Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN Jason A. Arguing with staff, Shooting on PT [1A-13] Duck W. 17/12/2019 (22:48) Yes
BAN Jason R. RDM // VDM // Member Disrespect // Leaving staff sit [1A-14] Dominic P. 18/11/2019 (02:00) No
KICK JimpixRL Shooting in peace time / Failrp [2A-04] Dominic P. 11/11/2019 (23:07) Yes
WARN JimpixRL Violation of PT [2A-05] Josh O. 12/11/2019 (20:58) Yes
WARN JimpixRL Violation of PT RDM [2A-02] Squirrel R. 12/11/2019 (01:31) Yes
WARN JimpixRL RDM, VIolation of PT [2A-03] Duck W. 11/11/2019 (21:06) Yes
WARN JimpixRL Unrealistic Driving [2A-14] Cam G. 11/11/2019 (04:56) Yes