Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN D.Pedro Leaking [1A-04] George T. 19/02/2020 (19:46) Yes
BAN D.Pedro [6A-20] Leaving Server to Avoid Punishments [1A-17] MajesticMurp 28/08/2019 (04:23) No
KICK D.Pedro Major Wreck then continued to drive | Unrealistic RP [1A-06] NoTolerance 14/09/2019 (04:00) Yes
KICK D.Pedro [6A-20] Banned [1A-17] MajesticMurp 28/08/2019 (04:23) Yes
KICK deandrefay Noclipping [1A-13] Mentle 09/06/2019 (08:51) Yes
WARN D.Pedro violation of priority in progress [1A-08] jwjohn 13/09/2019 (00:39) Yes
WARN D.Pedro [6A-20] Stealing Gov Vehicles [1A-17] MajesticMurp 27/08/2019 (02:02) Yes