNever
924727/09/2020 (06:09)Zagan Z[1A-25] Cole G.Server Disrespect//Staff Disrespect//NITRPActiveNever
924627/09/2020 (05:56)NoneVale_Consoleno!ActiveNever
924527/09/2020 (05:09)IL-24thGIV(A)PFC Remiss[1A-34] M. PattersonHomophobic slur/ called a staff member a f*ggotInactiveNever
924427/09/2020 (05:07)(C0-73)J.Future[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//RDm//Lying to staffActiveNever
924327/09/2020 (04:57)[CO-69] Joyner Mucas[1A-22] Cam G.Staff Disrespect//NITRP//ActiveNever
924227/09/2020 (04:39)Corrado Soprano Jr.[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRPActiveNever
924127/09/2020 (04:39)Lil DimSum[1A-37] Max H.Leaving during staff sit | unrealistic drivingInactiveNever
924027/09/2020 (03:06)Apollo[1A-07] John D.RDM | Violating PT | Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
923927/09/2020 (03:04)Krios[1A-07] John D.Unrealistic driving | FRP | Noclliping away from sit | leaving server when pulled into a sitActiveNever
923827/09/2020 (02:17)[B-15] H Dylan.[1A-26] Brad W.RDM | VDM | Unrealistic Driving | NITRP | RDM as an on duty cop | Combat loggingActiveNever
923727/09/2020 (00:38)6迷你西瓜6[1A-06] M. DamonTrolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
923627/09/2020 (00:38)JoJo[1A-28] Jake M.NITRP // Ramming scenesActiveNever
923527/09/2020 (00:37)Admee Nis Mel[1A-28] Jake M.NITRP // Ramming into scenesActiveNever
923426/09/2020 (22:38)Chadbombz[1A-36] Luke H.Mass SpawningActiveNever
923326/09/2020 (21:25)BenC53[1A-12] Michael R.Trolling // staff disrespect // leaving during staff sit (Michael R. 1A-12)ActiveNever
923226/09/2020 (20:44)Blinx_IV[1A-26] Brad W.NITRP | FRP | Unrealistic DrivingInactiveNever
923126/09/2020 (09:06)Bob Mclaren[1A-34] M. PattersonThreatening to ddos server and destroy server/ Member DisrespectActiveNever
923026/09/2020 (03:13)(4H-313) A.Rotz[1A-28] Jake M.Mass RDM // NITRP // Shooting during PTActiveNever
922926/09/2020 (03:11)StarLi[1A-28] Jake M.Trolling // Impersonating staffActiveNever
922826/09/2020 (01:51)ODOG[1A-36] Luke H.Leaving To Avoid Staff Sit // RDMInactiveNever
922726/09/2020 (01:26)[DP-FD-EMS].27PD[1A-28] Jake M.Racial SlurActiveNever
922626/09/2020 (01:26)Gypsy[1A-36] Luke H.moddingActiveNever
922525/09/2020 (21:50)NvMe Alpha[1A-12] Michael R.Server disrespect \\ NITRP \\ Trolling \\ failrpActiveNever
922425/09/2020 (20:48)Tapatio[1A-04] George T.ModderActiveNever
922325/09/2020 (03:56)itz_phantom[1A-34] M. Pattersonstealing a police vehicle and ignoring staffActiveNever
922225/09/2020 (03:02)codelittlereeves[1A-36] Luke H.Server Disrespect // Staff Disrespect // Mic Spam // NITRPActiveNever
922124/09/2020 (17:59)Egar32[1A-26] Brad W.Trolling | NITRPInactiveNever
922024/09/2020 (05:32)Lobby DJ[1A-27] Mike L.RDM /// Server DisrespectActiveNever
921924/09/2020 (05:29)Surprised Pikachu[1A-27] Mike L.Lying to staff /// RDMActiveNever
921824/09/2020 (04:03)crj929[1A-09] Dominic P.Leaving to avoid punishment // Leaving staff sit // failrp // breaking PTActiveNever
921724/09/2020 (02:50)Valiant Bog[1A-12] Michael R.Staff disrespect \\ copbaiting \\ interfering with RP \\ violation of PT \\ server disrespectActiveNever
921623/09/2020 (21:08)[2K-194] Jommy[1A-36] Luke H.moddingActiveNever
921523/09/2020 (02:52)ItzKG[1A-34] M. PattersonStaff DisrespectActiveNever
921423/09/2020 (02:14)Mathew[1A-33] Connor G.Leaving During staff sitActiveNever
921323/09/2020 (00:51)Number 1 Gangster[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
921222/09/2020 (19:50)coub[1A-26] Brad W.Racial Slurs | Staff Disrespect | RDM | VDM | NITRP | Violation of PT | LEAVING STAFF SITActiveNever
921122/09/2020 (05:29)k0ry[1A-34] M. PattersonFail RP/NITRP/DisrespectActiveNever
921022/09/2020 (05:28)dolphin15[1A-22] Cam G.Staff Disrespect//NITRP//Server DisrespectActiveNever
920922/09/2020 (04:49)2B-05| Tyler N. | ★[1A-22] Cam G.[MW] Unrealistic DrivingInactiveNever
920822/09/2020 (04:04)Loki[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//Trolling//Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
920721/09/2020 (22:58)FilthyJew[1A-34] M. PattersonRacial slurs, Mass RDM, Mass VDMActiveNever
920621/09/2020 (20:01)MoneyWasted[1A-36] Luke H.moddingActiveNever
920521/09/2020 (05:58)gooneygoons[1A-34] M. Pattersonracial slursActiveNever
920421/09/2020 (05:57)oofmcmuffin[1A-27] Mike L.RDM /// Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
920321/09/2020 (05:47)Love Not Hate[1A-27] Mike L.NITRPActiveNever
920221/09/2020 (05:36)PD-59 I P. Hernandez[1A-27] Mike L.ModdingActiveNever
920121/09/2020 (05:19)quinchere[1A-34] M. Pattersonleaving to avoid staff sitActiveNever
920021/09/2020 (04:24)Red Bull MERCY[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//Running on peacetime//failure to listen to staffActiveNever
919921/09/2020 (03:30)𝓐𝓷𝓸𝓷𝔂𝓶𝓸𝓾[1A-22] Cam G.Lying to Staff//NITRPActiveNever
919821/09/2020 (03:01)BengalsTerritory2019[1A-36] Luke H.moddingActiveNever
919721/09/2020 (02:11)gdiba05[1A-22] Cam G.RDM//NITRPActiveNever
919621/09/2020 (01:55)Duckie[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//FailrpActiveNever
919521/09/2020 (01:49)oscarrochaa123[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//FailrpActiveNever
919420/09/2020 (23:30)Kirbyy[1A-25] Cole G.Server disrespect//failure to listen to staffActiveNever
919320/09/2020 (23:29)Nicky[1A-22] Cam G.Staff Disrepsect/NITRP//TrollingActiveNever
919220/09/2020 (23:27)joe[1A-22] Cam G.TrollingInactiveNever
919120/09/2020 (23:27)Rakeesh Aguwaliia[1A-22] Cam G.TrollingInactiveNever
919020/09/2020 (23:22)C.davis[1A-27] Mike L.NITRPActiveNever
918920/09/2020 (23:05)[3C-111] Pablo Escobob[1A-27] Mike L.Lying to staffActiveNever
918820/09/2020 (23:01)isaiah[1A-27] Mike L.Racism /// VDMActiveNever
918720/09/2020 (22:55)Hoe Boe Joe[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
918620/09/2020 (22:28)Car[1A-22] Cam G.Staff disrepspect//DEV disrepect//Arguing with staff/Server DisrespectActiveNever
918520/09/2020 (21:51)Ice[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
918420/09/2020 (20:16)44th Street[1K-01] IceTheDevModderActiveNever
918320/09/2020 (07:08)Large_CAHK[1A-36] Luke H.Leaving staff sit // Speed Boost // Violation Of PeacetimeActiveNever
918220/09/2020 (05:52)Joe Robins[1A-09] Dominic P.Racial SlursActiveNever
918120/09/2020 (05:41)rera[1A-34] M. PattersonLeaving Staff sit about combat loggingActiveNever
918020/09/2020 (04:51)HONEYBUNLEGEND[1A-34] M. Pattersonstaff disrespectActiveNever
917920/09/2020 (04:47)MarctimusPrime[1A-34] M. Pattersonstaff disrespect told me to "suck his cock"ActiveNever
917820/09/2020 (02:54)1C-69 | B. Waves[1A-12] Michael R.mass spawnningActiveNever
917720/09/2020 (02:50)1C-85 | J.Riffle[1A-34] M. PattersonmoddingActiveNever
917620/09/2020 (00:32)[166] J.Rogers[1A-12] Michael R.[MW] RDMInactiveNever
917519/09/2020 (22:39)brennan[1A-12] Michael R.Frp \\ leaving during staff sit (Michael R. 1A-12)ActiveNever
917419/09/2020 (20:56)[TLP] C.Little[1A-12] Michael R.trollingActiveNever
917319/09/2020 (19:14)ewodez[1A-36] Luke H.moddingActiveNever
917219/09/2020 (07:09)[5D-3274] Chad M.[1A-34] M. PattersonLeaving Staff SitInactiveNever
917119/09/2020 (05:44)Drizzy[1A-34] M. Pattersonattitude on every staff sit and being disrespectful multiple warnings in one night and just keeps breaking rules and told me to kiss himActiveNever
917019/09/2020 (04:44)3109|Miguel.B[1A-34] M. PattersonMass Spawning Of VehiclesActiveNever
916918/09/2020 (23:14)richard[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving staff sitActiveNever
916818/09/2020 (20:31)Wrench[1A-36] Luke H.TrollerActiveNever
916718/09/2020 (02:20)ItzJoshBTW[1A-28] Jake M.ModdingActiveNever
916618/09/2020 (01:46)Darkness[1A-26] Brad W.Racial SlursActiveNever
916517/09/2020 (04:59)BONEZ[1A-27] Mike L.ModdingActiveNever
916417/09/2020 (04:59)NuBzyExiz[1A-27] Mike L.NITRP /// RDMActiveNever
916317/09/2020 (04:53)bubby[1A-27] Mike L.NITRPActiveNever
916217/09/2020 (03:32)Nevada[1A-28] Jake M.Combat Logging // Leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
916117/09/2020 (03:30)Harold P.[1A-33] Connor G.Mass RDMActiveNever
916017/09/2020 (02:33)Paet[1K-06] Nice E.NITRPActiveNever
915917/09/2020 (02:24)FiveM[1A-12] Michael R.trollingActiveNever
915817/09/2020 (01:27)Coje[1A-28] Jake M.Leaving to avoid staff sit// VDMActiveNever
915717/09/2020 (00:27)BerzerkGames[1A-26] Brad W.Trolling | NITRP | FRP | Mass spawnActiveNever
915616/09/2020 (20:52)SHEEN THE MACHINE[1A-04] George T.Homophobic SlursInactive30/09/2020 (19:52) GMT
915516/09/2020 (05:22)Zachisback500[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving staff sit /// stealing leo carActiveNever
915416/09/2020 (03:52)Weezy3k[1A-33] Connor G.Dose of Crown | Alt AccActiveNever
915316/09/2020 (02:31)Mike Litt[1A-07] John D.moddingActiveNever
915216/09/2020 (00:50)Mike Hunt[1A-07] John D.ModdingActiveNever
915115/09/2020 (21:12)Smallz[1K-02] Alex T.[MW] Fail RPActiveNever
915014/09/2020 (23:34).cozy[1A-26] Brad W.moddingActiveNever
914914/09/2020 (21:16)Zykro[1A-26] Brad W.mod menuActiveNever
914814/09/2020 (03:50)(4B-76) Josh R.[1A-13] WhitewingCombat Logging | FailRPActiveNever
914714/09/2020 (03:44)T. Terrence[1A-12] Michael R.NITRP \\ frp \\ staff disrespect \\ leaving during staff sit (Michael R. 1A-12)ActiveNever
914614/09/2020 (02:38)Kilahoe[1A-07] John D.ModdingActiveNever
914514/09/2020 (02:34)Pop Smoke[1A-26] Brad W.moddingActiveNever
914414/09/2020 (00:47)G Farrlol[1A-26] Brad W.moddingActiveNever
914313/09/2020 (23:09)Jus_Fire[1A-28] Jake M.Leaving to avoid staff sit // VDMActiveNever
914213/09/2020 (22:00)vypsense[1A-07] John D.ModdingActiveNever
914113/09/2020 (21:56)Life?[1A-38] Tyler S.ModdingActiveNever
914013/09/2020 (21:41)Buckson T.[1A-32] Kevin B.Failure to listen to staff | Violation of PT | FailRPActiveNever
913913/09/2020 (21:00)M4DJ4CKFTP[1A-12] Michael R.Violation of PT \\ leaving to avoid staff sit (Michael R. 1A-12)ActiveNever
913813/09/2020 (19:25)[CRIP] 215_StreetKingz[1K-05] Diiversx[MW] Violation of PeacetimeInactiveNever
913713/09/2020 (09:22)Gh0st6942[1A-30] Mungo K.RDM/ VDM/ Trolling/ NITRPActiveNever
913613/09/2020 (09:19)hobo88[1A-30] Mungo K.RDM/ VDM/ Trolling/ NITRPActiveNever
913513/09/2020 (06:55)[3S-71] Brian B.[1A-13] Whitewing[MW] CopbaitingInactiveNever
913413/09/2020 (02:30)[407] James Patterson[1A-12] Michael R.Staff disrespect \\ arguing with staffActiveNever
913312/09/2020 (23:02)Texas cowboy 05[1A-12] Michael R.[MW] Interfering with a priorityInactiveNever
913212/09/2020 (22:53)Conrad_Biceps[1A-27] Mike L.NITRP /// Lying to staffActiveNever
913112/09/2020 (22:53)RJC_Johnny5_[1A-07] John D.Trolling | NITRP | Slight Staff disrespectActiveNever
913012/09/2020 (22:14)joeylobue972[1A-27] Mike L.NITRPActiveNever
912912/09/2020 (17:58)Bliz[1A-26] Brad W.moddingActiveNever
912812/09/2020 (17:33)aerox turken[1A-04] George T.NITRP / Multiple Violations of PT / Staff Disrespect / Leaving server during staff sit [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
912712/09/2020 (17:32)zMoe[1A-04] George T.Racial Slurs / NITRP / Staff & Server Disrespect [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
912612/09/2020 (17:24)FRSH-KaseTinsley[1A-04] George T.NITRP / Multiple violations of PeacetimeActiveNever
912512/09/2020 (15:24)regdssdgs[1A-32] Kevin B.Modding [Unappealable]ActiveNever
912412/09/2020 (06:39)[681] Dantoni wall[1A-36] Luke H.NITRP // Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
912312/09/2020 (06:27)BABAKANOOSH[1A-09] Dominic P.MASS SPAWNActiveNever
912212/09/2020 (04:42)torewes[1K-06] Nice E.leaving staff sitActiveNever
912112/09/2020 (02:55)DusterBuster[1A-12] Michael R.Trolling \\ NITRPActiveNever
912012/09/2020 (01:37)Adaptness[1A-13] Whitewing[MW] Cop BaitingActiveNever
911912/09/2020 (01:10)MIKE.J[1A-12] Michael R.Staff disrespectActiveNever
911811/09/2020 (22:38)neword1986ric[1A-03] 1A3Mass RDM // No intent to RPActive18/09/2020 (21:38) GMT
911711/09/2020 (19:20)Arthas[1K-05] DiiversxLeaving Staff Sit - NITRP - Running on PTActiveNever
911611/09/2020 (03:44)Lord FrieConsoleHackingActiveNever
911511/09/2020 (01:46)]G.James[1A-26] Brad W.Stealing LEO Vehicles | Lying to staffActiveNever
911411/09/2020 (01:41)Smallz[1A-28] Jake M.Combat LoggingInactiveNever
911310/09/2020 (23:18)ItsYeBoi[1A-28] Jake M.Combat LoggingActiveNever
911210/09/2020 (23:18)Bivoa[1A-28] Jake M.Combat LoggingActiveNever
911110/09/2020 (19:23)Noble[1K-05] DiiversxFail RP, NITRP, VDMInactiveNever
911010/09/2020 (03:12)backdoor[1A-25] Cole G.ModdingActiveNever
910910/09/2020 (02:18)F. Yarrel[1A-33] Connor G.ModdingActiveNever
910710/09/2020 (01:11)Anthony Swofford [2B-41][1A-26] Brad W.Erotic RP | Ignoring Staff | TrollingActiveNever
910509/09/2020 (23:56)josh polish[1A-22] Cam G.lying to staffActiveNever
910409/09/2020 (23:55)bIlly brown[1A-22] Cam G.lying to staffActiveNever
910309/09/2020 (23:52)falcon.nation42[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP//Stealing leo vehicle//avoding staff sitActiveNever
910209/09/2020 (23:35)Jaysteelzz[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//Leaving staff sit//Staff disrespect//stealing police vehiclesActiveNever
910109/09/2020 (23:29)3L-102 | J. Johnson[1A-38] Tyler S.ModdingActiveNever
909909/09/2020 (23:24)jaydellaminaaus[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//Running on peacetime//TrollingInactiveNever
909809/09/2020 (22:13)D. Jones[1A-12] Michael R.NITRP \\ Trolling \\ interfering with RP \\ copbaiting \\ racial slursActiveNever
909709/09/2020 (21:34)Jfudd[1A-07] John D.NITRP | Ramming/VDMInactive23/09/2020 (20:34) GMT
909609/09/2020 (21:30)scar[1A-32] Kevin B.NITRP | VDM | Lying to staffInactiveNever
909509/09/2020 (11:15)William Halstead[1A-26] Brad W.Leaving to avoid staff sit | Unrealistic Driving | FRP | NITRPActiveNever
909409/09/2020 (11:11)Duputy_Beam[1A-26] Brad W.Racial Slurs | VDM | FRP | NITRPActiveNever
909309/09/2020 (04:49)Arjent[1K-02] Alex T.Failure to listen too staff, Multiple warns for shooting on peacetimeActiveNever
909209/09/2020 (04:43)jwilkes1992[1K-02] Alex T.Shooting on peacetime, Leaving to avoid staff sitActiveNever
909109/09/2020 (03:09)Salty_Tears[1A-07] John D.rdm | nitrp | TrollingActiveNever
909009/09/2020 (02:47)drippy [31-04][1A-25] Cole G.[MW] Failrp//NoclippingInactiveNever
908909/09/2020 (02:16)Chonk[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//Trolling//Leaving staff sitActiveNever
908809/09/2020 (02:14)AquaTurtle[1A-38] Tyler S.Trolling | NITRPActiveNever
908709/09/2020 (02:11)Mr Pickle45[1K-05] DiiversxNITRP - Violation of PT - Trolling - Mass Spawning VehiclesActiveNever
908609/09/2020 (02:11)Kburd[1A-38] Tyler S.Walking away from staff sit several times | Spawning cars in sit | Failure to listenActiveNever
908508/09/2020 (18:34)ttv slytouch[1A-32] Kevin B.[MW] Violation of PTActiveNever
908408/09/2020 (15:41)alexanderahn643[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving Staff SitActiveNever
908308/09/2020 (05:03)kilian weisner[1A-29] Wilson S.Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit | VDM | NITRPActiveNever
908208/09/2020 (04:52)calebreed28[1A-22] Cam G.Lying to staff//NITRP//ActiveNever
908108/09/2020 (04:49)AceMythic.-[1A-22] Cam G.Lying to staff/In CO vehicle as CIVActiveNever
908008/09/2020 (04:49)HugeGyak[1A-07] John D.NITRP | Leaving Staff Sit - WIlson S.ActiveNever
907908/09/2020 (04:47)Bad Lands[1A-29] Wilson S.NITRP | Trolling | Lying to StaffActiveNever
907808/09/2020 (04:47)~y~[WR-04] Joey M.[1A-29] Wilson S.NITRP | Trolling | Lying to StaffInactiveNever
907708/09/2020 (04:39)JB WITH THE CP[1A-29] Wilson S.FailRP | VDM | NITRPActiveNever
907608/09/2020 (03:22)KEV[1A-25] Cole G.Server disrespect//Failrp//Staff disrespectActiveNever
907508/09/2020 (01:52)Homer Sumpson[1A-25] Cole G.RDM//NITRP//Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
907408/09/2020 (01:44)Fantasma[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//No Clipping//Avoiding ArrestActiveNever
907308/09/2020 (00:36)ante's son[1A-36] Luke H.Racial Slurs | ModdingActiveNever
907207/09/2020 (22:49)Monkey Man[1A-22] Cam G.ModdingActiveNever
907107/09/2020 (22:36)Jimmy Todgerson[1A-25] Cole G.Spawning Blacklisted vehciles//Mass SpawningActiveNever
907007/09/2020 (22:28)Rekesh[1A-25] Cole G.Leaving Staff sit//NITRPActiveNever
906907/09/2020 (22:27)Choocharlie[1A-25] Cole G.Mass SapwningActiveNever
906807/09/2020 (22:24)Kertin Crevisson[1A-25] Cole G.Mass SpawningActiveNever
906707/09/2020 (22:20)Bailey[1A-25] Cole G.Mass SpawningActiveNever
906607/09/2020 (22:17)Аляксей Сяргей[1A-25] Cole G.Mass SpawningActiveNever
906507/09/2020 (22:16)Wide Putin[1A-25] Cole G.Mass SpawningActiveNever
906407/09/2020 (22:15)M. Graham[1A-25] Cole G.Mass SpawningActiveNever
906307/09/2020 (21:27)H.Snider 3rd jr.[1A-36] Luke H.server disrespectActiveNever
906207/09/2020 (21:13)Natemyster[1A-22] Cam G.Mass SpawningActiveNever
906107/09/2020 (21:07)B. Jackson[1A-22] Cam G.ModdingActiveNever
906007/09/2020 (21:06)[712] Trevor Citadel[1A-33] Connor G.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
905907/09/2020 (21:01)Quando Rondo[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
905707/09/2020 (19:50)Shelly_69[1A-32] Kevin B.Leaving staff sitActiveNever
905607/09/2020 (11:55)Turbkey Samdwitch[1A-29] Wilson S.Trolling RDMActiveNever
905507/09/2020 (11:54)Obama_sin_Laden[1A-29] Wilson S.TrollingActiveNever
905407/09/2020 (09:21)Vlad[1A-25] Cole G.ModdingActiveNever
905307/09/2020 (05:16)scullythepup2242[1K-02] Alex T.trollingInactiveNever
905207/09/2020 (03:12)B.Brayden[1K-02] Alex T.ModdingActiveNever
905107/09/2020 (02:49)Nick Kyle[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//No Clipping//attempting to steal staff car//FailrpActiveNever
905007/09/2020 (02:41)Donovan[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//Unlrealistic drivingActiveNever
904907/09/2020 (02:25)BP Oils[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//Refusing staff sit//random car spawningActiveNever
904807/09/2020 (02:25)Dick Mouthssanders[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//RDM//Random car spawningActiveNever
904707/09/2020 (02:23)outlawdipper[1A-25] Cole G.Racial SlursActiveNever
904607/09/2020 (01:03)甘いアライグマ | Komondas[1A-25] Cole G.RDM//NITRP//RDM in staff sitActiveNever
904506/09/2020 (21:39)Noseph[1K-06] Nice E.staff disrespectActiveNever
904406/09/2020 (20:31)Sam[1K-02] Alex T.RDM, Not listening to staff, and leaving during a staff sitActiveNever
904306/09/2020 (20:30)whiifgamez69[1K-05] DiiversxFail RP, Mass RDM, Trolling, NITRPActiveNever
904206/09/2020 (18:53)Remy[1K-01] IceTheDevmoddingActiveNever
904106/09/2020 (08:43)[BM]DUCKY[1A-03] 1A3Mini ModdingActive13/09/2020 (07:43) GMT
904006/09/2020 (07:31)T Ford[1K-06] Nice E.DisrespectActiveNever
903906/09/2020 (05:44)[4L-42] Barham.A[1A-22] Cam G.[MW] SpeedboostingActiveNever
903806/09/2020 (04:45)i Kill[1A-06] M. Damon[MW] FailRP // Violating PTActiveNever
903706/09/2020 (03:59)Rufus Bernard[1A-06] M. DamonMass Spawning // Leaving to Avoid Punishment [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
903605/09/2020 (21:04)هيمينمتيم[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP//RDM//Failure to listen to staffActiveNever
903505/09/2020 (21:04)вставить[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP//RDM//Failure to listen to staffActiveNever
903405/09/2020 (20:54)LeQuit[1A-25] Cole G.ModdingActiveNever
903305/09/2020 (20:18)Brad COOp[1K-01] IceTheDevTalking OOCInactive05/09/2020 (20:18) GMT
903205/09/2020 (17:13)Skipp[1A-30] Mungo K.Disrespect to staff/ server disrespectActiveNever
903105/09/2020 (11:32)Snoopie[1A-30] Mungo K.NITRP/ Trolling/ FailRPActiveNever
903005/09/2020 (09:43)HeroConsoleMass RDM / NITRPActiveNever
902905/09/2020 (08:31)Reaper88[1A-09] Dominic P.LEaving to avoid punishment // Failrp // trying to evade staff sitActiveNever
902805/09/2020 (04:10)Holyman[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRPActiveNever
902705/09/2020 (03:26)paul pilgram[1K-02] Alex T.trollingActiveNever
902605/09/2020 (02:37)SatanIsMyMommy[1K-02] Alex T.Server Disrespect, revive on scene multiple times, talking out of character multiple timesActiveNever
902505/09/2020 (02:25)squidyy[1A-09] Dominic P.Trolling // Stealing police cars // Attempt to rdm // not following staff sitActiveNever
902405/09/2020 (02:09)Womb Banger[1A-07] John D.ModdingActiveNever
902305/09/2020 (01:44)ParagonSurfs[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRPActiveNever
902205/09/2020 (01:41)Spyhide[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRPActiveNever
902104/09/2020 (23:50)< blank >[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
902004/09/2020 (19:59)Manny_boii[1A-26] Brad W.[MW] Driving LEO Vehicles | Police impersonationActiveNever
901804/09/2020 (16:44)zuopixx[1K-01] IceTheDevModder / MiniModdingActiveNever
901704/09/2020 (06:52)antpineapple0421[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//RDM\ActiveNever
901604/09/2020 (06:51)yougotgapped[1A-22] Cam G.Lying to staff//Satff DisrespectActiveNever
901504/09/2020 (06:05)Daddy dust[1A-25] Cole G.RDM//NITRPActiveNever
901404/09/2020 (05:49)Ducky Pixial[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP/Leaving Staff Sit//NoclippingActiveNever
901304/09/2020 (05:16)Ballchinian[1A-25] Cole G.NITRPActiveNever
901204/09/2020 (05:15)spookylol[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP//Killing Staff during Staff sitActiveNever
901104/09/2020 (05:11)Gwiz[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP//Running on PT//FailrpActiveNever
901004/09/2020 (04:53)CLAP RICH[1A-22] Cam G.Failrp/NITRP//Staff DisrespectActiveNever
900904/09/2020 (03:32)Nick bruce[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRPActiveNever
900804/09/2020 (03:32)[471] Tyrone Jaqufas[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRPActiveNever
900704/09/2020 (02:40)FIVEMBOOTER[1A-26] Brad W.ModderActiveNever
900604/09/2020 (02:27)Pingu[1A-09] Dominic P.Server Disrespect // RDM // Faliure to follow ptActiveNever
900504/09/2020 (02:14)~w~AidenSk40[1K-01] IceTheDevPossible ModderActiveNever
900404/09/2020 (01:09)ReeeReee[1A-26] Brad W.mod menuActiveNever
900303/09/2020 (23:37)Maxell Danglenuts[1K-01] IceTheDevSelf ReviveActiveNever
900203/09/2020 (23:30)dashthornton1[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling - RDMActiveNever
900103/09/2020 (23:17)ceom5g10[1A-07] John D.Mass Spawning in vehiclesActiveNever
900003/09/2020 (23:13)js3821558[1K-01] IceTheDevModderActiveNever
899903/09/2020 (20:09)chris brown[1A-03] 1A3NITRPActiveNever
899603/09/2020 (09:49)SH4DW[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
899503/09/2020 (07:57)RobertoCIV[1K-01] IceTheDevIgnoring Peacetime and not complying with officers.Inactive10/09/2020 (06:57) GMT
899403/09/2020 (07:07)W3333SSSS4444[1K-01] IceTheDevcuff trollingActiveNever
899303/09/2020 (06:10)Lexose[1A-25] Cole G.No clipping | RDM | NITRPActiveNever
899203/09/2020 (05:09)corrupt_ice5[1A-07] John D.mass spawning in vehiclesActiveNever
899103/09/2020 (05:08)Trippie Fedd[1A-07] John D.mass spawning carsActiveNever
899003/09/2020 (04:59)Jus_Fire[1A-07] John D.[MW] Spawning in cars in the middle of the roadInactiveNever
898903/09/2020 (04:50)Bill Cosby[1A-07] John D.Mass spawning in vehiclesActiveNever
898803/09/2020 (02:30)Pickles[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
898703/09/2020 (02:23)ShadowFlow[1A-26] Brad W.Use of a Mod Menu [UNNAPEALABLE]ActiveNever
898603/09/2020 (01:45)Wave[1A-26] Brad W.Leaving staff sit | Interfering with priorityActiveNever
898503/09/2020 (01:30)Flipora[1A-38] Tyler S.Leaving to avoid punishment (LTAP)ActiveNever
898403/09/2020 (01:29)Kushi[1A-26] Brad W.FRP | Interfering with RP | Ramming | VDMActiveNever
898302/09/2020 (21:00)🌑MOON🌑[1A-21] Luke S.Mod menuActiveNever
898202/09/2020 (20:59)DodgeHotrod27[1A-03] 1A3Leaving Staff Sit // Stealing cop carsActiveNever
898102/09/2020 (20:34)alanofbrooklyn[1A-12] Michael R.arguing with staff \\ shooting on PTActiveNever
898002/09/2020 (19:19)evanfisk06[1A-04] George T.Teleporting / MRDM / NITRPActiveNever
897902/09/2020 (19:19)silva[1A-03] 1A3Mass RDMActiveNever
897802/09/2020 (19:18)Duncan[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
897702/09/2020 (05:04)Woody[1A-09] Dominic P.trolling // RDMActiveNever
897602/09/2020 (04:56)REE KID[1A-09] Dominic P.Leaving to avoid punishment // Failrp // RDM // VDM // failure to listen to staffActiveNever
897502/09/2020 (04:04)BURMA[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
897402/09/2020 (03:59)Julio Ricardo ll[1A-27] Mike L.NITROActiveNever
897302/09/2020 (03:18)Sweet and Sour[1A-27] Mike L.ModdingActiveNever
897202/09/2020 (02:44)CaptChainsaw[1A-27] Mike L.mass spawning planesActiveNever
897101/09/2020 (23:30)Rippin[1A-28] Jake M.NITRP // Leaving to avoid Punishment // Shooting at staff sitActiveNever
897001/09/2020 (23:29)Slidez[1A-28] Jake M.NITRP // Shooting at Staff SitActiveNever
896901/09/2020 (22:41)waterConsolemoddingActiveNever
896801/09/2020 (22:37)iammclovinConsolemoddingActiveNever
896701/09/2020 (22:36)Woo[1A-27] Mike L.ModderActiveNever
896601/09/2020 (21:18)Trueno[1A-07] John D.Mod MenuActiveNever
896501/09/2020 (20:41)Saggy[1A-32] Kevin B.Trolling | VDM | Lying to staffActiveNever
896401/09/2020 (16:10)Havok[1A-04] George T.Mass SpawnActiveNever
896301/09/2020 (15:39)X3MG[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
896201/09/2020 (05:11)eihn[1A-09] Dominic P.Combat logging // Nocliping // Leaving to avoid staff sitInactiveNever
896101/09/2020 (03:22)Swangin_hazes[1A-36] Luke H.RacismActiveNever
896001/09/2020 (03:20)turnturnsan[1A-09] Dominic P.ModdinhActiveNever
895901/09/2020 (02:53)choop[1A-22] Cam G.NITRP//STAFF DISRESPECTActiveNever
895801/09/2020 (02:24)Zlajo[1A-12] Michael R.Noclipping \\ trollingActiveNever
895701/09/2020 (02:20)Krabs[1A-12] Michael R.RDM \\ trolling \\ NITRP \\ violation of PTActiveNever
895601/09/2020 (01:38)KC_Films[1K-02] Alex T.Mass VDM, Failure to listen to Staff, Server DirespectActiveNever
895531/08/2020 (23:51)donny-berger[1K-02] Alex T.[MW] Running on PeacetimeActiveNever
895431/08/2020 (22:30)paggyUK[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP | FailRPActiveNever
895331/08/2020 (19:35)MarciTheKing01[1A-36] Luke H.Leaving Staff Sit // Bomb RPActiveNever
895231/08/2020 (05:07)[3L-31] Cowboy Henry[1A-33] Connor G.Erotic RP | Staff DisrespectActiveNever
895131/08/2020 (03:04)[C1-318] Blue[1A-25] Cole G.RDMActiveNever
895031/08/2020 (02:58)HighestLawyer15[1A-12] Michael R.Leaving to avoid staff sit (Garry F. 1A-39)ActiveNever
894931/08/2020 (02:53)Rust Butter[1A-25] Cole G.RDM | NITRPActiveNever
894831/08/2020 (02:38)RipTide[1A-12] Michael R.[MW] copbaitingActiveNever
894731/08/2020 (02:03)rEeEEe[1A-07] John D.NITRP | RammingActiveNever
894630/08/2020 (23:04)NLE GUNNA[1A-33] Connor G.Mass SpawningActiveNever
894530/08/2020 (23:03)KTM Riders Suck[1A-36] Luke H.Mass SpawnActiveNever
894430/08/2020 (22:03)take me by the hand[1A-33] Connor G.ModdingActiveNever
894330/08/2020 (22:03)(1733) C.Hush[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
894230/08/2020 (21:06)NOT KAL[1A-12] Michael R.Staff Disrespect \\ server disrespect \\ copbaiting \\ trollingActiveNever
894130/08/2020 (21:01)EpigGamer[1A-38] Tyler S.ModdingActiveNever
894030/08/2020 (20:59)Braeden[1K-01] IceTheDevTrollingActiveNever
893930/08/2020 (20:50)Tiffany Smith[1A-38] Tyler S.Mass SpawningActiveNever
893830/08/2020 (20:09)Tfuj ojciec[1A-26] Brad W.ModdingActiveNever
893730/08/2020 (20:02)stevonjackson23[1A-07] John D.Mod MenuActiveNever
893630/08/2020 (19:19)B. Hill[1A-20] WhitewingDriving Police Car | Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
893530/08/2020 (18:29)SLAYER[1A-07] John D.Mod MenuActiveNever
893430/08/2020 (10:18)Duelatron[1A-30] Mungo K.3d RDM/ NITRPActiveNever
893330/08/2020 (06:41)Gordon[1A-22] Cam G.Failure to listen/Staff Disrespect// Warned multiple times by Nice E.ActiveNever
893230/08/2020 (06:41)Stupidmonkey240[1A-22] Cam G.Failure to listen/Staff Disrespect// Warned multiple times by Nice E.ActiveNever
893130/08/2020 (06:41)[C1-325] Nick C[1A-22] Cam G.Failure to listen/Staff Disrespect// Warned multiple times by Nice E.ActiveNever
893030/08/2020 (06:41)JoeJimmyJam[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP | Failure to follow community guide linesActiveNever
892930/08/2020 (06:41)Okie Audits[1A-22] Cam G.Failure to listen/Staff Disrespect// Warned multiple times by Nice E.ActiveNever
892830/08/2020 (04:13)Keegzn[1A-07] John D.VDM | NITRP | Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
892730/08/2020 (04:05)Gazebo[1A-07] John D.Violating PT | Leaving staff sitActiveNever
892630/08/2020 (04:05)rc123ffd[1A-07] John D.[MW] Shooting on PTActiveNever
892530/08/2020 (03:13)sulli[1A-33] Connor G.Racial Slurs | Lying to StaffActiveNever
892430/08/2020 (03:11)[5D-3153]Alex54[1A-22] Cam G.Impersonating Staff/NITRPActiveNever
892330/08/2020 (01:38)LUCAS[1A-12] Michael R.trollingActiveNever
892230/08/2020 (01:10)Father Jack Sheepee[1A-12] Michael R.Staff disrespect \\ NITRP \\ Interfering with a priority \\ violation of PT \\ trollingActiveNever
892129/08/2020 (22:17)PortMental[1A-04] George T.Mass SpawnActiveNever
892029/08/2020 (22:07)Lando[1K-02] Alex intent to RPActiveNever
891929/08/2020 (22:02)Honda[1A-04] George T.Mass SpawnActiveNever
891829/08/2020 (22:00)5D-20 | Shayne M.[1A-04] George T.Mass SpawnActiveNever
891729/08/2020 (21:19)StubbOFC[1A-38] Tyler S.Mass SpawnActiveNever
891629/08/2020 (21:19)peter dinklet[1A-36] Luke H.Mass SpawnActiveNever
891529/08/2020 (21:18)oibb[1A-36] Luke H.Leaving Staff Sit To Avoid Punishment // RDMActiveNever
891429/08/2020 (20:52)not_FLUFFY_SIKEEEE[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
891329/08/2020 (20:34)Tweezy[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMActiveNever
891229/08/2020 (20:24)Nafen[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
891029/08/2020 (20:21)Rack?[1A-38] Tyler S.Mod MenuActiveNever
890829/08/2020 (16:37)Caboose[1A-03] 1A3NITRP (Violating peacetime)/Noclip/FailRPActiveNever
890729/08/2020 (16:35)Tommy Banks[1A-03] 1A3NITRP (Violating peacetime)ActiveNever
890629/08/2020 (15:15)FRSH-KaseTinsley[1A-03] 1A3VDM/Running on peacetime/NITRPInactive31/08/2020 (14:15) GMT
890529/08/2020 (08:19)[CO 12] Lenny.J[1A-09] Dominic P.staff disrespectActiveNever
890429/08/2020 (08:14)Rides[1A-25] Cole G.[MW] Cop BaitingActiveNever
890329/08/2020 (08:13)FakeTaxi :)[1A-25] Cole G.Lying to staff | NITRP | HarrasmentActiveNever
890229/08/2020 (02:54)Daniel Gatungo[1A-27] Mike L.RacismActiveNever
890129/08/2020 (02:53)monke[1A-27] Mike L.ModdingActiveNever
890029/08/2020 (02:52)god glizzy gobbler[1A-27] Mike L.RDM after warningActiveNever
889929/08/2020 (02:51)eshay[1A-29] Wilson S.RDMActiveNever
889829/08/2020 (02:46)trickshot3dcj[1A-39] Garry F.[MW] shooting at LEO on PT- GTA drivingActiveNever
889728/08/2020 (20:31)vipo[1A-30] Mungo K.[MW] Cop BaitingActiveNever
889628/08/2020 (20:15)Rew[1A-30] Mungo K.ModderActiveNever
889528/08/2020 (19:53)Josh Extra[1A-07] John D.RDM | Lying to staff | Shooting on PT | Staff disrespect | Server disrespectActiveNever
889428/08/2020 (18:00)Mikah[1A-21] Luke S.Mod MenuActiveNever
889128/08/2020 (08:48)RamRanch[1A-36] Luke H.Mod MenuActiveNever
889028/08/2020 (08:33)J.Vertzil[1A-36] Luke H.Mod MenuActiveNever
888928/08/2020 (08:01)John W[1A-36] Luke H.Leaving to avoid Staff sit // RDM // NITRPActiveNever
888828/08/2020 (07:48)Slacc[1A-36] Luke H.trollingActive11/09/2020 (06:48) GMT
888728/08/2020 (07:47)Eyesoh[1A-36] Luke H.trollingActive11/09/2020 (06:47) GMT
888628/08/2020 (07:47)Wave[1A-36] Luke H.trollingActive11/09/2020 (06:47) GMT
888528/08/2020 (07:17)HuntK[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
888428/08/2020 (06:58)Daniel Snow[1A-36] Luke H.Staff Disrespect // Homophobic SlursActiveNever
888328/08/2020 (06:32)Trey Long[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
888228/08/2020 (03:25)Nate[1A-28] Jake M.racismActiveNever
888128/08/2020 (03:19)hdf nn dogs[1A-28] Jake M.ModdingActiveNever
888028/08/2020 (03:16)exile[1A-28] Jake M.Failure to listen to staff // NITRP // Being disrespectful as COActiveNever
887928/08/2020 (01:47)nish_ish[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
887828/08/2020 (01:46)Big boi monkey[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
887728/08/2020 (01:44)Tommy1252[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
887628/08/2020 (01:30)[Cert-53] James L,[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
887527/08/2020 (23:50)NaeNaeGoblin69[1A-36] Luke H.[MW] Violation Of Peacetime // RDMInactiveNever
887427/08/2020 (19:06)W. Harvey[1A-07] John D.Staff Disrespect | NITRP | TrollingActiveNever
887327/08/2020 (05:25)Hazard[1A-27] Mike L.trollingActiveNever
887227/08/2020 (05:23)Payway[1A-36] Luke H.Mass SpawnActiveNever
887127/08/2020 (05:00)im aye[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving Staff Sit /// Shooting on Peace TimeActiveNever
887027/08/2020 (04:58)MR Banana[1A-36] Luke H.Staff Disrespect // NITRP // Combat LogActiveNever
886927/08/2020 (01:56)roughrvlyt[1A-07] John D.Messing around during a staff sitActive10/09/2020 (00:56) GMT
886827/08/2020 (00:57)kalel[1A-28] Jake M.Staff Disrespect// Violation of PTInactiveNever
886726/08/2020 (22:11)LILBIBEZ[1K-01] IceTheDevAntiCheat (Spectating people Illegally)ActiveNever
886626/08/2020 (19:33)eNtee.js[1A-07] John D.ModdingActiveNever
886526/08/2020 (10:36)Ryan green[1A-26] Brad W.Use of a mod menuActiveNever
886426/08/2020 (07:14)KiddxVoorhees[1K-01] IceTheDevModding (Fake Chatting as someone else)
886326/08/2020 (05:54)crgjimmycrg[1K-02] GunExpert24Leaving during staff sit | Stealing Staff Vehicle than ran me over with itActiveNever
886226/08/2020 (04:47)dj[1A-27] Mike L.RDMActive09/09/2020 (03:47) GMT
886126/08/2020 (03:49)ryan12122[1A-28] Jake M.Combat Logging// Leaving during staff sit// RDM during Staff Sit// NITRPActiveNever
886026/08/2020 (03:48)PoutangBandit[1K-02] GunExpert24Mass RDMInactiveNever
885926/08/2020 (03:26)Jones Cent[1K-02] GunExpert24VDMInactiveNever
885826/08/2020 (00:51)kelvin.grover61[1A-26] Brad W.FRP | NITRPActiveNever
885725/08/2020 (21:24)Parus2k18[1A-07] John D.No clipping away from sit, RDM, violating ptActive08/09/2020 (20:24) GMT
885625/08/2020 (21:19)CherryLime[1A-12] Michael R.Server disrespect \\ staff disrespect \\ NITRPActiveNever
885525/08/2020 (21:12)R3AP[1A-26] Brad W.Leaving to avoid staff | RDM | NITRPActiveNever
885425/08/2020 (20:31)bulletgaming12[1A-03] 1A3NITRP (Breaking peacetime x2)Active08/09/2020 (19:31) GMT
885325/08/2020 (20:26)katbruh69[1A-12] Michael R.Staff disrespect \\ talking out of RP \\ failure to listen to staffActiveNever
885225/08/2020 (20:25)NaeNaeGoblin69[1A-30] Mungo K.NITRP / FailRPInactiveNever
885125/08/2020 (18:51)pamjmyers50[1A-32] Kevin B.Server DisrespectActiveNever
885025/08/2020 (05:00)DoubleAplays[1A-36] Luke H.Leaving To Avoid Staff SitActiveNever
884925/08/2020 (03:06)Ayds on 1440x1080[1A-28] Jake M.Trolling During Staff Sit// NITRP // VDM // RDM during staff sitActiveNever
884825/08/2020 (03:04)dsassa07[1A-28] Jake M.Trolling during staff sit, VDM// NITRPActiveNever
884725/08/2020 (01:12)mrcrex25[1K-06] Nice E.RDMActiveNever
884625/08/2020 (00:47)gerhardpayton3[1K-06] Nice E.Mic SpammingActiveNever
884524/08/2020 (04:38)C2- 9181 B.Lopez[1A-25] Cole G.Mass SpawningActiveNever
884424/08/2020 (04:30)Civ-9159 L.Webb[1A-22] Cam G.Mass Spawning NITRPActiveNever
884324/08/2020 (01:12)tommy.[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
884224/08/2020 (00:47)REFLX[1K-01] IceTheDevModder (spawning multiple entities)ActiveNever
884124/08/2020 (00:35)Jinx[1A-36] Luke H.Leaving Staff Sit // NITRP // Threatening To DDOSSActiveNever
884024/08/2020 (00:27)4kgreens2k[1A-36] Luke H.Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
883924/08/2020 (00:26)Zelo[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRPActive06/09/2020 (23:26) GMT
883824/08/2020 (00:26)mattcoffeen[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRPActive06/09/2020 (23:26) GMT
883723/08/2020 (23:38)tylorlee3[1A-26] Brad W.Mod menu unnapealableActiveNever
883623/08/2020 (23:03)[Joker][1A-21] Luke S.RDM,NITRP, staff disrespectActiveNever
883523/08/2020 (19:46)Deterge[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
883423/08/2020 (18:29)iplayfortnite[1K-01] IceTheDevModderActiveNever
883323/08/2020 (11:14)jayvon.nesmith729[1A-03] 1A3NITRP (Running during PT x2)Active30/08/2020 (10:14) GMT
883223/08/2020 (09:51)InZain[1A-22] Cam G.Staff Disrespect/Arguing with staff/NITRPActiveNever
883123/08/2020 (09:50)kuss amtek ziyad[1A-22] Cam G.Staff disrespect/NITRPActiveNever
883023/08/2020 (09:21)pickles[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP, Spawning cars in staff sit, staff disrespectActiveNever
882923/08/2020 (09:02)Dayyvid[1A-25] Cole G.ModdingActiveNever
882823/08/2020 (07:48)F O S H O G I[1A-22] Cam G.Lying to staff/NITRPActiveNever
882723/08/2020 (05:24)[HAMC]ZACK[1A-35] Jaxon B.RacismActiveNever
882623/08/2020 (04:59)MIMS[1A-35] Jaxon B.Arguing With Staff // Failure To Listen To Staff // Violation Of Priority Timer // Staff Disrespect // Server DisrespectActiveNever
882523/08/2020 (04:58)kingrex1234[1A-36] Luke H.Leaving to avoid staff sit / VDM / NITRPActiveNever
882423/08/2020 (04:53)onejunior0990[1A-35] Jaxon B.Mass RDM // Failure To Listen To StaffActiveNever
882323/08/2020 (04:42)bobo-222[1A-36] Luke H.Staff / Server Disrespect / NITRPActiveNever
882223/08/2020 (04:19)J. Fisher[1K-07] Andrew N.Server Disrespect, Mass RDMActiveNever
882123/08/2020 (04:14)[V-532][5D-71] J. Wats[1K-07] Andrew N.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
882023/08/2020 (01:57)landsterkelch[1A-20] WhitewingStaff Disrespect | NITRPActiveNever
881923/08/2020 (01:51)BobbyBottleService[1A-27] Mike L.Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
881822/08/2020 (21:23)RedneckBrandon[1A-07] John D.Leaving Staff Sit | Running on priorityActiveNever
881722/08/2020 (20:59)hobo88[1A-20] WhitewingFailRP (Spawning in cars while being arrested), NITRP (Combat Logging)Inactive05/09/2020 (19:59) GMT
881622/08/2020 (20:45)Lil Ti$m[1A-20] WhitewingRacial Slur, NITRP, Breaking CharacterActiveNever
881522/08/2020 (19:12)momir1873[1A-36] Luke H.Server DisrespectActiveNever
881422/08/2020 (17:38)diyaa[1A-07] John D.ModdingActiveNever
881322/08/2020 (09:40)[123]S.james[1A-25] Cole G.ModdingActiveNever
881222/08/2020 (06:41)[3S-68][WR-06][F-59]Jayden R[1A-35] Jaxon B.FailRP [6th going into 7th total failrp infraction]Inactive05/09/2020 (05:41) GMT
881122/08/2020 (05:12)xMickka[1A-36] Luke H.Leaving To Avoid Staff SitActiveNever
881022/08/2020 (05:12)[25-43] Jasmin Ricard[1A-36] Luke H.Leaving To Avoid Staff SitActiveNever
880922/08/2020 (04:03)ConCatProxddd[1K-02] GunExpert24RDMActiveNever
880822/08/2020 (04:01)8bitbot[1K-02] GunExpert24RDM, VDMActiveNever
880722/08/2020 (01:18)DTM[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
880622/08/2020 (01:04)Babd[1A-07] John D.NITRP | TrollingActiveNever
880521/08/2020 (23:03)Foxisaboss[1A-07] John D.Fail RP | Unrealistic Driving | NITRP | Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
880421/08/2020 (22:58)Tropic[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
880321/08/2020 (22:50)Medusa[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
880221/08/2020 (09:52)js on blunts[1A-30] Mungo K.ModdingActiveNever
880121/08/2020 (04:38)Wilma Toeswork[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
880021/08/2020 (04:34)sourx[1A-36] Luke H.Failure to listen to staff // Combat LogInactiveNever
879921/08/2020 (04:14)Ktmfamily[1K-05] DiiversxLeaving Staff Sit, Fail RP, No Intent to RP, Mass VDMActiveNever
879621/08/2020 (01:20)MidwestRedneck[1A-07] John D.Leaving Staff Sit | Trolling | NITRP | No clipping away from staff sitActiveNever
879521/08/2020 (00:16)WhySoSalty[1A-07] John D.ModdingActiveNever
879420/08/2020 (23:02)iiSoDivine[1A-29] Wilson S.Trolling RDMActiveNever
879320/08/2020 (21:45)Krakton[1A-04] George T.Server DisrespectActiveNever
879220/08/2020 (21:28)Jay Santana[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
879120/08/2020 (21:27)crucifixd[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
879020/08/2020 (16:44)Astronomical.Eli[1A-21] Luke S.racial slurs#ActiveNever
878920/08/2020 (10:15)lzuf[1A-30] Mungo K.Racism / DDoS threats [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
878820/08/2020 (10:03)underdog[1A-30] Mungo K.Violation of PT / NITRP / Disrespect to staff [UNNAPEALABLE]ActiveNever
878720/08/2020 (03:35)ledger[1K-02] GunExpert24no intent to RP, TrollingActiveNever
878620/08/2020 (03:30)j0ker[1K-02] GunExpert24Mass RDM, Not listening to staff, Leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
878520/08/2020 (02:59)lowryjdavid[1A-12] Michael R.trolling staff sit \\ NITRP \\ RDM \\ violation of PTActiveNever
878419/08/2020 (22:34)John Plenus[1A-12] Michael R.trolling \\ RDM \\ NITRPActiveNever
878319/08/2020 (21:22)Enrixo_[1A-03] 1A3ModderActiveNever
878219/08/2020 (13:27)anti luv[1A-03] 1A3Racial Slurs [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
878119/08/2020 (12:55)Thunder[1A-03] 1A3Mass RDM / Invisible / NITRPActiveNever
878019/08/2020 (12:53)NevilLongBooty[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
877919/08/2020 (12:51)Texas cowboy 05[1A-03] 1A3RacismInactiveNever
877819/08/2020 (05:23)seggsy boi[1A-35] Jaxon B.Trolling // Leaving To Avoid Staff SItActiveNever
877719/08/2020 (04:30)FLAGN[1A-35] Jaxon B.Modding // Mass SpawningActiveNever
877619/08/2020 (02:36)Goon[1A-26] Brad W.mod menuActiveNever
877518/08/2020 (20:18)zmiy.[1A-30] Mungo K.Trolling / NITRP / FailRP / VDM / RDMActiveNever
877418/08/2020 (14:33)xbowgaming123[1A-03] 1A3NITRP (Mass RDM // Shooting during peacetime)ActiveNever
877318/08/2020 (12:53)PoOpYhEaD[1A-30] Mungo K.ModderActiveNever
877218/08/2020 (12:52)kinker[1A-30] Mungo K.ModderActiveNever
877118/08/2020 (12:35)Cameron[1A-30] Mungo K.Trolling / RDMActiveNever
876918/08/2020 (03:49)Rishkov[1A-22] Cam G.Lying to staff/ Failrp/NITRPActiveNever
876818/08/2020 (02:08)watereend23[1A-26] Brad W.moddingActiveNever
876717/08/2020 (22:56)Jimmy Escobar[1K-02] GunExpert24spamActiveNever
876617/08/2020 (22:32)Ricki Baker[1K-01] IceTheDevTrollingActiveNever
876517/08/2020 (22:17)Unknown ESPORTS[1A-27] Mike L.ModdingActiveNever
876417/08/2020 (22:08)123 gaming[1A-33] Connor G.mass spawnActive31/08/2020 (21:08) GMT
876317/08/2020 (22:04)Chadbombz[1K-01] IceTheDevSpam Spawning ThingsInactive31/08/2020 (21:04) GMT
876217/08/2020 (19:31)Sami Bammy[1K-02] GunExpert24Terrorist RP, RDM, No intent to RPActiveNever
876117/08/2020 (19:28)Abdul Abudabi[1K-02] GunExpert24RDM, Terrorist RP, Lying to staff, Staff disrespect, and Leaving staff sitActiveNever
876017/08/2020 (18:38)I BEGS TWIN[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
875917/08/2020 (11:40)DkG Splay[1A-26] Brad W.Staff Impersonation | NITRP | RDMActiveNever
875817/08/2020 (04:51)SGT.Raider[1A-35] Jaxon B.Running from staff sit | Interfeiring with staff [came back and ran me over]ActiveNever
875717/08/2020 (02:29)garrettmiller24[1K-01] IceTheDevtrolling in radioActiveNever
875617/08/2020 (01:15)Caden[1K-05] DiiversxSpamming Cars - TrollingActiveNever
875517/08/2020 (01:09)MeshAlt56[1A-20] WhitewingLeaving Staff SitActiveNever
875416/08/2020 (23:27)mohamad[1A-36] Luke H.Leave to avoid Staff Sit, Trolling, Mass Spawning Bus, Mic SpamActiveNever
875316/08/2020 (22:59)xxkillingxx683[1A-07] John D.Mass Spawning Vehicles | Trolling | Lying to a staff Member | Leaving staff sitActiveNever
875216/08/2020 (17:04)TJ Porter[1K-01] IceTheDevmodderActiveNever
875116/08/2020 (07:01)banks is a hotty[1A-38] Tyler S.Mod MenuInactiveNever
875016/08/2020 (02:16)jackson.dodd42[1A-20] Whitewing[MW] Unrealistic DrivingInactiveNever
874913/08/2020 (05:01)Bob Ross[1A-33] Connor G.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
874812/08/2020 (22:04)ets2 4 life[1A-33] Connor G.ModdingActiveNever
874712/08/2020 (22:02)Abbe[1A-33] Connor G.ModdingActiveNever
874611/08/2020 (20:53)charles[1A-26] Brad W.Avoiding Staff sit [pretending to be AFK]ActiveNever
874511/08/2020 (04:35)[BR] Useyarrname[1A-34] M. PattersonRacial SlursActiveNever
874409/08/2020 (19:02)supreme woof[1A-12] Michael R.RDM \\ NITRP \\ FRP \\ leaving to avoid staff sit (Michael R. Dominic P.)ActiveNever
874309/08/2020 (04:13)stewart[1A-07] John D.ModdingActiveNever
874207/08/2020 (04:00)[4B-11] Eric W.[1A-35] Jaxon B.Intent To Cuase Drama // Failure To Listen To Staff // Impersonation Of LEOInactiveNever
874106/08/2020 (00:33)Avery P. 2P-01[1A-35] Jaxon B.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
874005/08/2020 (23:43)Eli[1A-28] Jake M.Leaving To avoid Punishment// RDM // Interfering with SceneActiveNever
873904/08/2020 (02:03)Dose of Crowns[1A-26] Brad W.Ban Evasion | ModderActiveNever
873804/08/2020 (00:52)Mr. Pong Boi[1A-09] Dominic P.moddingActiveNever
873703/08/2020 (20:46)ImNotAdam[1A-04] George T.NITRP / Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
873602/08/2020 (07:37)Adonis Creed[1A-09] Dominic P.ModdingActiveNever
873502/08/2020 (05:33)Solo Silo[1A-35] Jaxon B.ModdingActiveNever
873402/08/2020 (04:41)Dtmoseley21[1A-09] Dominic P.Server disrespectActiveNever
873302/08/2020 (04:36)swag[1A-35] Jaxon B.ModdingActiveNever
873202/08/2020 (04:36)Isaac[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
873102/08/2020 (04:34)NomadicPanda[1A-35] Jaxon B.Lying to StaffActiveNever
873002/08/2020 (04:22)TheCoronaVirus[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
872902/08/2020 (04:13)Misc[1A-36] Luke H.ModdingActiveNever
872801/08/2020 (07:56)Nico [3S-17][1A-12] Michael R.Disrespect \\ Harassment in DMs \\ causing dramaActiveNever
872728/07/2020 (03:03)Traviswow[1K-05] DiiversxNo Intent to RPInactive04/08/2020 (02:03) GMT
872628/07/2020 (03:03)DolphinMeatTasteGood[1A-36] Luke H.Server DisrespectActiveNever
872528/07/2020 (03:01)hippatee[1A-28] Jake M.Server DisrespectActiveNever
872428/07/2020 (02:49)Brad Smith[1K-01] IceTheDevCombat LoggingInactive04/08/2020 (01:49) GMT
872323/07/2020 (20:51)babyjbeatsz[1A-04] George T.Ban Evading [Main: J. Bell]ActiveNever
872223/07/2020 (04:36)MINE20[1A-36] Luke H.Leaving To Avoid Punishment, FailRPActiveNever
872020/07/2020 (17:46)Big Nasty[1A-30] Mungo K.Modding (Unnapealable)ActiveNever
871920/07/2020 (00:33)Bird[1A-26] Brad W.Advertising other servers | Server DisrespectActiveNever
871818/07/2020 (23:08)[228] joshgarner[1A-21] Luke S.RDM//NITRP//Member disrespectActiveNever
871717/07/2020 (06:21)J. Wood[1A-35] Jaxon B.ModdingActiveNever
871616/07/2020 (03:26)[4B-74]Ray N.[2A-12] Luke H.[MW] FailRP // VDMActiveNever
871515/07/2020 (01:03)Deadshott[1A-12] Michael R.racial slursActiveNever
871411/07/2020 (20:39)Mickey Mouse[1A-33] Connor G.Modding [Unappealable]ActiveNever
871310/07/2020 (19:06)marx[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
871209/07/2020 (17:05)~g~ Jordan S | 1A-34[1A-04] George T.Attempting to recruit members to another serverActiveNever
871108/07/2020 (04:07)wynterTK[1K-05] DiiversxNo Intent to Roleplay - Fail RoleplayActiveNever
871005/07/2020 (01:12)_mats_[1A-21] Luke S.NITRP,RDMActiveNever
870904/07/2020 (20:45)Crimson[1A-30] Mungo K.NITRP // FailRP // Disrespect [UNNAPEALABLE]ActiveNever
870804/07/2020 (01:24)Ukoiii[1A-26] Brad W.Leaving Staff Sit | Member DisrespectInactiveNever
870704/07/2020 (01:22)Soni S. 3C-451[1A-26] Brad W.Leaving Staff Sit | Member DisrespectActiveNever
870602/07/2020 (13:38)keivondrake12[1A-26] Brad W.Modding | SpammingActiveNever
870502/07/2020 (02:55)[673] Scott P[1A-26] Brad W.Noclipping 3rd offenceActive16/07/2020 (01:55) GMT
870401/07/2020 (21:17)tuler[1A-21] Luke S.Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit (Appealable)ActiveNever
870301/07/2020 (13:27)Anderson[1A-03] 1A3Mass RDM // Breaking PeacetimeActive08/07/2020 (12:27) GMT
870130/06/2020 (03:07)BLT[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRPInactiveNever
870029/06/2020 (21:12)shadow_megamoe[1A-04] George T.HackingActiveNever
869929/06/2020 (19:55)Lucifer Morgenstern[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
869829/06/2020 (16:12)Lenny[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
869729/06/2020 (05:57)Rasinzz[1K-07] Andrew N.NITRP, Failrp, Violation of peacetime, erotic rp, Excessive use of racial slurs (UNAPPEALABLE)ActiveNever
869629/06/2020 (05:57)Uncle_Dave69[1K-07] Andrew N.NITRP, Failrp, Violation of peacetime, erotic rp, Excessive use of racial slurs (UNAPPEALABLE)ActiveNever
869528/06/2020 (21:49)[3S-70] Alex F.[1A-04] George T.Unrealistic Driving | FailRPInactiveNever
869428/06/2020 (02:59)Bob Jackster[1A-07] John D.Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
869327/06/2020 (19:20)Trezor[1A-26] Brad W.Mod Menu [unnapealable]ActiveNever
869227/06/2020 (02:16)wanna trade[1A-07] John D.[MW] Unrealistic Driving | FRPInactiveNever
869126/06/2020 (23:31)Jordan New Jersy[1A-34] Jordan S.NITRPActiveNever
869025/06/2020 (02:32)pp fantinas[1A-26] Brad W.Mod Menu [UNNAPEALABLE]ActiveNever
868924/06/2020 (23:11)Deandre Biggums[1A-07] John D.NITRP [ UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
868824/06/2020 (19:47)MrNetworks[1K-01] IceTheDevStarting DramaActiveNever
868724/06/2020 (17:24)czmarcin07[1A-07] John D.Modding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
868524/06/2020 (04:34)5D-666 OAX[1K-07] Andrew N.Member Disrespect, Server Disrespect in Discord (UNAPPEALABLE FOR IN GAME AND DISCORD)ActiveNever
868424/06/2020 (03:04)Eugen Schauman[1A-28] Jake M.Leaving to avoid staff sitActiveNever
868323/06/2020 (23:48)Lumy[1A-09] Dominic P.ModderActiveNever
868223/06/2020 (15:51)Eli[1A-09] Dominic P.Leaving to avoid Punishment // Driving on the airfieldInactiveNever
868123/06/2020 (00:45)CravenMoorehead[1A-26] Brad W.MODDING [UNNAPEALABLE]ActiveNever
868022/06/2020 (22:03)BlackGuy92[1A-26] Brad W.Mod Menu [UNNAPEAABLE]ActiveNever
867821/06/2020 (18:47)SupluxM8[1A-26] Brad W.Mod Menu [UNNAPEALABLE]ActiveNever
867621/06/2020 (00:29)Cloud[1A-33] Connor G.Modding [Unappealable[ActiveNever
867520/06/2020 (21:09)Armin N. [5D- 49][1A-22] Cam G.Lying to StaffInactiveNever
867420/06/2020 (05:10)Jose Luis[1A-09] Dominic P.Evading Staff Sit // NITRP [Unappealable] (Luke H 2A-12)ActiveNever
867319/06/2020 (23:09)JuiceWrldsLeftNut[1A-26] Brad W.Member/Server DisrespectActiveNever
867218/06/2020 (03:19)Crocodial[1A-26] Brad W.Use of a mod menu [UNNAPEALABLE]ActiveNever
866917/06/2020 (04:52)5D-26 I Mason T.[2A-12] Luke H.[MW] RDM // FailRPActiveNever
866816/06/2020 (17:39)Ronaldo[1A-21] Luke S.homophbic slurs and erotic RPActiveNever
866716/06/2020 (05:38)HiTek[1A-07] John D.Modding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
866616/06/2020 (02:14)Maxwell Kwabena[1A-07] John D.Leaving Staff Sit [UNAPPEALABLE] | Max H.ActiveNever
866515/06/2020 (05:31)Viskito[2A-14] Tyler S.[MW] NoclippingInactiveNever
866415/06/2020 (03:31)Anonymous[1A-07] John D.Modding [UNAPPEALABLE] Luke H.ActiveNever
866314/06/2020 (08:19)MYTHIC[1A-09] Dominic P.Lying to staff // Torque boost // METAGAMING ([2A-11] Jaxon)ActiveNever
866213/06/2020 (22:37)[2P-03] Noah M[1A-21] Luke S.NITRP/VDM/Leaving to avoid staff sitActiveNever
866113/06/2020 (01:57)cook[1A-21] Luke S.ModdingActiveNever
866012/06/2020 (04:27)BadBoys69[1K-05] DiiversxStaff Disrespect - NITRP - Arguing with StaffActiveNever
865911/06/2020 (20:46)kinda disabled[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
865810/06/2020 (21:04)Demise[1A-21] Luke S.NITRP/VDMActiveNever
865710/06/2020 (21:04)MiniBull[1A-21] Luke S.NITRP/VDMActiveNever
865410/06/2020 (04:59)mairuz[1A-06] M. DamonBan Evading // Modding/HackingActiveNever
865310/06/2020 (04:58)jjuicy[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
865210/06/2020 (03:26)4E-01 J. Crimson[2A-11] Jaxon B.[MW] Interfeiring // Fail RP // Meta GamingInactiveNever
865109/06/2020 (10:58)[3S-68] Serum[1A-21] Luke S.RDM / NITRP (killing each other on an empty server)Inactive16/06/2020 (09:58) GMT
865009/06/2020 (10:54)TempoPanda[1A-30] Mungo K.RDM / NITRP (killing each other on an empty server)InactiveNever
864909/06/2020 (04:24)ML Killeo[1A-09] Dominic P.Staff Disrespect, Modding, Driving on airfield (NONAPPEALABLE)ActiveNever
864809/06/2020 (03:47)[2P-01] Armin N.[1K-05] DiiversxFailrp, interfering with priority, NLR, copbaitingInactiveNever
864708/06/2020 (21:44)gideon[1K-02] GunExpert24Server DisrespectActiveNever
864608/06/2020 (19:30)Johnson[1K-02] GunExpert24TrollingActiveNever
864508/06/2020 (05:07)Gentry[1A-27] Mike L.Lying to staff 2A-11ActiveNever
864408/06/2020 (03:11)Jeffery Epstine[1A-26] Brad W.[MW] Driving on FAA AirportInactiveNever
864306/06/2020 (17:25)alhua014[1A-21] Luke S.NITRP/RDM/Stealing police/Fail RP/Leaving a staff sitActiveNever
864206/06/2020 (05:09)KSI #BLM[1K-07] Andrew N.Staff Disrespect, Member Disrespect, Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
864105/06/2020 (08:34)[2L-251] Austin W[1A-22] Cam G.hate speech/nitrpActiveNever
864004/06/2020 (05:45)takis ranflito[1A-34] Jordan S.Takes Ranflito Modding Affliation Dose Of Crown | Ban Evasion Luke H (2A-12)ActiveNever
863903/06/2020 (18:46)Tristan[1A-31] QeevoJass[MW] FailRPActiveNever
863803/06/2020 (15:21)xxx[1A-03] 1A3ModdingActiveNever
863703/06/2020 (05:37)Booty Basher[1A-27] Mike L.Evading Staff Sit | Luke H. | [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
863603/06/2020 (04:00)Zerxs[1A-26] Brad W.Leaving game to avoid punishmentActiveNever
863503/06/2020 (01:27)[5T-100] Rei C.[1A-09] Dominic P.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
863402/06/2020 (19:24)OngItIsntGTA3[1A-26] Brad W.Modding [Unnapealable]ActiveNever
863301/06/2020 (22:41)Jake324[1A-26] Brad W.Server Disrespect | Staff Disrespect [2A-10] PattersonInactiveNever
863201/06/2020 (19:28)SongfulGolem6[1A-28] Jake M.Racism// Staff DisrespectActiveNever
863101/06/2020 (04:49)jbrown641776[1A-27] Mike L.NITRPActiveNever
863001/06/2020 (01:06)Nik0[1A-26] Brad W.Modding [unnapealable]ActiveNever
862901/06/2020 (00:55)Nik0[1A-26] Brad W.Modding [Unnapealable]InactiveNever
862801/06/2020 (00:51)gabe0214[1A-26] Brad W.MODDING [UNNAPEALABLE]InactiveNever
862731/05/2020 (22:06)D. Norton[1A-28] Jake M.RacismInactiveNever
862631/05/2020 (04:21)[5D-215] J. Davis[1A-28] Jake M.Combat LoggingActiveNever
862531/05/2020 (04:07)FlowKitt[1A-27] Mike L.[MW] Fail RPInactiveNever
862430/05/2020 (21:28)TazerTaz123[1A-26] Brad W.NITRP | FailRP | Unrealistic DrivingInactiveNever
862330/05/2020 (21:18)[2V-62] John Gorden[1A-26] Brad W.[MW] Unrealistic Driving, Violation of PTInactiveNever
862230/05/2020 (06:46)Mello[2A-11] Jaxon B.[MW] Violation of PTInactiveNever
862129/05/2020 (15:50)fahfersa[1A-30] Mungo K.Racial SlursActiveNever
862029/05/2020 (05:24)Shrinxie[1A-27] Mike L.Homophobic SlursInactiveNever
861929/05/2020 (00:20)dutchmens[1A-12] Michael R.moddingActiveNever
861828/05/2020 (02:53)IKNOWU[1A-26] Brad W.ModdingActiveNever
861727/05/2020 (22:39)Aeratify[1A-26] Brad W.Leaving During staff sit | Speedboosting | Violation of PTActiveNever
861627/05/2020 (21:52)Tapatio[1A-26] Brad W.Modder Affiliation | Dose of CrownActiveNever
861527/05/2020 (20:01)Don Cheadle[1A-26] Brad W.Staff Disrespect / Server Disrespect / NITRPActiveNever
861427/05/2020 (03:56)pp ranflas[1A-26] Brad W.Ban Evasion | Modding | Dose of CrownActiveNever
861326/05/2020 (06:08)[WR-07] Joe M.[1A-06] M. Damon[MW] Sexual RP (Erotic RP)InactiveNever
861226/05/2020 (02:17)ņŭť.Copenhagen[1A-25] Cole G.NITRP, RDMActiveNever
861024/05/2020 (02:42)sKyFayde[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
860923/05/2020 (19:39)KIKI1968519685[1A-30] Mungo K.Leaving staff sit // Use of power/ torque [Jaxon B, UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
860823/05/2020 (18:24)Cigkoefte[1A-26] Brad W.Violation of PTInactiveNever
860723/05/2020 (09:42)[5F-47] K. Flow[1A-30] Mungo K.Leaving staff sit // FailRP // NITRP // Violation of PTInactiveNever
860622/05/2020 (22:42)Bisexual Mystery[1A-26] Brad W.Ban Evasion | Modding | Dose of CrownActiveNever
860421/05/2020 (01:56)TAPATIO BOYZZZ[1A-26] Brad W.Ban EvasionActiveNever
860321/05/2020 (01:02)⛧666⛧[1A-26] Brad W.modding unnapealableActiveNever
860220/05/2020 (23:22)bacon breath[1A-34] Jordan S.Modding (Dose Of Crown) [2A-12]ActiveNever
860020/05/2020 (17:33)[4E-02] Jude A.[1A-04] George T.FailRP / RDM / NITRPInactive27/05/2020 (16:33) GMT
859920/05/2020 (17:31)Ehbw[1A-04] George T.FailRP / RDM / NITRPInactiveNever
859820/05/2020 (17:31)Custox[1A-30] Mungo K.[MW] FailRPActiveNever
859720/05/2020 (03:08)John Gorden[1A-34] Jordan S.ModdingInactiveNever
859620/05/2020 (03:06)dingDong[1A-28] Jake M.Modding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
859319/05/2020 (18:25)Deadly[1A-26] Brad W.NITRP | Refusing to speak english | Copbaiting | TrollingActiveNever
859218/05/2020 (03:42)Ling Ling[1A-33] Connor G.Ban EvadingActiveNever
859117/05/2020 (19:02)mangualbeatzz[1A-07] John D.NITRPActiveNever
859017/05/2020 (07:52)1X-06 Alex S.[2A-11] Jaxon B.[MW] Unrealistic Driving // FRPActiveNever
858917/05/2020 (06:23)[3S-78] [WR-07] Ryan R.[1A-20] WhitewingServer Disrespect | Advertising in DM's | Leaking Documents (Blacklisted)ActiveNever
858716/05/2020 (17:13)Vex[1A-34] Jordan S.Leaving Staff Sit // Cop Baiting // Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
858616/05/2020 (02:05)James F.[1A-28] Jake M.Server Disrespect//NitRPActiveNever
858516/05/2020 (01:03)Yazeed20[2A-11] Jaxon B.[MW] FRP // NITRPInactiveNever
858416/05/2020 (00:00)Larks[1A-34] Jordan S.ModdingActiveNever
858314/05/2020 (23:31)J.A.[1A-33] Connor G.Failure to Listen to StaffActive21/05/2020 (22:31) GMT
858214/05/2020 (04:16)InlandIggy[1A-28] Jake M.RacismActiveNever
858114/05/2020 (04:14)BigJewBunny[1A-28] Jake M.RacismActiveNever
858013/05/2020 (21:13)[3L-32] Jace C.[1A-04] George T.MinimoddingInactive20/05/2020 (20:13) GMT
857912/05/2020 (22:24)[3L-30] Josh B.[1A-12] Michael R.copbaiting \\ failrp (multiple offences)InactiveNever
857812/05/2020 (00:36)OGHoppieJohnsonConsoleRaciur SlurrsActiveNever
857712/05/2020 (00:36)DaddyConsoleInterferring / Arguing in a Staff SitActiveNever
857611/05/2020 (18:42)Dylan W.[1A-04] George T.Racial SlursActiveNever
857510/05/2020 (04:16)Arctics_Vibez[1A-20] WhitewingRacial SlurActiveNever
857409/05/2020 (05:11)austin | 4B-76[1A-22] Cam G.[MW] Cop BaitingInactiveNever
857309/05/2020 (02:44)SexTazY[1A-26] Brad W.Modding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
857208/05/2020 (22:55)mason[1A-12] Michael R.Cop baiting | FRP | Leaving During Staff Sit [UNAPPEALABLE, Michael R. 1A-12]ActiveNever
857108/05/2020 (15:35)homie[1A-26] Brad W.Homophobic SlursActiveNever
857008/05/2020 (09:26)Skinny D[1A-09] Dominic P.NITRP // Causing drama // Failrp [Unappleable]ActiveNever
856908/05/2020 (09:22)Big Fat Chode[1A-09] Dominic P.Modding // Failrp // NITRPActiveNever
856807/05/2020 (19:12)[2V- 62] Jay Smith[2A-12] Luke H.[MW] FailRPActiveNever
856705/05/2020 (03:56)blogcomputer[1A-02] Andrew N.RDM + Leaving staff sit in discord office and in-game.ActiveNever
856604/05/2020 (21:08)Jayden R[1A-12] Michael R.[MW] driving on runway at sandy shoresInactiveNever
856403/05/2020 (04:30)willie stroker[1K-06] Nice E.INTRPActiveNever
856303/05/2020 (04:27)MoparAreNoCar[1K-06] Nice E.NITRPActiveNever
856202/05/2020 (03:44)~b~[3S-33] D. Gianino[1A-07] John D.Racial SlurInactiveNever
856101/05/2020 (22:04)Drillepind[1A-32] Kevin B.NITRP | Failure to listen to staff | Lying to staffActiveNever
856001/05/2020 (22:03)Rema1000[1A-26] Brad W.RDM | NITRP (2A-09 Jordan)ActiveNever
855901/05/2020 (16:55)Boom Chicken[1A-26] Brad W.Leaving Staff Sit | Violation of PTActiveNever
855801/05/2020 (08:37)Grandma Thief[1A-09] Dominic P.VDM // Leaving to not get staffed // Running on peacetimeActiveNever
855630/04/2020 (22:58)Julian[1A-28] Jake M.Disrespect against staff// NITRPActiveNever
855427/04/2020 (21:16)Cromieee[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
855127/04/2020 (03:45)Preliminary[1K-02] GunExpert24Racial SluresActiveNever
854921/04/2020 (04:43)JJ Jr.[1A-28] Jake M.Combat Logging//NITRP// Failing to Comply with RP//False Reporting//Server Disrespect [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
854820/04/2020 (20:58)Tandlos[1A-04] George T.Violation of Policy D | Staff Disrespect | Questioning Staff Decision's on multiple occasionsInactiveNever
854720/04/2020 (03:22)3S-67 John A.[1A-06] M. Damon[MW] VIolating Peacetime // Using Sniper Rifle // Unreallistic DrivingInactiveNever
854620/04/2020 (00:40)AceSpernato[1A-06] M. DamonTrolling // Violating Peacetime // VDM // FailRP // CopbaitingActiveNever
854520/04/2020 (00:35)Police[1A-06] M. DamonMass RDM // Leaving to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
854419/04/2020 (04:47)ALUCARD[1A-20] WhitewingrdmActiveNever
854319/04/2020 (04:45)4E-02 Matt G.[1K-02] GunExpert24[MW] Torque BoostActiveNever
854219/04/2020 (03:37)flat earth society[1A-22] Cam G.[MW] Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
854118/04/2020 (04:54)[2P-01]Jayden R[1K-02] GunExpert24Department Disrespect, Fail RPInactiveNever
854016/04/2020 (01:47)JamaicanPolice[1A-09] Dominic P.Unrealistic DrivingActive30/04/2020 (00:47) GMT
853912/04/2020 (23:16)Panda-Man[1A-20] WhitewingStaff Disrespect (Connor G 2A-08)InactiveNever
853811/04/2020 (22:50)J.Wall [2V-63][1A-18] Michael R.lying to staff members \\ failrip \\ speaking out of RP \\ unrealistic drivingActiveNever
853711/04/2020 (05:35)Kingsman[1A-09] Dominic P.Staff disrespect (Said Kill yourself Kid)ActiveNever
853509/04/2020 (17:03)Mohammed[00-00] Mungo[MW] FailRPActiveNever
853409/04/2020 (16:18)Nate. CConsoleBlacklisted from TXDPSRP NetworkActiveNever
853309/04/2020 (04:12)Rakwon Rice[1K-02] GunExpert24staff disrespectInactiveNever
853209/04/2020 (04:00)Carter S. 3C-538[1K-02] GunExpert24Trolling in RTO Mic Spam and no intent to RPInactiveNever
853109/04/2020 (04:00)swagmaster278[1K-02] GunExpert24trolling in RTO arguing with othersActiveNever
853008/04/2020 (23:20)beangina[2A-08] Connor G.[MW] Violation Of PeacetimeActiveNever
852908/04/2020 (09:55)Jipsy[1A-03] Jenson G.Mass Vehicle SpawningActiveNever
852706/04/2020 (22:53)Panda-Man[2A-08] Connor G.[MW] VDMInactiveNever
852505/04/2020 (20:29)Niko[1A-26] Brad W.Leaving Staff Sit | RDM | Violation of PT | NITRPActiveNever
852204/04/2020 (14:57)JackC[1A-26] Brad W.Self Promoting [2A:09] Jordan SActiveNever
852104/04/2020 (00:48)OliverTheBous[1A-18] Michael R.staff disrespectInactiveNever
851904/04/2020 (00:08)kaji[1A-26] Brad W.Leaving Staff sit // Advertising [2A-08] Connor GActiveNever
851803/04/2020 (03:04)~g~[1X-04] tateys12[1K-05] DiiversxBlacklistActiveNever
851702/04/2020 (18:22)You Mad :)[1A-26] Brad W.NITRP | Violation of PT | Lying to StaffActiveNever
851601/04/2020 (23:54)SmellsLikeUpCuh[1A-28] Jake M.Lying To staff / FailRP [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
851531/03/2020 (01:19)Tobin Bell[1K-06] Nice E.Unrealistic driving fail rpActive02/04/2020 (00:19) GMT
851430/03/2020 (04:43)Crazy Kid[1A-28] Jake M.Racism// Killing durring staff sit// [Unappealable]ActiveNever
851330/03/2020 (03:49)wbc51705[1K-02] GunExpert24Leaving during staff si, lying to staffActiveNever
851227/03/2020 (18:41)Bot Aut1sm[1A-26] Brad W.NITRP | Racism| Violation of PT | RDMActiveNever
851127/03/2020 (18:33)Nisse (SNÖVIT)[1A-26] Brad W.Racism [UNNAPEALABLE]ActiveNever
851027/03/2020 (18:29)Gudrun[1A-26] Brad W.[MW] Violation of PTActiveNever
850826/03/2020 (05:55)DrunkenLegend101[1A-02] Andrew N.Mass RDMInactiveNever
850726/03/2020 (01:02)Martin[1A-09] Dominic P.Abusing Drag command // Failrp // NITRPActiveNever
850625/03/2020 (03:58)BobRoss[1A-08] Squirrel R.FailRP VDM NITRP Lying to staffActiveNever
850525/03/2020 (00:46)flat earth society[1A-28] Jake M.Questioning Staff decisionsInactiveNever
850424/03/2020 (05:37)southTXgoat[1K-06] Nice E.running on pt and fixing vehicleInactiveNever
850324/03/2020 (05:30)AFIZO[1A-28] Jake M.Failure to listen to staff// Told to turn off speed boost and continued to have it enabled// TrollingActiveNever
850223/03/2020 (19:53)black beard[1A-11] Josh O.[MW] NoclippingActiveNever
850123/03/2020 (16:45)Poodi[1A-07] John D.NITRP // Drive By on Cops // Running on PT // Shooting on PT // FailRP // Jordan S 2A-09InactiveNever
850022/03/2020 (21:04)Flex[1A-07] John D.trolling RDMActiveNever
849922/03/2020 (21:04)Cilindertrekker[1A-07] John D.TrollingActiveNever
849822/03/2020 (19:13)ZaddyDeep[1A-26] Brad W.Server DisrespectActiveNever
849722/03/2020 (04:26)Bluue[1K-02] GunExpert24Staff DisrespectActiveNever
849622/03/2020 (03:46)Riley[1K-02] GunExpert24lying to staff-ConnortwosActiveNever
849519/03/2020 (21:03)Ruviesh[1A-26] Brad W.Leaving Staff Sit | Shooting on PT | Jordan S | 2A-09ActiveNever
849419/03/2020 (00:48)DaddyBAC[1A-06] M. DamonRDM in Staff Sit | No Intent to RP | Shooting on PeacetimeActiveNever
849318/03/2020 (04:17)Josef Taylor[1K-01] IceTheDevViolation of Peacetime - Second ViolationInactiveNever
849218/03/2020 (01:18)ghanks[1A-11] Josh O.Use of Racial Slurs in TS3 // GameActiveNever
849116/03/2020 (23:38)Badr[1A-06] M. DamonRacismActiveNever
849016/03/2020 (20:10)John G.[1K-05] DiiversxTrollingActiveNever
848916/03/2020 (02:22)[630] K.Canavan[1K-01] IceTheDevdisrespectActiveNever
848815/03/2020 (17:55)Keith Lard Fire Safety[1A-28] Jake M.Trolling// NITRP// Failure to Listen to staff- 2A-05 MungoActiveNever
848715/03/2020 (03:34)glookies[1A-20] WhitewingTrolling During staff Sit | RDMActiveNever
848615/03/2020 (03:33)Iso[1A-20] WhitewingMic Spam | TrollingActiveNever
848514/03/2020 (21:34)Physics1x[1A-18] Michael R.NITRP \\ Failrp \\ Ramming \\ interfering with RP \\ failure to listen to staff \\ VDMActiveNever
848414/03/2020 (21:26)[600] Stenore[1A-18] Michael R.Ramming \\ failrp \\ failure to listen to staff \\ VDM \\ interfering with rp \\ NITRPActiveNever
848312/03/2020 (21:22)[5D-004]~y~Jack Jones™[1A-07] John D.Leaving Staff sit - Jordan SActiveNever
848211/03/2020 (20:12)yaveco[1K-01] IceTheDevBan EnvadingActiveNever
848111/03/2020 (19:10)DocHolliday[1A-11] Josh O.[MW] Fixing vehicle after crashing x2InactiveNever
848011/03/2020 (17:52)Twitch Brotado[1K-06] Nice E.mass spawningActiveNever
847910/03/2020 (23:11)MajorKi11er[1A-28] Jake M.Leaving Staff sitActiveNever
847810/03/2020 (22:36)A. Kazek[1K-05] DiiversxNITRP - Bullying/Harassment Towards Staff - Violation of Policy D [BLACKLIST]ActiveNever
847709/03/2020 (20:10)psycho[1A-11] Josh O.Lying to Staff // Staff Disrespect [Unappealable]ActiveNever
847609/03/2020 (17:29)cartwrangler.usa[1A-04] George T.Ban Evading [UNAPPEALABLE Main Account: af00_]ActiveNever
847508/03/2020 (02:04)UMBGaming[1K-05] DiiversxRacial SlursActiveNever
847407/03/2020 (22:08)black beard[1A-21] Luke S.FailRP // Taking advantage of CO // Running on PT 2A-09 JordanInactiveNever
847307/03/2020 (15:25)savi[1A-04] George T.RDM // FailRP // Leaving Staff sitActiveNever
847205/03/2020 (23:32)mr.dip.[1A-08] Squirrel R.NITRP interfering with priority mic spamInactiveNever
847103/03/2020 (23:03)Booimscary[1A-09] Dominic P.terrorist RP // Staff Disrespect [Connor G 2A-08]ActiveNever
847003/03/2020 (22:37)British Airways[1A-18] Michael R.Failrp (speaking out of RP during a scene) \\ leaving during staff sit (Michael R. 1A-18)ActiveNever
846903/03/2020 (02:30)Damar_95100[1A-22] Cam G.Violation of Peacetime ( third offense)InactiveNever
846803/03/2020 (00:46)Jack B.[1K-01] IceTheDevBlacklistedActiveNever
846701/03/2020 (21:49)Bipolar 80 Year Old Man[1A-04] George T.Racial SlursActiveNever
846601/03/2020 (03:48)Jaden H.[1K-05] DiiversxMass VDMActiveNever
846501/03/2020 (03:00)BanosGutten[1A-22] Cam G.Leaving staff sit/ RDM during staff sit/ NITRPActiveNever
846401/03/2020 (03:00)Emanuel Desperados[1A-25] Cole G.RDM, Leaving staff sit, staff disrespectActiveNever
846329/02/2020 (22:07)batman[1A-07] M. DamonRamming through Scenes // Leaving to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
846229/02/2020 (20:44)what the fuck[1A-07] M. DamonRacial Slur via /911 call [2A-01] BradActiveNever
846129/02/2020 (19:41)kingharley187[1A-07] M. DamonMass Spawning Vehicles ~ Brad W. [2A-01]ActiveNever
846029/02/2020 (13:11)DaffyDuck[2A-05] Mungo K.[MW] Not in Gruppe6 VC as Gruppe6InactiveNever
845929/02/2020 (03:50)Pepe succ[1K-02] GunExpert24ModdingActiveNever
845829/02/2020 (03:48)futileacrobat44[1K-02] GunExpert24TrollingInactiveNever
845729/02/2020 (03:28)woKe^[1A-20] WhitewingRDM | Shooting on Priority | NITRP | On airfield | Spawning in car's to evade staff sit [2A-01] Braw WActiveNever
845629/02/2020 (02:09)Mr.BO$$[1A-20] WhitewingLeaving staff Sit | Racial Slurs | Staff disrespect | VDMActiveNever
845529/02/2020 (01:44)Banks Atkin[1A-18] Michael R.racial slurs \\ trolling during a staff sit \\ staff disrespect \\ shooting during a prioority \\ failrp \\ NITRPActiveNever
845429/02/2020 (01:43)Tonnyy[1A-18] Michael R.RDM on staff \\ NITRP \\ failrp \\ trolling during a staff sitActiveNever
845329/02/2020 (00:44)[1F-17] Peter.J[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling - NITRPActiveNever
845229/02/2020 (00:34)[3Z-24] T.Lowe[1A-20] WhitewingMass RDMActiveNever
845128/02/2020 (21:32)lakon[1A-04] George T.Staff Disrespect / Command Misuse [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
845028/02/2020 (21:08)ZOoM[1A-04] George T.Server Disrespect / Arguing with Staff DecisionsActiveNever
844928/02/2020 (19:19)cop[1A-08] John D.NITRP / Failure to comply / Fail RP / Violation of PT Mungo [2A-05]ActiveNever
844828/02/2020 (00:35)Riosma[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving to evade staff sit // FailRP - Brad W. 2A-01ActiveNever
844727/02/2020 (01:09)Adam[1A-18] Michael R.leaving during staff sit (Michael R 1A-18) \\ getting into a police vehicleActiveNever
844625/02/2020 (05:21)Curious George[1K-02] GunExpert24no intent to rp, ramming, Running during peaacetimeActiveNever
844525/02/2020 (02:18)[1E-36] J. Mom[1A-14] Dominic P.Server Disrespect // Staff DisrespectActiveNever
844424/02/2020 (18:13)GurraG[1A-21] Luke S.FailRP|NITRP|Unrealistic Cuffing/SpamCuffing|RDM|VDM|Violation of PT [2A-01]ActiveNever
844324/02/2020 (16:47)Noah1711[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Staff Sit | Violation of PT | 2A-01 Brad W.ActiveNever
844224/02/2020 (01:43)wouhz[1A-20] WhitewingLying to staff | Speed BoostingInactiveNever
844123/02/2020 (18:59)476 | Deputy | Cole[1A-20] WhitewingStaff DisrepectActiveNever
844022/02/2020 (22:30)Bansi[1A-04] George T.Racial Slurs [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
843922/02/2020 (20:32)julia[2A-05] Mungo K.[MW] Unrealistic DrivingInactiveNever
843822/02/2020 (05:27)Ghanks[1A-18] Michael R.arguing with staffInactiveNever
843722/02/2020 (01:29)abfe[1A-15] Josh O.Racial Slur [N-word] - Brad W. 2A-01ActiveNever
843621/02/2020 (21:52)Jay[1A-04] George T.Lying to Staff / Violation of Peacetime / Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
843521/02/2020 (20:03)xSavgs[1A-04] George T.Leaving during a Staff SitActiveNever
843421/02/2020 (16:37)Squiky[1A-21] Luke S.leaving to avoid staff sit 2A-05ActiveNever
843321/02/2020 (03:28)Tovaritch Yuri[1K-04] StingrqyMass VDMActiveNever
843221/02/2020 (03:23)Elogyz[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
843120/02/2020 (22:56)Duck[1A-15] Josh O.NITRP // Speed boosting // Fixing truck after crashingInactiveNever
843020/02/2020 (22:49)SlimShady[1A-20] WhitewingSinging song with N wordInactiveNever
842920/02/2020 (21:31)Toad[1A-15] Josh O.Staff Disrespect - Kevin B. 2A-07ActiveNever
842820/02/2020 (18:29)- VaccedFeedy[1A-15] Josh O.NITRP // RDM x3 // Violation of Priority // Fixing vehicles after crashing // Staff Disrespect [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
842720/02/2020 (18:29)Ahmed[1A-15] Josh O.NITRP // Fixing vehicles after crashing // Racial SlursActiveNever
842620/02/2020 (15:58)IntenSe Jama[1A-04] George T.Staff Disrespect [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
842520/02/2020 (15:54)matrankin07[1A-15] Josh O.Staff Disrespect / Driving on the Airfield [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
842420/02/2020 (03:59)GirthyLadsConsoleBlacklistedActiveNever
842320/02/2020 (03:52)EleVate[1A-22] Cam G.Server DisrespectActiveNever
842219/02/2020 (23:17)farrahalsharif[1A-12] Squirrel R.mass rdmActiveNever
842119/02/2020 (22:21)xd DendreOP[1A-12] Squirrel R.Mass RDM NITRPActiveNever
842019/02/2020 (19:46)D.Pedro[1A-04] George T.LeakingActiveNever
841919/02/2020 (05:31)VladTheLad[1K-02] GunExpert24Terrorist RP is not allowedActiveNever
841819/02/2020 (05:30)v a p o r s n a k e[1K-02] GunExpert24No intent to RPActiveNever
841718/02/2020 (22:27)GameV1per[1A-20] Whitewing[MW] FailRPActiveNever
841618/02/2020 (21:34)TripleJ[1A-04] George T.Racial SlursActiveNever
841518/02/2020 (01:44)Disperfected[2A-01] Brad W.[MW] Dragracing on Runway SandyInactiveNever
841418/02/2020 (01:43)SlayerG[1A-08] John D.Fail RP as CO /// Leaving Staff Sit 2A-02 M. LotusActiveNever
841317/02/2020 (23:48)michael[1A-14] Dominic P.HackingActiveNever
841217/02/2020 (23:44)eluwina 2137[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
841117/02/2020 (22:03)crazycoderr[1A-07] M. DamonTrollingActiveNever
841017/02/2020 (20:40)Big D[1A-20] WhitewingMass RDMActiveNever
840917/02/2020 (20:38)Kampy217[1A-22] Cam G.staff disrespect, server disrepsectActiveNever
840817/02/2020 (16:38)Karolis[1A-15] Josh O.Failure to Listen to StaffInactive02/03/2020 (16:38) GMT
840717/02/2020 (15:41)Somsri[1A-12] Squirrel R.Mass RDMActiveNever
840617/02/2020 (07:12)DefaultGamer[1A-25] Cole G.Leaving staff sit, VDM, Leaving server to avoid staff sitActiveNever
840516/02/2020 (23:50)Kazama[1A-07] M. DamonInterfering with Event | LEaving to avoid punishment | Using Explosive AmmoActiveNever
840416/02/2020 (23:45)Pietertje[1A-14] Dominic P.RMD //Explosivr bulletsActiveNever
840316/02/2020 (23:45)Zylah[1A-20] WhitewingRacial SlursActiveNever
840216/02/2020 (23:44)Monster[1A-20] WhitewingRacial SlursInactiveNever
840116/02/2020 (23:44)Achmed[1A-22] Cam G.Mass RDM/ Interdaering with eventActiveNever
840016/02/2020 (23:35)Jake Curcio[1K-05] DiiversxTrollingActiveNever
839916/02/2020 (23:32)HpReggie[1K-05] DiiversxTrollingActiveNever
839816/02/2020 (23:01)Zurg[1A-07] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Punishment | Interfering with Event | Mass RDMActiveNever
839716/02/2020 (22:50)BallZ[1A-12] Squirrel R.VDMActiveNever
839616/02/2020 (22:47)14 hunnid / 8 hunnid[1A-22] Cam G.Interfeaing with eventActiveNever
839516/02/2020 (22:38)white boy[1A-12] Squirrel R.RDMActiveNever
839416/02/2020 (22:38)AINME[1A-22] Cam G.MASS RDMActiveNever
839316/02/2020 (22:13)Lawson G[1K-05] DiiversxTemporaryInactiveNever
839216/02/2020 (21:54)BigLebowski15[1A-07] M. Damonmass RDM | Interfering with eventActiveNever
839116/02/2020 (21:54)Radioactive Dog[1A-07] M. DamonInterfering with EventActiveNever
839016/02/2020 (21:46)hihihihihh[1A-12] Squirrel R..ActiveNever
838916/02/2020 (20:40)LavishXO[1A-07] M. DamonMass VDM | No Intent to RP | Leaving to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
838816/02/2020 (20:28)Hayden Travis[1A-18] Michael R.combat logging \\ rammingActiveNever
838716/02/2020 (20:28)Strawglint[1A-18] Michael R.combat logging \\ rammingActiveNever
838616/02/2020 (18:34)Johnk[1A-15] Josh O.Racial Slurs // Server DisrespectActiveNever
838516/02/2020 (14:11)phillipsommer[2A-05] Mungo K.[MW] Cop BaitingActiveNever
838416/02/2020 (01:38)Patrick[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Staff Sit // RDM // Interfering with RPActiveNever
838316/02/2020 (00:41)Tacos Are Nice[1A-15] Josh O.Staff Disrespect// server disrespect//NITRP// FailRP - Jake M. 2A-03ActiveNever
838215/02/2020 (20:51)EnxrgyII[1A-04] George T.Racial SlursActiveNever
838115/02/2020 (20:31)SacOMoney[1A-22] Cam G.Lying to StaffActiveNever
838015/02/2020 (20:18)¦Chaser[1K-04] StingrqyModdingActiveNever
837915/02/2020 (03:54)[FF-123] Jake J.[1A-08] John D.Leaving to avoid punishment// Racial SlursActiveNever
837815/02/2020 (03:15)stoney bologna[1A-20] WhitewingLeaving Staff SitActiveNever
837715/02/2020 (02:13)[5D-304] Lewis. H[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sit// Mass RDMActiveNever
837615/02/2020 (01:54)Bamba[1A-08] John D.Staff Disrespect | Homophobic Slur'sActiveNever
837515/02/2020 (00:53)Alex J.[1A-15] Josh O.Failure To listen to staff//NITRP// SpeedBoost [Warned twice about it and was told clearly to stop, he continued to RP with speed boost] - Jake M 2A-03ActiveNever
837414/02/2020 (23:55)Salph_[2A-07] Kevin B.[MW] Violation of Priority TimerActiveNever
837314/02/2020 (22:06)𝕶𝖎𝖒𝖎_164[1A-18] Michael R.Chat spam \\ racial slurs \\ NITRP \\ staff disrespect \\ leaving during staff sit (2A-02 Mike L.)ActiveNever
837214/02/2020 (15:47)Alex J.[1A-04] George T.Blacklist from TXDPSRP NetworkInactiveNever
837114/02/2020 (01:33)[911] GameV1per[1A-08] John D.Staff Disrespect [2A-03] Jake M.InactiveNever
837013/02/2020 (23:40)~g~ Murp M.©™ [1A-09][1K-05] DiiversxBlacklist from TXDPSRP NetworkActiveNever
836913/02/2020 (23:40)~g~ Alex J. | 1A-16[1K-05] DiiversxBlacklist from TXDPSRP NetworkActiveNever
836813/02/2020 (23:39)~g~Envee[1K-05] DiiversxBlacklist from TXDPSRP networkActiveNever
836713/02/2020 (23:03)Junesterano[1A-08] John D.Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
836613/02/2020 (23:03)IDanceForVc[1A-08] John D.Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
836513/02/2020 (22:57)turtlepene[1A-12] Squirrel R.MASS RDMActiveNever
836413/02/2020 (22:54)Bruhskis[1A-12] Squirrel R.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
836313/02/2020 (22:54)LijerBear[1A-12] Squirrel R.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
836213/02/2020 (21:29)Epic rage[1A-15] Josh O.Fail RP // Unrealistic Driving // Leaving Staff Sit [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
836113/02/2020 (03:04)Mike Knickle[1A-24] Lawson G.No intent to RP | Lying To Staff.ActiveNever
836013/02/2020 (01:02)mylesrun11[1A-14] Dominic P.Leaving staff sit // TeleportingInactiveNever
835912/02/2020 (20:52)~g~Tolerance™ 1A-06[1K-05] DiiversxBlacklist from TXDPSRP Network - LeakingActiveNever
835812/02/2020 (01:21)[GW-46] Chris Link[1K-05] DiiversxStarting/Causing unnecessary drama, Player Harassment, Player Disrespect, Staff Disrespect, Mini Modding, Targeting PlayersInactiveNever
835712/02/2020 (01:02)rustyspoons183[1A-12] Squirrel R.Mass RDMActiveNever
835611/02/2020 (21:12)Bang[1A-13] Duck W.Trolling, Player disrespect, failure to listen to staffActiveNever
835511/02/2020 (18:00)Bl4ck[1A-21] Luke S.server and member disrespectActiveNever
835411/02/2020 (16:22)¦Oli_the_Racer[1A-21] Luke S.mass spawning//NITRPActiveNever
835311/02/2020 (15:59)[T-541]Whysocheesey[1A-15] Josh O.Staff Disrespect - Brad W. 2A-01ActiveNever
835210/02/2020 (22:44)Raven[1A-23] Korey M.leaving staff sit| shooting while PT| RP as animal without GW activeActiveNever
835110/02/2020 (19:52)zollox[2A-07] Kevin B.[MW] Violation of PTActiveNever
835010/02/2020 (19:09)xHamster[2A-07] Kevin B.[MW] Violation of PTActiveNever
834910/02/2020 (17:58)imagamerandigame[1A-15] Josh O.Severe Disrespect - Basically saying burn you like the jews // Mungo 2A-05ActiveNever
834810/02/2020 (01:52)TOXICNOOB[1A-13] Duck W.Failure to listen to staff, violation of pt, FRPInactiveNever
834709/02/2020 (22:47)[4E-06] Jake.H[1A-20] Whitewing[MW] FailRPInactiveNever
834609/02/2020 (21:42)marcusfcm[1A-16] Alex J.Trolling during staff sit, Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
834509/02/2020 (21:42)Chraddan[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving Server to avoid punishment, Animal Rp with no active Game WardenActiveNever
834409/02/2020 (19:34)MARKUS[1A-07] M. DamonLying to Staff | Attempting to Steal Police VehiclesActiveNever
834309/02/2020 (19:26)mr.president[1A-20] WhitewingStaff DisrespectActiveNever
834209/02/2020 (18:11)Keith Lard Fire Safety[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMInactiveNever
834109/02/2020 (17:56)lilmonklings[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMInactiveNever
834009/02/2020 (16:14)Bart el pro[1A-15] Josh O.NITRP // Mass RDMActiveNever
833909/02/2020 (16:12)Owen Wilson[1A-15] Josh O.NITRP x2 // Racial Slurs // Unrealistic Driving // Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
833809/02/2020 (15:09)NotTheOwl[1A-04] George T.AdvertisingInactiveNever
833709/02/2020 (04:57)[3C-04] [5F-13] J. Luis[1K-01] IceTheDevRaciur Slurrs / TrollingActiveNever
833609/02/2020 (04:57)Mythic[1K-05] DiiversxRacial Slurs - Trolling - VDMActiveNever
833508/02/2020 (20:12)Jesus[1A-11] The NorthLeaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
833408/02/2020 (20:12)Pastor John[1A-11] The NorthLeaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
833308/02/2020 (04:15)Ohma[1A-16] Alex J.VDMActiveNever
833208/02/2020 (02:20)TupacTupus[1A-07] M. DamonTrolling, Violating PeacetimeInactiveNever
833108/02/2020 (01:58)♠ ʌce ♠[1A-18] Michael R.RDM\\Violation of PT\\Mic spam\\leaving during staff sitActiveNever
833007/02/2020 (19:52)LindgreN[1A-15] Josh O.Fail RP // RDM // Leaving Staff Sit // Use of LEO UniformsActiveNever
832907/02/2020 (04:47)user[1K-02] GunExpert24No intent to RPActiveNever
832806/02/2020 (02:39)yeezys seller[1A-14] Dominic P.leaving staff sit [ Jake M. 2A-03]ActiveNever
832706/02/2020 (00:38)epic_gamer36472y7843[1K-05] DiiversxPlayer DisrespectInactiveNever
832605/02/2020 (23:55)AndrewH649[1A-15] Josh O.Lying to staff// disrespect to staff - Jake M 2A-03InactiveNever
832505/02/2020 (16:49)MonkaS[1A-04] George T.Leaving to Avoid Punishment [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
832405/02/2020 (16:38)[663]N.telles[1A-21] Luke S.Racial Slur 2A-05ActiveNever
832305/02/2020 (02:49)Tagushi Chujciwsushi[1A-08] John D.racial slurs { unappealable ]ActiveNever
832205/02/2020 (02:47)sadfdgfdsg[1A-08] John D.racial Slurs [ UNAPPEALBALE ]ActiveNever
832105/02/2020 (00:47)SacoMierda69[1K-05] DiiversxUse of Explosive Bullets - HackingActiveNever
832004/02/2020 (12:40).....[1A-15] Josh O.Mass RDM // NITRP // Use of Heavy WeaponsActiveNever
831904/02/2020 (12:36)......[1A-15] Josh O.Spamming chat with Racial Slurs // NITRP // Mass RDM [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
831804/02/2020 (01:47)Pizza Box[1K-05] DiiversxRacial Slurs - NITRP - Mass RDM [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
831704/02/2020 (01:46)nword[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDM - Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
831604/02/2020 (00:35)nick gers in my basment[1A-20] WhitewingTrolling during Staff Sit | Inapproriate NameActive18/02/2020 (00:35) GMT
831504/02/2020 (00:33)dek[1A-08] John D.Teleporting | Leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
831403/02/2020 (22:29)ThiestaRRR[1A-18] Michael R.racial slurs \\ trolling \\ spectating staffActiveNever
831303/02/2020 (02:04)robodumbo[1K-01] IceTheDevMass VDMActiveNever
831203/02/2020 (02:02)TheRhetorik[1K-01] IceTheDevMass VDM - Leaving when pulledActiveNever
831103/02/2020 (02:00)Cross[1A-07] M. DamonMass VDMActiveNever
831003/02/2020 (01:57)LigmaKidJuice[1A-16] Alex J.VDMActiveNever
830903/02/2020 (01:02)Midget On the loose[1A-08] John D.FailRP | NITRP | Abusing Drag Command on multiple people at once ( Unappealable)ActiveNever
830802/02/2020 (17:13)nexy[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDMActiveNever
830702/02/2020 (03:51)mike honcho[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving Staff Sit [2A-03]ActiveNever
830602/02/2020 (01:41)[3S-16] [GW-54] System E.[1K-05] DiiversxBlacklistActiveNever
830502/02/2020 (00:31)[T-533]Dresuff[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sitActiveNever
830401/02/2020 (21:33)oliboli123[1A-15] Josh O.[MW] Use of Snipers // Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
830301/02/2020 (20:13)kevingamerwin69[1A-20] WhitewingPlayerdisrespect - 2A-04 Wilson S.InactiveNever
830201/02/2020 (20:02)[805] Nathan G.[1A-18] Michael R.lying to staff \\ RDM \\ violation of PTActiveNever
830101/02/2020 (19:05)mason barefoot[1A-08] John D.mass RDMInactiveNever
830001/02/2020 (18:28)khalifa221x[1A-08] John D.ModdingActiveNever
829901/02/2020 (14:54)kurtismtaylor2006[1A-21] Luke S.Failure to listen to staff//RDM//Leaving a staff sitActiveNever
829801/02/2020 (05:42)Qassem SoleimaniConsoleVDMActiveNever
829701/02/2020 (05:41)MoonLight Ah Spootlight AhConsoleVDMActiveNever
829601/02/2020 (05:01)Röker Weed Som Terapi[1A-16] Alex J.ModdingActiveNever
829501/02/2020 (04:24)nick.taylor54[1K-02] GunExpert24Failure to listen to staff// Staff DisrespectActiveNever
829401/02/2020 (01:34)wickett129[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling - Leaving Staff Sit - NITRPActiveNever
829331/01/2020 (23:50)[SP-15][FD-76] Alex Smith[1A-12] Squirrel R.Mass RDMActiveNever
829231/01/2020 (22:49)DrPhil[1K-02] GunExpert24Server DisrespectActiveNever
829131/01/2020 (21:39)[PD-549] l.colwell[1A-18] Michael R.trolling a staff sit \\ spectating staff sitActiveNever
829031/01/2020 (20:57)I Hypno I[1A-17] Alex J.Leaving staff sitActiveNever
828931/01/2020 (20:47)bob ross[1A-17] Alex J.Failure to listen to staff | Leaving staff sit [Unappealable]ActiveNever
828831/01/2020 (19:58)InfiniteGamerIN[1A-17] Alex J.Leaving staff sit | Mass RDM [Unappealable]ActiveNever
828730/01/2020 (19:14)[SP-25] C. Scully[1A-17] Alex J.Driving FD vehicle when not in DFD | Leaving staff sit to avoid punishmenActiveNever
828630/01/2020 (02:55)_feara[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sitActiveNever
828529/01/2020 (00:56)Jbandy84[1K-05] DiiversxLeaving Staff SitActiveNever
828428/01/2020 (21:25)Vanity OG[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling - Racial SlursActiveNever
828328/01/2020 (20:29)FrancisTruchon[1A-01] Enveemember disrespect, staff disrespect, leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
828228/01/2020 (19:38)stoneynation420[1A-12] Squirrel R.NITRP Failrp Violation of PTActiveNever
828128/01/2020 (19:13)A[1A-08] John D.ModdingActiveNever
828028/01/2020 (05:16)[420] John Doe[1A-01] Enveemass rdm rdm staffActiveNever
827928/01/2020 (05:11)5D-98 (Assi. Commiss) Winter E.[1A-01] Enveelying to staff, Staff Disrespect, Admitting to having a mod menu [ Appealable ]ActiveNever
827828/01/2020 (03:47)Insidious_Meerkat[1A-22] Cam G.Mass RDM,Interfearing with priotity, NITRPActiveNever
827728/01/2020 (03:47)Red Mask Man[1A-25] Cole G.MASS RDM,Scene crashing, NITRPActiveNever
827628/01/2020 (03:04)Wolfless[1A-22] Cam G.Mass RDM, NITRP,Killing staff member during staff sit,Lying to staffActiveNever
827528/01/2020 (03:04)Spiral.[1A-22] Cam G.Mass RDM,NITRPActiveNever
827428/01/2020 (03:03)AlfA_BigBoy[1A-22] Cam G.RDM, killing staff member during staff sit,leaving staff sit,NITRPActiveNever
827328/01/2020 (02:12)Chico Jr[1A-23] Korey M.Server disrespectActiveNever
827227/01/2020 (21:23)vynie1mob[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling during Staff SitActiveNever
827127/01/2020 (21:19)EX-DarkForce113[1A-13] Duck W.lying to staffActiveNever
827027/01/2020 (06:58)Craze [CIV-P-014][1A-09] MajesticMurpArguing with Staff | Threating ServerActiveNever
826927/01/2020 (04:31)TheOriginalCast[1A-25] Cole G.Staff disrespect, FailrpActiveNever
826827/01/2020 (02:29)Omar[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDMInactiveNever
826727/01/2020 (01:48)Ethnox[1A-08] John D.Staff Disrespect | Arguing with staffActiveNever
826627/01/2020 (00:32)dyphun[1A-16] Alex J.Violation of Peacetime, Trolling, Lieing to staff, Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
826526/01/2020 (23:51)af00_[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving Staff Sit / Racial Slurs [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
826426/01/2020 (23:04)Nemenes[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sitActiveNever
826326/01/2020 (22:59)GuLuXy[1A-08] John D.Leaving Staff sitActiveNever
826226/01/2020 (15:08)[1K-28]J.Gavin[1K-05] DiiversxDriving Blacklisted Vehicles - Leaving Staff Sit to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
826126/01/2020 (14:32)сука[1A-21] Luke S.Trolling//NITRPActiveNever
826026/01/2020 (05:07)pooxelmon[1K-01] IceTheDevViolation of PTActiveNever
825926/01/2020 (05:07)p6ndas[1K-01] IceTheDevViolation of PTActiveNever
825826/01/2020 (05:07)TITANCHIP[1K-01] IceTheDevDisrespectingActiveNever
825726/01/2020 (04:42)Icey[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Violating PTInactiveNever
825626/01/2020 (04:36)Jefferryeddie[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP / Violating PeacetimeActive09/02/2020 (04:36) GMT
825526/01/2020 (01:00)dylan14[1A-07] M. DamonServer Disrespect | Staff Disrespect | No Intent to Roleplay | Not Listening to Staff | Not Taking Staff Seriously | TrollingActiveNever
825426/01/2020 (00:47)[60] Minato Gonzalez[1A-07] M. DamonMass RDMActiveNever
825326/01/2020 (00:39)55 D.Cruger[1A-07] M. DamonRacial Slurs, No Intent to Roleplay ~2A-02 Mike L.ActiveNever
825225/01/2020 (22:32)kevigolemon[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Staff Sit | Using a TST Uniform - Wilson S. 2A-04ActiveNever
825125/01/2020 (22:30)DJfaces[1A-16] Alex J.Server DisrespectActiveNever
825025/01/2020 (21:41)Viskito[1A-15] Josh O.Using LEO clothes to RDM // NITRPInactive08/02/2020 (21:41) GMT
824925/01/2020 (21:39)Andersen[1A-15] Josh O.Mass RDM // Fail RPActiveNever
824825/01/2020 (21:37)Just Ber[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Server To Avoid Punishment // RDMActiveNever
824725/01/2020 (17:09)talenbtw[1A-17] Alex J.Lying to staff | VDM | Violating priority timerActiveNever
824625/01/2020 (15:05)4A-01 Dane[1A-07] M. DamonTrollingActiveNever
824525/01/2020 (14:41)oliboli123[1A-13] Duck W.evading blacklistInactiveNever
824425/01/2020 (14:32)BTAK[1A-13] Duck W.[MW] CopbaitingActiveNever
824325/01/2020 (05:13)Mint[1K-02] GunExpert24Staff and Player Disrespect, Mass RDMActiveNever
824225/01/2020 (04:02)Richmanrichie87[1K-05] Diiversx[MW] Unrealistic Driving - FailRPActiveNever
824125/01/2020 (03:28)Ashytoon[1A-16] Alex J.RDM x2, Leaving Server to avoid PunishmentActiveNever
824025/01/2020 (03:17)OTBB_Jack[1A-07] M. DamonMass VDM | Leaving to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
823925/01/2020 (01:32)eggney[1A-13] Duck W.Racial SlurrsActiveNever
823824/01/2020 (22:07)jdrake22[1A-22] Cam G.Leaving Staff sit-Cop baitingActiveNever
823724/01/2020 (19:47)PlatinumElm[1A-17] Alex J.Server disrespect | Leaving staff sit | Abuse of drag command | RDM on peacetime [Unappealable]ActiveNever
823624/01/2020 (19:41)natedawg35206[1A-21] Luke S.RDM, VDM, Violation of PT, Member Disrespect, Staff Disrespect [2A-01]ActiveNever
823524/01/2020 (18:27)pashabiceps[1A-15] Josh O.Earrape and Racial Slurs - Brad W. 2A-01ActiveNever
823424/01/2020 (12:31)Sinex[1K-05] DiiversxRacial Slurs - NITRP - MinimoddingActiveNever
823323/01/2020 (07:31)Parker[1A-21] Luke S.Leaving during staff sit, teleporting. 2A-01ActiveNever
823223/01/2020 (04:24)GauTheHam1[1A-22] Cam G.Modding,Mass RDMActiveNever
823123/01/2020 (02:05)ArmAPilot[1A-25] Cole G.Racial Offesive plates on vehicleActiveNever
823023/01/2020 (01:10)John[1A-08] John D.Lying to staff | Self Revive during sceneInactiveNever
822922/01/2020 (18:22)simon1313[1A-15] Josh O.NITRPInactiveNever
822822/01/2020 (18:22)Lan fas[1A-15] Josh O.NITRPActiveNever
822722/01/2020 (18:08)[2V-48] NelZ[1A-15] Josh O.Racial SlursInactiveNever
822622/01/2020 (02:48)Storm Trooper Ranger[1A-07] M. DamonMass Spawning of vehicles [2A-01]ActiveNever
822522/01/2020 (02:36)Apollo Mc.[1A-07] M. DamonServer Disrespect. Brad 2A-01ActiveNever
822422/01/2020 (01:33)antoniobeharic1[1A-07] M. DamonFailRP (Corruption as a Community Officer) | RDM | RDM in Staff Sit | Leaving to Avoid Punishment |ActiveNever
822322/01/2020 (00:14)Julian C. 2P-03[1K-05] DiiversxBlacklist from the TXDPSRP Network [User was Notified]ActiveNever
822221/01/2020 (21:25)averyclifton0[1A-17] Alex J.Leaving staff sit | FailRPActiveNever
822121/01/2020 (19:56)Ryan B [269][1A-18] Michael R.NITRP failure to listen to staff RDMActiveNever
822021/01/2020 (04:38)Ferramero[1A-02] Andrew N.Server DisrespectInactiveNever
821921/01/2020 (04:26)Spirits[1A-02] Andrew N.Trolling//Mass RDM//NoclipingActiveNever
821821/01/2020 (00:12)dtg616[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealistic DrivingActiveNever
821720/01/2020 (19:06)flipper[1A-08] John D.RDM | Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
821620/01/2020 (17:10)kevingamerwin69[2A-01] Brad W.[MW] FailRPInactiveNever
821520/01/2020 (15:57)Lenny[1A-17] Alex J.Staff disrespect | TrollingActiveNever
821420/01/2020 (00:58)sleeping General[1A-07] M. DamonRacial Slurs // Staff Disrespect // Mass RDM // Trolling // Lying to Staff // FailRPActiveNever
821319/01/2020 (21:34)Strawglint[1A-18] Michael R.leaving during staff sit, combat loggingInactiveNever
821219/01/2020 (20:04)MSIpcGamer1234567890[1A-12] Squirrel R.NITRP Failrp Mass VDM Mic SpamActiveNever
821119/01/2020 (19:48)chris808[1A-19] Jack B.RacismActiveNever
821019/01/2020 (17:05)Marshmello[1A-18] Michael R.racial slurs/mic spamActiveNever
820919/01/2020 (15:46)patrickroberts6667[1A-08] John D.Server Disrespect | Staff DisrespectActiveNever
820819/01/2020 (05:31)Paypal KingFrostyOfficial[1A-24] Lawson G.Staff disrespect// Member Disrespect// Disrespect to DCSO department - 2A-03ActiveNever
820719/01/2020 (03:47)talonkid95[1A-08] John D.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
820619/01/2020 (03:41)RichieWayne[1A-08] John D.Staff DisrespectInactiveNever
820519/01/2020 (02:29)InfiniteLust[1A-13] Duck W.Trolling, RDM, FRP as a community officer, shooting on pt, Lying to staffActiveNever
820419/01/2020 (01:34)[1T-48] Leo S.[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit ,RDMActiveNever
820318/01/2020 (19:58)Melly[1K-02] GunExpert24Server DisrespectActiveNever
820218/01/2020 (19:54)muddiggers15[1A-11] The NorthModding ~Gunexpert24 [1K-02]ActiveNever
820118/01/2020 (19:50)Bammer.[1K-02] GunExpert24Server DisrespectActiveNever
820018/01/2020 (16:14)AceAxel[1A-13] Duck W.Lying to staff, ramming through scene, arguing with staffInactiveNever
819918/01/2020 (05:54)ΛS[1A-01] Enveetrolling and moddingActiveNever
819818/01/2020 (05:01)Exol[1A-24] Lawson G.Leaving Staff Sit | Noclipping - 2A-04 WilsonActiveNever
819718/01/2020 (04:58)Magnificent[1A-14] Dominic P.Staff Direspect // Speed boostActiveNever
819618/01/2020 (04:56)Doobie[1A-16] Alex J.Trolling, NITRP, Failure to listen to staff, SpeedboostingActiveNever
819518/01/2020 (04:56)Qurqa[1A-14] Dominic P.racial slurs // Mass RDM // Dirspect to staffActiveNever
819418/01/2020 (02:57)Nutsack_Dealer69[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sit ~ Wilson S. 2A-04ActiveNever
819318/01/2020 (02:50)mcorbin480[1A-08] John D.Leaving Server during staff sit | ~ Brad W.ActiveNever
819218/01/2020 (01:37)Family_Stroker[1K-05] DiiversxRacismActiveNever
819118/01/2020 (01:09)Hogwallop[1A-24] Lawson G.Exiting during staff sit, talking to him about not being in rto when on duty - 2A-01 BradInactiveNever
819017/01/2020 (23:15)GrapeTaco[1A-17] Alex J.Leaving staff sit | FailRP [Unappealable]ActiveNever
818917/01/2020 (18:21)Zherm02[1A-07] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Punishment // VDM // FailRPActiveNever
818817/01/2020 (16:00)PhantomReaper[1A-04] George T.Staff DisrespectInactiveNever
818716/01/2020 (21:20)[1X-22][2T-01]J.Snake Jr[1A-19] Jack B.Server DisrespectActiveNever
818616/01/2020 (01:54)1M-101 XGN Sage5582[1K-05] DiiversxServer/Staff DisrespectActiveNever
818515/01/2020 (22:06)bensgaming18[1A-19] Jack B.RDM // Leaving Staff Sit // InterferingActiveNever
818415/01/2020 (03:52)AID'S Master 69[1A-14] Dominic P.Server DisrespectActiveNever
818315/01/2020 (02:05)gabrielminecraft780[1K-05] DiiversxSpeed boosting, leaving sit to avoid PunishmentActiveNever
818215/01/2020 (02:04)Big Fat Loser haha[1A-08] John D.Racial SlursActiveNever
818114/01/2020 (21:23)4B-72 Stozils[1A-04] George T.Mass RDM // No Intent to RP
818014/01/2020 (04:43)aman.momin[1K-01] IceTheDevRDM during staff sitActiveNever
817914/01/2020 (03:27)n word[1A-23] Korey M.Staff Disrespect | Leaving staff sit| memeber Disrespect | server disrespectActiveNever
817814/01/2020 (01:47)[703] Dizzy N.[2A-01] Brad W.[MW] Shooting on PTActiveNever
817714/01/2020 (00:41)zendisorder[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving Staff Sit | Community Officer without being in RTO.ActiveNever
817612/01/2020 (20:37)potatobalz[1K-06] Nice E.messing with RPActiveNever
817512/01/2020 (20:08)hijacker1234[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Staff Sit - Wilson S. 2A-04ActiveNever
817412/01/2020 (18:33)T45storm[1A-15] Josh O.Mass VDMActiveNever
817312/01/2020 (16:50)J. Cruz[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit, Failure to listen to staff, speed boostActiveNever
817212/01/2020 (03:58)Jim Bob[1A-01] Enveeteleporting rdmActiveNever
817112/01/2020 (02:33)Shim[1A-08] John D.Trolling in Staff SitActiveNever
817011/01/2020 (21:07)squidfender25[1A-16] Alex J.NITRP, Mic-Spam, FailRP, VDMActiveNever
816911/01/2020 (21:00)rygebby[1A-16] Alex J.VDM, Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
816811/01/2020 (20:39)Not Casa[1A-08] John D.racismActiveNever
816710/01/2020 (13:11)adam[1A-04] George T.Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit / Driving Blacklisted Vehicles [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
816610/01/2020 (13:10)tom tom1199[1A-04] George T.Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit / Driving Blacklisted Vehicles [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
816509/01/2020 (22:02)Rex[1K-06] Nice E.failure to follow unban restriction rulesActiveNever
816408/01/2020 (22:02)Divorce_Papers_[1A-13] Duck W.Lying to Staff, FRPInactiveNever
816305/01/2020 (21:05)[5D-1808] Julian C.[2A-04] Wilson S.[MW] Meta Gaming, Breaking CharacterInactiveNever
816203/01/2020 (04:48)Chimchoopee[1A-15] Josh O.Mass RDM - Mike L. 2A-02ActiveNever
816103/01/2020 (04:40)Hezz Master Flash[1A-07] M. DamonRDM on staff ~Mike L.ActiveNever
816003/01/2020 (03:46)jrg8947[2A-01] Brad W.[MW] NITRP, Copbaiting, unrealistic driving, failrpInactiveNever
815902/01/2020 (19:43)[2V-95]Michael W[1A-08] John D.Staff Disrespect | Questioning Staff Decisions [Unappealable]ActiveNever
815802/01/2020 (03:05)Westy Woods [4B-51][1K-06] Nice E.Staff disrespectActiveNever
815701/01/2020 (21:41)21SavgeKabbage[1A-18] Michael R.[MW] failrpInactiveNever
815630/12/2019 (07:14)Steezy[1A-14] Dominic P.Racial slurs [Unappealable]ActiveNever
815529/12/2019 (03:07)PinkShot[1K-05] DiiversxNITRP, Ramming, VDM, Leaving to savior PunishmentInactiveNever
815428/12/2019 (05:02)5D-1807[Tammy][1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
815326/12/2019 (17:23)~y~[2V-81]Ayden D.[1A-07] M. DamonAdvertising other ServersActiveNever
815225/12/2019 (18:16)thefirecat22[1A-15] Josh O.Failure to listen to staff // Speaking french after being told numerous timesActive22/01/2020 (18:16) GMT
815123/12/2019 (16:58)uɐɯ ʎxɐlɐƃ[1A-17] Alex J.racial slurs | staff disrespect (unappealable)ActiveNever
815023/12/2019 (00:39)LéZ Flamb[1K-05] DiiversxIndirectly saying Racial Slurs - TrollingActiveNever
814922/12/2019 (01:37)Bond[1K-05] DiiversxArguing with Staff - MetagamingActiveNever
814822/12/2019 (01:37)Autism[1K-05] DiiversxArguing with Staff - Metagaming - Server DisrespectActiveNever
814721/12/2019 (14:27)suecoles2015[1K-05] Diiversx[MW] VDMActiveNever
814621/12/2019 (14:25)XGamerZoca[1K-05] Diiversx[MW] Shootinng/Killing on PTActiveNever
814521/12/2019 (02:19)Bountyplays[1K-05] DiiversxArguing with Staff - Player Disrespect - Staff DisrespectActiveNever
814420/12/2019 (00:51)Rover[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] Talking out of RPActiveNever
814319/12/2019 (21:32)XGamerZoca[1A-13] Duck W.meta gaming, rdm, vdm, self revive, talking ooc, member disrespectInactiveNever
814219/12/2019 (17:03)FireStock[1A-15] Josh O.Mass RDM // NITRP - 2nd Offence [Unappealable]ActiveNever
814118/12/2019 (00:29)Jedentheconsume[1A-13] Duck W.Staff impersonation, mini modding, racial slurrsActiveNever
814017/12/2019 (22:48)Jason A.[1A-13] Duck W.Arguing with staff, Shooting on PTActiveNever
813917/12/2019 (22:29)[JE][417] Cookie08[1A-13] Duck W.mass vdm, nitrpActiveNever
813816/12/2019 (22:20)♡ Ari ♡[1A-15] Josh O.[MW] RDM on PTInactiveNever
813716/12/2019 (13:34)Ross B. [1361][1A-15] Josh O.RDMing with snipers // Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit - Squirrel 1A-12ActiveNever
813616/12/2019 (02:52)Stefan G.[1A-12] Squirrel R.VDMActiveNever
813515/12/2019 (22:22)toazta[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive29/12/2019 (22:22) GMT
813415/12/2019 (14:16)danielmad1973[1K-05] DiiversxLeaving Staff SitActiveNever
813315/12/2019 (03:42)owensoones[1A-15] Josh O.Staff impersonation - Whitewing 2A-10ActiveNever
813215/12/2019 (01:35)sven.[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
813115/12/2019 (00:45)Louisx[1K-05] DiiversxLeaving Staff Sit - NITRP - VDMActiveNever
813015/12/2019 (00:42)Faja[1A-12] Squirrel R.Advertising NITRPActiveNever
812914/12/2019 (01:22)Jack Creed[1A-12] Squirrel R.Mass VDM NITRPActiveNever
812814/12/2019 (01:21)Harry White[1A-12] Squirrel R.VDM NITRPActiveNever
812714/12/2019 (01:18)Zephyr[1A-12] Squirrel R.SpamActiveNever
812614/12/2019 (01:04)Ryan[1A-12] Squirrel R.RDMActiveNever
812513/12/2019 (12:22)Ciggy™[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling - RDM - NITRP [Blacklist from the TXDPSRP Network]ActiveNever
812413/12/2019 (09:17)MAZEyum[1A-07] M. DamonRacism Proof:
812312/12/2019 (23:24)Buhn[1A-12] Squirrel R.RacismActiveNever
812212/12/2019 (23:22)sohrobkohistani[1A-12] Squirrel R.Mass RDMActiveNever
812112/12/2019 (20:15)hixey[1A-15] Josh O.Violation PT // NITRP // Trying to evade Sit by spawning in mass amount of carsActiveNever
812012/12/2019 (20:09)Sam H.[1A-15] Josh O.Mass amount of Racial SlursActiveNever
811911/12/2019 (18:46)CursedLion702[1K-05] DiiversxVDM - Ramming Through Scenes - Leaving to Avoid Staff SitActiveNever
811811/12/2019 (01:49)Big[1K-05] DiiversxLeaving to Avoid Punishment - Hacking [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
811711/12/2019 (00:52)Swqpping[1A-08] John D.Leaving a staff sit// driving a police bike without being in police uniform or RTO 2A-13 Luke.sActiveNever
811611/12/2019 (00:52)Diesel_Dez[1A-08] John D.FailRP// Leaving Staff sitActiveNever
811510/12/2019 (20:15)ime lahti taun[1A-15] Josh O.Noclipping // NITRPActive24/12/2019 (20:15) GMT
811410/12/2019 (18:45)DJ Lapskaus[1A-04] George T.Violation of Peacetime / RDM / NITRPActive17/12/2019 (18:45) GMT
811310/12/2019 (17:14)dancons19[1A-15] Josh O.Shooting in a staff sit // Failure to listen to staff // mass RDM // in police uniform - 2A-13 Luke.sActiveNever
811210/12/2019 (14:53)kurtis[1A-17] Alex J.Trolling | NITRP | Mass RDMActiveNever
811110/12/2019 (03:52)Divorce_Papers_[1K-06] Nice E.RDMInactiveNever
811010/12/2019 (01:40)Heraldo[1A-14] Dominic P.lying to staff // attempting to blame punishment on others // server disrepsectActiveNever
810910/12/2019 (01:39)I don't Hack[1A-14] Dominic P.Lying to staff // Shooting on peace time // Racial slursActiveNever
810809/12/2019 (23:37)FunkMasterFlex[1K-06] Nice E.RDMActiveNever
810709/12/2019 (18:59)putin[1A-17] Alex J.RDM/VDM/Fail RP/NITRP - 2A-13 lukeActiveNever
810609/12/2019 (03:26)Bigoltiddies[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit, RDM, Shooting gas station, shooting on ptActiveNever
810509/12/2019 (03:03)Jake M.[1A-13] Duck W.RDM, VDM, Mic Spam, Failure to listen to staff, lying to staffActiveNever
810409/12/2019 (02:36)EionDoesGaming YT[1A-13] Duck W.Staff Disrespect, Server disrespectActiveNever
810309/12/2019 (01:53)ThisShitSlap[1K-06] Nice E.RDM - NITRPActiveNever
810209/12/2019 (01:37)Mike J. 3C-466[1A-14] Dominic P.Lying to staff // Shooting while in staff sit // RDM x3 // Leaving staff sitActiveNever
810109/12/2019 (01:30)Ryan 02[1A-09] MajesticMurpMass RDM | NITRP | Mic Spam | UNAPEALABLEActiveNever
810008/12/2019 (22:34)SauceDaddy[1A-11] The Northviolation of PT, leaving to avoid staff sit (2A-08 Michael R.)ActiveNever
809908/12/2019 (22:07)Stan Whiteman[1K-06] Nice E.leaving server in staff sit and killing a staff memberActiveNever
809808/12/2019 (22:01)Divorce_Papers_[1K-06] Nice E.NITRP, Speed boosting, N work in on carInactiveNever
809708/12/2019 (19:04)MrBlockCrafter[1K-05] DiiversxUnrealistic Driving - Fail RP - RammingActiveNever
809608/12/2019 (01:19)Rogerdodger[1K-01] IceTheDevBannedInactiveNever
809508/12/2019 (00:54)[792] Alexpanda[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Staff Sit // Trolling in staff sit // Failure to listen staff [Unappealable]ActiveNever
809407/12/2019 (22:58)Santa Claus[1A-12] Squirrel R.NITRP Staff Disrespect FailRPActiveNever
809307/12/2019 (22:17)dubby #vapenation[1A-13] Duck W.Mass RDMActiveNever
809207/12/2019 (20:40)Abide[1A-13] Duck W.VDM, Failure to listen to staff, Stealing police cars, Bypassing blacklistActive14/12/2019 (20:40) GMT
809107/12/2019 (20:13)DrewPWeiner[1A-13] Duck W.leaving sit, rdmActiveNever
809007/12/2019 (19:54)Revenngge[1A-13] Duck W.NITRP, Mass VDM, RDM, Failure to listen to staff, trollingActiveNever
808907/12/2019 (19:54)Chris[1A-13] Duck W.NITRP, Mass VDM, RDM, Failure to listen to staff, trollingActiveNever
808807/12/2019 (19:37)George, W Kush[1A-13] Duck W.Racial SlursActiveNever
808707/12/2019 (07:26)J. Frenchy[1A-07] M. DamonStaff Disrespect ~Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
808607/12/2019 (05:55)Gravity StationConsoleRDMActiveNever
808507/12/2019 (02:19)Mello[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingInactiveNever
808407/12/2019 (02:19)Koragaming[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
808306/12/2019 (23:57)~y~ {131} Jimmy N[1K-06] Nice E.Trying to recruit members of our serverActiveNever
808206/12/2019 (23:48)TigerB[1K-06] Nice E.mass RDM/NITRPActiveNever
808106/12/2019 (14:34)[4B-56] [WR-04] [R-09] Corey A.[1A-04] George T.MRDM / FailRP / Use of SnipersInactiveNever
808006/12/2019 (14:33)[2V-32] Noah S.[1A-04] George T.MRDM / FailRP / Use of SnipersInactive20/12/2019 (14:33) GMT
807906/12/2019 (03:17)NexgenConsoleRDMActiveNever
807806/12/2019 (03:07)Theacebase[1K-01] IceTheDevRDM/Noclipping/Violating PTActiveNever
807706/12/2019 (03:07)Skcooby[1K-01] IceTheDevServer DisrespectActiveNever
807606/12/2019 (02:33)✪ PEEP ✪ConsoleRDMActiveNever
807506/12/2019 (01:56)Ninja[1A-15] Josh O.NITRP x3 // NoclipInactiveNever
807406/12/2019 (01:45)nware2315[1A-15] Josh O.MASS VDM // NITRP // TROLLING // VIOLATION OF PT // Attempting to get out of sit by spawning cars [Unappealable]ActiveNever
807306/12/2019 (01:39)";[email protected]#[1A-13] Duck W.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
807206/12/2019 (01:06)jfkhanson[1A-15] Josh O.Racism // Leaving Staff Sit Jack B. 2A-09ActiveNever
807105/12/2019 (22:06)ToweringHook22[1A-13] Duck W.Interphering with rp, horn spam, trolling, copbaiting, speed boost, nitrpActive19/12/2019 (22:06) GMT
807005/12/2019 (21:48)Noncequence am i right?[1A-13] Duck W.[MW] violation of ptActiveNever
806905/12/2019 (01:54)Taz34SS[1A-12] Squirrel R.RDMActiveNever
806804/12/2019 (01:44)Jordan H. 5D-405[1A-13] Duck W.mass RDMActiveNever
806704/12/2019 (01:39)Alex D.[1A-08] John D.Racism [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
806603/12/2019 (01:46)TTV Itz_SeveN[1A-07] M. DamonAdvertising / Proof:
806502/12/2019 (23:09)Dat Boi[1A-08] John D.Trolling | NITRP | [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
806402/12/2019 (21:19)Acurazy {R-1353}[1A-13] Duck W.NITRP, Failure to listen to staffInactiveNever
806302/12/2019 (20:35)Jay[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Staff Sit // NITRP // Fixing vehicle after crashingActiveNever
806202/12/2019 (19:45)V0latyle[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving a staff sit // Stealing a police car Luke S. 2A-13ActiveNever
806102/12/2019 (16:56)gtaroli57[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving a staff sit // Violation of Priority // Stealing police cars// Interfering with a scene 2A-13 Luke S.ActiveNever
806002/12/2019 (04:06)[3C-O7]Owner[1D-06][1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActiveNever
805902/12/2019 (03:28)NoFace[1A-13] Duck W.RDM, Shooting on priority, NITRPInactiveNever
805802/12/2019 (03:00)bandz[2A-09] Jack B.[MW] Un-realilistic DrivingInactiveNever
805702/12/2019 (02:50)JuBeLyin[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealistic DrivingActiveNever
805602/12/2019 (02:03)babybabybabyohhhh[1A-08] John D.Running on Peacetime // leaving a staff sitActiveNever
805502/12/2019 (00:00)VirtualDemons[1A-13] Duck W.Failure to staff, speed boostActive16/12/2019 (00:00) GMT
805401/12/2019 (23:52)[925] InTexX[1A-13] Duck W.Complaining about a punishmentInactiveNever
805301/12/2019 (22:25)JIMMY NU CARTI[1A-15] Josh O.Mass VDM // Leaving a Staff Sit - Jack B. 2A-09ActiveNever
805201/12/2019 (21:06)Maloada[1A-17] Alex J.Leaving staff sit [Unappealable]ActiveNever
805101/12/2019 (19:31)rackofbusch[1K-06] Nice E.Fake co / NITRPActiveNever
805001/12/2019 (07:49)Nick Ook[1A-14] Dominic P.Mass RDM/ leaving server to avoid staff sit - [2A-14 Cam G.]ActiveNever
804901/12/2019 (03:31)Kremit[1K-05] Diiversx[MW] Spamming FlaresActiveNever
804801/12/2019 (02:54)Padawon[1K-05] DiiversxServer DisrespectActiveNever
804701/12/2019 (00:36)CHADY FOSTER[1A-12] Squirrel R.RDMActiveNever
804630/11/2019 (21:57)brandonmrogers[1A-15] Josh O.Misuse of /dragActiveNever
804530/11/2019 (21:39)nopack[1K-06] Nice E.rmdActiveNever
804430/11/2019 (21:32)motion[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDM, Speedboost, NITRP, Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
804330/11/2019 (05:45)Quantum_Cipher[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Leaving Server to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
804230/11/2019 (05:44)Quantum Potatoad[1A-16] Alex J.Lying to staff, Speedboosting, NITRP, Unrealistic Driving, TrollingActiveNever
804130/11/2019 (05:33)Sgt. Gravelmuncher (Borneo Vet.)[1A-16] Alex J.Unrealistic Driving, Violation of PT, NITRP,6+ActiveNever
804030/11/2019 (01:30)anthonymichaelvlogs[1A-13] Duck W.Mass VDM, Failure to listen to staffActiveNever
803930/11/2019 (01:26)|Ice|Nick Gregor[1K-06] Nice E.saying "if i was mad i would ddos"ActiveNever
803830/11/2019 (01:08)ManteQuilla[1A-16] Alex J.RDM x2ActiveNever
803730/11/2019 (00:50)Mr.Dan[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Use of SniperInactiveNever
803629/11/2019 (22:58)Killer[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Member DisrespectActiveNever
803529/11/2019 (22:54)BakKeN[1A-16] Alex J.Mass-SpawningActive06/12/2019 (22:54) GMT
803429/11/2019 (19:30)CharBred[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling - NITRPActiveNever
803329/11/2019 (17:03)2V-89 Itzaboody[1A-15] Josh O.Mass RDM // NITRP // Failure to Listen to StaffInactive27/12/2019 (17:03) GMT
803229/11/2019 (17:03)2V-44 FireStock[1A-15] Josh O.Mass RDM // NITRP // Failure to Listen to StaffInactive13/12/2019 (17:03) GMT
803128/11/2019 (20:00)Luxe[1A-17] Alex J.Attempted mass RDM on peacetime | Leaving staff sit [Unappealable]ActiveNever
803028/11/2019 (17:22)206 l B. Lawrence[1A-15] Josh O.Racism in ReportActiveNever
802928/11/2019 (16:48)Dylantrue07[1A-08] John D.leaving a staff sit 2A-13ActiveNever
802828/11/2019 (16:46)Steve[1A-15] Josh O.Racism // Speedboosting [Unappealable]ActiveNever
802728/11/2019 (16:43)brookie[1A-15] Josh O.Mass VDM [Unappealable]ActiveNever
802628/11/2019 (16:43)Woj[1A-15] Josh O.Mass VDM [Unappealable]ActiveNever
802528/11/2019 (16:41)zJammy[1A-15] Josh O.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
802428/11/2019 (14:46)Daddy Status[1A-17] Alex J.Leaving staff sit | Tourqe/powerboost [Unappealable]ActiveNever
802328/11/2019 (05:58)HaydenNZZ[1A-16] Alex J.Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
802228/11/2019 (05:47)Rusty[1A-16] Alex J.VDmActiveNever
802128/11/2019 (05:45)Phil Myhölinn[1A-16] Alex J.mass VDMActiveNever
802028/11/2019 (04:17)XxTentaclesxX[1A-16] Alex J.NITRPActiveNever
801928/11/2019 (04:03)reggae shark[1A-16] Alex J.VDM x2ActiveNever
801828/11/2019 (02:43)ToasterWeasel56[1K-01] IceTheDevServer DisrespectActiveNever
801728/11/2019 (02:43)DO NOT BAN TIM[1K-01] IceTheDevServer disrespectActiveNever
801628/11/2019 (02:42)[1K-02] Tim .M.[1K-01] IceTheDevServer DisrespectActiveNever
801528/11/2019 (02:19)Trumpkin[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMActiveNever
801428/11/2019 (02:04)PoLo[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMActiveNever
801328/11/2019 (01:42)Austin B[1K-01] IceTheDevserver disrespectActiveNever
801227/11/2019 (23:11)dankestmemer[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Staff Sit // Violation of PTActiveNever
801127/11/2019 (21:50)busyleftwasp33[1A-15] Josh O.RDM // shooting on peacetime // leaving to avoid staff sit [2A-08 Michael R.]ActiveNever
801027/11/2019 (21:34)[740] Alex H.[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive11/12/2019 (21:34) GMT
800927/11/2019 (19:58)1D-01 | Chainz[1A-14] Dominic P.Staff DisrespectActiveNever
800827/11/2019 (16:12)Terpzii[1K-05] DiiversxServer DisrespectInactiveNever
800727/11/2019 (04:15)AE86 @Tstart[1A-09] MajesticMurpRacial Slurs | NITRP | Spam | UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
800627/11/2019 (02:47)WEEB JUICE[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit, vdmActiveNever
800527/11/2019 (02:42)Alex C[1A-13] Duck W.AdvertisingActiveNever
800427/11/2019 (02:42)1009 | Nash[1A-13] Duck W.advertisingActiveNever
800327/11/2019 (00:34)Ross, The Astronaut[1A-15] Josh O.RacismActiveNever
800226/11/2019 (23:43)Saturday Is for The Bois[1K-06] Nice E.cop baiting, RDM, & leaving staff sitActiveNever
800126/11/2019 (23:36)IGxDark[1K-06] Nice E.speedboostingActiveNever
800026/11/2019 (23:26)Jason Swindell[1A-14] Dominic P.Server Disrespect // RDM // Asking for banInactiveNever
799926/11/2019 (23:06)FlyingColours72[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActiveNever
799826/11/2019 (23:06)SamuraiPsycho[1K-06] Nice E.speedboosting and leaving staff sitActiveNever
799726/11/2019 (22:01)Fbreeze[1A-08] John D.RacismActiveNever
799626/11/2019 (21:37)Hadidx14[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit, interfering with a traffic stopActiveNever
799526/11/2019 (21:20)White Comet[1A-15] Josh O.Tping to RDM on PTActive10/12/2019 (21:20) GMT
799426/11/2019 (21:17)m.felani31[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sit (2A-08 Michael R.)ActiveNever
799326/11/2019 (21:17)Shizz_Dawg[1A-08] John D.Mic spam, leaving to avoid staff sit (2A-08 Michael R.)ActiveNever
799226/11/2019 (20:43)Reece[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPInactive10/12/2019 (20:43) GMT
799126/11/2019 (20:20)Ⅻ-BLACK․H⊕PE․[1A-08] John D.[MW] RDM | Violating PT | Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
799026/11/2019 (18:36)11222[1A-15] Josh O.Mass RDM // Racism [Unappealable]ActiveNever
798926/11/2019 (13:33)childmenace[1A-17] Alex J.Mass RDMActiveNever
798826/11/2019 (05:35)T.Ram[Sky Slayer][1K-01] IceTheDevCop BaitingInactive03/12/2019 (05:35) GMT
798726/11/2019 (04:53)Hugo[1K-06] Nice E.NITRPActive28/11/2019 (04:53) GMT
798626/11/2019 (03:04)RockonHors[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM, Leaving Staff Sit, Mass VDM - Cole G. 2A-18ActiveNever
798526/11/2019 (00:15)4E-11 I Cloud[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] FailRPInactiveNever
798425/11/2019 (23:52)Adam[1A-14] Dominic P.Leaving staff sit // Leaving game without punishment // RDMActiveNever
798325/11/2019 (21:44)EleVate[1A-13] Duck W.NITRP, Noclip, Lying to staffInactiveNever
798225/11/2019 (21:34)Turtle[1A-13] Duck W.possible modding, lying to staffActiveNever
798125/11/2019 (21:21)oscar[1A-13] Duck W.Lying to staff, speed boostInactiveNever
798025/11/2019 (21:08)Kev[1A-13] Duck W.Mass RDMActiveNever
797925/11/2019 (21:06)UniDolphin[1A-13] Duck W.Mass RDM, Racial SlursActiveNever
797825/11/2019 (19:26)! jerry[1A-17] Alex J.ModdingActiveNever
797725/11/2019 (19:11)andremason7329[1A-17] Alex J.Racial Slurs - Luke S. 2A-13InactiveNever
797625/11/2019 (04:42)TylerConsoleserver disrespectActiveNever
797525/11/2019 (02:35)TopOff Rustchance[1A-13] Duck W.Staff disrespect, speed boostActiveNever
797425/11/2019 (02:20)Potato[1A-13] Duck W.Failure to listen to staff, mic spamInactiveNever
797325/11/2019 (02:18)sminklet[1A-13] Duck W.lying to staff, violation of ptInactiveNever
797225/11/2019 (01:51)69bigdoink69_2[1A-13] Duck W.Alt AccountActiveNever
797125/11/2019 (01:48)69bigdoinkConsoleNITRPActiveNever
797024/11/2019 (23:11)Ping[1K-05] DiiversxRacial SlursActiveNever
796924/11/2019 (22:00)Heath Jordan[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActiveNever
796824/11/2019 (21:53)SpeedingSnake04[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] self ReviveActiveNever
796724/11/2019 (21:50)Maxie1233[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPInactiveNever
796624/11/2019 (21:22)𝙢𝙮𝙜𝙜𝙖𝙣[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] teleportingActiveNever
796524/11/2019 (21:10)[I-02] Shane S.[1K-06] Nice E.Mass RMD and killing staff in staff sitActiveNever
796424/11/2019 (19:53)JOKA SKS[1K-06] Nice E.Saying the N word in staff sit and trolling - not appealableActiveNever
796324/11/2019 (19:48)CA-(1st SC) Rct StoneWall[1K-06] Nice E.mass RDMActiveNever
796224/11/2019 (19:45)JOKA SKS[1K-06] Nice E.say N wordInactiveNever
796124/11/2019 (19:30)BeastyPandaa[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] Violation of PT in ProgressInactiveNever
796024/11/2019 (18:35)(悪魔) SopuliConsoleRacismActiveNever
795924/11/2019 (17:54)[5D-17] Austin Lehng[1K-01] IceTheDevspamInactiveNever
795824/11/2019 (17:29)dannycooganruns[1K-01] IceTheDevfailrpActiveNever
795724/11/2019 (16:48)Reyze_Evan[1A-15] Josh O.NITRP // Unrealistic DrivingInactiveNever
795624/11/2019 (14:47)John Stebbing[1K-05] DiiversxNITRP - Speedboosting - Violation of PTActive01/12/2019 (14:47) GMT
795524/11/2019 (14:42)turbotwoliter[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit, speed boost, violation of ptActiveNever
795424/11/2019 (14:31)Alexi Bexi[1A-13] Duck W.Racial SlursActiveNever
795324/11/2019 (04:17)TANGINAMOALLDAY[1A-13] Duck W.Mass RDM, Server disrespect, failure to listen to staffActiveNever
795224/11/2019 (03:51)G4S[1A-16] Alex J.nitrp/staff disrespect/interfering with staff sit/peacetime violation- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
795124/11/2019 (02:26)Dylantrue07[1A-15] Josh O.VDM // Violation of PTInactiveNever
795024/11/2019 (02:19)4E-06 Bradley[1A-15] Josh O.[MW] Breaking CharacterInactiveNever
794924/11/2019 (01:54)𝕒𝕟𝕩𝕚𝕖𝕥𝕪[1K-01] IceTheDevrdmActiveNever
794823/11/2019 (23:14)umfufu/nibitzacongobongo BALLS[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] FailRPActiveNever
794723/11/2019 (22:57)Umfnfu[1A-09] MajesticMurpLeaving Server to avoid Punishments | Unrealistic Driving | VDMActiveNever
794623/11/2019 (21:06)YoungBilly[1A-12] Squirrel R.RDMActiveNever
794523/11/2019 (15:57)JA[1A-15] Josh O.Advertising Discord Link ingameActiveNever
794423/11/2019 (15:37)Judge Dread[1A-15] Josh O.Violation of Priority // Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
794323/11/2019 (13:47)Madsenfrom Esbjerg[1A-13] Duck W.Mass RDM, use of sniper, shooting on ptActiveNever
794223/11/2019 (02:37)Dank Meme[1A-15] Josh O.Noclipping whilst dead // NITRPActive07/12/2019 (02:37) GMT
794122/11/2019 (23:28)Cuuhi[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit, violation of PT, failrpActiveNever
794022/11/2019 (23:23)one hunderd dollars[1A-13] Duck W.Leaving staff sit, VDM -Duck W. [1A-13]ActiveNever
793922/11/2019 (23:18)Kribban[1A-13] Duck W.Violation of peacetime, leaving staff sit [korey M. 2A-15]ActiveNever
793822/11/2019 (23:09)Marcus[1A-13] Duck W.Lying to staff, VDMActiveNever
793722/11/2019 (23:06)EDDE[1A-13] Duck W.[MW] Failure to listen to staff, shooting on ptActiveNever
793622/11/2019 (22:59)Jewn[1A-13] Duck W.[MW] Speed boost, unrealistic driving, frpActiveNever
793522/11/2019 (21:34)Søgge[1A-13] Duck W.Speed boost, lying to staff, vdmActiveNever
793422/11/2019 (19:40)[3S-48] Austin D.[1K-05] DiiversxMinimodding - Abusing Jail CommandsActiveNever
793322/11/2019 (08:59)FaDzZ iS BaD[1A-15] Josh O.NITRP, Mass RDM, Leaving staff sit - Cole G 2A-18ActiveNever
793122/11/2019 (03:56)JustiN[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
793022/11/2019 (03:54)[PC-82] Trevor L.[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMActiveNever
792922/11/2019 (03:54)Love monkey[1K-01] IceTheDevLeavign Staff SitActiveNever
792822/11/2019 (03:51)Tyler.M[1K-01] IceTheDevStaff DisrespectActiveNever
792722/11/2019 (03:50)WAR:LXRD[1K-01] IceTheDevWearing Unauthorized UniformActiveNever
792622/11/2019 (00:11)Donald. 1X-21[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling - Blacklist from TXDPSRP NetworkActiveNever
792521/11/2019 (23:51)Hydro[1A-13] Duck W.Racial SlursActiveNever
792421/11/2019 (23:23)[2K-32]G.Winporn[1A-13] Duck W.Racial SlurrsActiveNever
792321/11/2019 (23:14)Gaymer[1K-05] DiiversxStaff DisrespectActiveNever
792221/11/2019 (22:48)~y~4B-81 | COSMO[1K-05] DiiversxImpersonating StaffInactiveNever
792120/11/2019 (23:40).[2A-09] Jack B.[MW] Violation of PeacetimeActiveNever
792020/11/2019 (23:30)techcam205[1A-15] Josh O.Staff Disrespect // Leaving staff sit [Unappealable]ActiveNever
791920/11/2019 (22:31)scott.taylor1973[1K-06] Nice E.NITRP, racial slurs, noclipping, leaving to avoid staff sit (2A-08 Michael R.)ActiveNever
791820/11/2019 (22:29)Boyjedi[1K-06] Nice E.RDM/nitrp/staff disrespect/RDM during staff sit- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
791720/11/2019 (15:21)greyguiltlesspig26[1A-17] Alex J.Trolling | NITRP | Mass Spawning vehicles | Leaving staff sit [Unappealable]ActiveNever
791620/11/2019 (06:03)Sal Vulcano[1A-17] Alex J.RDM/nitrp/server disrespect/staff disrespect- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
791519/11/2019 (23:19)KubcaConsoleModding [UNPPEALBLE]ActiveNever
791419/11/2019 (22:16)Daniel Parker[1A-04] George T.Leaving Staff Sit / Use of Snipers [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
791319/11/2019 (21:15)CaMeRoN[1A-08] John D.Server DisrespectActiveNever
791219/11/2019 (21:14)Crimz[1A-17] Alex J.Trolling | NITRP | Violation of peacetimeActiveNever
791119/11/2019 (21:13)xXBENNYv9Xx[1A-15] Josh O.NITRP // Speed BoostingInactiveNever
791019/11/2019 (20:34)edicius215[1A-01] EnveeNITRP, Speed boosting, Violation of pt, leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
790919/11/2019 (04:22)TallerSmaller[2A-14] Cam G.[MW] VDMActiveNever
790819/11/2019 (02:51)Vaginal Excrements[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMActiveNever
790719/11/2019 (02:40)MallERN016[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMActive03/12/2019 (02:40) GMT
790619/11/2019 (02:40)choonmoon[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMActive03/12/2019 (02:40) GMT
790519/11/2019 (01:52)Director Stark[1K-01] IceTheDevModderInactiveNever
790418/11/2019 (23:10)Q835[1A-08] John D.RacismActiveNever
790318/11/2019 (21:07)Explosive_Pineapple_Bro[1K-06] Nice E.RDM & and leaving server in staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
790218/11/2019 (02:00)Jason R.[1A-14] Dominic P.RDM // VDM // Member Disrespect // Leaving staff sitInactiveNever
790117/11/2019 (23:35)Martin[1A-09] MajesticMurpSexual RP | NITRP | FailRP | Lying to Staff | Racail Slurs | Trying to glitch Server | Staff DisActiveNever
790017/11/2019 (23:14)gatesd28[1A-14] Dominic P.Lying to staff // NITRP // VDMActiveNever
789917/11/2019 (21:28)NexWarlock12[1A-13] Duck W.Trolling, asking for banActiveNever
789817/11/2019 (21:27)eddietherat[1A-14] Dominic P.trolling [Whitewing 2A-1]ActiveNever
789717/11/2019 (21:27)KinkaJourez[1A-13] Duck W.Mass RDMActiveNever
789617/11/2019 (21:26)ChiefBogo[1A-13] Duck W.Mass RDMActiveNever
789517/11/2019 (21:19)Tech Deck[1A-13] Duck W.Aruging with staffInactiveNever
789417/11/2019 (19:40)DJ P.[1A-17] Alex J.Leaving staff sit | FailRP | Noclip [Unappealable]ActiveNever
789317/11/2019 (18:25)pallotelli[1K-05] DiiversxViolation of PT - RDM - Leaving Staff Sit to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
789217/11/2019 (18:23)ROGPRO[1K-05] DiiversxAttempted RDM in Staff Sit - Staff Disrespect - NITRPActiveNever
789117/11/2019 (17:45)Caulin Mecham[1K-05] DiiversxNITRP - Speedboosting - Mass VDMInactiveNever
789017/11/2019 (17:20)Jedentheconsume[1A-13] Duck W.Lying to staff , FRP, NITRPInactiveNever
788917/11/2019 (17:02)gabe2k[1A-13] Duck W.Server disrespect , Leaving staff sit, violation of PTActiveNever
788817/11/2019 (15:12)MILKY SAUCE[1A-17] Alex J.Leaving staff sit [Unappealable]ActiveNever
788717/11/2019 (13:52)Spetsialiseerund Rott[1A-15] Josh O.Rdming during peacetime x3Active01/12/2019 (13:52) GMT
788617/11/2019 (13:26)Berliner[1A-15] Josh O.Lying to staff // Speed boosting // Violation of PTActiveNever
788517/11/2019 (13:21)julianantoniusvanson[1A-15] Josh O.Mass RDM - Driving staff vehicleActiveNever
788417/11/2019 (06:59)dijon[1A-14] Dominic P.[MW] Speed boost // VDMActiveNever
788317/11/2019 (06:34)[762] nicolas dale[1A-14] Dominic P.Server DisrespectActiveNever
788217/11/2019 (06:11)Shadow[1A-14] Dominic P.Leaving staff sit / Interfering with FAA [Lawson G 2A-16]ActiveNever
788117/11/2019 (04:14)eugene j.[1A-14] Dominic P.Staff disrespect/ Server disrespectActiveNever
788017/11/2019 (04:08)2V-21 | Mike J.[1A-07] M. DamonAdvertising // Arguing in DMsActiveNever
787917/11/2019 (03:20)wrought[1A-15] Josh O.RDM | Leaving staff sit (Korey M 2A-15)ActiveNever
787817/11/2019 (03:19)D3LTA[2A-15] Korey M.[MW] FailRPActiveNever
787717/11/2019 (01:12)Manu_Sild[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
787617/11/2019 (01:11)Victådd[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Staff Sit // NITRP // Copbaiting // Violation of PTActiveNever
787517/11/2019 (00:14)Doggie[1A-15] Josh O.Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
787416/11/2019 (23:53)Jayo[1A-13] Duck W.Staff disrespect, VDMActiveNever
787316/11/2019 (23:52)boowhoyou[1A-15] Josh O.Mass VDM // Violation of PTActiveNever
787216/11/2019 (23:33)Madingo[1A-13] Duck W.Lying to staff, Mass VDM, VIolation of PTActiveNever
787116/11/2019 (21:07)Artur A.[2A-07] John G.[MW] interfering with rp sceneActiveNever
787016/11/2019 (19:19)Hugo McNucc[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
786916/11/2019 (18:12)HUGGYBEARTV[1A-08] John D.Racial slurs ~ Alex J 2A-06ActiveNever
786816/11/2019 (18:06)cyster[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM, Explosive rounds, Killing Staff ~ WhitewingActiveNever
786716/11/2019 (18:04)iMoRTaL[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM, Leaving to avoid a staff sit 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
786616/11/2019 (18:04)Metal[1A-08] John D.Mass VDM, Leaving staff sit multiple times - Cole G. 2A-18ActiveNever
786516/11/2019 (18:04)Marko[1A-08] John D.Violation of PT and leaving to avoid staff sit (2A-08 Michael R.)ActiveNever
786416/11/2019 (13:14)☔ςץbeℝConsoleModdingActiveNever
786316/11/2019 (05:05)Lucifer215[2A-14] Cam G.[MW] staff disrespect/RDM/modding/teleporting/nitrpActiveNever
786216/11/2019 (04:40)Phantom[1K-06] Nice E.Modding, Spawning car in staff sitActiveNever
786116/11/2019 (01:46)NopeRope[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
786016/11/2019 (01:33)Robert McLovin[1K-05] DiiversxHackingActiveNever
785916/11/2019 (00:54)DisgustedSine2[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
785816/11/2019 (00:53)IlIllIlIllIIIlIl[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
785716/11/2019 (00:52)TITAN[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingInactiveNever
785616/11/2019 (00:46)franklin[1K-01] IceTheDevmoddingInactiveNever
785515/11/2019 (21:55)Nani.[1A-11] The NorthLying to staff, leaving staff sit, failure to listen to staff, rdm, violation of pt, nitrp, fail rp -Duck w. 2A-03ActiveNever
785415/11/2019 (21:53)🎗[S-75][FC-85] J. Jones🎗[1A-11] The NorthLying to staff, leaving staff sit, failure to listen to staff, rdm, violation of pt, nitrp, fail rp -Duck w. 2A-03ActiveNever
785315/11/2019 (19:05)i303 Native[1A-08] John D.RDM | Leaving staff sit (korey M 2A-15)InactiveNever
785215/11/2019 (19:05)Jared W. 2L-113[1A-08] John D.VDM | Leaving staff sit (Korey M 2A-15)ActiveNever
785115/11/2019 (04:55)リルカッパ[1A-01] Enveerdm during staff sit failrp nitrp mass rdm vdmActiveNever
785015/11/2019 (04:53)KingCrime[1A-01] Enveerdm during staff sit attempting to leave staff sit failrp nitrp mass rdmActiveNever
784915/11/2019 (04:37)Jagmeet the Gombean[1A-09] MajesticMurpRacial SlursActiveNever
784815/11/2019 (03:39)elijahchilton08[1A-09] MajesticMurpLeaving Staff Sit | NITRP | Stealing LEO Vehicles - Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
784715/11/2019 (00:50)Rct.Bubbles[1A-07] M. Damonstaff disrespect, leaving to avoid staff sit (2A-08 Michael R.)ActiveNever
784615/11/2019 (00:50)haruspexer[1A-07] M. DamonViolation of peacetime, racial slurs, failure to listen to staff, leaving to avoid staff sit (2A-08 Michael R.)ActiveNever
784515/11/2019 (00:27)Billy Cutlip[1A-07] M. DamonMass RDM // Interfering with ScenesActiveNever
784414/11/2019 (20:54)MercyTTv[1K-05] DiiversxModding - Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
784314/11/2019 (18:44)MojoChipz[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Violation of PT // Killing on PeacetimeActiveNever
784214/11/2019 (04:27)CRILBIS BOWLING QuIr[1A-09] MajesticMurpserver disrespect/Racial slur/mic spamming- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
784114/11/2019 (04:27)Texgameselite[1A-09] MajesticMurpserver disrespect/leaving staff sit/RDM- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
784014/11/2019 (04:26)hmuforsomedick[1A-09] MajesticMurpMass RDM/RDMING staff during staff sit/leaving staff sit- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
783914/11/2019 (04:26)M Westbrook[1A-09] MajesticMurpArguing with staff, staff disrespect, Speed boost, street racing as a CO, Failrp as a CO -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
783814/11/2019 (03:03)slommel90[1A-01] Enveerdm stealing staff cars failrpActiveNever
783714/11/2019 (02:46)Regain_Magic[1A-11] The NorthRDM (RDM of active staff member), leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
783614/11/2019 (02:45)Wnfakind[1A-11] The NorthStealing staff vehicle after being told not to get in, attempted VDM with different vehicle of staff member while on staff sitActive28/11/2019 (02:45) GMT
783514/11/2019 (02:03)Shibby[2A-03] Duck W.[MW] RDMActiveNever
783414/11/2019 (00:23)Nights..[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Speed boost, violation of pt, leaving staff sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
783314/11/2019 (00:23)Joe Mama Ligma Sugma Balls[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Violation of PT, Racial Slurs -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
783214/11/2019 (00:22)Pooky[1A-16] Alex J.Speed Boosting // Leaving Staff Sit - Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
783114/11/2019 (00:22)jrwade556[1A-16] Alex J.Shooting on peacetime | leaving staff sitActiveNever
783014/11/2019 (00:21)Thomas Shelby[1A-16] Alex J.Shooting on Peacetime | leaving staff sitActiveNever
782913/11/2019 (22:09)subwayConsoleStealing Police Vehicles | Failure to Listen to Staff | RDM | Not in RTO - Josh O. [2A-05]ActiveNever
782713/11/2019 (19:21)zzoomm076[1A-08] John D.leaving Staff sit. Korey M 2A-15ActiveNever
782613/11/2019 (17:24)TTVSeb_bazer[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] NoclippingActiveNever
782513/11/2019 (16:51)Siep_[1A-04] George T.Mass Draging // Mass RDM // NITRP - Josh O. 2A-05 [UNAPPELABLE]ActiveNever
782413/11/2019 (15:42)Lil Tr!ppy[1A-07] M. DamonMass RDMActiveNever
782313/11/2019 (15:35)YudaConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
782113/11/2019 (15:24)Ebswoth[1A-07] M. DamonMASS RDMActiveNever
782013/11/2019 (13:54)DrM Simplicity[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDM/server disrespect- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
781913/11/2019 (13:08)Foldable Samsung Fridge.[1A-08] John D.Racial Slurs // Interfering with FAA // Staff Disrespect [unappealable]- Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
781813/11/2019 (02:48)surprise adoption[1A-01] Envee[MW] stealing Fd veichlesActiveNever
781713/11/2019 (02:34)zachary064[1K-06] Nice E.rdmActiveNever
781613/11/2019 (01:54)Hammy[1A-09] MajesticMurpNITRP | Spamming Spawns | TrollingActiveNever
781513/11/2019 (01:49)awildmoogie[1K-01] IceTheDevVDM/NITRPActiveNever
781413/11/2019 (01:38)BEAN ITer[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving staff sit - Said raciur slurrsActiveNever
781313/11/2019 (01:32)Tree ツ[1K-06] Nice E.VDMActiveNever
781213/11/2019 (01:31)mangocringe[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDMActiveNever
781113/11/2019 (01:27)[Rize] Anthony[1K-01] IceTheDevRDM./VDMActiveNever
781013/11/2019 (01:26)markbucko12341[1K-01] IceTheDevTrollingActiveNever
780913/11/2019 (01:25)Spine Eater[1K-01] IceTheDevVDM - Unrealistic Driving - NITRP - RDMActiveNever
780813/11/2019 (01:24)tjc2401a[1A-09] MajesticMurpLeaving Server to Avoid PunishmentsActiveNever
780713/11/2019 (01:24)kovaaks[1A-16] Alex J.VDM-Interfering with Priority-Staff Disrespect-Leaving Staff sit- Cam G. 2A-14ActiveNever
780613/11/2019 (01:19)Rubio[1A-16] Alex J.VDM, Leaving staff sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
780513/11/2019 (01:19)hello :)[1A-16] Alex J.Super punch failrp, leaving to avoid staff sit 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
780413/11/2019 (01:19)Toronto[1A-16] Alex J.Unrealistic Driving leaving to avoid a staff sit 2A-02 Squirrel R.'ActiveNever
780313/11/2019 (01:18)RIP-NoMercY[1A-16] Alex J.Modding Korey M. 2A-15ActiveNever
780213/11/2019 (01:18)Pepsi122[1A-16] Alex J.Modding Korey m. 2A-15ActiveNever
780113/11/2019 (01:17)Mooooose[1A-16] Alex J.Shooting on peacetime and leaving to avoid staff sit (Michael R. 2A-08)ActiveNever
780013/11/2019 (01:17)Nigfromp[1A-16] Alex J.running on cooldown and leaving to avoid staff sit (Michael R. 2A-08)ActiveNever
779913/11/2019 (01:17)Jonah Vitez[1A-16] Alex J.Lying to staff, failure to listen to staff, speed boost, mass vdm -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
779813/11/2019 (00:34)Bananner Gangstar[1K-06] Nice E.VDM and leaving to avoid punishmentActiveNever
779713/11/2019 (00:25)marksal41[1K-06] Nice E.VDMInactiveNever
779612/11/2019 (23:54)igras ko moja baba[1K-06] Nice E.VDMActiveNever
779512/11/2019 (23:49)Ian Garner[1K-06] Nice E.VDM copbaitingActiveNever
779412/11/2019 (23:46)T2[1K-06] Nice E.NITRP/mass RDMActiveNever
779312/11/2019 (23:37)Foonut[1K-06] Nice E.cop baiting / NITRPInactiveNever
779212/11/2019 (21:48)L.Antell[2A-13] Luke S.[MW] shooting on peacetimeActiveNever
779112/11/2019 (20:51)battlestarbee69[1A-01] Enveemic spam nitrp failrp mass rdm mass vdmActiveNever
779012/11/2019 (20:37)coleatkinson190[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Fail RP // Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
778912/11/2019 (20:24)D. Siebe[1A-01] Enveemass vdm failrp nitrpActiveNever
778812/11/2019 (19:57)unknown_rabbit[1A-04] George T.Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
778712/11/2019 (18:25)chimp 1[1A-08] John D.Racial Slurs - Cole G. 2A-18ActiveNever
778612/11/2019 (18:24)Jimbo[1A-08] John D.Ignoring staff, leaving staff sit, failrp - Cole G. 2A-18ActiveNever
778512/11/2019 (18:24)Binvcent[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM, Failrp Getting tanks from Military Base, leaving to avoid a staff sit. 2A-02 Squirrel R. SActiveNever
778412/11/2019 (17:31)Alex.B[1A-07] M. DamonServer DisrespectActiveNever
778312/11/2019 (17:30)PolsiRak[1A-07] M. DamonModding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
778212/11/2019 (16:05)z-z[1A-07] M. DamonModding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
778112/11/2019 (03:50)Spoopi[1A-09] MajesticMurpRacismActiveNever
778012/11/2019 (02:48)Horcno[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRP - TrollingActiveNever
777912/11/2019 (02:47)krypto9095[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive26/11/2019 (02:47) GMT
777812/11/2019 (02:47)CarolinaManlyMan[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive26/11/2019 (02:47) GMT
777712/11/2019 (02:28)Ir Anyut[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRP - VDMInactiveNever
777612/11/2019 (02:11)bigplex[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM // Animal RP without Game WardenActiveNever
777512/11/2019 (02:07)Simp 2[1A-16] Alex J.Micspam // NITRP // Trolling // Threats [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
777412/11/2019 (02:06)Pizza[1A-16] Alex J.NITRP // VDM // Speedboost // Failure to Listen to Staff // Leaving Server to avoid PunishmentActiveNever
777312/11/2019 (01:48)Simp 1[1A-16] Alex J.Server Disrespect // Member Disrespect // Racial SlursActiveNever
777212/11/2019 (01:39)Birdy[1A-16] Alex J.Speedboosting // NITRP // Driving as Dog // CopbaitingActiveNever
777112/11/2019 (01:35)Lucifer[1A-16] Alex J.NITRP // Fake co // Mass RDM // Intefering with Scenes // Failure to listen to staffActiveNever
777012/11/2019 (01:24)Vladmir Robowski[1A-16] Alex J.Interfering with Scene // Staff DisrespectActiveNever
776911/11/2019 (23:01)Luke[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM | Leaving staff sit ! CamActiveNever
776811/11/2019 (22:27)TYR0N[1A-08] John D.Modding | Advertising [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
776711/11/2019 (21:52)Toxix[1A-16] Alex J.NITRP / VDM / Speedboost / Failure to Listen to StaffInactiveNever
776611/11/2019 (21:48)Aiden[1A-16] Alex J.[MW] FailRPActiveNever
776511/11/2019 (21:18)bryan[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving staff sit | Teleporting to players | RDM on peacetime - 2A-06 Alex J.ActiveNever
776411/11/2019 (21:16)Gewoon Niks[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDM, Leaving staff sit -Duck W [2A-03]ActiveNever
776311/11/2019 (21:16)Adem J.[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDM, Leaving staff sit -Duck W [2A-03]ActiveNever
776211/11/2019 (21:16)lolipo lolie[1A-16] Alex J.Trolling | No intent to RP | Leaving staff sit | Teleporting to players | RDM on peacetimeActiveNever
776111/11/2019 (20:29)6alone[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] Speed Boosting, Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
776011/11/2019 (20:15)iamxenoerd[1A-04] George T.Ramming / FailRP / NITRPActive25/11/2019 (20:15) GMT
775911/11/2019 (19:41)Harvey Wayne[1A-01] Enveemass rdm leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
775811/11/2019 (19:18)Doobie[1A-01] Enveemass rdm, leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
775711/11/2019 (19:16)Windy[1A-08] John D.Speed boost | Lying to staff | Trolling [UNAPPEALBLE]ActiveNever
775611/11/2019 (18:37)you suck[1K-05] DiiversxNITRP - Trolling - Slight Racial SlursActiveNever
775511/11/2019 (18:29)adiltousbih[1K-05] DiiversxMass Spawning VehiclesActiveNever
775411/11/2019 (18:18)McJohnSon[1K-05] DiiversxNITRPActiveNever
775311/11/2019 (05:30)sum1tvb[1K-02] GunExpert24Mass RDM and Leaving Staff sitActiveNever
775211/11/2019 (05:18)dngtruckingj001[1K-02] GunExpert24Leaving Staff sitActiveNever
775111/11/2019 (04:43)NRP-TAKI Jake Woods[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPActive25/11/2019 (04:43) GMT
775011/11/2019 (03:50)Antoine Serco[1A-11] The NorthTrolling, driving bike into cars (including active staff vehicle) and spawning in trucks on position to disable vehicles, failrp, leaving staff sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
774911/11/2019 (03:41)SimplyDexUser12[1A-16] Alex J.NITRP, Staff Disrespect, VDM, Racial SlursActiveNever
774811/11/2019 (03:10)HeyItsRoman[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM | TrollingActiveNever
774711/11/2019 (03:05)Rizon[1A-08] John D.NITRP | Speed boost | TrollingActive11/12/2019 (03:05) GMT
774611/11/2019 (03:03)diablo[1K-05] DiiversxVDM - Lying to StaffActiveNever
774511/11/2019 (02:54)T0xiicBTW_[1K-05] DiiversxMass VDM - Trolling - NITRPActiveNever
774411/11/2019 (02:45)JPGx[1K-01] IceTheDevCop Baiting - NITRP - Not listening to StaffActive25/11/2019 (02:45) GMT
774311/11/2019 (02:39)Skoota[1A-08] John D.Speed boosting | Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
774211/11/2019 (02:38)spyjere[1K-01] IceTheDevSPeedboosting - NITRPActiveNever
774111/11/2019 (02:35)Unprdctable[1K-05] DiiversxServer DisrespectActiveNever
774011/11/2019 (02:34)Rufus[1K-05] DiiversxMass VDMActiveNever
773911/11/2019 (02:17)[5D-023] Jake K.[2A-07] John G.[MW] unrealistic rpInactiveNever
773811/11/2019 (01:41)Slushy[1A-07] M. DamonModding, Racial slurs Cole G.ActiveNever
773711/11/2019 (01:41)nosoul[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sit / Spawning vehicles during staff sit [Dominic P. 2A-04]ActiveNever
773611/11/2019 (01:41)GreenAIDS[1A-07] M. DamonLeaving staff sit {Dominic P. 2A-04}ActiveNever
773511/11/2019 (01:18)Re-B00T[1A-08] John D.Racial slurs [Dominic P. 2A-04]ActiveNever
773411/11/2019 (00:00)Brennando[1A-09] MajesticMurpServer DisrespectActiveNever
773310/11/2019 (23:31)rocketpsyence420[1A-09] MajesticMurpMass RDM | Driving Balcklisted Vehicles | UnapealableActiveNever
773210/11/2019 (22:54)slaine223[1K-06] Nice E.Saying the N wordActiveNever
773110/11/2019 (22:47)cooper.koda55[1K-06] Nice E.VDMActiveNever
773010/11/2019 (22:46)Liquid[1K-06] Nice E.messing with scene fail rp and fake CoActiveNever
772910/11/2019 (21:56)harold[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - NITRP -VDMActive24/11/2019 (21:56) GMT
772810/11/2019 (21:42)bugzipwns[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - NITRPActive24/11/2019 (21:42) GMT
772710/11/2019 (21:40)ali3002[1A-08] John D.Lying to staff | Violating PTInactiveNever
772610/11/2019 (21:35)Vahagn[1A-08] John D.[MW] Teleporting to a staff sitInactiveNever
772510/11/2019 (21:19)odend6[1K-01] IceTheDevInterferring with RPInactiveNever
772410/11/2019 (21:15)Ron Swanson[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - NITRPActive24/11/2019 (21:15) GMT
772310/11/2019 (20:57)Dan Gwapo[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff Sit | Violating PTActiveNever
772210/11/2019 (20:54)ognianov[1A-08] John D.RDM | Violaing PTActive24/11/2019 (20:54) GMT
772110/11/2019 (20:47)KungDanielYT[1K-05] DiiversxStealing LEO Vehicles - Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
772010/11/2019 (20:17)Uhhmode[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDMActiveNever
771910/11/2019 (20:10)Your mom[1K-06] Nice E.VDM failRPActive12/11/2019 (20:10) GMT
771810/11/2019 (19:35)jdorgeat09[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sit // Shooting while Priority In-prog - Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
771710/11/2019 (19:32)Muhamed Ali[1A-08] John D.Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
771610/11/2019 (19:17)PJ || DD[1K-04] StingrqyServer DisrespectActiveNever
771510/11/2019 (19:14)Jonne22[1A-08] John D.Server disrespectActiveNever
771410/11/2019 (18:57)Nooklear[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDMActiveNever
771310/11/2019 (18:11)‹9moona[1A-03] Jenson G.ModdingActiveNever
771210/11/2019 (18:05)PR0_COLE YT[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM Interfering with priority 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
771110/11/2019 (18:05)Scooter Man[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM, Interfering with priority 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
771010/11/2019 (16:37)Cooper[1A-06] jwjohnLeaving on staff sits, changing name to avoid staff sit, NITRP - Cole G.ActiveNever
770910/11/2019 (16:36)romandinsuceava[1A-06] jwjohnMass RDM -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
770810/11/2019 (16:36)dragon[1A-04] George T.Leaving Staff Sit / RDM [UNNAPEALABLE]ActiveNever
770710/11/2019 (16:36)Aiden D [470][1A-06] jwjohnLying to staff, speed boost, unrealistic driving - Duck W.InactiveNever
770610/11/2019 (16:35)markandbrody08[1A-06] jwjohnVDM, Speed boost, Failure to listen to staff -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
770510/11/2019 (16:24)[101] Tyson[1A-06] jwjohnunrealistic driving // NITRP // Leaving staff sitActive17/11/2019 (16:24) GMT
770410/11/2019 (16:16)Ryan Gosle[1A-06] jwjohnLeaving to avoid a staff sit // NITRPActiveNever
770310/11/2019 (16:11)terrificorangecattle41[1A-06] jwjohnNITRPActive13/11/2019 (16:11) GMT
770210/11/2019 (16:10)Bobby Fischer[1A-06] jwjohnNITRPActiveNever
770110/11/2019 (16:09).Achezu[1A-06] jwjohnnitrpActiveNever
770010/11/2019 (16:09)johansakebooi[1A-06] jwjohnNITRPActiveNever
769910/11/2019 (14:50)Jarvis[1K-04] StingrqyFailRPActiveNever
769810/11/2019 (14:41)fried_chicken[1K-04] StingrqyLeaving staff sit | SpeedboostActiveNever
769710/11/2019 (14:23)-_-[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDM and LeaveInactiveNever
769610/11/2019 (13:20)EmanuelPRO[1A-06] jwjohnLeaving staff sit, stealing LEO vehicle on PT, ignoring staff 2A-18 Cole G.ActiveNever
769510/11/2019 (12:24)[R-69] Jack D.[1A-04] George T.Ramming / VDM / Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
769410/11/2019 (12:18)kianlow9[1A-04] George T.Ramming / Trolling [UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
769310/11/2019 (12:18)Pipipupu[1A-04] George T.Speedboost / Trolling/rammingActive24/11/2019 (12:18) GMT
769210/11/2019 (12:17)Riley D[1A-04] George T.Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
769110/11/2019 (06:52)AAAA[1K-06] Nice E.modding/trollingActiveNever
769010/11/2019 (06:50)Kyle B.[1K-06] Nice E.Leaving during staff sit, lying to while in staff sit, RDM while in staff sit. - Cole G. 2A-18ActiveNever
768910/11/2019 (05:38)VintageJack[1A-06] jwjohnNITRPActiveNever
768810/11/2019 (05:37)Vintage Gunit[1A-06] jwjohnNITRPActiveNever
768710/11/2019 (05:02)xsnvil #FREEPALESTINE[2A-18] Cole G.[MW] VDMActiveNever
768610/11/2019 (04:18)smoothjacks101[1A-06] jwjohnmoddingActiveNever
768510/11/2019 (04:18)Eisenfaust[1A-06] jwjohnmoddingActiveNever
768410/11/2019 (04:09)swihart.dan[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving server in staff sit.ActiveNever
768310/11/2019 (04:04)StokeleyConsoleDisrespect - NITRPActiveNever
768210/11/2019 (03:24)eplayer[1A-06] jwjohnleaving to avoid a staff sit // NITRPActiveNever
768110/11/2019 (03:22)Prismo[1A-06] jwjohnLeaving to avoid a staff sit// Unrealistic driving as a CO. ramped the burn with speedboost on in CO vehicle landing on the other end near joshua and senora fwyActiveNever
768010/11/2019 (03:00)Nikash[1A-06] jwjohnmass rdmActiveNever
767910/11/2019 (02:45)JerrySS[1A-06] jwjohnmass rdmInactiveNever
767810/11/2019 (02:31)718 | J. Wasmund[1A-06] jwjohnmass rdmActiveNever
767710/11/2019 (02:26)Lucky[1A-06] jwjohnmass rdmActiveNever
767610/11/2019 (02:24)PostMalone[1A-06] jwjohnmass rdmActiveNever
767510/11/2019 (02:21)nicomad2009[1A-06] jwjohnspawning items mid air / trollingActiveNever
767410/11/2019 (02:19)Always Lucky[1A-06] jwjohnleaving to avoid staff sit / NITRPActiveNever
767310/11/2019 (02:14)willloveshisdaddy[1A-06] jwjohntrollingActiveNever
767210/11/2019 (02:07)Goat[1A-07] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Staff Sit // Unreallistic Driving // Violating Peacetime // CopbaitingInactiveNever
767110/11/2019 (01:52)W938[1A-07] M. DamonServer Disrespect // Member Disrespect // VDM // SpeedboostingActiveNever
767010/11/2019 (01:48)djwickett-yt[1A-07] M. DamonMass Spawning VehiclesActiveNever
766910/11/2019 (01:32)tyleronmars[1A-07] M. DamonTrolling // RacismActiveNever
766810/11/2019 (01:32)coderdev[1A-07] M. DamonLying to Staff // Not in RTO ~Josh O, 2A-05ActiveNever
766710/11/2019 (01:30)bvlgari_[1A-07] M. DamonLeaving Staff Sit // Being a Community Officer while not in RTO // Unreallistic Driving ~Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
766610/11/2019 (01:28)Volcan[1A-07] M. DamonStaff DisrespectActiveNever
766510/11/2019 (00:15)2Fat4U[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving to Avoid Punishment | VDM ~Lawson G 2A-16ActiveNever
766410/11/2019 (00:14)darqedmcuk[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDM driving up and down joshua vdming rdming everyone while invisible suspision of split sessioning, as was invisible 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
766310/11/2019 (00:14)rowanx[1A-16] Alex J.Failure to listen to staff, leaving staff sit, lying to staff, speed boostActiveNever
766209/11/2019 (20:43)Bernard23[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
766109/11/2019 (20:42)mcwbeast[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingInactiveNever
766009/11/2019 (20:26)GothAkaNakedLicker69[1K-04] StingrqyRacial Slurs, Staff Disrespect, Violation of PT, Lying to StaffActiveNever
765909/11/2019 (20:24)[1418] Dom J.[1A-03] Jenson G.Racism -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
765809/11/2019 (20:10)CallMeTropix[2A-06] Alex J.[MW] unrealistically repairing vehicleActiveNever
765709/11/2019 (20:07)EduardoGuevara[1A-03] Jenson G.Mass RDM // NITRPActiveNever
765609/11/2019 (19:59)FRANK ABNEGLE[1A-03] Jenson G.Ban Evading // Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
765509/11/2019 (16:40)PuKa[1A-08] John D.Trolling | NITRP | RDMActiveNever
765409/11/2019 (16:27)[5D-1170] Tyler J.[1A-08] John D.AdvertisingActiveNever
765309/11/2019 (16:24)Melker[1A-08] John D.RDM and Leaving to avoid a staff sit. 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
765209/11/2019 (16:06)hdh_S[1K-04] StingrqyAttempting to leave from staff sitActiveNever
765109/11/2019 (15:52)Arkadianmäki[1A-08] John D.RDM, Violation of peacetime, leaving staff sitActiveNever
765009/11/2019 (15:48)Kg Gamer[1A-08] John D.NITRP | Speed Boost | Ramming thorugh Scene | Mass VDMActiveNever
764909/11/2019 (13:55)SKH[1A-08] John D.Modding [UNAPPEALABLE] - 2A-06 Alex J.ActiveNever
764809/11/2019 (06:44)EL_JEFE[2A-14] Cam G.[MW] RDMActiveNever
764709/11/2019 (05:04)zenkko[1A-06] jwjohntrollingInactiveNever
764609/11/2019 (04:47)Scooter[1A-16] Alex J.Modding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
764509/11/2019 (03:27)5D-1206 ohkiwi[2A-18] Cole G.[MW] Cop BaitingActiveNever
764409/11/2019 (01:14)chime[1A-08] John D.Leaving Staff Sit // Speed BoostingActiveNever
764309/11/2019 (00:25)NorthWest[1A-07] M. DamonViolating Peacetime // RDMActive16/11/2019 (00:25) GMT
764208/11/2019 (22:26)onzn[1A-06] jwjohnLeaving to avoid staff sit 2A-09 Jack BActiveNever
764108/11/2019 (20:53)Nightvulture YT[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDM - ImpersonationActiveNever
764008/11/2019 (20:43)Tastenklopper07[1K-06] Nice E.saying the N wordActiveNever
763908/11/2019 (01:54)Im Cold[1K-06] Nice E.moddingActiveNever
763808/11/2019 (01:44)jake[1K-06] Nice E.RDMInactiveNever
763708/11/2019 (01:43)BananaEclipse[1A-06] jwjohnNITRP // abusing drag command // VDMActiveNever
763608/11/2019 (01:38)[LN] Lostsuperior [C.O.O.][1A-06] jwjohnstaff disrespect // Violation of Policy D // FailRP // NITRPActiveNever
763507/11/2019 (21:46)Collinnation[1K-06] Nice E.RDM, Leaving sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
763407/11/2019 (21:42)Jeremiah12345[2A-09] Jack B.[MW] Shooting on priorityActiveNever
763307/11/2019 (17:56)Kyle bzh[1A-03] Jenson G.Mass RDM // Leaving Staff SitActiveNever
763207/11/2019 (01:05)samgood374497[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Shooting staff in sit - [Dominic P. 2A-04]ActiveNever
763106/11/2019 (22:42)TGS Nasty[1A-08] John D.VDM, leaving sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
763006/11/2019 (21:52)123[1K-04] StingrqyStaff Disrespect and Member DisrespectActiveNever
762906/11/2019 (21:51)Paul Jake[2A-03] Duck W.Violation of PT / Talked about application in general chat multiple times [unappealable]ActiveNever
762806/11/2019 (21:36)Zach[1K-04] StingrqyAdvertisingActiveNever
762706/11/2019 (20:02)killer3r99[1A-04] George T.RDM / TeleportingActive20/11/2019 (20:02) GMT
762606/11/2019 (16:53)Mathias[1A-08] John D.Modding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
762506/11/2019 (04:00)Hype Gamer™[1K-06] Nice E.Leaving staff sit, RDM, Violation of PTActiveNever
762406/11/2019 (00:47)boggle[1A-08] John D.RDM, Failure to listen to staff, lying to staff, shooting on pt, leaving staff sit -DUck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
762305/11/2019 (22:48)[718]richi.xd.96[1A-08] John D.Interfering with priority, VDM, Staff disrespect and leaving to avoid a staff sit. 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
762205/11/2019 (22:21)dvdberg[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving Staff Sit // Violation of PT // RDM - Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
762105/11/2019 (21:55)Delboy[1A-08] John D.Violation of PT, Leaving staff sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
762005/11/2019 (21:54)Wizardbeast924[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM, Violation of PT, Leaving staff sit [Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
761905/11/2019 (19:32)Medix[1A-04] George T.Racial slursActiveNever
761805/11/2019 (17:47)G_UR_KA_N[1A-04] George T.Leaving to avoid staff sit / FailRP / VDM [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
761705/11/2019 (02:28)ralph in fortnite[1A-09] MajesticMurpRamming | NITRPActiveNever
761605/11/2019 (02:26)Hobleezy[1A-09] MajesticMurpNITRP | Ramming | RDMInactiveNever
761505/11/2019 (02:20)J.Freeman[1A-09] MajesticMurpNITRP | Racial Slurs | Ramming (UNAPEALABLE)ActiveNever
761405/11/2019 (02:18)HyPR Wolf21[1A-09] MajesticMurpLeaving server to avoid Punishments | RDMActiveNever
761305/11/2019 (02:05)Patrick B.[1A-09] MajesticMurpStaff DisrespectActiveNever
761205/11/2019 (02:01)Vibcx[1A-09] MajesticMurpRacial SlursActiveNever
761105/11/2019 (01:42)Colombian Nigga[1A-08] John D.Racist NameActiveNever
761005/11/2019 (01:41)toon[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sit and VDM [2A-04 Dominic P.]ActiveNever
760905/11/2019 (00:38)Lorenzo Lurk[1A-08] John D.Leaving staff sit/ Self Revive [2A-04 Dominic P.]ActiveNever
760805/11/2019 (00:12)kobbeone01[1A-08] John D.Violation of PT, Leaving staff sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
760705/11/2019 (00:11)Juice1505[1A-08] John D.VDM, unrealistic driving, NITRP, interfering with rp, trolling, staff disrespect, server disrespectActiveNever
760605/11/2019 (00:11)Alpi[1A-08] John D.TrollingActiveNever
760505/11/2019 (00:11)ware.keyon000[1A-08] John D.CO not in RTO(also no mic) | VDM | Leaving staff sit - 2A-06 Alex J.ActiveNever
760405/11/2019 (00:11)RarrOfficial[1A-08] John D.Interfering with staff sits, Staff disrespect, server disrespect -Duck W [2A-03]ActiveNever
760305/11/2019 (00:11)Ily[1A-08] John D.Lying to staff, Failure to listen to staff, Mass spawn, modding, speed boost, noclip -Duck W, [2A-03]ActiveNever
760205/11/2019 (00:11)God[1A-08] John D.NITRP, VDM and Leaving to avoid a staff sit. 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
760104/11/2019 (19:46)[1A-04] George T.FailRP / RammingActive11/11/2019 (19:46) GMT
760004/11/2019 (19:39)KendyFletcher[1A-04] George T.Racial SlursActiveNever
759904/11/2019 (14:27)[FDB] vibez[1A-07] M. DamonMASS RDMActiveNever
759804/11/2019 (02:00)Blueberry Eon Smoke Stik[2A-08] Michael R.[MW] violation of ptActiveNever
759704/11/2019 (01:43)realname[1A-01] EnveeNITRP, lying to staff, leaving sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
759604/11/2019 (00:59)su_con69[1A-01] Enveelying to staffActiveNever
759503/11/2019 (23:27)moootq8[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
759403/11/2019 (20:55)Fafloco[1A-06] jwjohnracial slursActiveNever
759303/11/2019 (20:54)iikuz[1A-06] jwjohnmoddingActiveNever
759203/11/2019 (20:46)Falcoon©[1A-06] jwjohnmass rdmActiveNever
759103/11/2019 (20:45)13qm[1A-06] jwjohnattempting to leave staff sit, failure to listen to staff 2A 03ActiveNever
759003/11/2019 (20:31)Marco Abdou[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Violation of PT, Stealing police cars, Leaving staff sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
758903/11/2019 (20:31)nooblolmao[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Leaving to avoid staff sit -Duck W, [2A-03]ActiveNever
758803/11/2019 (20:31)Alex Brentz[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Violation of PT, Leaving staff sit -Duck W. [2A-08]ActiveNever
758703/11/2019 (17:55)X[1K-01] IceTheDevTrolling during staff sitActiveNever
758603/11/2019 (17:31)juul jesus[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMActiveNever
758503/11/2019 (16:02)Butyrka[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMInactiveNever
758403/11/2019 (16:02)LuckyAnime6[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMActiveNever
758303/11/2019 (16:02)-_-[1K-01] IceTheDevRDMInactiveNever
758203/11/2019 (15:15)crisporco11[2A-09] Jack B.[MW] stealing a police vehicleActiveNever
758103/11/2019 (13:57)John D.🎗[1A-06] jwjohnstaff disrespectActiveNever
758003/11/2019 (05:05)baweraslan90[1K-01] IceTheDevmoddingActiveNever
757903/11/2019 (04:44)Clément Ranio[1K-06] Nice E.leaving staff sit after speed boosting and super punching a players carActiveNever
757803/11/2019 (03:05)Bari[1A-11] The NorthNITRP, Racial slurs, Staff disrespectx10, VDMActiveNever
757703/11/2019 (01:46)kswaterhouse[1A-16] Alex J.Modding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
757603/11/2019 (01:04)您同性戀[1A-16] Alex J.Modding - Dominic P. 2A-04ActiveNever
757502/11/2019 (23:24)Antonio Gonzale[1A-16] Alex J.NITRP as CO // Mass VDM // SpeedboostingActiveNever
757402/11/2019 (22:36)Yassin Soulax[1A-07] M. DamonHacking (UNAPPEALABLE)ActiveNever
757302/11/2019 (22:18)i luv kittens[1A-07] M. DamonPlaying the N-Word ~Jack B. 2A-09ActiveNever
757202/11/2019 (21:54)Lethal[1A-16] Alex J.Racial SlursActiveNever
757102/11/2019 (21:48)Slick[1A-16] Alex J.NITRPActiveNever
757002/11/2019 (21:30)Authorized[1A-16] Alex J.Violation of PT // Mass RDMActiveNever
756902/11/2019 (20:29)MyNameJeff[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDMing scenes | Fail RP | Leaving staff sit - 2A-06 Alex J.ActiveNever
756802/11/2019 (20:28)Joaquin Guzman[1A-16] Alex J.Failrp/Not listening to staff/RDMActiveNever
756702/11/2019 (19:04)FireRiseFour77[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealisrtic Drving - TrollingActiveNever
756602/11/2019 (17:27)Logan B.[1A-06] jwjohnFailure to listen to staff Member disrepsect, staff disrespect, arguing with staff -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
756502/11/2019 (14:43)OrAnGe[1A-06] jwjohnleaving to avoid a staff sit // RDMActiveNever
756402/11/2019 (14:43)GAGO[1A-06] jwjohnleaving to avoid a staff sit // RDMActiveNever
756302/11/2019 (14:43)gg[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM (UNAPPEALABLE)ActiveNever
756202/11/2019 (05:56)sideways[1A-08] John D.Racism [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
756102/11/2019 (05:45)Jamelele[1A-08] John D.Failrp, violation of pt, leaving during staff sitActiveNever
756002/11/2019 (05:45)Max F. 5D-523[1A-08] John D.Violation of PT, Leaving Staff sitActiveNever
755902/11/2019 (03:45)EvanIsLame[1K-06] Nice E.leaving staff sit and driving CO car recklesslyActiveNever
755802/11/2019 (02:48)Drm3H[1K-06] Nice E.advertisementActiveNever
755702/11/2019 (01:46)sven göran[1K-06] Nice E.24hrs shooting on peacetimeActiveNever
755601/11/2019 (22:37)B. Armstrong[1A-06] jwjohnRacism // RDM // Violation of PT - Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
755501/11/2019 (22:15)kenny[1A-15] MajesticMurpLeaving to Avoid PunishmentsActiveNever
755401/11/2019 (22:00)idk[1A-15] MajesticMurpModdingActiveNever
755301/11/2019 (21:45)[1A-15] MajesticMurpTrolling | NITRP | Not Listening to StaffActiveNever
755201/11/2019 (20:23)POLICE[1A-04] George T.RDM, Staff Disrespect, NITRP, Wearing CO SkinActiveNever
755101/11/2019 (20:22)Cupidstunt234[1A-04] George T.Speed boost | Leaving staff sit [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
755001/11/2019 (02:21)Ye mums A hoe[1A-14] M. DamonModding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
754901/11/2019 (01:54)FinesseKid[1A-05] Alexander W.Mass RDMActiveNever
754801/11/2019 (01:39)Dizzy[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDM - No intent to RP (UNAPPEALABLE)ActiveNever
754701/11/2019 (01:38)VikConsoleMass RDM - No intent to RP (UNAPPEALABLE)ActiveNever
754601/11/2019 (00:33)Crack Head Meat[1A-08] John D.NITRP Mass RDM as a monkey, Trolling. 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
754531/10/2019 (22:45)[311]metal02[1A-06] jwjohnstaff disrespectActiveNever
754431/10/2019 (22:43)MrTryHard169[1A-06] jwjohnLeaving to avoid a staff sit / unrealistic driving, speedboostActiveNever
754331/10/2019 (22:36)Alakazam[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDMActiveNever
754231/10/2019 (22:29)Amund_S[1K-01] IceTheDevleaving a staff sitActiveNever
754131/10/2019 (13:18)Wonderduck234[1K-05] DiiversxServer DisrespectActiveNever
754031/10/2019 (01:37)Blastic[1A-08] John D.VDM, RDM, NITRP, Leaving to avoid staff sit. 2A-02ActiveNever
753931/10/2019 (00:57)FireWolfGamer[1A-14] M. DamonLeaving to avoid punishment // Interfering with RP SceneActiveNever
753830/10/2019 (23:58)Hock S[1A-08] John D.VDM/ Ramming / impersonating policeInactiveNever
753730/10/2019 (22:49)Luka[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] No ClippingInactiveNever
753630/10/2019 (21:51)onion eater[1K-01] IceTheDevLeaving staff sit | Interfering with Scenes | Shooting on peacetime - 2A-06 Alex J.ActiveNever
753530/10/2019 (21:51)Out Law ..![1K-01] IceTheDevChat spam and moddingActiveNever
753430/10/2019 (21:01)revex[1A-01] EnveeracismActiveNever
753330/10/2019 (20:56)Yung Strike YT[1A-01] EnveeViolation of PT, Running from LEO on PT, Leaving staff sit to avoid punishment [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
753230/10/2019 (20:06)✪ wax[1A-01] Enveeleaving staff sit rdmActiveNever
753130/10/2019 (18:18)~v~AboSultan[1A-03] Jenson G.ModdingActiveNever
753030/10/2019 (17:20)RPsaga[2A-08] Michael R.[MW] unrealistic drivingActiveNever
752930/10/2019 (02:06)NOotto[1A-15] MajesticMurpLying to staff - WhitewingActiveNever
752830/10/2019 (02:05)Tim Mothy[1A-15] MajesticMurpRDM | Leaving staff sit - Duck W.ActiveNever
752730/10/2019 (02:05)-IiiIiIiIiIiIiI-[1A-15] MajesticMurpLeaving staff sit | lying to staff | possibly modding - Duck W.ActiveNever
752630/10/2019 (01:53)abdul[1A-15] MajesticMurpViolation of PT | LTAP (Leaving server to avoid punishments) - WhitewingActiveNever
752530/10/2019 (01:04)Diggin[1A-08] John D.Speed boost, leaving staff sit ~ Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
752429/10/2019 (23:55)WIDEHARDO[1A-06] jwjohntrolling chatActiveNever
752329/10/2019 (23:05)cope[1A-06] jwjohntrollingActiveNever
752229/10/2019 (22:45)Lary 고사리[1A-06] jwjohnLeaving to avoid a staff sit / trollingActiveNever
752129/10/2019 (21:56)Ice[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Violation of pt // RDMInactiveNever
752029/10/2019 (21:10)fooku[1A-08] John D.Using LUA Injectors ~Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
751929/10/2019 (20:51)robert mugabe's wife[1A-14] M. DamonLeaving to avoid a staff sit and RDM - 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
751829/10/2019 (20:22)justinbk97[1A-14] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Punishment // VDMActiveNever
751729/10/2019 (20:07)! Power[1A-08] John D.Server modding, Trolling spawning boats on top of people and trapping them in cages 2A-02 Squirrel R.ActiveNever
751629/10/2019 (19:49)BadboyCole17[1A-14] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Punishment // Lying to Staff [Let me check my discord and then disconnects] // Being CO and not in DiscordActiveNever
751529/10/2019 (19:49)Ceramic[2A-02] Squirrel R.[MW] Mic SpammingActiveNever
751429/10/2019 (19:18)CoolHD188[1A-14] M. DamonModding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
751329/10/2019 (18:55)wc kefe[1A-01] EnveemoddingActiveNever
751229/10/2019 (17:25)pelle[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
751129/10/2019 (02:15)bhigley6[1K-01] IceTheDevStaff DisrespectActiveNever
751029/10/2019 (02:13)S. Mods[1K-01] IceTheDevModdingActiveNever
750929/10/2019 (02:07)urthrolicbat[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPInactiveNever
750829/10/2019 (00:03)Maul[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, use of sniper rifle, leaving staff sit -Duck W. [2A-03]ActiveNever
750728/10/2019 (23:43)Koutsin sisko[1A-14] M. DamonTrolling/Leaving staff sit ~Duck W.ActiveNever
750628/10/2019 (23:43)abE[1A-06] jwjohnTrolling/Leaving staff sitActiveNever
750528/10/2019 (23:43)SID[1A-14] M. Damontrolling/mic spam/speaking diff language ~Duck W.ActiveNever
750428/10/2019 (23:20)Mitchy712[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM - Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
750328/10/2019 (23:13)jbrad234[1A-16] Alex J.Leaving staff sit, speed boostActiveNever
750228/10/2019 (23:05)Scandi✔ 𝘼𝙆𝘼 🅱🅱[1A-08] John D.Racial SlursActiveNever
750128/10/2019 (23:01)Lorenzo[1A-16] Alex J.Unrealistic driving, VDM, leaving to avoid staff sitActiveNever
750028/10/2019 (20:57)[706] Lieutenant Nick R.[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM // RDMing a staff member // Leaving a staff sitActiveNever
749928/10/2019 (20:26)~y~[2V-49] Lord Doggo[1A-14] M. DamonDualclanning while an Applied OfficerInactiveNever
749828/10/2019 (20:20)~y~[4B-27][F-63] BabaLive1[1K-04] StingrqyDualclanning while an Applied OfficerActiveNever
749728/10/2019 (20:13)Aiden Z. 3S-49[1A-14] M. DamonDual Clanning - Advertising - Server DisrespectActiveNever
749628/10/2019 (20:12)[3S-70] Tyrone Banks[1A-14] M. DamonDualclanning while an Applied OfficerActiveNever
749528/10/2019 (20:12)[4B-37] [GW-55] Jamal B.[1K-04] StingrqyDualclanning while an Applied OfficerActiveNever
749428/10/2019 (20:12)[4B-73] GoatBeef[1K-04] StingrqyDualclanning while an Applied OfficerActiveNever
749328/10/2019 (20:12)[4B-26][F-61] Zach A.[1K-04] StingrqyDualclanning while an Applied OfficerActiveNever
749228/10/2019 (20:12)[4B-36] Kristian Grey[1K-04] StingrqyBlacklisted from the TXDPSRP Network [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
749128/10/2019 (20:12)~g~ Brandon T. | 2A-12[1K-04] StingrqyBlacklisted from the TXDPSRP NetworkActiveNever
749028/10/2019 (20:12)~g~ Syntex 2A-11[1K-04] StingrqyBlacklisted from the TXDPSRP NetworkActiveNever
748928/10/2019 (20:12)~y~[3S-48] Jacob Marely[1A-14] M. DamonDualclanning while an Applied Officer | Blacklisted | DDOS Threats [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
748828/10/2019 (20:12)[3S-100] Jimmy Falcone[1A-14] M. DamonDualclanning while an Applied OfficerActiveNever
748728/10/2019 (20:12)[4B-56] Midaays[1A-14] M. DamonDualclanning while an Applied OfficerActiveNever
748628/10/2019 (03:18)zeus's[1A-15] MajesticMurpModdingActiveNever
748528/10/2019 (02:48)TheBigTyme[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMActive11/11/2019 (02:48) GMT
748428/10/2019 (02:43)reni_RD _29[1K-01] IceTheDevTrollingActive11/11/2019 (02:43) GMT
748328/10/2019 (00:38)J. Charles[1A-01] EnveeTrolling, Modding, Leaving Staff Sit to avoid punishmentActiveNever
748228/10/2019 (00:30)Pups[1A-16] Alex J.Mass RDM, Mass VDMActiveNever
748127/10/2019 (22:33)Zilligenaire[1A-08] John D.Mass RDM | RDM on staff memberActiveNever
748027/10/2019 (22:33)Pink_Laxr_YT[1K-06] Nice E.[MW] ramming police carsInactiveNever
747927/10/2019 (22:15)mooiboygino[1A-08] John D.racismActiveNever
747827/10/2019 (22:14)Jos[1A-08] John D.RacismActiveNever
747727/10/2019 (22:12)TucTucNL[1K-06] Nice E.racismActiveNever
747627/10/2019 (22:01)[5D-23] Henry H.[1K-06] Nice intent to rpActiveNever
747527/10/2019 (21:27)DomeTome[1A-08] John D.Shooting Staff After warning ~ WhitewingActiveNever
747427/10/2019 (21:25)N0NAME[1K-06] Nice E.rdmActiveNever
747327/10/2019 (21:25)BROOKLYN[1A-08] John D.Voiding Blacklist | Spawning vehicles to leave staff sit | Speed boost | Failrp | NITRP Lying to staff | Modding | TrollingActiveNever
747227/10/2019 (21:09)RansomNGaming[1A-08] John D.VDM | RDM | Violating PT ~ Duck WActiveNever
747127/10/2019 (21:04)dktaz91[1K-04] StingrqyServer DisrespectActiveNever
747027/10/2019 (20:37)Syfe[1A-15] MajesticMurpLying to Staff | Trolling - Duck W.ActiveNever
746927/10/2019 (20:35)not ha[1A-15] MajesticMurpTrolling | Lying to Staff | Leaving Staff Sit - Duck W.ActiveNever
746827/10/2019 (19:56)Bread Boy[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDMActiveNever
746727/10/2019 (18:37)Hacks[1A-01] Enveemodding/trolling spawning planes all overActiveNever
746627/10/2019 (18:34)lazygamer1950[2A-09] Jack B.[MW] Telaporting to staffActiveNever
746527/10/2019 (18:28)Mark Beef[1A-01] Enveetrolling/moddingActiveNever
746427/10/2019 (16:43)Alberto Stegeman[1K-01] IceTheDevrdmActiveNever
746327/10/2019 (16:09)BOT KØN!G[1A-08] John D.Server DisrespectActiveNever
746227/10/2019 (15:46)🙦🙦🙦𒇫𒋲𒈔𒍧𒐸[1A-14] M. DamonMass RDM ~ Duck W.ActiveNever
746127/10/2019 (15:42)TRB | ♡✞︎Mr.Pickle✞︎♡[1A-14] M. DamonVDMActive10/11/2019 (15:42) GMT
746027/10/2019 (14:05)reee kid[1A-08] John D.RacismActiveNever
745927/10/2019 (14:01)Proud Wife Beater[1A-08] John D.RacismActiveNever
745827/10/2019 (14:00)🤯[ Dt ] Diko😭[1A-08] John D.Server Disrespect | RacismActiveNever
745727/10/2019 (13:58)P90 rush[1A-08] John D.Mass vdm, lying to staff, RDM, violation of PT, trollingActiveNever
745627/10/2019 (13:15)βΣTA[1A-03] Jenson G.Failure to listen to staff // trying to leave staff sitActiveNever
745527/10/2019 (13:04)John doe[1A-03] Jenson G.Mass RDM // NITRPActiveNever
745427/10/2019 (05:24)feds tryna give me 10 years[1A-08] John D.Speed Boost | leaving server to avoid punishment ~ Syntex G. 2A-11ActiveNever
745327/10/2019 (05:12)phantomd47[1A-14] M. DamonLeaving to Avoid Staff Sit // Not being in RTO as a CopActiveNever
745227/10/2019 (04:47)Jesus Christ[1A-08] John D.Shooting on peacetime and leaving to avoid staff sit Syntex G. 2A-11ActiveNever
745127/10/2019 (04:31)Scs_killer[2A-10] Whitewing[MW] Mass CuffingActiveNever
745027/10/2019 (04:03)Off Brand Sketchers[1A-06] jwjohnleaving to avoid a staff sit / trolling (spawning boats and teleporting to members of my scene)ActiveNever
744927/10/2019 (03:30)Tropic[1A-14] M. DamonRacism // Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
744827/10/2019 (03:29)ProdigyMath[1A-14] M. DamonRDM // No Intent to RP // Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
744727/10/2019 (02:48)JosephFPS[1A-14] M. DamonMember Disrespect // Attitude in ChatInactiveNever
744627/10/2019 (01:32)SanacBo[1A-06] jwjohnRDM and leaving to avoid staff sit 2A-11 SyntexActiveNever
744527/10/2019 (01:32)DonutOneTap[1A-06] jwjohnUnrealistic driving, speedboosting, and leaving to avoid staff sit 2A-11 SyntexActiveNever
744427/10/2019 (01:09)EENCH[1A-14] M. DamonUnreallistic Roleplay // Driving Civilian Vehicles as CO // CopbaitingInactiveNever
744327/10/2019 (00:56)UniDolphin[1A-16] Alex J.Speedboosting and plowing through scene NITRP - Syntex G. 2A-11InactiveNever
744226/10/2019 (23:07)[613] Binks[1A-16] Alex J.Trolling , Lying to Staff - Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
744126/10/2019 (22:54)travistk[1A-16] Alex J.Speed boosting, Failure to listen to staff, Leaving Staff Sit - Syntex G. 2A-11ActiveNever
744026/10/2019 (21:12)MaseGamez[1A-04] George T.Attempting to RDM staff after sit | Leaving staff sitActiveNever
743926/10/2019 (21:12)TTV isweepsolos[1A-04] George T.Shooting on priority | Dragging player from other side of map despite being told to stop | Leaving staff sitActiveNever
743826/10/2019 (20:44)[PC] HypeRevert[1K-04] StingrqyServer DisrespectActiveNever
743726/10/2019 (19:32)blitz[2A-03] Duck W.[MW] CopbaitingActiveNever
743626/10/2019 (19:16)da_ting_goes[1A-05] Alexander W.Exiting to avoid punishment / Leaving staff sitActiveNever
743526/10/2019 (18:59)BuzzWrldConsoleMass RDMActiveNever
743426/10/2019 (18:58)[5D-420] N.CharlesConsoleRacist Slurs [DISCORD]ActiveNever
743326/10/2019 (18:01)James Jalal Jihad Muhammed Osman[1A-08] John D.Playing music through mic, NITRP, Stealing Police cars, Leaving staff sitActiveNever
743226/10/2019 (17:11)Jyri47[1A-15] MajesticMurpLTAP (Leaving to avoid Punishments)ActiveNever
743126/10/2019 (17:07)topi[1A-15] MajesticMurpRacial SlursActiveNever
743026/10/2019 (17:02)~U~DARK~M~SHADOW[1A-15] MajesticMurpServer Dis Respect | Spamming Chat | UnappealableActiveNever
742926/10/2019 (16:15)OliverConsoleStaff disrespect/FRP/NITRPInactiveNever
742826/10/2019 (15:55)divised[1K-04] Stingrqyfrp/staff disrespect/leaving siActiveNever
742726/10/2019 (15:55)Joe Mama[1K-04] StingrqyRacism(N-word), False Reports, Lying to staff, leaving Staff sit, NITRP, Staff Disrespect [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
742626/10/2019 (15:54)Amazon[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDMActiveNever
742526/10/2019 (15:54)Not RDM[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDM and N word useActiveNever
742426/10/2019 (15:12)RAZ[1K-05] DiiversxTrolling - Mass RDMActiveNever
742326/10/2019 (15:11)LoneWolf.[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDMActiveNever
742226/10/2019 (15:11)Zephyr[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDMActiveNever
742126/10/2019 (15:11)rane[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDMActiveNever
742026/10/2019 (06:38)✯DUB✯[1A-01] Enveemember disrespect rascism in game staff disrespectActiveNever
741926/10/2019 (06:35)Owl Pharoah[1A-01] Enveemember disrespectActiveNever
741826/10/2019 (06:33)Jerry johnson[1A-16] Alex J.FRP/NITRP as a CO, leaving staff sitActiveNever
741726/10/2019 (05:56)CreamyBoyyyy[1K-01] IceTheDevMass RDMInactive09/11/2019 (04:56) GMT
741626/10/2019 (05:44)Enzzo[1K-01] IceTheDevVDMInactiveNever
741526/10/2019 (05:42)Jake King[1K-01] IceTheDevfailrp / vdmActiveNever
741426/10/2019 (05:42)varvatos vex[1K-01] IceTheDevfailrp / vdmActiveNever
741326/10/2019 (04:50)Geno[1K-06] Nice E.[MW] fail rpActiveNever
741226/10/2019 (04:30)YUNG CHRIST[1A-08] jwjohnarguing with staff / staff disrespect / leaving to avoid a staff sit 2A-03 Duck WActiveNever
741126/10/2019 (04:28)logiic[1A-08] jwjohnmass rdm / racial slurs 2A-03 Duck WActiveNever
741026/10/2019 (04:12)Barffi[1A-08] jwjohnNITRP // Arguing with staff decisionsInactiveNever
740926/10/2019 (03:24)jakepp[1K-05] DiiversxMass VDM - Mass RDM [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
740826/10/2019 (03:12)DET BARE GOD RP BRORMAND[1K-05] DiiversxMass RDMActiveNever
740726/10/2019 (03:01)Joseph S.[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDMActiveNever
740626/10/2019 (03:01)TheKingBitch[1K-04] StingrqyMass RDMActiveNever
740526/10/2019 (02:44)RUGBY IN THE TRUCK[1A-13] The NorthNITRP, Trolling, Mass RDMActiveNever
740426/10/2019 (02:44)dui[1A-13] The NorthNITRP, MASS RDM, trollingActiveNever
740326/10/2019 (02:20)Hey Sexy[1A-08] jwjohnstaff disrespectActiveNever
740226/10/2019 (02:08)Mr.Agony[1A-08] jwjohnstaff disrespectActiveNever
740126/10/2019 (02:06)XxMURDER_INCxX[1A-08] jwjohnNITRP/ shooting at me and others on my traffic stopActiveNever
740026/10/2019 (01:04)shasta2580[1A-01] Enveefailrp, nitrp, vdm, interferw ith rp sceneInactiveNever
739926/10/2019 (00:19)soy bean[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739826/10/2019 (00:19)sakkoloppi[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739726/10/2019 (00:19)[721] C. Fishback[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739626/10/2019 (00:18)MrOofsYT[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739526/10/2019 (00:18)SiiXx[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739426/10/2019 (00:18)Tommy C.[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739326/10/2019 (00:17)Ecko_Slayer[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739226/10/2019 (00:12)J.Anderson[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739126/10/2019 (00:11)xreaper sat[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
739026/10/2019 (00:09)Dank Babbatunde[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
738926/10/2019 (00:06)~~~~[3E-241]~~itzcatch~~[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
738825/10/2019 (23:41)[5D-057] Brayden W.[1A-14] M. DamonLying about his Age on application which is taken as Lying to StaffActiveNever
738725/10/2019 (23:27)[2V-31] Ryan Jones[1A-14] M. DamonStaff Disrespect // Server Disrespect // Department Disrespect // Member DisrespectActiveNever
738625/10/2019 (23:21)kalebknucs1[1A-12] John D.No Clipping | Leaving server to avoid punishment Jay S. 2A-10ActiveNever
738525/10/2019 (23:20)fumigatedpigeon[1A-12] John D.RacismActiveNever
738425/10/2019 (21:46)fsct3[2A-03] Duck W.[MW] Violation of PTInactiveNever
738325/10/2019 (21:09)[M] [555] ludvig[1A-16] Alex J.[MW] Violation of Priority in ProgressInactiveNever
738225/10/2019 (19:00)Dustyfinger[1A-16] Alex J.Unrealistic Driving, Leaving Server to avoid Punish.ActiveNever
738125/10/2019 (18:44)Jonathan[1A-16] Alex J.ModdingActiveNever
738025/10/2019 (16:29)THESHOCKDAVE12[1A-03] Jenson G.NITRP // Mass RDMActiveNever
737925/10/2019 (15:48)grievesy[1A-03] Jenson G.NITRP // FailRPActiveNever
737825/10/2019 (13:49)MrfoxZ_ConsoleFailRP - Unrealisstic DrivingInactiveNever
737725/10/2019 (05:29)Little Big Small PEnis[1A-14] M. DamonNo Intent to RP // Mass RDM // Leaving to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
737625/10/2019 (03:30)Putlamb[1A-08] jwjohnNITRP / Arguing with staff / Violation of Community Policy Subsection DActiveNever
737525/10/2019 (01:55)Kinetic[1A-16] Alex J.RDMActiveNever
737425/10/2019 (01:55)iceman[1A-16] Alex J.RDMActiveNever
737325/10/2019 (01:45)ab174855[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDMActiveNever
737225/10/2019 (01:33)¶ShrekAnator¶[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, Interfering with scene, FailRP, Leaving server to avoid Punish.ActiveNever
737125/10/2019 (00:57)archer[1A-01] EnveemoddingActiveNever
737024/10/2019 (20:45)Trinity[1A-12] John D.RDMing staff in staff sit | Shooting on peacetime | Leaving staff sit ~Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
736924/10/2019 (20:45)JohnnyS[1A-12] John D.Leaving staff sit | RDM on peacetime ~Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
736824/10/2019 (17:15)Ironode[1A-03] Jenson G.Leaving to avoid punishment // RDM -JoshActiveNever
736724/10/2019 (17:03)kalju[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Violation of PT // Killing somebodyActiveNever
736624/10/2019 (16:50)GAVAI Į GALVA GULĖK[1A-03] Jenson G.NITRP // Cop Baiting // Mass RDMActiveNever
736524/10/2019 (16:04)Quizy[1A-16] Alex J.RDM Literraly running round killing people with no intentions to RP while PT is active.ActiveNever
736424/10/2019 (15:59)Luxury[1A-03] Jenson G.Racist Licence PlateActiveNever
736324/10/2019 (15:58)PodsAir[1A-03] Jenson G.Leaving staff sit // Killing on peacetimeActiveNever
736224/10/2019 (15:33)Alsek[1A-03] Jenson G.Suspected ModderActiveNever
736124/10/2019 (15:33)Jaii[1A-03] Jenson G.Suspected ModderActiveNever
736024/10/2019 (04:12)Gravezone[1K-06] Nice E.[MW] selfrevive and fail rpInactiveNever
735924/10/2019 (02:43)Jefferryeddie[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRPInactiveNever
735824/10/2019 (02:34)John[1K-01] IceTheDevNITRP - Interferring with RPActive07/11/2019 (01:34) GMT
735724/10/2019 (01:48)Joe Pierre Polnareff[1A-06] NoToleranceNo Intent to RP | Fail RP | Unrealistic DrivingActiveNever
735623/10/2019 (23:54)Hannah[1A-16] Alex J.Speedboosting, FailRP Unrealistic driving and leaving to avoid a staff sit - Squirrel R. 2A-02ActiveNever
735523/10/2019 (21:47)huggebbyboy[1A-13] The NorthModding, Mass RDM, Blowing people up and blowing active staff up while in staff sit, mass spawning of objects (on ground and on people including active staff while on sit), lying to staff, leaving staff sit to avoid punishment. UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
735423/10/2019 (21:20)Tropical[1A-04] George T.Unrealistic Driving | Leaving Staff Sit [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
735323/10/2019 (21:20)Ups[1A-04] George T.LUA Modding [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
735223/10/2019 (18:31)doc[2A-02] Squirrel R.[MW] Violation of PT RDMActiveNever
735123/10/2019 (06:51)taivajwfly[1A-13] The NorthMass abuse of drag command // No intent to Role Play // Leaving to Avoid Punishment [UNAPPELABLE]ActiveNever
735023/10/2019 (04:08)Love Protocol[1A-13] The NorthNITRP, MAss RDM, shooting on peactimeActiveNever
734923/10/2019 (04:00)TwofacedLlama[1A-14] M. DamonMass VDM // No Intentions to RPActiveNever
734823/10/2019 (03:55)バリー[1A-14] M. DamonMass VDM // NITRP [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
734723/10/2019 (03:49)nishant[1A-14] M. DamonViolating Peacetime // Leaving to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
734623/10/2019 (03:38)Adam K. 2L-422[1A-16] Alex J.RDM, NITRP, FailRP, Unrealistic Driving, Violation of PT, Fixing vehicle on side of roadActiveNever
734523/10/2019 (03:29)rick[1A-15] MajesticMurpNITRP | RammingActiveNever
734423/10/2019 (03:24)The Purple Marauder[1A-16] Alex J.Speed-Boosting, Leaving Server to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
734323/10/2019 (03:08)Anonymous[1A-06] NoToleranceRDMActiveNever
734223/10/2019 (02:30)Nom[1A-08] jwjohnNITRPActiveNever
734123/10/2019 (01:48)imlsot[1A-08] jwjohnstaff disrespect // violation of PTActiveNever
734023/10/2019 (01:38)76561198820129460[1A-15] MajesticMurpNot Listing to Staff | Self Revive | Violation of PT | FailRPActive30/10/2019 (00:38) GMT
733923/10/2019 (01:37)Dan[1A-15] MajesticMurpNot Listing to Staff | Arguing with Staff | Self Revive | Violation of PT | FailRPActiveNever
733823/10/2019 (01:32)George[1A-15] MajesticMurpNot Listing to Staff | Arguing with Staff | Self Revive | Violation of PT | FailRP | Lying to Staff | Offensive SlangActiveNever
733723/10/2019 (00:48)Cypres[1A-16] Alex J.Mass VDM, leaving staff sit - Duck W. 2A-03ActiveNever
733622/10/2019 (23:11)MARYPOPPIN[1A-12] John D.Violating PT | Leaving server to avoid punishmentActiveNever
733522/10/2019 (22:59)Zavh[1A-16] Alex J.Violation of PT, Leaving Server to Avoid PunishmentActiveNever
733422/10/2019 (20:42)fabiankorz[1A-12] John D.Modding | RDM | Trolling [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
733322/10/2019 (20:35)⛧AE⛧[1A-04] George T.Leaving Staff Sit / Leaving to Avoid Punishment [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
733222/10/2019 (20:23)IsabelUH[1A-04] George T.Leaving to avoid Punishment [UNAPPEALABLE]ActiveNever
733122/10/2019 (19:31)[970] Preston.W[1A-04] George T.Leaving to Avoid Staff Sit // RDM // Fail RP // NITRPActiveNever
733022/10/2019 (19:24)pwemium[1A-12] John D.Mass RDM // Attempting to Leave Staff Sit via Noclip ~Josh O. 2A-05ActiveNever
732922/10/2019 (18:20)Robbie James[1A-06] NoToleranceUnrealistic Driving Violation of PT several times and staff disrespectActiveNever
732822/10/2019 (17:36)cux[2A-05] Josh O.[MW] Violation of PT // Shooting on PTActiveNever
732722/10/2019 (16:52)dannY[1A-16] Alex J.RDM | Unrealistic driving | CO not in RTO | Leaving staff sit - Alex J. 2A-06ActiveNever
732622/10/2019 (07:53)Rampage[1A-13] The NorthMass RDM, shooting on peactime, VDM, NITRP, Community officer not in uniform not in RTO while driving CO vehicle, leaving staff sit to avoid punishment. UNAPPEALABLEActiveNever
732522/10/2019 (04:21)Kylen[1K-01] IceTheDevRDM - Unrealistic Driving - Teleported away from staff sitActiveNever
732422/10/2019 (04:20)GetBodiedTrump[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Not listening to staffInactiveNever
732322/10/2019 (04:19)Arden Long[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealistic Driving - FailRPActiveNever
732222/10/2019 (04:06)Gurchud[1K-01] IceTheDevLying to Staff - Unrealistic Driving (Jumping Burns)InactiveNever
732122/10/2019 (03:07)grizzly_6790[1A-06] NoToleranceKilling during priorityActiveNever
732022/10/2019 (02:55)Coke Whore[1K-01] IceTheDevUnrealistci Driving - FailRPInactiveNever
731922/10/2019 (02:55)Cletus Delroy Spuckler[1K-01] IceTheDevFailRP - Unrelaistic DrivingInactiveNever
731822/10/2019 (02:25)Moralperfection[1A-15] MajesticMurpNITRP | Not listening to Staff | Ramming | Violationg of PT | Trying to Leave Staff SitActiveNever
731722/10/2019 (01:45)Eddy[1A-16] Alex J.Racial SlursActiveNever