Type Name Reason Staff Date Active
BAN DaGamingChink Admitting to name being his youtube name trying to advertise. Name contains racist offensive word [1A-15] The North 02/09/2019 (02:53) No
KICK DaGamingChink Violating PT [2A-09] John D. 01/09/2019 (20:53) Yes
WARN KirishimaDGC_YT copbaiting \\ unrealistic driving [1A-12] Michael R. 30/07/2020 (03:34) Yes
WARN Kazuhira Unrealistic Driving [1A-08] jwjohn 23/10/2019 (02:43) Yes
WARN DaGamingChink Talking while dead + Self Revive [2A-01] Alex J. 30/08/2019 (01:39) Yes