Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN blogcomputer RDM + Leaving staff sit in discord office and in-game. [1A-02] Andrew N. 05/05/2020 (03:56) Yes
BAN BlogComputer Staff Disrespect | Self Revive [1A-22] Tolerance 27/01/2019 (22:40) No
KICK BlogComputer VDM [1A-03] 1A3 23/01/2019 (21:01) Yes
KICK StagecoachNorthScot RDM [1K-13] Stingrqy 30/11/2018 (22:28) Yes
WARN blogcomputer failrp (speaking out of rp) [1A-18] Michael R. 23/04/2020 (02:20) Yes