Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN Daddy Interferring / Arguing in a Staff Sit Console 12/05/2020 (00:36) Yes
BAN [5D-674] Aaron Fletcher [MW] Metagame [1A-05] George T. 26/01/2019 (16:10) No
BAN TheGlitchGaming Insulting members / member disrespect / breaking roleplay / failrp [1A-18] Coke 23/12/2018 (19:54) No
KICK [5D-674] Aaron Fletcher Member Disrespect / Mic spam [1A-18] Coke 24/01/2019 (03:01) Yes
KICK [5D-674] Aaron Fletcher RDM [1A-05] George T. 19/01/2019 (12:44) Yes
KICK [5D-674] Aaron Fletcher Interfereing with RP [1A-05] George T. 19/01/2019 (12:36) Yes
KICK ~y~Aaron Fletcher change your name [1A-10] Will P. 12/01/2019 (11:03) Yes
KICK TheGlitchGaming breaking RP [1A-01] Viking 23/12/2018 (19:17) Yes
KICK TheGlitchGaming failrp [1A-19] Will P 08/12/2018 (11:40) Yes
WARN Austin Lamar Failing to keep RP after multiple reports [2A-02] Squirrel R. 19/09/2019 (22:16) Yes
WARN Austin Lamar Shooting In Peace Time [2A-04] Dominic P. 16/09/2019 (04:33) Yes
WARN JUUL Dealer Killing during Priority [1A-22] NoTolerance 26/04/2019 (04:42) Yes